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Chapter 113: Confrontation of the Young Masters

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Although JinYu would like to say that he was only there to buy soy sauce at this time in order to avoid these unreliable guys digging a pit for him, there was a saying that birds of a feather flock together.

Even if JinYu was standing in the middle of a group of people, even if he took a few steps back and turned around to act as a passer-by, everyone would think that this passer-by must be in cahoots with those people just based off his appearance.

At this moment, several people were standing in front of the Southern Heavenly Gate. They were Qi QingLin, Long ChangXiao, Jin Qian, Ling Chong and Shan BaiLu.

Beside the last one that could be ignored, the other five people standing together were definitely a big challenge to the men and women present!

For the men, they had different looks and bearings. There were icebergs, two-faced, rogues and mediums… But these people all radiated a ‘Lao Zi is definitely not to be trifled with’ and ‘don’t come over to make trouble if there’s nothing’ atmosphere. Although Jin Qian, JinYu and Ling Chong all had smiles on their faces, those brainless people are welcome to step on landmines if they can count a sneer, sinister smile and an innocent fake smile as something friendly.

To women, these men that had nothing in common with each other were all handsome men! Although JinYu looked a little more refined and pure, the mature and sexy office ladies liked this type. Of course, some men, en, could also drool at them.

Therefore, because JinYu and the rest were standing together, giving people a feeling that they have formed their own small world, the people passing through the Southern Heavenly Gate were also shocked by such a scene for a while, so much so that that the crowd stopped walking. All of them were well-known figures, but they could not be compared with these figures that were the new generation of leaders in the Capital Star. Therefore, no one dared to go up to stand beside them for a while.

Seeing that the atmosphere was about to freeze, suddenly a bright and friendly laugh came from the crowd.

“I was wondering who could cause such a big reaction at the South Sky Gate? It turned out that it was cousin, and the Eldest Young Masters of the Qi and Jin Families. With the three of you standing in front of the gate together, how could nobodies like us dare to come forward?”

Although there was some self-mockery in the words, from this person’s look and bearing, it did not look like he was afraid of doing anything.

Long ChangXiao frowned openly at Long ChangLi, who was walking forward, and several famous rich second generations of the Ten Great Clans, such as Qi TianCong, Shan QingZhe and Bai HongHu, who were behind him. The phrase ‘enemies on a narrow road’ was definitely referring to them.

Although Long ChangXiao felt that these people were unpleasant to the eye, it had to be said that for such a thing like bloodlines, the bigger the clan, the handsomer the offspring. Although these people were really innately devious down to their bones, based off their looks and their arrogance from oppressing others by force, they could really compare with Long ChangXiao and the rest.

The crowd surrounding them saw the two groups confronting each other. Although they did not come to blows, the aura of lightning and volcanic eruptions revealed beside them was quite obvious.

“Tch tch tch tch! Come take a look, come take a look! Didn’t Lao Zi said there’s something interesting to see here? Fuck, look, the Trade Conference hasn’t even started yet, but a fight has almost broken out! He he he he. This is just among the younger generation, I bet the older generation is definitely more interesting… No, Lao Zi wants to follow that whale the whole way. Lao Zi’s intuition is saying that the most interesting thing to see is here!!”

Among the crowd, a dressed decently mogul from the Dark Street that was known as the Capital Star’s Northeast Mineral Deposit King was muttering excitedly with another mogul from the Dark Street that had the title of the Northwest Energy Resource King. They really didn’t make a wasted trip and had arrived just in time. Ha ha, those moguls that had entered the hall before them would be so infuriated!

“That’s right. Let’s follow that fish all the way. I’m getting double pleasure from watching him trap others! Lao Zi had finally found a fella that’s even unluckier than me! But don’t those boys on the opposite side look eager to pick a quarrel? Tch tch. Those with poor eyesight should really get them cured quickly. Moreover, there seems to be too little of them for the whale to play with…”

“Oh, that might not happen. I’m just afraid that the whale won’t flip out this time. It won’t be interesting if this happens, after all, there are Boss, Young Master Long and Young Master Jin taking the brunt of it. That fella is too lazy. If he can leave it to others, he won’t stretch his claws out. Speaking of, these ten people should be the candidates for the future leader of the Capital Star, right? Looks like we will surely get along well in the future!”

