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MW(R) Chapter 8

Chapter 8: If you do not want to make this child your son.

When the school left in the afternoon, Xiaoyang turned to his mother’s desk. This place is on the snack bar and his mother has conserved the life of the family selling pancakes. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Xia Yao rarely went to his mother’s task because he never left. Every time he wanted to help, the mother of Xia Yao always brought him home to learn, and money earned to help him continue his research, alternative sales pancakes.

The table of the mother of XiaYao is at the intersection, people have a good flow. The place was golden. XiaYao does not understand why, but now it may have been strange. He and his mother were not very powerful, no one did anything. There were no enemies, why was such a good place as given to his mother?

As soon as he reached his mother’s desk, the mother had no shades and no voices.

“Yaoyao, your mother was an accident, she was simply sent to the hospital.” Aunt Liu quickly said when Xia Yao said she had seen him

Xia Yao rubbings: “What happened to my mother?”

They knocked on your mother’s spins that she did not even know if she was burned with hot oil. These hummingbirds also moved and did not use your eyes. It was just a teenager from here, “she was pushed under it:” Shita Liu sighed and spread to the ground.

XiaYao was heard, Liu Aunt was angry with listening to the words of her voice: “Was my mother sent to the hospital in the hospital?”

“It was the owner of the car, I do not know what a hospital. Fortunately he quickly saw your mother’s fall and helped her get the car, they said they would go into the hospital. I must check when you go and I must be close to the hospital. ”

XiaYao thanked Liu Aunt to go home, had to go home and earn money first.

The nearest hospital was what province Zhou had given him last week. XiaYao really worried about her mother. I did not care about money, I got a taxi quickly.

The whole trip was full of anguish. Upon arriving at the hospital’s entrance, XiaYao quickly went out to the man at the door.

Zhou caught the collapsed XiaYao and was surprised: “Why are you in the hospital?

As Xia Yao did not explain, he said he only had to join and go to the reception. After seeing her face, she fell behind her.

“Unfortunately, do you have a 40-year-old woman, it should be a fire.

The nurse checked it before answering: “Before a while, can you ask what your relationship is?”

“This is my mother.”

“She is your mother?” Behind him, Funo suddenly opened his mouth.

XiaYao turned to see him.

“I know where she is, please follow me.” ZhouDu drew Xia Yao together, and said.

Xia Yao discovered that Zhou Du is strange to know where his mother is.

I started the initiative to explain Zhou Du: “Today my father was for my mother … he went to see the things he wanted to talk, but he was going to go with the injured woman, returned, he said I was hurt , I’ll take you watching her. ” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

XiaYao did not expect such a coincidence, it was the father of Zhou Du, who actually defended his mother.

Fortune led him to the room and slept on his mother’s bed.

“Mom, are you right?” XiaYao was worried about her feelings, looking at her mother’s hands, including the gallus.

XiaYao-mother swears her son’s head softly: “I have the right, just do not worry about my hands, serious as it burns.”

XiaYao carefully saw her mother, the other places were not burned, and he finally felt safe.

Butop stood at the entrance without speaking a word.

Xia Yao’s mother realized she had persecuted Zhou Du: “My child, my son has come and he can thank your father for me.”

Zhou Du smiled to the mother of Xia Yao, “My aunt, I’m a classmate of Zhou Du, Xia Yao, I forgot to know you.”

XiaYao’s mother extended her eyes, as she said: “You …

Funeral nodded.

Xia Yao got up and became Zhou Du: “Can I get rid of you to lead me to my father?”

“He is now in my mother’s room”

Xia Yao told his mother: “I’ll come back soon”.

The mother of Xia Yao was a word that she did not think that she was a father who had saved him in Zhou Du and yesterday she thought she had failed her son to save her daughter. ”

“Aunt, please relax.” DžouDu said politely Xia Yao-mother, then he started Xia Yao in his mother’s room.

The father of Zhou Du knew that the man he had saved was the mother of Xia Yao, when he was surprised once, but still very uncomfortable: “I know I do not care about you. I wish I never I would say that I saw your mother Fine, I would only say that after the game you like it, if the game is not, I would not be discreet, there was no other way It’s too rare for me … I wanted to talk to him. ”

XiaYao shook his head: “It does not bother me, and I thank you for you today. I do not know how many medical fees have been, but I have a repayment right away.”

ZhouDu’s father said: “It is not necessary, not much.”

XiaYao insisted that ZhouDu’s father did not mention this amount of money, but XiaYao did not want the dad to use it for medical expenses.

