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MW(R) Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Joe’s head climbed and the appearance was pleased.

I do not mean anything about it: the doctor rejected Daeje Mango’s request for Xia Yao. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“Why?” Jou Duna’s father was worried.

The doctor squeezed the glasses and said: “This child is still a student, parental permission is needed.”

Xia Yao said: “Well … in his previous life, before his return, he needed his mother’s signature.

Three people left the doctor. Zhou Du said to his father: “Dad, I will first return to school at Xia Yao, you can stay here to care for my mother.”

Zhou’s father wanted to talk, but he did not say anything, agreed to see the summer summer.

Xia Yao smiled at him: “Do not worry, my mother will agree to it.

But what Xia Yao could not expect from her home was that her mother returned to her words.

“Mommy, why?” XiaYao does not understand if yesterday was a good thing?

XiaYao’s mother “Today, I’m someone for bone marrow donations, this can lead to leukemia, he heard to say that it’s not good for your body.” Sitting at him

XiaYao was just as disheartened, he patiently explained to his mother: “Mom, these are all a free argument, because it can lead to leukemia, transplantation of bone marrow is like blood donation.”

As transplantation from the bone marrow’s blood donation is XiaYao’s mother saw her son, he was worried: “If you give it to other people, it’s a lot of oysters as you are.

XiaYao continues to describe, “is the golden bone marrow actually hematopoyta stemaj cells, it becomes regenerate, the acquisition could be their courage with themselves, the body said that the mother is not harmful.”

She cried out that XiaYao was a hummingbird from her mother, but at the end she could not yet agree if she was XiaYao just about what happened to her, she was no longer able to live.

XiaYao is, he does not think it’s so, his heart there is the possibility that you do not have to worry about helping, he is his mother, comfort “What about it, go with me to the hospital tomorrow, doctor Do you hear what you Want to say? ”

“My son, is this family promised you something to tell me honestly? Stupid son, do not be fooled, no more important than your life.”

“I told you that I have received something from them, I think about it, Mama, who is my classmate, but her family is spontaneous. I did not promise anything for me.”

“Nonsense!” XiaYao’s mother saw her big eyes. “Are their families rich enough to be unprofitable?”

XiaYao’s expression was deeper, his voice has not changed: “Mother, how do you know that your family is rich? This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

XiaYao but was ZhouDu and team member only he did not know about the situation of his family, and she was ZhouDu, because I knew that he just said the former name ZhouDu to her mother.

“In any case, I just am tired of you, you’re no longer happy with me, I do not agree with this problem. I do not know its rich nature, it’s a way to save people, but you do not have to worry about it.” XiaYao’s mother is whispering, does not look One, XiaYao went back to my room.

XiaYao’s eyes fell, his face did not move, unconscious of what to do.

When it was time for the device to use the workout during the break, Funo was lying on the table and was not involved. XiaYao went to the door. I returned to Zhou Du and followed the group.

XiaYao did not implement, and instead he went to the store outside of the tea to buy a cup of milk when he returned to class again, Zhou’s path is still lying on the long table.

Summer Yao breathed deeply, went to him and placed milk on the hopper table.

Zhou lifted his head and raised his face together.

Xia Yao mentally leaves her head worried about the gaze of the girth.

“Thank you!” Jou picked up the hand of the tea table, bowed his head and drank it.

“Ka … …” XiaYao did not know how to start and hesitate. Shoppo saw the tea with his hands and slowly said: “Your mother did not agree.

Radio broadcasts disappeared throughout the school, but the atmosphere in the classroom was silent.

“Sorry,” XiaYao said in a low voice: “I will explain to my mother, she does not understand now.

“Well,” “now communicate with my dad, because I’m with you, we’re very grateful to the bone and the central bank who knows it could become a game.” ZhouDu suddenly smiled, lifted her head to Xia Yao

“Xia Yao said critically:” My mother will definitely agree.

Zhou Du turned his head on the window, the group of sparrows seemed to be surprised and flew from the Chinese Parazoloy to the next window to the sky.

XiaYao. He looks like Xia Yao, but looking at the window he did not ask with a hepatic voice: “You want to help me. Why are you doing everything you want”

Xia Yao did not think that Joe Du had said such a thing, his expression seems to have been frozen liquid nitrogen. After a while he reacted slowly. “What do you think around?

Only then Zhou Dud took all the words slowly, so we looked at Xia Yao. “Do you like me?

XiaYao all his body was frozen. He opened and closed his mouth, but he did not hear any sound. In their opinion, he just thought Zhou is familiar. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

He knows I like it. I like big butts and I cannot lie ♫

As Xia Yao did not recognize it, Zhou Du said to himself, not proving that he likes it: “I helped you, but we’re classmates. So you’re a person you might like.”

XiaYao degrees Morita, finger to ZhouDu tightening around tea, he says that he already knew everything for him, I wanted to take a diary before XiaYao. However, looking at XiaYao’s desperate eyes, he took that thought from the mind.

