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Chapter 96: Really was angry and Come up with an idea

Translated by Tan Wen Xi of Exiled Rebels Translations

Editor: Rattie

In a high-rise condominium, Tang XiaoYu took the medicine from Mai Ke’s hand and swallowed. He glanced at the time again.

“My cousin just called, he said he will return quickly.” Mai Ke comforted him, “The issue had caused such a big commotion, it’s normal there will be reporters interviewing him throughout the night. You don’t have to be so nervous.”

“Causing such a big commotion, is this bad for him?” Tang XiaoYu was very vexed.

“No, there are tons of excuses for this.” Mai Ke laid down a pillow for him, “Just rest for a while, I will be handling the phone to deal with the media.”

Tang XiaoYu nodded his head while seeing him out of the bedroom.

The knife injury in his waist was still painful, but he had not thought much about it.

This time, he probably would be… dead.

Tang XiaoYu was depressed, and he buried his head in the blanket.

“Of course, of course, of course, we are trying to promote mass exercise.” Mai Ke was at the phone in 

the living room, “Currently, the sub-healthy group had spread from the white collar workers to the students. Being a sunshine healthy type idol, we have the obligation of letting fans experience the fun of exercise… fees? You think too much, we guarantee that we did not receive any economic profit from this, this is definitely not an advertisement for a sports product!”

Qiu ZiYan was changing his shoes while looking at Mai Ke in disgust.

Mr Manager was very hurt by it, but he still professionally finished speaking the last sentence; then, he angrily hung up the phone. “How could you look at me with that kind of eyes!” My glass heart was shattered into pieces.

“How’s XiaoYu’s condition?” Qiu ZiYan asked.

“He is currently resting in the bedroom,” Mai Ke said. “The knife injury to his waist is not serious, and I have brought him to the hospital for stitching. The doctor said he’s going to be fine after taking some anti-inflammatory medicine.”

After hearing that, Qiu ZiYan was a little relieved; he opened the bedroom door.

There, on the big bed, Tang XiaoYu was currently asleep, his body curled up into a ball.

Qiu ZiYan gently sat at the side of the bed, brushing a stray hair away from the other’s face.

Mai Ke squatted outside while peeking through the door seam and was slightly envious and jealous. How come his cousin was usually short-tempered with him, but was so gentle right now? This was so unfair!

Tang XiaoYu’s eyelashes trembled, but he did not wake up.

“How long are you going to pretend to sleep?” Qiu ZiYan coldly asked.

Tang XiaoYu guiltily opened his eyes.

Qiu ZiYan met his eyes with his own, but his face was expressionless.

“I’m sorry.” Tang XiaoYu’s voice was really low.

“How many times have you lied to me now?” Qiu ZiYan asked.

Tang XiaoYu fell into daze briefly, then his heart started to ache, and his eyes reddened.

“Just rest well for now.” Qiu ZiYan did not press the issue further.

“I just wanted to help brother Han for the last…” He had not yet finished his sentence, but Qiu ZiYan had already turned around and left the bedroom.

Shit! Mai Ke quickly ran towards the sofa and sat properly while quickly grabbing a magazine!

It looked really natural.

“You’re holding it upside down.” Qiu ZiYan pulled open the fridge door.

Damn it.

Mai Ke could only awkwardly put the magazine away, “Are you really angry?”

“Quickly finish your drink and go home early.” Qiu ZiYan threw a can of beer towards him; the beer was really cold!

Mai Ke commented internally, I don’t need to use alcohol to swallow my frustration.

“Do you know what the most important point was in what I just said?” Qiu ZiYan glanced at him.

Mai Ke’s face flooded with tears, “I know.” Drinking the beer was definitely not the most important point, the most important point was to ‘go home early’!

This was really cruel to the extreme.

Therefore, the bitter manager could only obediently leave the house, giving space to his cousin and… cousin-in-law.

Ah Ah Ah just thinking about it felt strange and weird!

“Brother ZiYan.” After Mai Ke left, Tang XiaoYu stood at the bedroom door and called him.

“Go back to sleep.” Qiu ZiYan did not lift up his head as he continued to read the magazine.

“I just wanted to help brother Han one last time, so that both of us would not owe anyone anything.” Tang XiaoYu sat next to him, “I really didn’t intend to lie to you. After returning the favor this time, I would never touch gambling again. Could you… believe in me one more time, this is the last time.” By the end, his voice had gradually lost confidence.

This was not the first time he had lied to him; even if the other had a lot of patience, he would eventually grow annoyed by him.

Qiu ZiYan put down the magazine in his hand, then he turned around and lifted him up.

Tang XiaoYu’s brain froze a bit… did he want that?

How could he be so sudden!

As it turned out, he obviously thought too much, because Qiu ZiYan just wanted to put him back to the bed. “Until your injuries recover, I don’t want to discuss this matter.”

Tang XiaoYu’s mouth moved, but he did not say anything in the end.

For the entire night, Qiu ZiYan slept in the guest room, completely not caring about his wife’s sorrows, his heart was absolutely like steel.

That same night, another big issue happened.

At around 4 to 5 am, a truck which was illegally transporting explosives had combusted; the casualties were not clear.

