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Chapter 87:Overheard and Should I Tell Him?

Translated by Rikko of Exiled Rebels Translations


“It’s still early; let’s just go to the hospital.” OuYang Long suggested while driving.

“Sure.” SuNuo dabbed a bit of chilli sauce on his lips, “How’s President Mu?”

“Not too bad, I think.” OuYang Long replied, “I’ve given him a call today and Director Zhong said he was resting.”

ZhongLi FenBai answering MuQiu’s call for him, huh… Su XiaoNuo got envious at once; he wanted to answer Mr Director’s calls too since it made them looked more like a couple.

“Finish these last few bites up!” ZhongLi FenBai was feeding MuQiu supper in the hospital.

“This is my fifth meal today.” MuQiu reminded.

“So what?!” ZhongLi FenBai pushed the spoon near his mouth.

“I’m full.” MuQiu gave an innocent look.

ZhongLi FenBai let out a hmph coldly.

It’s. Not. Like. I. kept. Cooking. For. You. Because. I. Pity. You!

“Leave it, I’ll eat it later.” MuQiu held his hand, “I don’t think I’ve seen you rest today.”

ZhongLi FenBai withdrew his hand aloofly before finishing the few bites of fish porridge.

Although President Mu’s vision was blurred, he was overwhelmingly moved.

He ate my leftovers!

Thus, he called lovingly, “Darling-“

“Shut up!” ZhongLi FenBai strode towards the washroom to avoid listening to MuQiu’s mushy words. He would rather die instead.

MuQiu was left alone to muse in the bed. As expected, it’s incredible to have such an old-couple-like relationship!

“Look at how lewd you are smiling now.” OuYang Long stood by the door, looking with disdain.

“Shut the fuck up!” MuQiu roared at the blurry figure near the door, “Why aren’t you making love with SuNuo instead of coming here?” Since you can make love, why are you here? Are you bored out of your mind?

“Erm… We came to visit you.” Su XiaoNuo’s face flushed red immediately. It was so embarrassing to hear ‘making love’ out in the open.

Shit! MuQiu’s face blossomed into a smile right away, while a barrage of expletives filled his mind.

They. Came. Here. Together!

That’s right. MuQiu was starting to be influenced by his darling! Starting. To. Talk. A. word. At. A. Time!

“Hmm? NuoNuo?” ZhongLi FenBai walked out of the washroom, flabbergasted, “Why did the two of you come together? Aren’t you worried paparazzi would catch you?”

It’s fine, we are careful.” SuNuo sat on a chair, “Is President Mu getting better?”

“His wounds are almost healed, but his vision is still blurry.” ZhongLi FenBai passed him a bottle of water, “But it’s ok. He doesn’t need to work nowadays, so he can take his time recuperating.”

“One of my friends called me to ask for a discussion with you about entering the multi-level shopping mall market.” OuYang Long waved his hands in front of MuQiu, “Do you want me to make an appointment three months later?”

“That’s too long; one month will do.” MuQiu’s reply was full of vim.

“How can you even recuperate in a month? You have to rest for half a year at the very least!” ZhongLi FenBai threw a wet blanket on MuQiu’s decision at once, his tone as cold as ice.

“Half a year?” MuQiu’s face grew sullen. Although spending his days as such was relaxing, he would definitely break down if he was forced to stop working for six whole months.

“What? Too long for you?” ZhongLi FenBai raised his intonation.

“No way.” MuQiu plastered a serious expression on his face right away, “If I can be with you every day, even half a century will feel like a blink of an eye!” Look at how smooth I am!

Mr Director gave him a thumbs up. Such shamelessness sure was commendable.

“Why don’t we go to the balcony to have some tea,” SuNuo tugged ZhongLi FenBai’s hands, “and let them discuss work?” Work stuff is seriously boring. Gossiping about the lewd scarred loli developer is so much more interesting!

The balcony was right outside of the hospital ward. With the scent of flowers in the air and stars decorating the skies above, it was rather classy.

It is just so fitting to chit chat under such ambience!

