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Chapter 86: I will help and perverted knife scar

Translated by Tan Wen Xi of Exiled Rebels Translations


“No!” Su Nuo instinctively denied it!

“… I heard all of it.” Tang XiaoYu returned the wallet to him, “I have no evil intention, so you don’t need to be worried.”

Who said I am worried; I am not worried at all! I am called not worried!

Su Nuo’s quickly spun, what he should do in such a situation is really testing the intelligence!

I must keep calm!

“I originally wanted to come here and returned the wallet, but I did not leave when I head you saying my name.” Tang XiaoYu furrowed his eyebrows, “Did brother Han met some problems?”

No! Su Nuo said seriously, “You heard wrongly.” The expression must be very very determined, then that will be very realistic!

Tang XiaoYu’s voice was really soft, “Maybe I could help.”

Helping whatever, my brother really had no problem, but helping this sort of thing… after hearing it, Su Nuo’s eyes lit up! Of course he was not stupid enough to take the initiative and nodded his head while saying, “Great, then my brother will be in your care”! Hence, he thought of going around Tang XiaoYu to enter the house and calm down first before talking!

“What I’m saying is true.” Tang XiaoYu called him from behind, “Brother Han and you had helped me a lot, I’m really sorry for holding back last time.”

Su Nuo stopped his feet while hesitated.

“Even though I don’t know what happened, but hearing your phone’s conversation, brother Han probably faced some problems.” Tang XiaoYu continued, “If there is something I can help, I am available anytime.”

“…What about the previous time?” Su Nuo was very vague in his words, but Tang XiaoYu understood what he meant, “Previous it is brother ZiYan who brought me to find brother Han, I couldn’t be in the opposite stand with him.”

Su Nuo turned around and looked at him, but under his eyes, there was still some hesitation.

“I could help you, but you can’t tell brother ZiYan.” Tang XiaoYu was very serious.


“Thank you.” Su Nuo finally said it and gave him a smile.

Tang XiaoYu’s lip curled up, “You’re welcome.”

“Do you want to go in together?” Su Nuo asked.

Tang XiaoYu walked into the house with him, after giving a thought, he said, “I will helped you keep the secret that even brother ZiYan won’t know about it, so you just relax about it.”

Su Nuo nodded his head and cannot helped but give him a good person card!

“XiaoYu, NuoNuo.” Qiu ZiYan was surprised at what he saw, “Why did the both of you run towards the balcony together.”

“Inside is too humid, we went out to breath in some fresh air and talked for a while.” Tang XiaoYu took away his wine glass, “Mai Ke said before that you are not allowed to drink wine.”

Qiu ZiYan laughed, “He really looked for the right person to supervise me.” More dutiful than others.

“You guys continue talking, I walked away for a while.” Even though his impression with Tang XiaoYu was not bad, but it is better to minimise contact with muscleman to prevent an even more heart-breaking rumours! Not only will the fans cry, his own handsome man will definitely not be happy! Even though he said he does not mind but being a self-conscious is still good! Hardworkingly maintaining couple sweet romantic relationship is really obedient and good! Must be praised!

It was as though the heart was connected, OuYang Long quickly send a text message, was the even going to end?

Being cared by lover this feeling was really warm, Su Nuo immediately felt very blissful! Even warmer was when he personally came to pick him up! Walking down the building after a long day of work and found his gentle lover was leaning against the car and looked at him passionately, not to mention there were wind blowing up the coat, this image was so touching! Of course if the hand was holding a cup of hot beverage will be even better!

“Who are you sending text messages to?” Dai An clenched his teeth as he asked.

Su Nuo was shocked, “when did you sit opposite of me?” Surprised appearance this sort of things really scared people to death.

“When you starts to smile like a pervert and sending text messages!” Dai An was very angry and sad, “It looked so stupid!” Need to know even though Su Nuo previously was also stupid, but that was only limited to home, at public places he still was very noble and melancholy! Now what was this about constant stupid smiling!

Su XiaoNuo immediately made a bitter expression, “My queen how could you say this about me.” Using smile like a pervert this sort of phrase really hurt people heart.

“This are the facts!” If it was not concerned that there are a lot of people around, Dai An almost wanted to scream.

Su Nuo was even more hurt, “I found out that ever since I was in a relationship, you are more narrowminded.”

“Of course!” Dai An eyes burned with fire of anger! Most manager would not accept their actors being in a relationship while not telling them! It could not be excuse even if it was the king! Not to mention the other party was a man with bird! It will be a headache in the future when being caught by the media!

“Do you know what do I really want to do now?” Su Nuo expression was very sincere.

“Being in bed with that person!” Dai An hit the bullseye.

“Don’t anyhow say!” Su Nuo immediately felt embarrassed, even though I really want to do it, but you don’t have to say it out loud and what I want to say was not this! Hence he said it seriously, “I hope you could quickly find a boyfriend.”

Dai An almost cough out the water he was drinking, what is this strange idea!

“I’m serious.” Su Nuo became anxious, because only when you found a boyfriend then you will understand me, that feeling was really nice!

“Why can’t I find a girlfriend?” Dai An’s eyes were very conflicted.

“You definitely can’t find a girlfriend.” Su Nuo concluded it immediately, “you see, you are such a tsundere.”

“I don’t want to talk to you for three days.” Dai An leave fumingly, his temper was so explosive!

