MW(R) Chapter 70 (END)

Chapter 70 (END)

Translated by Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“No!” Xia Yao didn’t expect Zhou Du to strongly refuse Ms.Sun’s request before he was about to.

Ms.Sun awkwardly looked at Xia Yao, her eyes continuously fixed on him. She asked earnestly, “I only want to take him out to play for a few days. Xia Yao, you should understand me as a mother…”

Zhou Du wanted to cut her words, but Xia Yao held down Zhou Du’s hand, then slowly opened his mouth and said, “I’ll respect YangYang’s choice.”

Ms.Sun’s eyes lit up when she heard Xia Yao said it. She looked at YangYang beside her, and her smile became softer.

On the way back, Zhou Du was gloomily quiet. Xia Yao was sitting beside him, but YangYang wasn’t there on the children seat at the back.

Zhou Du unhappily said, “YangYang’s grown this big all thanks to you, so why does she think she can just come in and take him away?”

Xia Yao didn’t reply back to him and continued looking out of the window. Zhou Du’s face turned darker and darker. Eventually, Xia Yao sighed and said slowly, “Because she is YangYang’s biological mother.”

“And you are his father. You are the one who raised him, and it would be a lie to say you wouldn’t be sad seeing him being taken away.”

Xia Yao only turned his head to Zhou Du at this moment, “But what if YangYang chooses to go with her? I mean, I always tell him his mother will always love him and that it’s because of her work that she can’t come to see him. YangYang loves toys, so sometimes I’d give him toys and say his mother bought them for him.”

Zhou Du frowned.

Xia Yao smiled gently, “It’s alright. She only said she want to borrow YangYang for a few days. And didn’t YangYang refuse?”

“But you let her take YangYang out for dinner.”

Xia Yao continued, “It was YangYang himself asking to have dinner with his mother, though.”

Zhou Du turned his head to Xia Yao and stared at him, gloomily said, “Anyway, I disagree. YangYang is our son.”

Seeing how much Zhou Du cared for YangYang, Xia Yao couldn’t refrain himself from giving Zhou Du a kiss. He said, “Okay, since YangYang won’t be at home tonight, let’s have a big meal.”

Zhou Du looked at Xia Yao as dirty thought flashed through his mind.  He was really looking forward for that “big meal”.

Xia Yao got up from Zhou Du’s chest, and he massaged his sore lower back while tiredly asking, “What time is it? Has YangYang come back yet?”

Zhou Du gave Xia Yao a kiss on the forehead and said, “That woman has brought YangYang back. He was sleeping so I simply carried him back to his room without waking you up.”

Hearing so, Xia Yao wanted to go to the room next door to check on YangYang at once, but Zhou Du pressed him down and said, “Don’t move, I’ll go and check on him.”

“Has he had his milk yet?” Xia Yao asked, frowned.

“He was already asleep at that time, and I couldn’t wake him up. I will feed him his milk once he wakes up.” Zhou Du kissed Xia Yao and coaxed, “You ought to sleep too, be good.” Then he went to the next room, barefoot.

It had been a long day for YangYang, so he was tired and slept soundly. Seeing YangYang wouldn’t wake up anytime soon, Zhou Du dimmed the table lamps a little bit, and walked out quietly.

For three consecutive days, Ms. Sun would come in the early morning to pick up Yang Yang early every morning, and then brought him back at night. It didn’t take long for YangYang to begin clinging to his mom. After all, Xia Yao had always told YangYang how much his mother loved him, and she was just too busy to be there with him.

And now his mother had come back, free of work, and she spent every day to accompany him. Children are simple, they would stick to whoever treats them nice.

A week later, Ms Sun had to return back home. When she brought YangYang back that day, YangYang who was rarely awake at this hour, was holding onto Ms. Sun’s neck without letting her go.

When Xia Yao was about to take him away from Ms. Sun, Yang Yang hugged her tighter. Zhou Du couldn’t bear to see it anymore. He wanted to forcefully take YangYang back, but YangYang sobbed to Ms. Sun, “Mom, don’t go.”

Xia Yao was shocked. Ms.Sun continued hugging YangYang; her eyes were reddish. Both Xia Yao and Zhou Du felt like villains for separating mother and son.

Yang Yang sniffled and continued to hug Mrs. Sun’s neck while saying, “Dad, let’s go with mom.”

Xia Yao was in a dilemma and didn’t know what to answer. Zhou Du said to YangYang, “Make a choice, either staying with your dad or go alone with your mother.”

Xia Yao didn’t expect Zhou Du to throw the problem directly onto YangYang. He quickly said to YangYang, “Dad is busy with his work and he has to wait for grandma to come back. I can’t go with you to mommy’s place. How about we wait for her return and then we will hang out with her later?”