“Oh, we know Boss, Young Master Long and Young Master Jin… Well, if the whale doesn’t torment us, it should be good.”

The people beside them listening to the words of these two moguls were all baffled. What’s a whale boss? How come they’ve never heard of it? What’s more, they have never seen these two fellas before. They couldn’t be some middle-aged bums who snuck in to eat and drink?!

But in addition to those who were skeptical, there was a clever one who understood their conversation. The man was dressed in a colonel’s uniform and looked like an army ruffian. Compared to the moguls from the Dark Street who looked like gangsters, this fella probably would not be able to enter the gate if he was not dressed in a uniform.

“Hey, you two from the Black Dragon Street? He he, there’s only one person left! Our eldest brother is also a future mogul!”

The Black Dragon Street was another name for the Dark Street. The two men saw that this fella was wearing a military uniform, and ‘oh’-ed before nodding, “You’re speaking about your tight ass boss? En, he’s really strong. However, that guy from the Da Peng Jin Chi Family is not easy to deal with. Tch tch, Lao Zi even thinks that it’ll be a draw even if his opponent is that whale. The whale is insidious and black-bellied, but he still has a bottom line and he’s good-natured. He just likes tormenting people. But that guy, tch tch, he’s definitely the most poisonous and unscrupulous one Lao Zi has ever seen. Sigh… Fuck, I’m getting old. The new constantly replaces the old.”

Thus, the three fell silent. If only they were about two decades younger, how great would that be?

Suddenly there was another exclamation from the crowd. From the path created from the parting of the crowd, two young soldiers with completely different temperaments walked abreast of each other and came closer and closer.

Speak of the devil and he’ll arrive. Zhang LiangShan and Fei YuSheng were the two youngest vice admirals of the Military Department. They walked forward under the eyes of all the spectators. One was refined and intellectual while the other was domineering and forthright. Although they had two different temperaments, they had the same pride and integrity of soldiers. At least, both of them looked rather trustworthy on the surface.

The arrival of the two made the two parties that were having a subtle confrontation reveal different expressions.

Long ChangLi smiled when he saw Fei YuSheng, and the latter nodded with a smile in return. Zhang LiangShan glanced at Long ChangXiao, skipped over Qi QingLin and grinned at JinYu in an instant. Although this fellow was a hefty guy, he still looked rather capable when smiling. At least, he was brilliant enough!

Looking at his big brother, JinYu thought to himself, fuck, why are you being so enthusiastic towards Lao Zi? You’re clearly here to find a wife, yet you make it until it’s like you’re here to guard the town… The one who takes a fancy to you here is really blind! I hope you marry a tigress, that’s really a fierce and cruel couple! Er, wrong, a talented man and a beautiful woman, an ideal couple!

Obviously, from the performance of the two after their arrival, the fraction between the two camps had become more obvious instead of easing. At this time, all the people with status and power began to scheme in their hearts. It seems that the two sides were as incompatible as fire and water. So, which side should they place their stake in the future?

It seems that based off appearances, Long ChangLi’s side was more powerful. After all, all five of them were from the Ten Great Clans. On the other hand, although the opposite side was powerful, Long ChangXiao was not from the main branch of the Long Family, and Ling Chong was not the strongest force in the military . Although the remaining Jin Family was powerful, he was not from the Ten Great Clans, and Qi QingLin might be the Eldest Young Master of the Qi Family, but they were not stupid. He was not the one the Qi Clan Head loves most. Finally, Zhang LiangShan may be powerful, but he doesn’t have a powerful backer… Huh? You’re asking about the one named JinYu? Who is that? Never heard of him. Don’t you know that we never remember the nameless and powerless fellows?

But these people were contemptuous and disdaining him at this time, yet Fei YuSheng strode to JinYu in front of the spectators. As Qi QingLin was standing in the way, Fei YuSheng was unable hold Jin Yu’s hand, but he still gave a good-natured smile to JinYu.

“I’ve heard a lot of people talking about Boss Jin for a long time. YuSheng had been thinking who could have such kind and firm belief to take in those disabled beasts and cure them? Therefore, I’ve really been wanting to meet Boss Jin. Sure enough, Boss Jin is really an outstanding talent.”

