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Chapter 78

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Wen Jin looked out of the window but he couldn’t calm down. He felt so depressed that the whole fox was going to decay.

He was hairless at the moment. If he had any fur, maybe all the hairs would have been hanging down. He had to tie a knot again to express his depression at the moment. His little tail didn’t sit with him or talk to him. It was the first time since they got along with him that the atmosphere was so cold. Ten minutes after driving out, Wen Jin felt a little agitated when he felt the still silent atmosphere in the car.

“Marshal.” Just when Wen Jin was wondering, Dewitt, in the front seat, suddenly received a communication. It was a female voice. Wen Jin looked over there and licked his lips.

Although he knew that it was a business call for Dewitt, Wen Jin still felt a little uncomfortable. Thinking that every time Dewitt handled his work, he disappeared for more than a dozen hours or even several days, Wen Jin felt that the degree of agitation in his heart was staggering upward.

It was clear that when Dewitt worked in the past, he didn’t do that. He came over to eat and drink in the previous eighteen hours, but if Dewitt went to work now and he could not see him for even an hour, he would feel a little overwhelmed.

Wen Jin frowned and wondered why he had such a psychology. He stubbornly opened his screen and stared at it seriously in an attempt to support himself.

However, the comments brushed by on the light screen, which he would still read with relish hours ago, he now could not read a word at all. Wen Jin, whose literacy ability declined rapidly, remained so rigid for a long time and his eyes still looked uncontrollably at the time on the light screen.

Fifteen minutes and eight seconds. They’ve been driving for so long. Dewitt still hadn’t said a word to him. Was he really angry? Or was he sad, as the post said?

Wen Jin’s hand slid unconsciously on the screen. The fox was absent-minded. Suddenly, he found that in the past, between himself and Dewitt, it seemed that the other had always taken the initiative. At this rhythm, Wen Jin was full of confusion in the face of the sudden stop.

He did not know how to move forward, but he dared not wait in place, just thinking about what would happen if Dewitt would not take the initiative because he was sad in the future.

This question pierced Wen Jin’s heart and made him panic.

Dewitt just saw the scene from his own screen, through the reflection, noticed the two eyebrows that Wen Jin had erected and touched his chin thoughtfully. “Hmm.”

The man at the end of call was Eve, who had recovered not very long ago. Now she was holding Mary, surrounded by several makeup artists who smeared stuff on her face. Eve, who was from a rather luxurious family in the empire, was invited to meet the Uttar tonight. “I just came back from the Academy of Sciences. Alan has been in good health recently. Professor Lin said that the development of the antidote went unexpectedly smoothly. It is very likely that he will wake up soon.”

“That’s good. Before your body recovers, don’t take part in such dangerous actions,” Dewitt looked down at the console in front of him. “It’s hard.”

Wen Jin heard this sentence, his fox’s ears are almost erect from his hair, cleared his throat in the back, coughing loudly.

Dewitt glanced back and smiled a little where Wen Jin had not seen him.

“I won’t. I’m looking forward to it. After lying in bed for so long and recovering, my body is getting rusty.” Eve didn’t hear Wen Jin’s voice and laughed brightly. “But Marshal, let me say it first, if this mission is successfully completed, you must let me see the little benefactor. I heard Cassey say that you’ve hidden the little benefactor lately, why are you so stingy?”

Hidden? The fox’s heart fluttered in the back seat. Did Dewitt hide a person?

Eve finished, then added, “I can do without overtime pay, but this wish, you have to let me.”

Dewitt looked at the ‘little benefactor’ sitting in the back seat and his voice was a little funny. “Okay.”

Wen Jin heard the joke in Dewitt’s voice and kicked heavily at the chair in the front seat. Dewitt had never spoken to anyone in that tone before. Unfortunately, Wen Jin kicked into the hardest part of the seat. His eyebrows were wrinkled and his feet were painfully retracted.

“… Huh? What was that noise?” This time Eve heard.

Dewitt didn’t turn back. He pushed several buttons on the suspension car without explaining Wen Jin’s existence at all. “At night, I’ll let Mark plan it out. If you can’t stand it, you can withdraw. Don’t push it.”

Wen Jin lowered his eyes, looked down at his aching toes and rubbed his eyes.

“Good.” Eve said in a positive voice.

“If nothing happens, hang up first.” As Dewitt spoke, the suspension car suddenly slowed down and stopped at the roadside.

Wen Jin raised his face forcibly and opened the light screen. The clothes had to look exactly like they were, but they were neither organized nor rough on time.

“… Marshal.” Eve, at the other end of the line, had not finished yet. She stopped Dewitt and said, “You… Have you paid attention to the recent movement of the satellite network?”

