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Chapter 75: Quick, Chase Him Out! and You Are Dead

Translated by Tan Wen Xi of Exiled Rebels Translations

“But chairman Luo is our investor, we can’t chase him away,” Dai An expressed his concern.

“That’s why I want you to come up with ideas!” Su Nuo looked at him with his eyes brimming with expectations.

His look caused Dai An to feel uneasy, and so Dai An reluctantly agreed. After work, he hurried to Luo Li for a chat, asking him if he was going to stay here tomorrow as well.

“Probably, recently I have nothing to do,” Luo Li said.

Dai An’s heart immediately sank, but he still gave a flowery smile, “Actually, Nuo Nuo is a very professional model, the shooting team is also old partner; you don’t have to worry about it.” So, quickly go back to work!

“I know,” Luo Li smiled, “but the set here is very good, and treating it as a stress relief is not bad.”

Having reached this point, Dai An did not know how to continue. Thus, he could only go back to Su Nuo and report this tragic news.

“He’s still going to be here tomorrow?” After hearing the news, Su Nuo was very angry. Using the pretext of working to look at someone else’s ass… this sort of thing was really shameless.

“Yes, chairman Luo said his company has not been very busy recently, with nothing much to do.” Dai An spoke the truth.

“Nothing to do?”  After hearing this, Su Nuo immediately become serious, “had he paid my advertisement fee?” 

“It has been paid.” Dai An was a little confused, “Why would you suddenly think of asking this?”

“That’s good.” Su Nuo was very careful, “The company has nothing to do, just hearing this seems like the company is going bankrupt. We need to take the money back, or else we are working for nothing.”

Dai An: …

As the villa was still in the development stage, its facilities were not completely built; Luo Li specially told his secretary to arrange a steamboat for everyone to eat dinner on.

“What are we eating?” Su Nuo pulled Dai An into the corner; he was very concerned about this.

“Chairman Luo helped you to prepare a special meal,” Dai An replied.

Su Nuo immediately felt like dying, “Is it cold salad again?”

“Yes.” Dai An comforted him just in time, “but I brought vacuumed packaging curry beef rice, it is very nice!”

“How could I eat if it is cold?” Su Nuo said angrily.

Dai An followed up with a shocking statement, “I also brought a pot.”

Su Nuo was taken aback for a while.

He seemed to be ready for just about anything!

“The previous plan was that at night, if the weather turned out good, then there would be another shooting. As such, there would not be enough time to go back to the city to eat,” Dai An said. “Therefore, I brought an electric pot!”

“My dear concubine,” Su Xiao Nuo immediately felt like tearing up, “this Emperor will definitely make you into his Empress after we will have returned.”

“Mr Dai.” The staff came and asked, “Where do you both want to eat?”

“Just send it to the room.” Dai An carried up the bag, “Nuo Nuo does not have any appetite; just let him rest for a while, he’ll eat then.”

Su Xiao Nuo was very cooperative and become lifeless, looking very pitiful!

He seemed really really fragile!

The aroma from the steamboat wafted there, Su Nuo stomach began to growl!

Before his anger could explode, Dai An hurriedly took him back.

Both of them were staying at the villa next to the set; the slanted small skylight at the second floor was very cute, the sky could even be seen at night.

However, Su Nuo obviously was not interested in this; he angrily complained, “I also want to eat on the steamboat!”

“After the shooting ends and we’re back in the city,” Dai An comforted him as he took out the electric pot, “we will eat a round in every famous steamboat chain! From fragrant spicy pot base to seafood pot base, even the tomato pot base will not be spared!” Very crazy.

“En.” Su NUo squatted on the floor, using the small knife to help him opened the vacuumed packaging. “What brand is this?”

“My mum made it,” Dai An said.

Even with how thick Su Nuo’s skin was, he was a bit embarrassed, “It’s really not nice to bother auntie to continue helping me to make things to eat.”

“It’s ok, she is retired and has nothing to do.” Dai An heat up the electric pot.

“But why did your family have a vacuum packing machine?” Su Nuo was a bit confused.

“My sister-in-law used to make beef jerky at home and sold it online.” Dai An poured the curry rice into the pot. “Thanks to that, we have all sorts of things.”

“Your family is so good.” Su Xiao Nuo was a bit jealous, one big family.

