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Chapter 507: Ling Xiao’s Sharp Tongue
Translated by Zombie Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The moment Yun Shao stepped up, every eye had closely paid attention to him. Everyone had the same thought as Cheng He, if both him and You XiaoMo couldn’t take out an item that could move the Mage Guild, then the Fire Elemental Essence could only be left unsold. This case wasn’t something rare, but it certainly was a bit regretful.

Although the Fire Elemental Essence was on par with a fourth and filth grade rainbow pill in terms of valuable, there was a downside. Fire also represented destruction, and the Fire Elemental Essence was a type of fire that was more intense than a QiLin’s Sacred Fire. If its power was handled well, it would become quite docile and become a very nutritious supplement to practitioners. Contrarily, it could turn into a very violent and frantic item.

Thus, only those born with a sensitive constitution toward fire, a body that contained an abundant amount of fire energy that could manipulate fire were able to handle a Fire Elemental Essence.

Furthermore, even if the Mage Guild might have someone familiar with fire, that person would definitely be nowhere equal to those demon beasts born with a life-bound flame like the QiLin clan and the Demon Phoenix Clan. Their life-bound flames were the strongest flame, so the Fire Elemental Essence could never be a disadvantage to them, only a benefit.

Yun Shao stood in front of Cheng He. In the presence of people’s curious gazes, he took out a jade bottle inside his clothes. Inside the bottle sat a drop of a golden red liquid. Yun Shao spoke slowly, “This is the life blood from the altar of our Demon Phoenix Clan. By refining it through consumption, one could change their constitution. Moreover, it might open more opportunities to impel the soul to advance.”

Cheng He was moved. She had heard about the life blood from the Demon Phoenix’s altar. It was said that this was the cemetery where every clan’s members were buried after death. After ten million years, it turned into a pool of blood. As the blood inside the pool was formed by the blood and flesh of every generation of Demon Phoenix, it contained an extremely strong and violent nature.

The pool of blood could really change one’s constitution, but the latter sentence ‘Might open more opportunity to impel the soul to advance’ depended more on one’s luck.

Therefore, it was just a rumor that sounded compelling, when, in reality, none had really succeed. But then this might be just due to the fact the Demon Phoenix Clan had never given the lifeblood to outsider.

Cheng He hesitated. If there was a real proof it would be fantastic, but then, unfortunately, there wasn’t, which meant if the soul didn’t evolve, it would be a big loss to the Mage Guild.

“Elder Cheng, if you feel like this isn’t enough, how about I add one more, a favor from the Demon Phoenix clan?” Yun Shao spoke in a calm and unhurried manner, he had soon guessed one drop of lifeblood wouldn’t move them, a favor from the Demon Phoenix clan was his real trump card.

Cheng He’s eyes flashed. The Demon Phoenix clan was one of the Great four Ancient Beast Clans, it wasn’t easy to gain a favor from them. Using one drop of lifeblood and a favor in exchange for the Fire Elemental Essence, this was a really good deal, but this wasn’t something she could make a decision over.

Cheng He looked at the one who could make the decision on the scene – Lei Long. Lei Long came to the auction on his own also for this reason. He had a high position within the Mage Guild, only he could make the decision regarding this matter.

Yun Shao followed her line of sight and saw Lei Long, his expression was full of confidence.

He believed no one could resist the temptation of gaining a favor from the Demon Phoenix clan.

Lei Long looked eye to eye with Yun Shao’s confident face, he smiled back with a casual smile, “Hey kid, can you even represent the Demon Phoenix clan?”

Yun Shao expression stiffened, “I can not currently, but that position will be mine sooner or later. My name is Ji YunLang, I believe everyone must have heard my name.”

Compared to Ji Feng, Ji YunLang was more widely known. It was said that he was the most potential candidate for the next clan head position of the Demon Phoenix clan. Which meant, if in the future he became the next clan head, this favor could bring to the Mage Guild an unpredictable benefit, but only with the premise that he really could become one.

“No one can predict the future. At the present, you are nothing but Ji YunLang and your favor is nothing but a favor from a junior, the Mage Guild doesn’t want a loss business.” Lei long wasn’t a newborn baby, he wouldn’t look at Ji YunLang with different eyes just because he was one of the candidates. To him, if it wasn’t a solid answer, then any second later could occur unforeseen events.

Ji YunLang’s face went green to white, because what he said was not wrong.

He was ashamed into anger a little bit, he then took out a first grade rainbow pill. He must obtain the Fire elemental essence no matter what.

“Then I will also offer this first grade rainbow pill as well.”

Lei Long looked at him with a deep and unmeasurable eyes, “Young Master Ji, please stand beside and wait, if no one can move this old man, then I will tell you my final decision.”