Dewitt heard the sound of the fox kicking on the chair. He knew more about the levitation car than Wen Jin. He knew where the little fellow was kicking. He was a little worried at the moment, but he still held back when he heard the words of his subordinate.

“When I went to the Scientific Research Institute during this period, I always saw Dr. Chen. I felt that he was much older. Listening to Professor Lin, Dr. Chen suffered irreversible injuries in the scientific research institute in order to save him from those Uttar people.” Eve’s voice was a little sad. “Mary used to come back and have a physical examination done with him. Mary liked him very much.”

Dewitt’s hand nodded in front of him. “Uh-huh.”

Eve took a break and tidied up. “I heard that at this meeting, the Prime Minister proposed to put the final result of the contract beasts after the Uttar banquet. Can I know your position in advance?” Eve said, lowering her head and touching Mary’s head.

The little fellow in her arms immediately touched her master intimately, as if she could only pretend to be Mary alone in the eyes of the beasts. Eve could hardly imagine that one day Mary’s compatriots would be expelled from Assyria or hit by violence. In these two days, she had seen as little violence as possible on the Internet. Once she saw more, she knew she would be sad.

The suspension car stopped completely. Dewitt paused for a moment and pressed the key to open the door. “Wen Jin is for me…” When Dewitt said this, he got out of the car, then went around the back seat, opened the door and filled in the second half of the sentence, “…my most important thing.”

Looking into Wen Jin’s eyes, which were obviously somewhat dismayed and warm, Dewitt smiled at him and looked exactly the same as before.

No change, no alienation, with strong intimacy.

Wen Jin bit his lower lip and suddenly felt his eyes turn a little sour. His hand on his leg clenched slightly into a fist, as if he was struggling with something. Then, as Dewitt moved in and sat in the back seat before closing the door, Wen Jin threw himself at Dewitt. His movements were so fast and violent that Dewitt was stunned that he only had time to reach over and cover Wen Jin’s head.

“I see.” Eve was completely reassured, with some relief in her tone.

The communication was suspended and the atmosphere in the car was silent for a while. Wen Jin held Dewitt very hard and buried his face deep into his neck, breathing heavily.

“… Baby?” Dewitt’s hand still held Wen Jin’s head, fearing that he would jump up again with excitement and his other hand clapped Wen Jin on the shoulder.

“Mmn.” The answer to him was the muffled voice of Wen Jin.

Dewitt rubbed behind Wen Jin’s head, knowing that the little fellow had just been sad and had a soft voice. “Let’s talk.”

“… Don’t wanna talk about it.” Hearing Dewitt’s voice, Wen Jin felt sour again. He straightened up and pressed Dewitt’s shoulder.

The light through the window swept Wen Jin’s white face and was split by his somberness. The eyes that used to be crooked, with a little laughter and playfulness, now showed a different kind of seriousness. He looked down at Dewitt and took a big step forward.

Slowly he bent down and kissed the other side’s lip.

He liked this man.

At the moment of kissing, Wen Jin opened his heart for the last time.

He liked this person’s voice, liked his appearance, liked all of him, also… he liked to touch him. Although Dewitt’s strong aggression every time he touched him and kissed him seemed to swallow him up, it would make Wen Jin feel a little insecure, so he would consciously retreat every time and instinctively protect his endangered body.

But just now, instead of sticking to him, Dewitt was sitting in the front seat and Wen Jin suddenly understood the strong sense of emptiness.

He liked his touch.

Wen Jin knelt on one leg on the seat, fingered through Dewitt’s short hair behind his head, closed his eyes and, for the first time, put the tip of his tongue into the other’s lips. He remembered that when he was a fox, he always liked to tread on Dewitt quietly, to touch under his paws and even to sleep with Dewitt.

He was in exactly the same mood as the other party.

Feeling Wen Jin probe in, a small action of the tip of the tongue, Dewitt felt shock all over. Then he finally reacted, gently caught Wen Jin and then gently sucked on the tip of the other side’s tongue, then swarmed into Wen Jin’s world.

“Baby.” He pulled Wen Jin and felt that the other party had fallen into his arms obediently. Dewitt looked down at Wen Jin with a strong desire in his eyes.

Wen Jin put his head on Dewitt’s shoulder and looked up to see the dark blue eyes of the other side. He stared for a long time, then suddenly reached out and touched Dewitt’s hair on his forehead. Then he looked at the longing emotions in his eyes without reservation.

In the past, Wen Jin felt that these emotions were so oppressive that he couldn’t help avoiding his eyes. At this moment, it had become the most appropriate in the ambiguous atmosphere around them. He rubbed Dewitt’s shoulder and smiled. “Hmm?”