“After a while, when we are not as busy, I’ll bring you to my house to eat,” Dai An said. “Don’t worry, they all like you very much and won’t go around and say unnecessary things.”

“My dear!” Su Nuo was very touched and hugged him, “When you are going to be married away in the future, I will definitely cannot let go.”

Dai An was speechless, “… why must I be married away?”

Because this Emperor is already married away. Su Xiao Nuo was a bit embarrassed.

“Stop fooling around, we need to quickly eat the meal,” Dai An took out the cutlery from his bag. “We may have to shoot later.”

The curry rice was soft and sticky; together with the beef tenderness, the taste was strong and had a coconut scent. Even if one ate a big bowl at once, one would not be sick of it!

“Auntie is so nice!” Su Nuo ate until his face had rice all over it.

“There is still concentrated sour plum juice, I made it on wood fire.” Dai An wiped Su Nuo’s mouth.

Su Xiao Nuo immediately drooled; the sour plum juice was sour and sweet, and just hearing it was really alluring to people.

“Do you want to drink it now?” Dai An was very familiar with this change of his expression.

Su Nuo quickly nodded his head.

“I’ll pour you some,” Dai An stood up—but he had not yet reached the luggage when someone suddenly knocked on the door.

Shshshit! Su Nuo immediately widened his eyes; what should he do when the room is filled with curry smell ah! This was really scary.

Then Dai An just saw Su Nuo jump to the side of the window and use a magazine to fan the curry smell outside.

“Who is it?” Dai An asked by the door.

“It’s me,” Luo Li answered.

It was obviously that despicable and shameless man with a knife scar! Su Nuo was very angry, Dai An had a headache, “Is there something you need, chairman Luo?”

“I just heard that Nuo Nuo was not feeling well so I came here to see how he is doing,” Luo Li said. “Could you open the door?”

That definitely cannot be! Su Nuo shook his head for dear life.

“I’m sorry, chairman Luo, Nuo Nuo is already asleep.” At such an emergency state, Dai An could not find a better excuse, “Thanks for your concern.”

What sort of lame excuse is this! Su Nuo immediately became nervous; what if, upon hearing that Su Nuo was already asleep, he went berserk and broke the door to enter! The scarred man’s voice seemed to be very manic and he was from the underground society!

“Did he catch a cold?” Luo Li asked.

“… probably.” Dai An’s face was very tense.

Su Xiao Nuo looked around to find a wooden stick to protect himself; he must not turn a blind eye to this sort of man who seems to have evil thoughts about him!

“Then I’ll send him some flu medicine.” Luo Li did not stay for long; after saying this, he turned around and walked down.

After hearing the stepping sounds gradually fade, Su Nuo let out a breath of relief.

“Do you still want to eat?” Dai An asked.

“Not anymore.” Su Nuo sit on the sofa to complain, “Do you see now? Isn’t that Luo Li very detestable?!”

“Actually, he still seems fine.” Dai An cleaned up the cutlery and bowl, “He is very concerned about you.”

“Why do I need his concern?” Su Nuo had already automatically put the scarred Luo Li into the pervert box.

“Is being concerned bad?” Dai An said, “That time when Director OuYang was treating you nicely, I didn’t see you annoyed.”

How is this a valid comparison! That is my handsome man! Su Nuo glared at him, one day you will find out about this shocking secret!

When that happens, the sky will fall and the earth will crack.

After five minutes, Luo Li came again and knocked on the door, “I brought some flu medicine.”

He is definitely not giving up! Su Nuo clenched his fists.

Dai An shoved him under the blanket, “Act like you are sick!”

The lies that had been said had to be made into truth.

Su Xiao Nuo pulled the blanket over his head.

This is really annoying.

After making sure everything in the room was normal, Dai An calmly opened the door, “chairman Luo.”

“Nuo Nuo is asleep?” Luo Li peeked in to look.

Nuo Nuo’s whole body was covered by the blanket.

“Yes, he probably caught a cold,” Dai An replied.

“Do you want to call a doctor?” Luo Li stepped in and walked past the door like it was a matter of course.

Dai An: …

Actually, he had originally wanted to take the medicine and send him away! Why why why did he come in!?

“Nuo Nuo.” Luo Li sat on the edge of the bed.


Su Xiao Nuo immediately felt like he was struck by lightning. He widened his eyes under his blanket!

What is this situation!

Dear concubine actually let him in! This is not scientific!