Jin YunLang returned in extreme anger. Even though he was in a bad mood, he didn’t dare to reveal a tiny bit of killing intent. Not mentioning the fact this place was the Mage Guild’s territory, the reputation of the Demon Phoenix clan couldn’t compare to the Mage Guild’s.

After that, everyone seemed to avert their eyes toward You XiaoMo’s direction.

No one had forgotten that just right before, this youngster used four high grade level ten magic pills in exchange for two stalks of level eleven magic herbs. Level eleven magic herbs were the ingredient for a rainbow pill.

You XiaoMo didn’t expect so many people to hold such high expectations from him, he slowly felt the pressure.

You XiaoMo walked toward empty-handed, he smiled apologetically, “Elder Cheng, my item is a bit special, I don’t want so many people to see, can we find some private location?”

Cheng He was a bit surprised, but she understood his idea, one must concealed their true wealth. Not like everyone was like Ji YunLang who had the Demon Phoenix clan as backing, even if there were someone after his things, they would never dare to steal it.

“Follow me.”

You XiaoMo ran back and dragged Ling Xiao along.

Lei Long and Old Shen also followed while the others were blocked outside, including Ji YunLang. The decision for the Fire Elemental Essence was still determined by the Mage Guild, so Jin YunLang had no right to know which treasure You XiaoMo would take out.

No one would think the other guy would have such a request, lots of people sighed in disappointment, what a pity to not be able to see that special treasure with their own eyes.

To make it convenient for people like You XiaoMo with special requests, ZhongTing trade fair had prepared a secret room that could isolate anyone from scouting. The secret room was only eight square meters in size; a very simple room with a table placed in the middle to put the objects. Cheng He directly handed over the initiative authority to Lei Long.

Lei Long turned around, looked at You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao, “You Xiao-something kid, you can now bring out your special treasure.”

Old Shen also looked at him with a face full of curiosity, obviously he had soon recognized their identity, as he might have heard about them through the disciples. But he paid more attention to Ling Xiao, because a peak divine level was certainly too unfathomable to predict.

You XiaoMo pretended to take out something from the magic bag, but he was talking out directly from his dimension two bottles of spiritual water. This was his most precious item among all the treasures, next to the level eleven and twelve magic herbs. Exchanging magic herbs should be the best option, but right now he didn’t have the seeds, so if he gave them the magic herbs, he would have none left.

“This is?” Lei Long suddenly wide opened his eyes.

You XiaoMo opened the lid, a strong spiritual energy flew out from the bottle, one single sniff could relax and ease the mind. In addition, they had a feeling their soul force recovery had sped up.

Old Shen’s slanted eyes also widened.

Lei Long immediately furrowed his eyebrows. “If I am not wrong, this is spiritual water. Young boy, the special item you mentioned, is this it?”

“Yes…” You XiaoMo saw his complexion change, he was a little unclear what was his intention.

Lei Long shook his head, this item did indeed gave him quite a surprise, but wasn’t an overwhelming joy. Not like he had never seen spiritual water before. Spiritual water could quickly recover soul force and spiritual energy, when exhausted during refining pill one could drink it to continue the refining process, but this wasn’t something particularly rare, since anyone could find spiritual water in almost every trading district.

You XiaoMo thought he was complaining about the quantity being too little, he took out another bottle. As he wanted to speak up, Ling Xiao suddenly held his shoulder shook his head.

“He didn’t complain about the quantity, he meant the quality.”

You XiaoMo gasped, his prized spiritual water was being dislike? Rage started burning inside his heart. They could insult him, but definitely not his spiritual water.

“This-this-this which part of it is not good, not only can it raise a magic pill’s grade, it can also accelerate the growth of magic herbs, which part of it isn’t good?” He was so agitated he couldn’t speak fluently.

The spiritual water from his dimension was completely on a different level from the spiritual water refined from the ice sculpture. The spiritual water from the ice sculpture would never be as good since impurities couldn’t be completely taken out.

Moreover, the formation of the spiritual water refined from the ice sculpture and the formation of the spiritual water from his dimension was very different. Like Xiong Xiao had said before, one ice sculpture could only refine into three drops of spiritual water, and its basic nature was still a large difference.

The most obvious example would be when Teng ZiXin used the spiritual water stolen from him and raised her magic pill from low to mid grade, a normal spiritual water could never increase one grade like that.

Lastly, normal spiritual water could never accelerate the growth of magic herbs, this was the biggest difference between them.

Ling Xiao tried to subdue the youngster’s anger, he said casually, “It’s not that your spiritual water is not good, more like they don’t have an eye to appreciate it, you can’t really ask them to share the same good insight as you.”

You XiaoMo immediately calmed down, this was the first time he felt the good side of Ling Xiao’s sharp tongue. He raised his head and saw the three’s shocked faces. Yes, he couldn’t ask others to share the same insight as him.

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