What is good after its discovery? I was convinced that Xia Yao had not ignored it. Right now, he does not feel bad, he’s learned that this guy liked him, but was a little joyous. But does he like Xia Yao?

Joe did not know the answer himself.

“Just joy.” Fortune returned to his opera tea and completed it with one blunder. Then he threw paper in the bucket.

XiaYao confusion, he is the reason why suddenly, or he did not know ZhouDu this question, and his diary, but not yet found, perhaps ZhouDu saw his diary?

“Zhou Du.” Cried Xia Yao.

Funno, looking at her, asked, “What?

“You … …” XiaYao but really wanted to ask if he did not watch his diary because he was afraid of ZhouDu’s answer that this is his question. Changed: “If you are in a situation that saves another life?

Jou was released and thought for a moment. “I think so.

XiaYao, I also, I also keep my sister, “I’m not ashamed, because there’s no proverb that it’s possible to get something out there, really interested in saving him.” To save lives, it’s better than building a 7 minute pagodaĵon – perhaps because of my kindness, it will also be a success. ”

When Xia Yao finally spoke these words, his heart was not saved, but the feeling that returning to Jou Du was again a blessing.

ZhouDu just said “Hm”, but I clearly think what XiaYao said. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

~~~~ TBC

T / N: Hey guys, this is your translator, Avon :), well, the truth is ^ _ ^ "well, then the first stage was from the first one straight fast 1-10

Because it was not enough important because it actually belongs to the translation of leukemia is something else because of the conversion >> to tlassemio because I wanted to explain a bit of bone marrow transplantation leukemia and thalassemio It was a comment on the mixture. In addition, I and yes, there is another type of thalassemio've doing little research on your (major / minor-α / beta), bone marrow transplantation, feel free, especially HSTC (haematopoietic stem cell transplantation) than ● to the method of treatment is Being there, or doing more reading and research! You can comment on this: D
Sorry for the answer on the other side of this, but the reader is also here in the page> section wanted to such an extent that it becomes horizontal. Or
Finally, I also have to take out an update to my thanks, before releasing the section to my corrector (WagahaiFujoshi) that goes through all the errors This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

<h1>Chapter 7: ZhouDu lifted his head, their gazes meeting.</h1>
Something no one thought of: the doctor ended up refusing XiaYao’s bone marrow request.

“Why?!” ZhouDu’s dad worriedly shouted.

The doctor pushed his glasses and said, “This child is still a student. We need his parents’ permission.”

XiaYao nodded, “Okay.” In his previous life, he also needed his mother’s signature before going ahead.

The three of them left the doctor’s office. ZhouDu said to his dad, “Dad, I’ll go back to school first with XiaYao; you can stay here to look after Mom.”

ZhouDu’s dad agreed, looking at XiaYao, wanting to speak but saying nothing.

XiaYao smiled at him, “Don’t worry, my mother will agree to it.”

But what XiaYao hadn’t expected after coming back home was that his mom went back on her word.

“Mom, why?” XiaYao did not understand, wasn’t it fine yesterday?

XiaYao’s mom sat him down, “Today I heard someone say that bone marrow donation isn’t good for your body, it could lead to leukemia.”

XiaYao was dumbfounded, he patiently explained to his mom: ”Mom, those are all groundless arguments, bone marrow transplant is just like blood donation, how could it lead to leukemia.”

“How is blood donation the same as bone marrow transplant?” XiaYao’s mom looked at her son, worried: “There’s only so much bone marrow, if you donate it to others, then what about yourself.”

XiaYao continued to explain, “Bone marrow is actually hematopoietic stem cells, it’ll be regenerated, and the extraction isn’t harmful to the body, mom; who told you that, it could just be their hearsay.”

XiaYao’s mom hummed and hawed, but in the end she still couldn’t agree to it, she only had XiaYao, if something were to happen to him, she wouldn’t be able to live.

XiaYao didn’t think that it would turn out like this, his heart couldn’t help but be anxious, he comforted his mom, “What about this, go with me to the hospital tomorrow, and listen to what the doctor has to say?”

“Son, tell me honestly, has that family promised you something? Silly son, don’t be fooled, nothing is more important than your life.”

“Mom, how could you think like this? Who told you I accepted something from them, that person is my classmate, his family hasn’t promised me anything, it’s voluntary.”

“Nonsense!” XiaYao’s mom stared at him with big eyes, “Their family is so rich, how is it possible that they did not give you any compensation?”

XiaYao’s expression sank, his voice unchanging: “Mom, how do you know their family is rich?”

XiaYao had been classmates with ZhouDu for so long, yet he hadn’t known about their family’s circumstances, and he had only said ZhouDu’s name once to his mom, how could she know who ZhouDu was.

“Anyway, I just know, those rich people naturally have ways to save people, you don’t need to worry. I won’t agree to this matter, I’m tired, you don’t have to say any more.” XiaYao’s mother stood up in a fluster, and without a single glance at XiaYao returned to her own room.