In the morning, a ray of sunshine came through the window; Su Nuo made a ‘hrng’ sound,  and he covered his face with the back of his hand.

“Not sleeping anymore?” OuYang Long pinched his ear.

“Sleep.” Su Nuo buried his face into OuYang Long’s chest. To sleep on his own handsome man’s chest was super comfortable.

“Do you want to call your brother first?” OuYang Long asked.

“En?” Su Nuo groggily raised his head up, “Why do I need to call my brother?”

OuYang Long took out his phone and showed him the news.

Su Nuo rubbed his eyes, he then saw a big blood red word ‘explosion’ and was immediately startled awake! He sat up immediately.

“Don’t worry,” OuYang Long comforted him. “I’ve called your brother, it was the other party who was in the incident.”

That is still very scary! Su Nuo’s was trembling so much even his hand was trembling. It was not easy for him to call his brother!

“What do you want?” Han Wei thought it was OuYang Long.

“Brother!!!!!!!!!!” Su Nuo’s voice was really desperate.

“What happened?” Han Wei was shocked by it.

“Are you alright?!” Su Nuo was very worried.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Han Wei laughed.

“I’m still worried, I will quickly return home, wait for me.” Su Nuo was still worried about it, and once he hung up the phone, he quickly wore his clothes.

OuYang Long could only send him home.

“Brother!” After entering the house, Su Nuo grabbed Han Wei and checked him all over, then he anxiously asked, “Are you hurt?”

“I didn’t go personally; there is no reason for me to be hurt.” Han Wei rubbed his head, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

“What exactly is the situation?” Su Nuo was very confused.

“I knew Chu Heng would not be law-abiding, so I paid him extra attention,” Han Wei said. “Nobody would deliver a batch of explosives to their territory without any reason, it would be dangerous and ominous, and so I deduced he would buy it from some other place, and as the middlemen are just those few people, checking this was really easy.”

“What happened then?” Su Nuo kept asking.

“I didn’t expect him to be so impatient; after the gamble, he just got into the truck with the explosives.” Han Wei lit up a cigarette, “I simply used this opportunity to send him on a journey.”

“Chu Heng was also in the truck?” Su Nuo was shocked.

“Yes,” Han Wei nodded his head.

“…” This news was a bit too explosive; Su Nuo sat on the sofa for a while, completely dazed.

“What about your side, is it going to cause you any problems?” OuYang Long asked.

“There is no lead, they will not search as far as to get to me,” Han Wei leaned back in his chair. “Not to mention, as Chu Heng died, other people would fight for that empty seat instead of wanting to avenge him.”

“Brother!” Su Nuo snapped out of it and suddenly hugged him.

OuYang Long’s eyebrows twitched a bit.

“What happened?” Han Wei laughed as he patted him.

“Please, wash your hands off of this business.” Su Nuo hugged him tightly, and his voice was trembling a bit.

“Are you worried about me?” Han Wei asked.

“Yes.” Su Nuo’s nose scrunched up.

Death was a really easy thing; Su Nuo recalled how years ago, their parents died in that accident, and tears welled up in his eyes.

If my brother gets into an accident again, I will definitely break down.

“Stupid.” Han Wei took out a tissue and wiped his nose, “I know when to stop and when to go.”

“No, you must promise me!” This time Su Nuo was very stubborn.

“I’m already slowly cleaning the business. But, this sort of thing cannot be rushed.” Han Wei patiently explained to him, “In a few days, I will return overseas; your sister-in-law is going to give birth.”

“Really?” Su Nuo laughed while his nose was still red; his sister-in-law was going to have a baby.

“Don’t cry anymore.” Han Wei wiped the tears off Su Nuo’s face, “I’ve already thought about it before; the earliest I could close the casino and move overseas is next year. The local newly opened office would be handed over to a few vice-presidents to run, and I will just occasionally return back to check on it.”

“You are going to settle overseas?” Su Nuo was shocked by it.

“Yes.” Han Wei held his neck, “I originally wanted to bring you along, but looking at the situation now, it seems impossible now.”

“I will frequently bring Nuo Nuo to see you.” OuYang Long pulled the small idiot to his side, “If he wants, he can stay there as long as he likes.”

“Really? Then I want to stay for half a year.” Su Nuo’s eyes turned red, just thinking he would be separated from his dear brother, he could not bear it.

“… Shush, let’s talk about these things in the future.” OuYang Long gently turned the topic around, “Are you hungry? You did not eat your breakfast.” Dodging the question is really despicable.

Han Wei looked at him with contempt.

Mr. Direction ignored his glare.

This is called real top aura!

At the dining table while eating breakfast, Su XiaoNuo stuffed his cheeks with steamed buns. Suddenly, his phone rang; the person calling was Tang XiaoYu.

“Is Brother Han alright?” Tang XiaoYu had also seen this morning news on his phone, and so, he quickly called Su Nuo.

“Don’t worry, he’s alright. I’ll explain it all to you in detail later.” Su Nuo said, “What about you, have you returned home?” As he woke up in a hurry today, he did not see the gossip news about the resident run at night.