“What a great view.” OuYang Long diverted his gaze back from the two bottoms lounging in the balcony.

“Shut the hell up. Come the fuck back here to talk about work!” Since President Mu couldn’t see anything, it was too much of a tease for him. The jealousy, hatred and envy in him brew into a repressed howl.

“Try it.” ZhongLi FenBai passed a cup of tea to SuNuo, “It’s from MuQiu’s treasured Pu ‘er collections.”

“You two sure are chummy.” SuNuo blurted his sincere admiration. Although he really wanted to gossip about the scarred loli right away, starting off a conversation with ‘a developer is eyeing on me recently’ was a bit too narcissistic, so it was better for him to beat around the bush and slowly led to the topic.

“Let’s change the subject.” ZhongLi FenBai’s tsundere face blushed pink.

  1. Am. Not. Chummy. With. Him. At. All!

Awesome! That’s what I’m waiting to hear! Instantly, SuNuo asked in a hurry, “Do you know about a housing developer, LuoLi?”

ZhongLi FenBai would definitely burst out laughing for three minutes when he heard such an absurd name!

However, contrary to his expectations, Director Zhong nodded naturally, “Yeah. Jason gave me a call some time ago and told me that guy wanted to sponsor my movie.”

Wut?! SuNuo train of thought broke off.

“He has a good relationship with Jason, why?” ZhongLi FenBai queried.

“…Give me a moment.” SuNuo’s expression was grave, “Let me rearrange my thoughts.”

Finding him ridiculous, ZhongLi FenBai questioned, “What for?”

However, SuNuo didn’t answer him as his mind was a little disarrayed.

Him sponsoring movies isn’t really that big of a deal. But the thing is he is friends with Jason, and Big bro is also friends with LuoLi… So Big bro might be friends with Jason?! What the fuck?!

SuNuo’s jaw dropped.

“What is it?” ZhongLi FenBai waved his hands in front of him.

“You won’t understand.” SuNuo facepalmed in sorrow.

It was such a great blow for him once he realised, he was actually still under his elder brother’s care and his assumption of finally being an independent, hard-working tough guy was just a façade.

“Of course I won’t know anything if you don’t tell me.” ZhongLi FenBai expressed his dissatisfaction.

“Ugh.” Su XiaoNuo let out a sigh.

He felt as though a large boulder was weighing down his heart.

“What exactly is up with you?” ZhongLi FenBai was itching to know what was going on.

He had to have an aggressive win once in the casino a few days later! SuNuo balled his hands into fists before tugging Director Zhong’s hand, “Remember to stay far away from that LuoLi!

“Why?” ZhongLi FenBai was puzzled.

“Because he’s a pervert.” Su XiaoNuo led to the main topic, “He wants sexually harass me.”

“Huh?” ZhongLi FenBai inhaled sharply, “Does Director OuYang knows about it?”

“Of course not! He’s busy with work; how can I distract him with that?” SuNuo sure was thoughtful!

“But Jason told me that LuoLi is friendly.” ZhongLi FenBai frowned.

“That’s normal! It’s not like he will sexually harass Jason, so he will obviously hide his true nature.”SuNuo stated calmly, “Jason is really tough, he won’t be sexually harassed by any random guy, only by someone with a very niche taste.”

“So he likes slender guys like you?” ZhongLi FenBai asked.

Hold up! How can you describe me as ‘slender’? ‘Slender’ is too girly! SuNuo huffed, “I’m intrepid, ok?!” This is a much more manly adjective!

“Kay… I’ll take note of that when I meet him next time.” ZhongLi FenBai wasn’t really convinced but he didn’t refute.

“If he tries to sexually harass you, kick him hard in the balls.” SuNuo’s tone was vicious.

ZhongLi FenBai was repulsed, “You look so much like a gangster.”

Good then! I am a hunky gangster after all! SuNuo gave a thumbs up in his mind. What an acute insight!

“How did he sexually harass you?” ZhongLi FenBai got curious.

