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Chapter 77: Don’t You Dare Come In and I Am In the Mountains.

Translated by Tan Wen Xi of Exiled Rebels Translations


Since the words had been said, then there was no more reason to be polite. The next day morning before work had started, Su Nuo coldly looked at Luo Li, “During my work time, please do not appear!”

“Why?” Luo Li chuckled, “If I remember correctly, this should be my estate’s advertisement shooting.”

“Who cares about this estate belonging to whom!” Su Nuo looked at him angrily. “If you dare enter, I will castrate you!” After thinking for a while, he emphasized again, “It is impossible for us to be together!”

He was really domineering!

“You really don’t want to consider and try dating?” Luo Li put his hands into his pockets, he bent down slightly to look at Su Nuo on the same eye level, “I will be a very good boyfriend.”

Your head! Even trying to act cute! After hearing this, Su Nuo was even angrier, “then you just cut of this thought!”

I already have a boyfriend, and he is a very handsome kind!

“Why?” Luo Li made a very sad look, “I really like you one.”

“There are a lot of people who like me,” Su Nuo was very serious, “but I definitely couldn’t like everyone.” This is about principles.

Luo Li hid his laughter until his stomach was going to cramp. So stupid and narcissistic, this is really cute.

“You just quickly return to your company,” Su XiaoNuo was very heartless. “You will affect my work if you stay here!”

“… Alright, I promise I won’t enter, is this okay?” Luo Li raised his hands to surrender. “I’ll just drink some tea in the courtyard, this will not affect your mood, right?”

Actually, this will also affect my mood ah! Su Nuo screamed in his heart, but he could not be too unreasonable, since this person was his own brother’s friend. Hence, he acknowledged this degree of humiliation as a part of an important mission and agreed to it.

“Nuo Nuo,” Dai An walked out to look for him, “get ready for work.”

Su Nuo was still worried, “You…”

“I promise I won’t sneakily walk in,” Luo Li interrupted him and raised his hand to swear.

Even though this sort of thing was not even worth a smidge of trust, there was no choice. Su Nuo could only begrudgingly agree to it silently. He turned around to return to his villa.

“What did you chat with Chairman Luo about?” Dai An asked.

“During the shooting, you must definitely guard the door!” Su Nuo reminded him, “and you must definitely not let him come in!”

Dai An 囧, “But he is the developer, I can’t possibly chase him out.”

Su Nuo became angry, “My queen, how could you ally yourself with the outsiders!”

Dai An was very innocent, “I didn’t say much about anything ah.”

“Anyway, just guard the door properly,” Su Nuo patted his shoulder. “If he enters then just die in front of him. It is happily decided now.”

Dai An: …

What part of this decision is happy?

Showing more than half of one’s ass was not a difficult issue, but once a pervert stood outside the door, the whole situation immediately became different!

“Nuo Nuo, your pose shouldn’t be this tense,” the photographer said. “Relax a bit and make it look a little more natural.”

Does your waist not hurt while you are standing to talk? I can’t relax completely! Su Nuo was very worried.

“Be good, and slant your body a bit, with your back facing the camera.” The photographer adjusted his lens.

Su Nuo was strangely cooperative, wanting to quickly finish the shooting so that everything would be over and done with. Exposing his ass under the eyes of a demon was something that should never happen.

Dai An leaned onto the door frame and bitterly looked up to the sky.

As his phone had no more battery, he really could not find anything else to do. Hence, he could only look at the blue sky which was far away and be in a daze. At least describing it like this, he was still able not to feel too lame—better than standing like an idiot.

Then he saw Luo Li holding a cup of coffee, leaning on the door frame on the other side.

This scenario was really stupid and weird!

“Chairman Luo, why are you so… free?” Dai An stood up straight.

“Why aren’t you going in?” Luo Li asked the obvious.

Because I need to guard here! Dai An silently frowned for a while, then said, “The view outside is nice.”

“Then continue looking at the view,” Luo Li walked around him to enter the room.

“Chairman Luo!” Dai An pulled him back, “Where are you going!”

This is really nerve-wracking.

“To get some water,” Luo Li held up his cup. “My coffee is too strong.”

“…” If such a reason and still not let the person enter seems a bit too stupid. But if after letting him and he run off then what to do! Dai An was pushed into a difficult situation.

“Is there anything?” Luo Li’s expression was very innocent.

“Why don’t I help you take it?” The queen was really loyal to Su XiaoNuo.

“Sure,” Luo Li agreed to it and passed the cup to him.

Dai An let out a breath of relief. He took the cup and turned around to enter. However, he stopped after walking two steps, because he remembered a certain issue.

If he took the cup and went in, then who would guard the door?!

Ah ah ah, this sort of thing is really… in his dilemma, he was unable to form a sentence.

“What is it again?” Chairman Luo’s acting skill was very good.

“The coffee I brew is not nice to drink. Why don’t we go to the café and sit there for a while?” Dai An suggested while enduring the humiliation for the sake of his mission. In the current situation, there was only this way to prevent him from not appearing in Su Nuo’s view.

