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Chapter 72

Translated by Tan Wen Xi of Exiled Rebels Translations

City center, the big screen.

The reporter held a microphone, his face serious, “Based on the report, this morning, the famous new star director ZhongLi FengBai has been attacked in the Gemini building when out with his boyfriend to come to the movie fair. The boyfriend has been heavily injured and is unconscious, and right now his life is still in danger. Director Zhong’s assistant has said they will temporarily not accept any interview. We will continue to keep you informed.”

The screen changed. The reporter turned towards the interviewee.

The waitress was crying, “Our Chairman Mu is a very nice person, I really don’t know who would be so evil!”

A man from utility sector angrily waved his pliers, “That evil bastard who did this deserves to die! So many corrupt officers he doesn’t attack, but he attacks our Chairman Mu for what! Makes me angry, I’ll take a stone and fight you!”

The cleaner auntie whole body tremble, “our Chairman Mu is such a nice person, how could he have a heart to attack him!”

The background of the interview was a clear restaurant chain logo. As Mu Qiu’s name in the charity sector was well-known, as soon as the crowd learned what happened to him, they all were worried.

In the hospital, Mu Qiu was still in the surgery room and had not come out yet. ZhongLi FengBai was at the resting room next to it. His face still did not have any color.

“You shouldn’t worry too much,” Su Nuo gave him a cup of water and comforted him, “Chairman Mu will not have any trouble.”

ZhongLi FengBai did not respond to him, he only sat in the chair, dazed.

“You’ve been also injured, let’s go back to the patient’s room to rest.” OuYang Long squatted in front of him, “if there is anything new about Mu Qiu, I will inform you immediately.”

“It’s ok, I will wait for him over here,” ZhongLi FengBai voice was a little hoarse.

“After Mu Qiu is wakes up, he’s definitely not willing to see you in this state.” OuYang Long helped him to stand up, “I’ll take you to get some rest.”

ZhongLi FengBai vision darkened a little, and it only managed to come back after half a day.

As time went by, the light of the surgery room finally turned dim. The main surgeon said that even though Mu Qiu had been stabbed by a knife, it luckily did not injure his vitals and was not going to put his life in danger.

After hearing this, everyone let out a breath of relief.

“However,” the doctor pushed up his glasses.

Why the fuck is there still a ‘however’! This sort of phrase is really shocking and scary!

Everyone’s heart clenched again!

“As the patient lost too much blood, he has to stay in the hospital for a while,” the doctor said. “The extracranial has been injured and it is most likely to leave behind some side effects.”

“What type of side effects?” Su Nuo asked.

“This is going to have to wait until the patient wakes up and undergoes further examination,” the doctor said. “Right now, we are unable to determine anything.”

The extracranial damage, will it cause memory loss ah?

Su XiaoNuo immediately imagined a classic bloody scenario! After Chairman Mu wakes up, his eyes would look at Director Zhong with confusion, and he’d ask, “Who are you?” This sort of scene must not happen ah! Director Zhong is so fragile that he definitely cannot withstand such a hit, it may even cause his hair to turn white overnight, this is really really scary!

“He definitely won’t lose his memory, right?” Su Nuo was so worried that he continued asking even on the way back to the waiting room.

“Don’t think wildly.” The waiting room currently had no outsiders, so OuYang Long patted his back, “Mu Qiu and Director Zhong are going to be alright.”

“Those bastards are really evil!” Su Nuo said angrily.

“They have been caught by the police and they have nothing good coming their way.” OuYang Long pulled him to sit on the sofa, “Do you want to return home first? Staying here also won’t do any good.”

Mu Qiu needed a few more hours to be awake, and ZhongLi FengBai was on a drip and had fallen asleep; Su Nuo hesitated for a while. “Then, I’ll return to my brother’s house.” Since today he was meeting with Qiu ZiYan, this sort of thing was better to do on the spot.

“En, be careful on the way.” OuYang Long kissed his forehead, “Mu Qiu doesn’t have much of a family, I need to watch over him here.”

After hearing this, Su XiaoNuo felt a bit sad; Chairman Mu really let others pity him.

At the casino at the city’s west side, Han Wei was watching CCTV, when suddenly he received a call from his younger brother.

“Brother,” Su XiaoNuo asked while driving his car, “where are you meeting Qiu ZiYan at?”

“You really are coming?” Han Wei furrowed his eyebrows.

Of course I’m coming! Su Nuo was very determined, “Of course!”