Dewitt’s glance darkened. He pinched Wen Jin’s chin. His intention and restraint collided with each other. Without waiting for the two emotions to be separated, Wen Jin kissed him again and even took the initiative to pull Dewitt’s hand around him.

With a loud bang, Dewitt’s mind was completely blown open. His restraint, which was on the verge of breaking the dyke, was instantly broken by his desire. He reached out and pressed the other side’s back of the head. The noise of the two people’s tongues intertwining made the most lustful sound in the car.

It took a long time for Dewitt to loosen the warmth that had begun everything and turned to kiss Wen Jin’s slender neck. When the first kiss fell, Wen Jin trembled sensitively. The soft and numb response made him instinctively want to evade, but when his arm touched the other side’s chest, he was born with a new thought. The instinct that had been restrained was released.

Feeling his and Dewitt’s breath intertwining, Wen Jin finally indulged in his feelings and let them all flow out.

“I like you.” After another deep kiss, when Wen Jin and Dewitt were tightly joined, he said softly in Dewitt’s ear, in a tone of one hundred percent certainty, looking at Dewitt’s eyes as if they were filled with stars.

“I know.” Dewitt hugged him and kissed Wen Jin gently on the side of his face. “I love you.”

When Wen Jin heard this, his pair of fox’s eyes bent up with laughter. He lowered his head and bit Dewitt’s shoulder hard, leaving a row of teeth marks.


After thoroughly understanding and communicating with each other, Wen Jin’s heart was at last calmed down. He did not resist contact afterwards with Dewitt and simply leaned on him, opened the screen to continue to gossip. Dewitt graciously embraced him, bowed his head and gently bit on Wen Jin’s earlobe.

“Still looking?” Several previous kisses piled up, which led to Dewitt, who had no intention of dealing with business, glancing at documents on his screen that were not urgent, decided to indulge once, give himself an hour’s vacation and then put his hand around Wen Jin.

Feeling Dewitt’s breath wrapping around him, Wen Jin was in a good mood. “Hmm.”

“What did you say?” Dewitt held one of Wen Jin’s hands and pinched it.

“The House of Representatives are bastards. The hero should come out quickly to answer their questions, otherwise the next bastard will be you.” Wen Jin summarized it briefly and roughly, then pinched Dewitt’s hand.

Dewitt was shocked by Wen Jin’s description and then he could not help laughing twice. “Did you comment?”

“Not yet.” Wen Jin shook his head.

“Not yet? That’s what you’re going to comment on?” Dewitt looked at Wen Jin’s face, which was reflected on the screen with interest. He was curious about his little fox’s idea. “When are you going to comment?”

“When they say you are a bastard.” Wen Jin hummed and murmured.

He didn’t know anyone else, but he knew Dewitt was the best. And although his comments on the Internet were rough, they were by no means exaggerated.

As far as he’d seen, there had been a lot of talk about splashing dirty water on Dewitt, saying that he was as bad as the House of Representatives. But he didn’t know if Dewitt used to be good. At least, in his affairs, there were still many people to help him talk. Otherwise, Wen Jin felt that he might really have to put up with his Kirin arm and vent with his typing and swearing.

He thought that if his little tail were to be scolded by these guys for being such a good person in this place, he would be so angry that he would hide Dewitt in his own space and take him back to Honghuang.

Feeling the warmth in the fox’s heart, Dewitt kissed Wen Jin’s forehead. “Thank you, baby.”

Wen Jin felt embarrassed and gave a very momentous hmm, thinking that his wife should be okay.

Then, just at this moment, he brushed by a dynamic high-definition photograph of the Uttar Prince when Melson saw him. Wen Jin found that the dynamic was up in a short time. He was curious to open it. Then, after seeing the comments in the dynamic, he was stunned, opened the picture and put the the Uttar Prince on the top, his face maximized.

After staring at him for a long time, he felt as if he had reacted violently. He landed on the chair and kicked his leg. “That’s him?! It was the man Dewitt beat in Gourmet Street who wouldn’t stop staring at them?”

Wait, the captain of the guard…

Quickly turned out a picture again and after looking carefully again, Wen Jin’s whole fox was muddled. These two people were really Ju and his assistant Karst whom he had seen before.

Looking at the contrast evidence photos of the following water and fans who madly apologize for their wrong targets, what else blindly think that the Gourmet street was only deliberate makeup.

After hearing the voice, Dewitt looked at his reaction and laughed again, Wen Jin thought it might be time to cure his fox-born face blindness.


No, Wen Jin frowned. The smell was familiar to him. He should have smelled it somewhere else.