XiaYao’s eyes dropped, his face expressionless, unsure of what to make of this.

When it was time to set-up the equipment for exercises during the break, ZhouDu laid sleeping on his desk, unparticipative. XiaYao walked to the doorway, a brief look back at ZhouDu and then followed the group out.

XiaYao didn’t go exercising, instead he snuck out to the tea shop outside to buy a cup of milk tea; and by the time he went back to the classroom again, ZhouDu was still lying on the table out of spirits.

XiaYao took a deep breath and went up to him, placing the milk tea on ZhouDu’s desk.

ZhouDu lifted his head, their gazes meeting.

XiaYao frantically turned his head away, not daring to look at ZhouDu.

“Thank You.” ZhouDu reached across the table for the tea in his hands, bowed his head and drank a mouthful.

“That……” XiaYao hesitated, not sure how to start. ZhouDu stared at the tea in his hands and slowly said: “Your mother did not agree.”

The broadcast of the radio ran out through the whole school, but the atmosphere in the classroom was instantly silent.

“I’m sorry.” XiaYao said softly: ”I will try to explain it to my mother, it’s just right now she doesn’t understand.”

“It’s alright.” ZhouDu suddenly raised his head up at XiaYao, smiling: “I’m already very thankful to you, my dad’s contacting the Bone Marrow Central Bank right now, so who knows, maybe there’ll be a match.”

“ZhouDu.” XiaYao explained worriedly, “My mother will definitely agree.”

ZhouDu turned his head towards the window, and a group of sparrows seemed to be startled and flew into the sky from the Chinese Parasol trees near the window.

“XiaYao.” He was not looking at XiaYao, but staring out the window, and with a hoarse voice, he asked: “Why do you want to help me, you…….isn’t there anything you want?”

XiaYao did not think that ZhouDu would say such a thing, his expression was as if he’d been frozen in liquid nitrogen. After a while, he slowly answered: “ZhouDu, what do you mean?”

Only then did ZhouDu turn, looking at XiaYao as he slowly drawled out each word: “Because you like me?”

XiaYao took a breath, his whole body froze. He opened and closed his mouth but no sound came out. In his heart, there was only one thought,<i> ZhouDu knows.</i>

He knows, knows that I like him.

“I don’t.” XiaYao told himself, as long as he didn’t acknowledge it, ZhouDu had no way to prove that he liked him: “I helped you, but this is because we’re classmates, how could I like you, you, you’re a man.”

XiaYao was stammering, ZhouDu’s fingers tightened around the tea, he wanted to bring out the diary in front of XiaYao, tell him that he already knew everything. But looking at XiaYao’s desperate eyes, he put that idea out of his head.

After bringing it out, what good would it do? He was sure he didn’t despise XiaYao. At the time when he found out that this person liked him, there were no nauseating thoughts, just a little delight. But did he like XiaYao?

ZhouDu himself did not know the answer.

“Just kidding.” ZhouDu went back to his milk tea, finishing it in one gulp. Then he threw the paper cup into the garbage can.

XiaYao was confused, he didn’t know why ZhouDu would suddenly ask him this question, and his diary hadn’t been found yet, could it be that ZhouDu had seen his diary?

“ZhouDu.” XiaYao shouted.

ZhouDu turned around, looking at him and asked, “What?”

“You……” XiaYao actually wanted to ask if he had seen his diary or not, but he was afraid of ZhouDu’s answer, so he changed his question, “If you were in such a situation, would you save another person’s life?”

ZhouDu frowned and thought a bit, “I think so.”

XiaYao sighed, “Me too, I would also save your sister, I’m genuinely interested in saving her, not for what I could get from it. Isn’t there a proverb –<i>To save one’s life is better than to build a seven-story pagoda</i>– maybe because of my kindness, there will also be good fortune.”

After XiaYao finished speaking these words, his heart could not help but feel that going back and being able to meet ZhouDu once again was a blessing.

ZhouDu merely said, “Hm”, seemingly believing what XiaYao said.


t/n: Hey guys, this is your translator Avon 🙂 & well, that truth went from 1-10 real quick ^_^” alright, so first things first-

  1. There was a comment regarding the mix-up of thalassemia with leukemia, because of the bone marrow transplant and how it was not serious enough so I wanted to clarify a bit >> it actually is translated to thalassemia as the translation for leukemia is something else. I also did a bit of research myself and there are different types of thalassemia (minor/major- alpha/beta) and yes, bone marrow transplant is also a treatment for it, or more specifically HSTC (Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant) ● Feel free to do more readings and research too! And you can comment on it 😀
  2. Sorry about the late reply regarding this, but a reader wished also for the raws> Chapters here are horizontal. Or
  3. Finally, I’ll also try sending out regular updates for this >< Thanks for bearing with my out-of-wack updates and also to my proofreader (Wagahai Fujoshi) for going through all the mistakes before releasing the chapters. Believe me, it’s horrible :’)”
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