“Don’t cover your face.” Luo Li pulled the blanket down.

Su Nuo’s eyes did not even have time to close!

And so, he accidentally made eye contact with the knife-scarred Luo Li.

This is really scary!

“Are you alright?” Luo Li controlled his laughter in his heart.

“…En.” Su Nuo couldn’t act as though he was asleep, so he could only give a weak reply.

“Do you have a fever?” Luo Li put out his hand, trying to feel the temperature of his forehead.

Don’t just touch ah! Su Nuo screamed in his heart, dirty dirty gangster!

“Chairman Luo, there’s nothing wrong with Nuo Nuo, he just needs to sleep well and he’ll be fine.” Dai An stopped Luo Li.

“Do you need me to find someone cook a bit of porridge?” Luo Li asked.

“Really, no need,” Dai An said, “he just needs to eat a bit of medicine; I promise he will not delay for tomorrow’s work.”

You can’t be sure! Su Nuo complained in his heart, if he goes really overboard, I will definitely be on a strike!

“Then rest well; I will cancel the work at night.” Luo Li put a name card on the bedside table, “if you need anything, you can call me anytime.”

“Thank you.” Dai An’s etiquette was top notch; he saw Luo Li out. After he returned, he saw Su Nuo looking at the name card with disgust in his expression.

“What is it now?” Dai An asked.

“If there is anything, call him anytime.” Su Nuo let his imagination loose, “Don’t you think this phrase is very much like that of a hotel maid?”

“… I absolutely do not think so.” Dai An stashed the name card, “Go and shower, and go to bed early tonight.”

“He will definitely be smiling evilly at the corner of the staircase! Then, he’ll come up with an evil plan!” Su Nuo was still thinking in his head.

Dai An pushed him into the bathroom.

Then… Su Nuo obediently started to shower?

How could it be!

Actually, he first checked if there were any hidden cameras or something like that; his alertness was so high that it was hard to look at.

“Nuo Nuo, why aren’t you showering yet?” Ten minutes later, Dai An was very confused.

“Because I have constipation, I can’t shit it out.” Su Nuo answered seriously.

Dai An’s mouth felt like it was full of salted plums, unable to swallow and unable to spit it out.

After checking the ceiling and feeling like everything was normal, Su Nuo finally jumped down from the toilet, turned on the hot water to bathe, and he began thinking about two days later after finishing work and returning home, how he definitely needed to be with Mr Director and rolling around ‘censored’ and ‘censored’!

After all, a long leave might overpower the newly-wed!

Long distance relationships really make people feel sad.

And even more bitter than long distance relationships was definitely ZhongLi FengBai and Mu Qiu.

This is because Chairman Mu’s… eyes seemed to have a bit of a small problem.

“His brain suffered from the hit, straining the nerve for vision, which is causing an issue,” the doctor said. “It shouldn’t be a huge problem; after resting enough, he will gradually recover.”

Mu Qiu lay on the bed, and he kept silent while looking at the ceiling.

“Don’t worry,” after the doctor left, ZhongLi FengBai sat next to the bed, “the doctor said it is a temporary situation, and after some time, it’ll get better.”

“…En.” Mu Qiu voice is very soft.

“Just a few months. Just treat it as if we are having a vacation in the hospital,” ZhongLi FengBai comforted him.

Mu Qiu still did not say a word; when he woke up, he found that his eyes were covered by a layer of muslin, and he could not see anything clearly. Nobody would feel good under such circumstances.

“Just now, your subordinate came, and he said the company is running as usual; he does not want you to worry,” ZhongLi FengBai said. “I’ve applied for leave, too, and I can stay with you until you recover.”

“Am I going to be unable to see anything in the future?” Mu Qiu’s voice was hoarse.

“How could it be.” ZhongLi FengBai furrowed his eyebrows, “Don’t think wildly.”

Mu Qiu kept silent. His expression was a bit tired.

“Don’t be like this,” ZhongLi FengBai burrowed his face in his neck, his nose is bit blocked, “you will definitely be alright.”

“Remember, don’t let the reporters write nonsense.” Mu Qiu said, “also… don’t admit to our relationship.”

“Why!” ZhongLi FengBai did not understand, “Why did you decide this suddenly.”

“We’ll talk about this after I recover.” Mu Qiu patted his back.

“Could it be that you’re regretting this?” His brain immediately flashed a possibility, and ZhongLi FengBai sat up straight!