“I have.” Tang XiaoYu was depressed, “Brother ZiYan had found out that I went to the casino, and he was very angry.”

“Ah?” Su Nuo was shocked about it, “How did he find out about it?”

“Hard to explain.” Tang XiaoYu lay on the bed, his mood was at an all-time low.

“Was he angry and he scolded you? Then just quit the job!” Su Nuo was righteous, “I’ll help you look for a new job.”

“…” Tang XiaoYu did not reply.

“Are you scared? Then pass him the phone, I’ll speak with him!” Su Nuo was still relentless, “Even if you signed a contract, it’s no problem for me, I’ll help you pay the compensation fee, you can boldly throw the contract on his face!” Just thinking about this scene, Su Nuo’s heart was filled with excitement.

“I’ll just hang up now.” Tang XiaoYu was depressed.

“Don’t hang up, I can really help you…” Before Su Nuo could finish his sentence, Han Wei snatched the phone away. Su Nuo was confused, “What are you doing?”

“Qiu ZiYan was angry about the fact that you went to the casino?” Han Wei asked in a deep voice.

Shit! Su Nuo could not help but give his brother respectful eyes, how could he gossip with such an overbearing aura, he was really the mighty underground society!

“En.” Tang XiaoYu did not expect Han Wei would care about this thing!

“Then strip naked and seduce him.” Mr. Han’s words were simple yet shocking.

“Pu, cough cough cough cough!” Su Nuo spat out a mouthful of bean curd, almost choking to death.

“… Brother Han.” Even though they are separated by a phone, Tang XiaoYu’s face still flushed red.

Han Wei domineeringly hung up.

“How could you teach stuff him like this?” Su Nuo could barely catch his breath, his eyes filled with hot tears as he reprimanded his brother.

“There’s nothing wrong with it,” Mr. Director wiped the water stains. “This trick is really useful.”

It was indeed nothing wrong, but that was only restricted to lovers, like you and me, my brother and sister-in-law, but Qiu ZiYan and Tang XiaoYu were… shit shit, wait a minute! Su Nuo’s mind flashed a terrible possibility, he was immediately petrified!

“Did it finally click?” OuYang Long laughed while he held him close.

Wait a minute! Su Nuo breathed in a mouth of cold air, he nervously looked at his brother, “Did you think of the same thing?”

“It was already weird that he was willing to risk the dangers and meet with me,” Han Wei said, “It’s just you who didn’t notice.”

Ten thousand alpacas trampled over his heart; Su Nuo’s mood was so complicated that it was impossible to describe, so he could only tragically lie on the dining table.

This world was really really destroying common sense.

His entire body was going to suffocate.

“You don’t want to help your friend settle the issue?” OuYang Long teased him.

He actually was together with the muscle man… Su Nuo determinedly called back.

“What is it?” Tang XiaoYu picked up the phone.

“I’ve a university classmate.” Su Nuo was very serious, “He is very handsome, his eyes are deep, and his expression is very cool, 1.9 metre, he has muscle and his skin is healthy bronze. When he wears a shirt, his muscles could break the buttons, his leg hair is really thick, in conclusion, he is really manly, what do you think?”

Han Wei laughed until his stomach hurt. Mr. Director’s lips curled up.

“I would find him quite good…?” Tang XiaoYu did not know what exactly happened, therefore he could only go along with it.

“Then I could arrange for both of you to meet.” Su Nuo immediately decided.

“Ah?” Tang XiaoYu was surprised, “Why do you need to arrange for us to meet?”

“You really don’t want to consider breaking up with Qiu ZiYan?” Su Nuo finally said his thoughts aloud.

“…” Tang XiaoYu buried his face into the blanket, “What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

“I already know about it.” Su Nuo ruthlessly broke it to him, it was really sharp!

“I will settle it on my own.” Tang XiaoYu really wanted to faint, “You don’t need to worry about it.”

“What’s good about Qiu ZiYan?” Su Nuo really hated that iron would not become steel.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up now.” Tang XiaoYu completely did not want to discuss this issue with him.

“Don’t hang up yet!” Su Nuo took his phone and ran towards the balcony.

How could you hang up, this thing is really worth gossiping for three hours!

“You have to help me keep this a secret.” Tang XiaoYu could only remind him.

“Of course I would, you had already helped me keep my brother’s issue a secret!” Su Nuo sat at the rocking chair, “We’re even.”

“Brother ZiYan is really angry this time,” Tang XiaoYu was depressed. “Previously, no matter how angry he was, he wouldn’t ignore me.”

“You really love him?” Su Nuo was really nosy.

“En.” Tang XiaoYu’s voice was really soft, “I really wanted to apologise, but he would not bother listening to me.”

Muscle man was really petty! Su Nuo pouted.

“If you and your lover fought, what would you do?” Tang XiaoYu suddenly asked.

Me? Su Nuo thought about it, I probably would wear a sexy little piece of underwear, then run towards him and seduce him. Since for the two who was in love, things like fucking were comfortable and irresistible! Plus it made it easy to calm down our relationship! Then, we can use the time after fucking to apologise, and the chances of success will be high!

From this perspective… There was nothing wrong with my brother’s idea.


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