Good question! Su XiaoNuo blabbered on at once, “When he first met me, he kept madly confessing his love for me and even tried to touch my hand!” Gossips must be exaggerated. A factual gossip would always be a bad gossip.

“What did you do then?” ZhongLi FenBai was slightly shocked.

“I beat the shit out of him.” SuNuo continued smoothly. It’s just too glorious!

“You? Beating the shit out of him?” ZhongLi FenBai was suspicious.

“Yeap!” SuNuo answered swiftly.

“Let’s change the topic…” ZhongLi FenBai’s interest dwindled instantly.

“Don’t you believe me?!” barked SuNuo.

“Before you said you beat him, I did believe every word you said.” ZhongLi FenBai appeared innocent. SuNuo beating the shit out of others was just stupidly unbelievable, he couldn’t even hide his disbelief.

“It was a horrifying scene then!” SuNuo was still letting his imagination run wild, “He even used a roundhouse kick!”

ZhongLi FenBai yawned.

“…” Come on, show some respect! Su XiaoNuo chided him with a glare.

Nonetheless, ZhongLi FenBai wasn’t cooperative at all. Not only did he refuse to listen to the horrifying story, he even used ‘MuQiu needs to take a shower and rest’ as an excuse to send the two away forcefully. He sure was unhospitable!

“How can he do that?!” SuNuo continued begrudging until he was in the car, “I’ll definitely reject him if he wants me to make a guest appearance next time!”

OuYang Long turned towards him.

“What is it?” SuNuo was confused. Why aren’t you driving? Don’t tell me you want a French kiss?!

What a great idea! We totally can have one round right now!

SuNuo shut his eyes consciously, deciding to welcome a fiery hot kiss from his lover like a heroine from an idol drama

However, the only thing he received from OuYang Long was a question, “Who is trying to sexually harass you?

Oh shit!

That question just came out of a clear blue sky.

In an instant, SuNuo’s face warped into the ‘This is Sparta’ meme.

What in the world did his man just said?

“Just spit it out, ok?” OuYang Long pinched his cheeks.

“What… what are you talking about?” SuNuo made a terrible attempt to cover up as he scratched his nose.

“Tell me what did you talk about with Director Zhong just then.” Although OuYang Long’s tone was soft, the fury in his eyes was apparent.

“Hubby…” This is the time to try my best in sweet-talking!

“Be good. I’m not blaming you. Just tell me what happened.” OuYang Long pulled him into his embrace, “Come on.”

“Well… A sponsor…” Although SuNuo didn’t want to, if he continued to keep it from Mr Director, he would definitely get mad. So, SuNuo ended up coughing it out obediently, “He has a crush on me!”

“Who?” OuYang Long asked.

SuNuo was stumped right away.

How can I even reveal that? That LuoLi will be going to the casino with my big bro a few days later!

If he disclosed his name now, it’s likely his handsome lover would search and have a fight with him. Naturally, it would be satisfying if he beat that pervert into a pulp, but that would also mean his brother would lose an ally. Not to mention that he might lose in the fight. After all, his opponent was a brutal gangster!

What a difficult question it was!


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January 14, 2020 4:19 pm

Y dig your own grave 🤦🏻‍♀️ idiot nuo!
Thank U …😁

January 14, 2020 11:30 pm

NuoNuo should tell his hubby the whole story, from the beginning without colouring and avoiding anything. I don’t think Mr. Director is so weak to be unable to deal with the scar face developer. Gangster or not, don’t harass his honeybunny!
Thank you for the chapter!

June 2, 2021 4:42 pm

It would serve scar guy right for messing with silly Nuo to have to face a very angry and jealous director. It’s not nice to play with people like that. Plus, he’s still creepy even if he’s just goofing around with Su Nuo.

November 29, 2021 10:18 am

If Nuo Nuo didn’t spend half his time in Walter Mitty land, LuoLi would not have been so intent on messing with him! It’s tooooo narcissistic believing everyone wants to get off with him! I don’t blame LuoLi being irritated and amused into fulfilling his daydream fantasy 😏 Now though, things could get out of hand, thanks to his wild imagination.
Thanks for translating.

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