Mu Qiu smiled bitterly, “How could that be.”

“Then why do you not want to confess our relationship to others?” ZhongLi FengBai continued asking.

“…” Mu Qiu sighed, “Nothing to worry about, just leave it.”

If you don’t want me to worry, then don’t stop halfway when saying things! ZhongLi FengBai really felt like grabbing his collar to shake him. But he definitely could not do this. Seeing Mu Qiu was still coughing, he could only heat up the snow fungus and snow pear soup and feed him a small bowl like a caring wife.

It might be due to the injuries of his brain and having lost too much blood, but Mu Qiu become strangely lethargic. When Ouyang Long came, he was already asleep again.

“How are his eyes?” After hearing about this issue on the phone, Ouyang Long came here immediately.

“It’s nothing big, the doctor said he needed to rest for a few months and then he will be fine.” Worried they’d wake Mu Qiu up, ZhongLi FengBai and OuYang Long came to the balcony.

“Do you need to hire a caretaker?”

“There is an aunty who will help in emergency situations, but it will be me who will take care of him on a daily basis,” ZhongLi FengBai said. “I have already temporarily stopped working.”

OuYang Long said, “To be able to meet you, his life is not that bad.”

“If not for me, things would not become like this,” ZhongLi FengBai’s heart clenched.

“Don’t think too much.” OuYang Long patted his shoulder, “He’s definitely not blaming you.”

“Could I ask you about something?” ZhongLi FengBai asked.

“Of course.” OuYang Long nodded his head.

“Before you came, he spent ages trying to convince me not to disclose our relationship to the media,” ZhongLi FengBai furrowed his eyebrows. “I asked him the reason, but he is not willing to tell me.” Previously, he was so enthusiastic about showing off, why did he want to hide it now?

After hearing it, OuYang Long couldn’t help laughing, “I’m guessing he is thinking it’s for your own good.”

“What do you mean?” ZhongLi FengBai still did not understand.

“He is scared that if he really becomes blind in the future, he might drag you down.” Since ZhongLi FengBai was a public figure, things like relationships would always be in the spotlight once exposed. Any flaws would be magnified infinitely. In the worst case scenario, if Mu Qiu really went blind in the future, if the two were to break up, and if their relationship never got exposed, it could be considered as the media’s exaggeration. It would be as though the two of them were only friends from the start, and ZhongLi FengBai would not be labelled as someone who ‘abandoned his blind lover’ by the outside world.

ZhongLi FengBai felt a bit dizzy.

Anger was the cause.

What does he mean ‘if he really becomes blind and drags you down’?

From the beginning, it was he who shamelessly stuck to him and confessed his feelings, wanted to hold hands, wanted to hug, to kiss, to be on the bed. Now they finally held hands, kissed, rolled in the bed for countless times and even exchanged rings! It looked as though their whole life had been set, yet now he actually thought of the possibility of breaking up in the future! This is really unforgivable!


Director Zhong!


Breaking up his sentences!

This said that!

He was really!


“You too, don’t get mad,” OuYang Long rushed to comfort him, “Mu Qiu is also doing this for your own good.”

“Am I this untrustworthy!” The artistic youth’s frail nerve was struck!

“He is stupid,” OuYang Long reminded him seriously. “Mu Qiu has yet to recover from his serious injuries, so you definitely cannot hit him!”

“I know!” ZhongLi FengBai fiercely clutched the broomstick next to him, “I leave him until he recovered, and then I’ll beat him up.”

“Good idea!” OuYang Long praised with his thumb up, “I will prepare three washboards for you then.”

ZhongLi FengBai clenched his teeth and looked in the patient room.

After you’ve recovered!

You are!


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December 3, 2019 11:59 pm

I don’t like this Luo Li guy. He is plotting something and it’s nothing good. I hope NuoNuo will be safe.
As for the other couple, they are sooooo sweet. Mr. Mu is so destined to be under director Zhong’s rule once he recovers.

Thank you for the chapter!

December 10, 2019 4:43 am

Still reading Mr. F and the plot is turning kinda scary. I hope nothing bad happens to my sweet Emperor. What’s with Dai An? He is a strange manager but a loyal one, I must say. Wanting to look at Nuo naked to check his injuries? Thank you for this chapitre.

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I loved zhong li fengbai and his random poem. Hahahah

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