“The same old place, still that café.” Han Wei did not stop him, “Come in from the backdoor alley, I’ll have Uncle Li bring you to the neighboring room.”

“En.” Even though listening from the next room is a bit difficult, it is better than nothing!

Su Nuo stepped on the accelerator and quickly drove towards the café.

The relationship between Qiu ZiYan and ZhongLi FengBai was actually not quite close, but after hearing he got into trouble, he still immediately brought Tang XiaoYu to the hospital in his car and confirmed that he was not in critical situation, then he came to the appointment.

Tang XiaoYu was sitting in the passenger’s seat, and on the way, he was very nervous.

“Don’t be scared,” Qiu ZiYan said as he drove the car, “I won’t let you get into trouble.”

“I’m not scared,” Tang XiaoYu looked at him with complicated feelings. “Do you really have to go?”

“This is the tenth time you’ve asked me,” Qiu ZiYan smiled. “No matter how many more times you ask, my answer will still be the same.”

Tang XiaoYu did not continue to talk.

“If something happens to you, what would I do with the rest of my life?” Mr. Qiu’s expression was very serious. “I am already yours.”

Tang XiaoYu lips curled as he forced a smile.

Seeing him in such a state, Qiu ZiYan sighed in his heart and stopped the car at the side of the road, and he reached out his hand to hug him closely.

“Brother ZiYan.” Tang XiaoYu was a bit startled.

“What do I need to say so that you can relax a bit?” Qiu ZiYan lifted his face up, he looked down and gave him a gentle kiss, “I will never do things that are not under my control; since I agreed to bring you to see Han Wei, this means that I am at least able to bring you back.”

“Brother Han wants an explanation. I can go on my own now,” Tang XiaoYu said.

“No, I’m coming too,” Qiu ZiYan pinched his face.

“What if something bad happened?” Tang XiaoYu heart was a bottomless abyss.

“Then I’d push you forward to fight while I cover my head and run away,” Qiu ZiYan was very serious. “This should be ok, right?

Tang XiaoYu was amused by him.

“Silly.” Seeing him finally relax a little, a smile reached Qiu ZiYan’s eyes; he shifted his head down and rubbed his nose, “Can I come along now?”

Tang XiaoYu nodded his head, he moved up and kissed Qiu ZiYan’s chin.

In the café, Su Nuo was leaning on the wall like a lizard while trying his best to listen to the situation in the next room.

“Young master…” The café owner was Han Wei trusted aide; he looked at Su Nuo with a complicated expression. “Brother Han has not yet arrived.”

“Why is the soundproofing so good,” Su Nuo complained.

“…” This is also wrong?!

“Do you have a listening device?” Su Nuo fully used the wisdom of the masses.

“I don’t.” Why would a café has listening device? Such a thing!

“Not sure if this works.” Su Nuo found a blanket and put it on the wall, then quickly put his ear over, his expression serious and concentrated.

A sudden idea popped into the owner’s brain, “I will be with brother Han later.”

“What does this have to do with me.” Su Nuo looked at him unsatisfied, you can’t bring my ear over, are you showing off! This is really really evil!

“I mean that if you really want to listen, I can connect the phone together,” the boss explained.

Yi yi, why didn’t I think of this! Su Nuo immediately got happy, his frustrations immediately disappeared, and he was now feeling very refreshed.

“You must remember to charge your phone fully!” Su Nuo used a brother-in-arms eyes to look at him.

The owner showed the same sincerity and shake hands with him.

This sort of mutual trust scene was really very touching!

“What are you guys doing!” Just when Han Wei pushed the door open, he saw the two shaking their hand like a couple of Spartans1.

“Brother Han.” The owner immediately retrieved his hand.

“It’s nothing at all!” Su Nuo also immediately cleared their relationship! Brother is really annoying. How could he say this kind of words that could cause a misunderstanding!? I am a married person!

That’s right! In his heart, Su XiaoNuo had already joined his identity with Mr. Director. This is really active and unrestrained, initiative as fuck!

“You wait in the next room.” Han Wei sent the café owner away.

Su XiaoNuo made a ‘call me’ sign, definitely must remember to be on the phone!

“What type of scheme are you playing again!” Han Wei patted his head and did not know if he should laugh or cry.

“When is Qiu ZiYan coming?” Su Nuo asked.

“Probably in a few minutes.” Han Wei pinched his nose, “Don’t go barging in halfway through, understand?”