“… Sure,” Luo Li laughed until his intestines tangled.

As a pair of chatterboxes, they suited each other very well.

Thus, for the rest of the day’s shooting, Su XiaoNuo did not see his queen as well as the scarred Luo Li.

“Dear queen,” Su XiaoNuo called after his work was done, “Where have you gone?”

“MingYue mountain,” Dai An’s voice was full of tears, “I still need an hour to return.”

“… MingYue mountain?” After hearing this, Su Nuo went into a shock, “Why did you run to the developing area in the North City?”

“I accompanied Chairman Luo to look at the new estate area.” Dai An choked. “Then, we walked in from the mountain entrance, and there is still a few miles from the entrance!”

“Why must you accompany him to look at the estate area?” Su Nuo could not understand. He felt that he had traveled into another dimension! This world definitely was broken!

“It’s a long story, I will explain to you when I return,” Dai An’s heart and his body felt very tired.

“If he dares to bully you, you must fight back with your life!” Su Nuo advised him. “Don’t worry, he wouldn’t dare to do anything to you!”

“… I understand.” Actually, he had already been bullied for the whole day! After hanging up the phone, Mr. Manager become messy in the wind.

“Are you ok?” Seeing him hanging up his phone, Luo Li walked up and asked with caring.

“Yes!” Dai An was crying hot tears on the inside.

It was just walking in the mountains for three hours without eating food and drinking water, and his jacket got accidentally dropped down from the mountain! Besides being tired, cold and hungry, everything was fine!

“I’m really sorry, I also did not expect I would get lost,” Luo Li was very sincere. “Like this in the middle of nowhere, without the chance to eat.”

“… it is fine.” Every! Word! Filled! With! Bloody! Tears!

“Are you cold?” Luo Li’s tone was very caring.

Cold! Dai An nodded his head and passionately hoped that Luo Li would took off his jacket for him!

Then he heard that Chairman Luo suggested, “If you are cold, just keep jumping and hopping forward.”

Dai An: …

Who could tell me the meaning of existence of this profiteer.

At his villa, Su XiaoNuo was also very anxious. His queen had not returned for a long time, this was really worrying.

But about this, why was he so stupid! Accompanying the underground society knife scar to remote mountains!

Luckily this is not a novel! Or else that knife-scarred guy would take my queen as hostage, forcing me to walk towards a cave on his own to save my queen. Then he would say, ‘take off your clothes’, his expression a bit seductive, ‘if you serve me nicely, I will naturally release the queen’ this sort of sentences!

This is really scary!

Due to Su XiaoNuo imagination being too wild, time gradually began passing by slower. When Dai An finally returned, Su Nuo felt that he was becoming a mushroom.

“My man!” Dai An angrily rushed into the bedroom.

“My queen!” Su Nuo hugged him to his thin but very sturdy chest to welcome him, “Are you alright?”

“I’ll go and bathe first.” Dai An was a slight clean freak, he would rather be dead than drenched in sweat. 

“Wait, tell me exactly what happened first!” Su Nuo’s heart filled with an ominous hunch; he just came back and immediately wanted to bathe, what was this bloody plot!

“Don’t stick your body to me!” Dai An rushed to the bathroom.

Su Nuo forcefully clung to him, “Tell me clearly first!” After all, this was very important!

“Actually, it is nothing,” Dai An complained while crying, “I just climbed the mountains for a few hours, and if I don’t take a hot bath, my body will definitely fall apart tomorrow!”

“… ok, I’ll draw you a bath then,” Su XiaoNuo was very considerate.

The villa bathtub was very big, and with adding just a little soap, the whole tub was full of bubbles.

Dai An desperately put essential oils inside.

Su Nuo stood at the corner, using very pitying eyes to look at him.

To be with that pervert in the deep mountains for a whole day, even if it was not kidnapping, this was also a very scary thing!

“Why are you standing there?” Dai An bitterly looked at Su Nuo after putting the hot water, “I need to bathe.”

“You bathe, I’ll just sit down here.” Su Nuo pulled a chair closer and sat next to the bathtub, then he said seriously, “Now, could you tell me what you did today, one by one and clearly!?”

Dai An wanted to just drown in the bathtub.

He just hoped to quietly take a bath!

However, Su XiaoNuo was a person of principle, and so Dai An could only give up as he minded his own business by taking off his clothes.

“My queen, you have a tummy,” Su Nuo was very sharp.

“You don’t need to care about such details!” Dai An roared angrily, “Also, this is because of you!”

“How is this related to me?” Su Nuo felt that he was framed.

“Because you always pulled me along to eat with you!” Dai An was very angry; since Su Nuo was unable to get fat himself, he did not care about Dai An’s body’s safety, and this sort of action is unforgivable!

Su Nuo rubbed his nose as he remained calm and looked at him.

“Why do you need to stare at me taking my pants off!” Dai An’s face flushed.

Su Nuo closed his eyes.

We are both men; what is there to see?

The queen is really shy.