“… Underground Fighting Ground?” Wen Jin hesitated for a long time before he suddenly thought of it.

At the underground arena, they entered almost at the same time. By then, they were directly invited to the second floor. They also had the smell he smelled today. And when the audience was most confused, they left through the side door.

That was the Uttar prince?

“How clever.” Dewitt started flattering the fox in time.

“Come on, did you know that long ago?” Wen Jin glared at Dewitt. “You stared at him before and you must have recognized him long ago.”

Dewitt looked wronged. “I did?”

Wen Jin remembered that the two men had been fired by those people for a long time on the internet and had many pictures of them, so he suddenly lost his temper. Seeing that the atmosphere was not right, Dewitt quickly lowered his head and began to kiss Wen Jin on his face. All he wanted was him.

However, instead of turning the atmosphere around, this action has made the atmosphere even more strange. At first, he really only kissed shallowly, but the further back, the marshal became more and more uncontrollable, feeling how comfortable the skin under his lips was to kiss, as if by some magic, can make people infinitely addicted.

Dewitt kissed and sighed in his heart, thinking that if it was the disease, he might have entered a late stage and had no way to save it.

“Wait a minute. Let me see again. I seem to see the reverse. No, that underground arena was exposed that day? What’s behind the scenes – ” Wen Jin struggled to look at his screen through Dewitt’s increasingly heavy kisses, feeling the kiss on his neck, while instinctively shaking and still watching.

“Don’t look at it.” Dewitt’s voice was muffled and he bowed his head and kissed Wen Jin on the side of his face and on his lips.

“No, there’s a video, there’s evidence, it’s like something logical has gone mad…”

“Baby…” Dewitt grabbed Wen Jin’s hand, which was wildly brushing the screen over there. His eyes seemed to be able to shoot fire outside. “Really, don’t look at it.”

As he spoke, he again bowed his head and kissed Wen Jin’s face, sucked lightly in his ears and then went down unsatisfactorily to fatten a strawberry already on Wen Jin’s neck.

One strawberry became as big as two and Wen Jin’s body began to soften apparently. In the same way as his own, Dewitt drew the corners of his lips and went freely up the other side’s body. At that moment, things suddenly changed.

“Oh, my God, that arena was opened by the Uttars? And they were the ones in the arena that released the video before?” Wen Jin seemed to have seen a classic play of the year. When he was moved, he sat up in a frightened mood. The speed was so fast that he knocked Dewitt away.

Seemingly embarrassed by such a move, Wen Jin, straightening up, especially neglected Dewitt’s movements, gave him a perfunctory kiss and then began to stare at the screen.

Wanting to say something, Dewitt, who was blocked by a kiss, looked at Wen Jin with a grieving look. Suddenly, he felt a little regret. He knew that the people sent by him at this time would start to close the net. He knew that the gossip character of the little fellow could not take it. Why should Wen Jin continue to watch it?

On second thought, Dewitt raised his lips again.

He seldom gave himself a vacation and barely had enough time, but it should be enough and there was nobody else here–

So, just as Wen Jin stared at the screen with a high-spirited face and made exclamations from time to time, the rest of the light swept to the side became more and more wrong.

… Why? Wen Jin stared at the screen and his body became stiff. For a long time, he turned his neck stiff and looked at Dewitt, who was staring at him. Then his face turned red instantly.

“What are you doing?”

Dewitt’s eyes showed a sexually extreme expression.


The author has something to say:

I’m so sorry I am not good at writing smut. For those who wanted to read it, I’m sorry!

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November 22, 2019 1:55 pm

Wait, author… does this mean.. NO SMUT?! 😭

November 22, 2019 10:03 pm

I bet Dewitt went for “little Wen Jin” to destract his gossip-loving fox, with this reaction, absolutely! First note from the author in a long time, and it announced that she is bad at writing smut, so… well, taking into consideration that it might have been cenzored even if she wrote it… I just hope for some suggestive lines, like in this chapter. It was good!

Thank you for the chapter!

November 23, 2019 12:01 am

So Dewitt going kiss more harder while his tent pokes again at Wen Jin?

November 29, 2019 11:37 pm

I respect your creative rights not to write smut. I can let my imagination figure it out, trying not to go to bestiality, blah! This story really stretches my creativity and imagination to explore other races than just human beings. Love can encompass all sentients. Thank you Sir Addis, I left this at chapter 54 and now continue to read it again…interesting. Merci bien.

August 22, 2020 12:14 am

sometimes, I really just want the story to progress normally! like, at least keep the story’s plot moving forward and then put aside some time to play around with each other! like, seriously. I might just throw my laptop if the story plot keeps getting interrupted like this!

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