That much I definitely understand! I am not an idiot! Su Nuo reminded him seriously, “You definitely must not fight with him!” This was really making people worried.

“Brother Han.” The owner knocked on the door, “The person you made an appointment with has arrived.”

“Be good and eat some dessert.” Han Wei put Su Nuo onto the chair and turned around to walk out.

The café owner really upheld his promise; the first thing he did was call over the phone.

Su XiaoNuo listened to it seriously!

“Brother Han.” Seeing Han Wei walk in, Tang XiaoYu felt a bit guilty.

“Sit down.” Han Wei’s tone was very cold.

Su Nuo sighed, his brother was not very welcoming to guests!

“Tell me what happened during that time.” Han Wei looked at Tang XiaoYu.

Qiu ZiYan squeezed his hand, “Don’t be scared, just tell him the truth.”

Tang XiaoYu gathered his courage and looked at Han Wei, then he explained how he was deceived in the past.

As Su Nuo listened in next door, lots of emotions flowed through him, reality was really a show, this was bloody as hell!

After listening to it, Han Wei kept silent; he did not say if he believed him or not.

Su XiaoNuo was a bit panicked; why is his brother acting all cool-like!

Qiu ZiYan held Tang XiaoYu’s shoulder, “Mr. Han.”

“Pfff.” Su Nuo accidentally laughed out loud, because he felt that these two words were a little comical-sounding.

“Gamble with me,” Han Wei took out a pack of poker cards.

What is this scheme? Tang XiaoYu is a bit panicked and looked at Qiu ZiYan.

Qiu ZiYan furrowed his eyebrows, but just when he was prepared to speak, Han Wei said, “No matter if you win or lose, I will not do anything to either of you.”

Su Nuo sighed in praise, brother is really handsome!

“You guys can use any kind of method to cheat; the more professional, the better.” Han Wei pushed the poker cards towards them, “Shuffle the deck.”

“…what is the game?” Tang XiaoYu asked.

“Fried golden flower.”2 Han Wei leaned onto the chair, “Like I said, you can cheat at anytime and have to win as much money from me as possible. But don’t worry, this is just virtual betting, I won’t let you cash in.”

Unable to dodge it again, Tang XiaoYu opened the box and tried his best to calm down.

The new poker cards were split into two decks. The process of shuffling was done in a shot, it was smooth like running water, seven times of shuffling and it just took a little over ten seconds.

No-one said a word; they were all looking at Tang XiaoYu’s agile fingers. Su XiaoNuo is in the next room was being driven into insanity, why isn’t anyone saying a thing? This is really making me very uneasy!

The one who were involved in the gambling were only Han Wei and Tang XiaoYu, so the process of dealing cards was very fast; they had 3 cards each.

Han Wei picked it up to see it—the spade Queen, King and Ace, the largest straight flush, it was almost like a guaranteed win. Half of the gamblers met with this set of cards would be so happy that they’d bet everything.

“Show your cards.” Han Wei flipped his cards over.

Once Qiu ZiYan saw his cards, and he furrowed his eyebrows.

Han Wei gave him a sideways glance and curled up his lip, “He was the one who personally gave me these cards, do you think his card could be lower than mine?”

As expected, Tang XiaoYu’s cards are 3 twos, leopard eat.

“Where did you learn the shuffling techniques?” Hang Wei asked.

“I learnt a bit when I was previously in town, and I mastered it myself later.” Tang XiaoYu answered. Using the pressure during shuffling and vacuumed out air between some of the cards and finally give the sequence that was most advantage to yourself. Even though it sounded easy, mastering this was not simple at all.

“Look at this deck of cards and tell me where the problems are,” Han Wei threw another deck of cards towards him.

“The side of the cards have been cut, except for 9 and 5.” Tang XiaoYu immediately saw the flaw.

“Can we go now?” Qiu ZiYan interrupted their conversation.

To be honest, he did not want Tang XiaoYu to show his outstanding talent in this field; if he knew too much, the value of him being used would be bigger.

Expectedly, Han Wei opened his mouth and talk, “Let’s make a deal, shall we?”

“My apologies, XiaoYu has now returned back to school. I do not wish for him to touch this stuff again.” Qiu ZiYan rejected before Tang XiaoYu could speak, “About the wrongdoing XiaoYu did previously, I apologize.”

“Do you think you can settle this with just an apology?” Han Wei looked at him coldly.