Yang Yang shook his head and said to Xia Yao, “No, don’t want to part with mom.”

Xia Yao thought for a moment and then said to YangYang, “Do you want to go to mom’s place then? If so, dad won’t go with you, YangYang has to alone.”

At this moment, Ms. Sun hurriedly said, “YangYang, do you want to live with your mother? It doesn’t matter if dad doesn’t go. As long as YangYang wants to see dad, mom will bring YangYang to dad immediately, just like these past few days, okay?”

Yang Yang bit his finger and thought for a while. His eyes turned back and forth between his mother and Xia Yao. Then, he reached out to Xia Yao.

A trace of loss flashed through her face, but she still let go of his hand and gave him to Xia Yao. While being held by Xia Yao, YangYang looked at his mom and said, “Mother comes tomorrow to play with YangYang.”

A little pleasant surprise flashed across Mrs. Sun’s face; she nodded quickly and said, “Ok ok ok, mother will definitely come to meet YangYang tomorrow.”

After Ms. Sun left, YangYang happily said to Xia Yao, “Dad, I’ll be back when I miss you.”

Xia Yao helplessly shook his head and carried YangYang back to his room. Only Zhou Du, who was standing dumbfoundedly, was left behind. After having stood in the living room for a long time, he shouted, “I disagree!”

Xia Yao had just finished packing the toys YangYang liked in the living room into the suitcase; he walked past Zhou Du and sighed, “Your protest is invalid.”

In the end, YangYang still left with his mother. On that day, he was very excited, and Xia Yao sent his precious son to the airport with a smile on his face but tears in his heart.

The naive YangYang thought that his mother could send him back to his dad whenever he wanted, but as soon as he got on the plane to another country, he immediately felt regret.

No matter how much he cried, his mother was unwilling to send him back to his dad like she had promised.

At night, Xia Yao and Zhou Du were lying in bed, unable to sleep. They looked at each other for a while. Zhou Du could not but ask, “Do you want a son?”

Xia Yao bit his lips and didn’t say a thing.

“I’m certain YangYang has started missing you already.” Zhou Du stared dead at Xia Yao. Xia Yao turned his back to Zhou Du and remained quiet.

Zhou Du hugged him from behind. After a while, Xia Yao slowly answered, “I can’t sleep with my thoughts filled with him.”

Zhou Du smiled as hugged Xia Yao’s waist and pulled him closer. Then, he said, “Let’s go see him tomorrow.”

Xia Yao asked, “What?”

Zhou Du unlocked his cell phone and pointed at the ticket-buying app, “I’ve booked the tickets for us. Let’s go bring YangYang back home.”

Tears welled up in Xia Yao’s eyes, and he could not help hugging Zhou Du tightly.

The next morning, as soon as they got up, Xia Yao quickly packed a few things and was eager to leave at any moment. Zhou Du told him, “You should pack some more clothes. We will take YangYang travelling before going back, since you have no classes during summer vacation anyway.”

Hearing that, Xia Yao packed a few more clothes into his suitcase; he felt like he couldn’t wait for Zhou Du any longer.

Zhou Du shut down all the water and electricity before pulling Xia Yao out of the house.

As soon as the plane landed in the other country, Xia Yao’s desire to see Yangyang was already in full swing. When they arrived at Ms. Sun’s house, the first thing they saw was YangYang’s tearful face.

He jumped into Xia Yao’s arms and cried, “Dad, mom lied, she lied, YangYang thought he won’t be able to see dad again.”

Xia Yao hugged YangYang tightly while Ms. Sun was standing on the side awkwardly. When the father and son had calmed down, Zhou Du signaled at Ms. Sun to go somewhere and have a talk with him alone.

Xia Yao didn’t know the details of their conversation, but at last, Ms. Sun only asked Xia Yao to let her meet her son every year, and consented that YangYang would still be raised by him.

Of course, Xia Yao agreed.

After the matter was settled, Xia Yao was in a better mood, and after two days of separation from Xia Yao, YangYang seemed to be more and more clingy.

Zhou Du couldn’t tell if he should be happy or sad, because this meant his intimate time with Xia Yao would become lesser and lesser. If Zhou Du was still a teenager, he’d stand by that no matter if it was Yang Yang or his son, Xia Yao belonged only to him and no one could have Xia Yao’s love and concern. But Zhou Du was already an adult, he knew that sometimes, love is not always about being possessive.

For Zhou Du, Xia Yao’s happiness was his biggest happiness.

T+E/N: Yeah, we too don’t get that bit with how exactly it’s been decided for YY to go to his mom’s, and yeah, it’s been only two days, but they were making a fuss like it’s been half a year minimum.

Thank you for reading this novel until the end! See you in the one of our next translations!

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