I really spoilt my queen; he is actually such a tsundere and barbaric! Su Nuo sighed in his heart and then happily walked out, because his handsome man had arrived outside and was bitterly waiting for him! But the sky have unpredictable cloud, there will always be minor character always come out to block the road, this is really annoying!

“Nuo nuo.” At the other corner of the stairs, knife scar Luo Li smiled like a gentleman.

Shit! Su XiaoNuo immediately when on high alert, “Why are you you you here?”

“I’m eating at the ninth floor.” Luo Li said, “I never expect to have such a coincidence.”

Coincidence your head! You obviously did it on purpose, Su Nuo was very narrowed minded! He must still be looking at me, that’s why he would be so despicable and went everywhere to find my schedule then dress up properly and act as though he is very handsome to ‘accidentally meet each other’! This was such a low play, there was a need to be careful towards people who hadn’t gave up their evil way.

“What are you thinking?” Luo Li waved his hand in front of him, under his eyes, there was a bit of joking smile.

“You stay away from me further!” Su Nuo eyes filled with justice, “we are impossible!”

“Why?” Luo Li furrowed his eyebrows, “I really like you; you wouldn’t even give me a chance?”

It is definitely like this! Su Nuo said it with determination, “I won’t! You just give up.”

“Ok then.” Luo Li sighed out a breath, “I exit.”

What? Su Nuo pulled his ear, he feel that he was hearing wrongly, this thug actually said he give up?!

It must be an illusion, or a plan to drag time!

“But I have one last request.” Luo Li take out his shoulder and locked him at the corner of the wall.

“I reject!” Su Nuo was very determine!

“I hadn’t said anything yet.” Luo Li laughed.

“Whatever you said, I reject!” Su Nuo was cold and heartless.

“Then I could only continue to chase you.” Luo Li made a love saint expression.

“You!” Su XiaoNuo was very angry, he was definitely shameless!

“I heard from Ah Wei, you are going to the betting table in a few days’ time?” Luo Li lowered his body, his lips almost touched his forehead, “I will follow you to protect you, so don’t worry.”

I worry your whole family! Leave me a bit further! Su Nuo lifted his kneecap and hit it fiercely towards his dick!

The knife scar Luo Li became an eunuch and sworn brotherhood with Qiu ZiYan and hence become sisters who knew each other and do makeup with each other every day?

How could this happen!

Actually Luo Li easily dodge it and touched Su XiaoNuo butt while he was dodging.

“The feeling is not bad.” Mr. Knife scar evaluated.

AH AH AH AH this is really really shit!

“You this pervert!” Su Nuo roared while his face flushed red.

Luo Li lip curled up then slowly pulled his tie a bit.

Su XiaoNuo breathe in a mouth of cold air then… turned around and run.

Even though this action is not manly, but there is really no choice, I can’t stay and being fuck by the thug. The level was not at the same level, not facing head on was really courageous!

But this does not stop Su XiaoNuo to call someone to complain.

“Brother!” The shout filled with justice.

“What happened?” Han Wei put out the cigarette in his hand in the ashtray.

“That… Luo Li keeps on harassing me.” Su Nuo complained.

“He?” Han Wei furrowed his eyebrows, “He recently looked for you?”

“Yes, we just met at the event.” He also touched my but, really evil!

“I understand.” Han Wei rubbed his forehead, “I will remind him to look out.”

“En, then I hang up now.” Su Nuo does not want to say too much, because one, that was a bit girly, two, he already say Mr. Director car!

He definitely need to run towards there to do French kiss!

“Wu…” Just when OuYang Long hugged him, he was fiercely kiss!

Su Nuo hugged around his need, he was feeling very clingy!

“Why are you so initiative?” Mr Director not easily pulled the person away, his eyes filled with smile.

This is because I love you! And just now almost stuck with the pervert, not dying during adversity, there must be blessing in the future!

Su XiaoNuo roared in his heart!

“Ok, be careful about being caught by the reporter.” OuYang Long patted in his back, “come on up the car, I brought supper.”

“What is it?” Su Nuo asked.

“My colleague mother made stinky tofu.” OuYang Long passed him the box, “I just when home to fried it and added your favourite chilli sauce.”

Su Nuo was immediately choked by happiness, who could be more handsome than his man?

There’s definitely no one!

“Quickly eat.” Su Nuo rubbed his head.

Of course he would eat, but after eating, he could not kiss in the car because the attack power of stinky tofu was really strong! Hence, he must kiss first. Su Nuo hugged the paper box and ruthlessly kissed his man, it felt really good!

Delicacy in the hand, lover next to you, that is how real man live his life!

Very unruly and free!

“Ah Wei.” Luo Li called in the corner of the wall, “your brother seems to be kissing with a man.”

Han Wei veins pop up in his forehead, “Shut your mouth up.”

“I am just reminding you out of goodwill.” Luo Li controlled his laughter.

“Are you too free with nothing to do, why did you follow Nuo Nuo?!” The brother roared.

“I don’t care if you believe me, but I really met him accidentally.” Luo Li lit up a cigarette, “You sure your brother is reliable in the betting table? Even though after hearing this you may be angry, but he is really a bit stupid.”

Han Wei: …

This was really headache.

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The scar face again?! Can’t this guy just buzzzz off?! But I’m actually looking forward to NuoNuo skills at the gambling table.
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“Delicacy in the hand, lover next to you, that is how real man live his life” Su Nuo is my lover boy! He is so androgenous! I would marry someone like him in a heartbeat thank you for these 3 chapters, interesting..

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