“We could negotiate some other terms,” Qiu ZiYan pulled Tang XiaoYu to his side.

“I don’t want to negotiate other terms with you.” Han Wei tone is slightly cold.

Why don’t you want to negotiate about it! You don’t want to negotiate about it I want to negotiate about it ah! Su Nuo listen the whole thing anxiously! This is such a good opportunity! You could force him into eating one month of rice with pork fat together with cola until his abs and chest was gone! Or you could force him to sign a contract that we act together where he plays the subordinate of the talented and beautiful master Su! Or just let him play the underground society number one prostitute this sort of persona, wearing the red lace dress, showing off half of the chest and dance the seductive night wind dance! This sort of scene, just thinking about it makes one become very excited hahahahaha! Famous model Su immediately sank into his imagination he could not come out of, and hence he stood on the chair to experience the feeling of looking down at the mass!

Then he just fell off from his chair.

“Ah!!!!” Su Nuo screamed, in such an emergency, he grabbed the tablecloth which brought down the pile of plates and cups.

The crashing sound was really fierce; together with an obscured scream, Han Wei face immediately darkened.

“… brother Han.” The café owner was also startled by the activity from the phone.

Han Wei stood up and walked out.

Su Nuo looked at the injury on his palm. He almost wanted to cry.

This is such a bad luck, not scientific!

“NuoNuo.” Han Wei was startled when he pushed the door open, “What happened?”

“It’s nothing.” Su Nuo took out a tissue to wipe, “I just accidentally fell off the chair.”

It sounded very idiotic.

Han Wei used the tissue to press on his injury, he sighed weakly in his heart.

His brother was getting more and more idiotic; his life was full of black lines.

“Do you believe the things XiaoYu just said?” Su Nuo asked carefully.

“I believe him.” Han Wei was wiping clean the blood on his palm. “Previously, when I just checked about it, I sent a lot of people to look for him. A subordinate used to tell me that he hid at all sorts of places and still had to ask people to lend him money. If he was really with the conmen, he didn’t even need to borrow a coin.” Since at that sort of time, the most logical step was to hide yourself not risking the danger and show your face.

“Then just let them go. He is really pitiful.” Su Nuo’s heart was very soft. “Also, he has changed for the better and started going to school, he shouldn’t have to come back again.”

Han Wei’s hand stopped for a while. He was silent.

“Who do you want him to gamble with?” Su Nuo asked.

“The organisation behind Chu Heng. A South American foreign organisation.” Han Wei said, “If I am sure I could have 100% of winning chance, this would be the best way to settle the land conflict.”

“What are you guys gambling about?” Su Nuo curiously asked.

“We decide this ourselves.” Han Wei threw the tissue into the dustbin.

“Then I’ll gamble with them.” Su Nuo was very confident.

“Blackjack again?” Han Wei pinched his nose, “I won’t let you sit at the gamble table again.”

“I am also not going to be addicted to it.” Su Nuo said, “I can also wear a mask like I did previously, no one can recognise me.”

“No.” Han Wei is very determined.

“But XiaoYu obviously is not willing!” Su Nuo emphasised, “You are forcing good people to do bad things!”

Then he was fiercely hit by his brother on his head.

“Even if he did the wrong thing, you have already punished him by beating people up so badly!” Su Nuo continued to nag, “At worst I’ll just practice harder, and I definitely won’t lose.”

“This thing cannot be negotiated.” Han Wei’s eyes darkened.

Su Nuo was very determined, “Then I’ll cut my wrist and die in front of you!”

Full of revolutionary intent!

“Ah!” Su Nuo was not prepared and screamed.

Han Wei bent the other over his knee and spanked him, “Where did you learn these from?”

“ZhongLi FengBai.” Su Nuo face filled with tears and he immediately sold his comrade!! Spank on the butt by his handsome man can be forgiven even though it is painful, since it can be counted as flirting! But getting hit by his older brother was totally mean, a cruel physical punishment! This punishment was totally inhumane!

“If you say such bad words again, just wait and see how I’m going to punish you!” Han Wei released his hold on Su Nuo’s waist.

Even though it was just five to six spanks, Su XiaoNuo’s butt was still very painful! Having a comparison, he could conclude that the spanking which he usually received from Mr. Director was not a spanking, it was the touch of love. Older brother’s one was really cruel, not only was it painful as hell, and almost made him go dumb, totally cannot stand it!

He made a wronged expression!