After hearing the sound of water, Su Nuo raised his eyelid slightly, “Could I open my eyes?”

“You already have,” Dai An soaked himself in the water as he weakly looked at him.

“Let’s start over,” Su Nuo pulled the chair towards him a bit. “First, tell me why you accompanied him into the mountains!”

“At first I just wanted to pull him towards the café next door,” Dai An said. “Then he said he decided to continue developing estate, asking me if I am willing to go check it out.”

“Then you agreed to it?” Su Nuo felt that the iron could not become steel, “Why are you so stupid?”

Dai An angrily said, “This is all for your job, he said the new estate’s spokesman will still be you!”

“…” Having wrongly accused the queen, Su Nuo helped him by massaging his shoulders.

“Then, we drove the car towards the other side of the city.” Listening to this felt quite refreshing, but the reality was worse, because later, it was a series of climbing mountains. Not only was it tiring, they also lost their way!

“… you couldn’t find the estate developing area?” Upon hearing this nightmare at first, Dai An looked at Luo Li as though he saw a ghost.

“You know, I just returned to the country,” The knife-scarred man’s expression was very natural. “Before, it was operated by a few assistant chairmen, not being familiar with the area is also very normal.”

Normal your head! Dai An was speechless until he choked, he extremely extremely want to swear!

“Then I accompanied him to walk in the mountains for a few hours,” Dai An complained sadly, “and I haven’t eaten.”

“He must be trying to take revenge,” Su Nuo eyes filled with hot tears, “My queen, it must have been tiring for you.”

“Revenge for what?” Dai An did not understand.

“Because I did not let him see the shooting!” Su Nuo was very narrow-minded. “He definitely wanted to see.” Because… a naked ass!

“Who cares what the reason was? Either way, what you said is right!” Dai An held Su Nuo’s hand, “Luckily, tomorrow is the last day of this job, and after shooting we can quickly leave.” Knife Scar Man was too scary!

In the room next door, Luo Li just happened to be calling Han Wei, “This specimen of a younger brother is really cute.”

Han Wei’s head immediately began aching, “What did you do to him now?”

“This morning, he was very serious as he pulled me to the corner telling me to give up, and he also said we can’t be together.” When thinking of that expression, Luo Li felt like laughing.

“Then can’t you ignore him!” Han Wei whole body had no energy.

“His shooting today was on a larger scale, and in order not to let me see, he specially arranged his manager to block the entrance,” Luo Li laughed until his stomach hurt. “So, I brought the silly manager to climb the MingYue mountain for 3 to 4 hours.”

Han Wei was starting to regret from his heart having let Su Nuo accept this work.

This is because he felt that Luo Li had too much of a vulgar taste!

“Fine fine, let’s talk about business.” Luo Li kept his smile, “What is the situation with Chu Heng’s issue?”

“Worst case scenario, I could only send Nuo Nuo to gamble with them,” Han Wei said. “I’m not scared Nuo Nuo would lose, but the other side might use tricks.”

“What about that Tang XiaoYu you mentioned last time?” Luo Li asked.

“Some issues came up temporarily; I’m still looking for others,” Han Wei said. “Since there is still a bit of time, there is nothing to be anxious about.”

“During that time, I’ll go there with you,” Luo Li said.

“Why do you want to come in?” Han Wei furrowed his eyebrows. “On the surface, you and Chu Heng are still on good terms with each other, there is no need to break this relationship.”

“Don’t worry, I will express my neutral attitude and definitely won’t intervene,” Luo Li said. “The other party are not the kind ones, and if there are any, they will probably keep a bit to themselves.”

Han Wei became silent, but he did not continue to reject.

Compared to the older brother, Su XiaoNuo’s world is obviously way smaller and childish.


“Why aren’t you asleep?” OuYang Long was driving the car, speaking into his phone.

“I can’t sleep,” Su Nuo held his phone as he lay on his bed. “What are you doing?”

“I am preparing to return home now. Just now, I’ve visited the hospital to look at Mu Qiu,” OuYang Long said. “He still can’t see properly, but the situation is not bad overall.”

“En, I will be returning home tomorrow.” Su Nuo then invited him, “Let’s go out and eat tomorrow!”

One, I can celebrate I that finally got rid of the knife-scarred man. Two, I can also have a candlelit dinner with my own handsome man!

Being passionately in love meant that not seeing each other for a day was like being separated for three winters.

If counting like this, then he and Mr. Director had not seen each other for almost ten years!

This is really heart-wrecking!

Definitely, they need to stick to each other and fuck!


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Even if the scar man is just teasing he is too much! Poor Dai An.

Thank you for the chapter!

December 16, 2019 3:24 am

Dai An and Su Nuo seem too close and weird to me. If I were Ouyang Long, I would be a little uncomfortable with Princess & Emperor being too close for comfort. So far Su Nuo seems fiercely faithful to his lover! Please don’t condone the free love among gay men like it was in the 80’s. Thank you for continuing to translate. I pledge that I will follow this novel until the end-25+ chapter to go?

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