It seems that ZhouDu understood XiaYao’s thoughts, so he told him the amount. ZhouDu’s dad looked zhouDu a little guilty. He told XiaYao, “I go and visit your mother.”

XiaYao stopped, “Can you let me first talk to my mother?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

ZhouDu’s father said: “Of course,” so XiaYao returned to her mother’s room.

“YaoYao.” XiaYao’s mother looked at her son. “Thank you for them?”

Yes! XiaYao said: “And I also paid the hospital fee.”

The mother of XiaYao was released.

“Mom”. XiaYao was spoken but could not open her mouth.

XiaYao’s mother sighed and said, “Mother knows what you mean, but … as a mom, and I’ll risk it? Go and talk to your doctor if my marrow match. You are my son, you should be the same take me. ”

XiaYao Saslaucīja head, he suddenly thought about the way, and said to her mother: “Mom, what did you hear others say does not tell us why we should not go and did not know the doctor?”

“This … … hesitated the mother of XiaYao.

XiaYao smiled: “Do not you think the doctor is wearing? We just ask for a doctor for advice, well? They are professionals.”

During this time the doctor walked through the door. XiaYao stopped him.

The doctor was very enthusiastic after listening to XiaYao’s explanation, explained Xia Yao mother: “That curb donation will lead to leukemia. I can not tell you that it’s not hurt, but pain is not a serious injury to the body.”

When he saw that she had not yet believed, he continued: “Our Chinese book has hundreds of thousands of medullary volunteer donations, doctors will certainly not harm those who are there to save the others. There are certain risks, but this type of risks does not have young people much. ”

The doctor finally, announcing XiaYao “donor first contact with the family, if agreed, the donor did not completely return to the last moment, would be detrimental to the other party.”

He left after he finished.

XiaYao was sitting easily on the bed, waiting for her mom to slowly understand.

“You will not really get leukemia?”

XiaYao seized her mother’s hand, promising: “Absolutely.”

XiaYao mother’s eyes were a little red “YaoYao, or do not feel that your mom is pretty bad.”

“How could I?” XiaYao smiled, “Mom, you are the best.”

XiaYao’s mother laughed at her son. She sat on the bed, and said: “I’ll see this baby.”

Her wound does not matter, so XiaYao helped her mom out of bed.

When Judas Papa learned that XiaYao’s mother agreed to donations, he excited the mother of XiaYao.

“The eldest sister”. ZhouDu’s mother looked younger than mother XiaYao; She came down from the bed and took her hand that was not chopped, torn eyes, a voice was calm and said: “Thank you. Okay, thank you very much.”

XiaYao mother’s eyes became red, they both mothers, she finally could understand ZhouDu mother feelings.

ZhouDu’s mother wiped her eyes and cried corner ZhouDu: “Elder Sister, if you do not worry that this young man is to be your son.” Since now, regardless of whether you can order him. ”

“Oh, I can not do it”. XiaYao’s mother nodded her hands. The familiar circumstances of this man hearing ZhouDu, she could recognize ZhouDu as her son.

“Is our son well enough? Well, wait wait until my daughter grows, she will be our goddess. Only XiaYao, so from now on, my girl is also your girl.”

“This will not happen, it will not work.” XiaYao mother still refused to wait for ZhouDu to stand before her, crying out with heart: “The Christian mother, then called my sister and sister of your son and daughter.” After saying this, he leaned on XiaYao’s mother and went down.

XiaYao’s mother was surprised, a step back. XiaYao was also shocked.

ZhouDu’s parents met. When XiaYao’s mother saw that the child did not want to stand, she quickly told XiaYao to choose him.

Growing up, ZhouDu smiled. “Christian mother, it means you have agreed.”

XiaYao’s mother did not know what to do.

ZhouDu mom took his hand and honestly said: “Madame sister, you are really good to soon get a good advantage, as opposed to my child who really thick skin, then a great sister can help me to teach him.”

XiaYao’s mother did not think she would come from where she was; She looked at the long and handsome Word, watched XiaYao on her side.

She suddenly felt that it was likely that two children could be pretty good. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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Love it so much thanks for your hard work really

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XiaYao’s mother reminds me of Daniel’s mother from Lookism tbh. I can’t help but see her in XY’s mother.

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Gosh im crying. Been awhile since I read good people from CNs

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So who was that man though who gave false information?
And yes, she’s really gonna have two sons in the future
Thank you for the chapter 🥰

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Technically that would make them brothers right…..???
Well whatever!
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