“Next time don’t say the word ‘die’, do you remember?!” Han Wei was very stern.

“… en.” Su Nuo lowered his head, I definitely won’t cut my wrist! I am not an idiot! You are unreasonable!

“Did I hit too painful?” Han Wei tone become softer.

“En!” Su Nuo replied soundly, must let older brother be very guilty!

“Are you still faking!” Han Wei don’t know if he should laugh or cry.

How could it be faked! It was originally very painful ah! Su Nuo protested in his heart silently.

“I will go and settle the issue next door, be careful and do not fall again.” Han Wei pinched his face.

“Brother, really, just let Tang XiaoYu go. Please, I’m begging you,” Even though Su Nuo rarely interfered with Han Wei’s things, this time he really did not want Tang XiaoYu to work at the casino again. If possible, he also wished his brother could have the opportunity to become a research student and then find a normal job, but that was not how things were now.

Comparing heart with heart, it was very easy to be soft hearted in some issue.

“I know when to stop.” Han Wei turned around and walked out.

Su Nuo sighed in his heart, the phone had been hung up and he was unable to secretly listen again.3 Hence he could only sit on the sofa to make a phone call.

 After the call connected, Su Nuo asked, “How is Director Zhong and Chairman Mu?”

“ZhongLi FengBai has finished his drip and now is sitting next to the bed Mu Qiu is in,” OuYang Long replied, “Mu Qiu has yet to wake up.”

“Is Chairman Mu going to be alright?” Su Nuo was still not sure.

“The doctor said there was no problem, and after an hour or two he should wake up,” OuYang Long said. “I need to continue to stay at the hospital. Could you stay at your brother’s house? I will let Austin temporarily take care of the pets.”

“You are going to stay overnight at the hospital?” Su Nuo furrowed his eyebrows.

“ZhongLi FengBai’s family members are overseas, their flight will only arrive at dawn.” OuYang Long said, “I will leave when they have arrived and I could return home the next night.”

“Then I’ll return home.” Su Nuo was very obedient, “I’ll wait for you.”

Even he could not help him, he could heat up the bath, warm up a cup of milk and massage him before he went to sleep ah!

The uke is really warm and intimate!

“Then I’ll try my best to return earlier,” OuYang Long kissed him through the phone, “You don’t need to wait for me, sleep earlier.”

“En.” Even though Su Nuo agreed to it with his mouth, his heart rejected it silently.

Definitely cannot go to sleep earlier! Leave a dim light at the tip of the bed and wait for my handsome man returning home, this sort of scene is definitely something to look forward to!

Noises came from the walkway; Su Nuo immediately leaned on the door and peeked. He saw Qiu ZiYan and Tang XiaoYu leaving and hence his heart felt happy! If a collaboration was agreed upon, it made no sense for them to leave so fast, therefore older brother probably let go of them in the end?

This sort of result, just listening to it was really good!

“You let them go?” Just as Han Wei enter the room, Su Nuo can’t wait and asked him.

“…en.” Actually, Han Wei did not say it with confirmation, he only let the two leave. But this sort of thing obviously needed not to be said too clearly, hence the older brother used an ambiguous tactic!

“You are so good.” Su Nuo used a good man card which was saved for Mr. Director, and he gave it to his older brother!

“Let’s eat dinner,” Han Wei did not want to continue to talk about this problem.

“Then, it is confirmed that I will go to the casino with you?” Su Nuo was filled with battle spirit, this talent which he inherited from his father definitely must not go into waste!

“I will think about it,” Han Wei put on his sunglasses, “I bring you to eat sour bamboo chicken.”

Listening to his brother saying the last three words, Su Nuo immediately swallowed a gulp of saliva.

That’s why foodies and the like really… do not have any character!

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Translator Notes:

  1. To clarify: We dug around a little and it seems to us that the author is under the impression that the Spartans used to do the forearm handshake. They did not.
  2. That’s the name of the game, we don’t know the term in English. 炸金花
  3. A good moment to point out that he could listen in, if he had more than two brain cells. Grab a glass, prop it against the wall, cover the other ear. Problem solved.


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ZiYan and Tang XiaoYu are interesting as a couple. I hope they develop their relationship in a healthy way, the latter is still too young that to have an older man cares and protect him is so sweet. This reminds me somewhat about “the heart of Mr. Smith” Love that story!

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pretty sure big bro lied and just used your foodie nature against you Su Nuo.

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