Fei YuSheng’s words were very kind and even flattering. Many people here were quite clear that although he was gentle on the surface, he was rather severe and autocratic. That Boss Jin probably had some powerful backing for him to make Fei YuSheng say such a thing! Tch, a person that could stand together with these people without being inferior was probably an important person too…

But who the fuck is this person?! From the beginning, there were several people wearing solemn expressions and attaching great importance to this person when they saw him! What’s more, the Second Young Master of the Qi Family was looking at this man like he wanted to eradicate him! He also knew Zhang LiangShan! When did the younger generation have such an individual?!

Just when some people were about to get violent, JinYu looked at Fei YuSheng and opened his mouth. At this time, the guy’s smile was no worse than Fei YuSheng, and he stated with a look of admiration, “I’ve heard elder brother say that you are his worthy opponent and a reliable comrade-in-arms. I am somewhat surprised by Vice Admiral Fei’s youthfulness and bearing now that I’ve met you. It’s my pleasure to be recognized by Vice Admiral Fei, but Vice Admiral is wrong on one point. Although I have the ability to take in those disabled beasts, I do not have a way to cure them. At the most, I’m just giving a safe place for the aged beasts to retire. As for those who can still be saved, Brother Jin will have to take the stage. This person is the best beast doctor in the Capital Star. Tch tch, I think there will be a time when Vice Admiral Fei needs to look for Brother Jin in the future.”

JinYu’s words had totally redirected attention from himself, praised Jin Qian and secretly indicated that Zhang LiangShan’s bearing was very good at the same time. What he said was absolutely water tight, and this made Fei YuSheng smile widely. He stretched out his hand and pulled his military cap down. Fei Yusheng lowered his head to cover the raised corners of his mouth and the excited look in his eyes. He had put on an expression of helpless when he raised his head again, “Boss Jin is too modest, but I am very happy to get acquainted with Boss Jin. As for LiangShan, ha ha, we are both rivals and comrades-in-arms. We will guard the future of the Capital Star with all our strength!”

This sentence gained the applause and admiration of the people around him. Zhang LiangShan also availed himself of every opportunity and gave a military salute. It appeared that the two youngest and most promising vice admirals were in harmony with each other, but their true thoughts held in their hearts were unknown.

At this time, in the top floor of the Great Hall not far from the South Sky Gate, an elegant man holding a cup of red wine in his hand smiled deviously at the scene of South Sky Gate transmitted from the light video. Sitting beside him were two great beauties with perfect figures who looked like seventy to eighty percent similar to each other. At this time, the older looking woman lifted her thigh on the table with great heroic spirit, spreading open the red cheongsam to the maximum, revealing a white expanse of skin. Then she gave a final verdict to her younger sister, “ShaSha! That Fei YuSheng is an inwardly vicious fella! Pigs will fly if he’s trustworthy!! It’s still that Zhang LiangShan who is qualified to charge into our White Tiger formation! Although this fella is a little tightfisted, as long as he is reliable and dotes on his wife, it’s all good! Our family is not lacking in money!!”

Hearing this, Bai Sha’s mouth twitched as she hugged her HeiTuan and shifted backwards. Her elder sister was close to turning into a devil… She really didn’t know who was the one that got married when they were one year older than she was now. Yet this person was currently worried about herself. Looking at the elegant man who was dumbfounded like her, Bai Sha met his gaze and saw the same helplessness in his eyes. Okay, where was her sister’s husband that was from the Xuan Gui Clan?! Why wasn’t he back yet?! Doesn’t he know we need him to be a sand bag for her elder sister now?


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So the conference, for now, is the gathering of beauties, both male and female. It’s bound to get lively.

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Wow…. what a gathering of all clans with direct confrontations of Ten powerful clans. So excited. Waiting patiently for next chapter.

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Ohhhh, this place is so lively!!
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“The one who takes a fancy to you here is really blind! I hope you marry a tigress, that’s really a fierce and cruel couple! Er, wrong, a talented man and a beautiful woman, an ideal couple!” I already see this coming when he was introduced. He will be with the unlucky tigress A good match for a military man. She could help him curse their opponent while he kept her at a safe distance. Since he is stingy unless its for his wife, he must have been a very very very rich man to cover repairs expenses once she… Read more »

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