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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Because he stayed up all night last night catching up on the drama, Lancelot spent the whole day catching up on sleep, and only came out of his room in the evening yawning, only to see Fei Cheng lying on the sofa in the living room with his iPad, listening to the sound of him watching Land of Stars.

“Haven’t you seen it already,” Lancelot said, “why are you still watching it?”

Fei Cheng said, “My wife isn’t at home and I miss him, so I can only look at him on the screen to relieve the pain of longing.”

Lancelot made a vomiting gesture, bent down to hold the rolling ball, Dragon Four, and grabbed him, “By the way, isn’t today your birthday? Do Xiao Nan and you not celebrate it?”

Fei Cheng sighed, “He probably forgot.”

“No way,” Lancelot sat across from him, “didn’t I just tell him that two days ago?”

Fei Cheng sighed again and stopped talking.

Lancelot smiled and said, “Although you said you wouldn’t celebrate your birthday, but now that Nan really won’t celebrate it for you, you’re still upset, aren’t you?”

Fei Cheng turned up the sound of his iPad and continued to remain silent.

“Why are you so childish Fei Cheng?” Lancelot said with a smile, “You’re hundreds of years old and still acting like a human boy of 17 or 18, I can’t stand you.”

Fei Cheng said righteously, “People who are deeply in love are childish.”

Lancelot gave a “chortle”, fished out a card from his pocket and handed it over, “Here.”

“What is this?” Fei Cheng reached out and took it, opened it, and sat up sharply, his face instantly breaking into a smile.

“Go on,” Lancelot said with a smile, “your wife has a surprise waiting for you.”

Fei Cheng didn’t say anything and flew upstairs, changed clothes and fixed his hair as soon as possible, making himself handsome, and then drove straight to the destination.

When he arrived at the hotel, he went to the front desk to get the room card, took the elevator upstairs, opened the door and entered the room.

Fei Cheng sat down on the sofa and took out his cell phone to make a call.

The phone was answered by his assistant Zeng Cui, “He’s shooting at the moment, so it’s not convenient for him to answer the phone. But he just said that you should watch TV for a while, or take a nap.”

Fei Cheng asked, “How long will it take him to finish filming?”

Zeng Cui said, “I can’t say, this director is very strict today, shooting until eight or nine o’clock is possible.”

Fei Cheng looked at the time. It was only 6:30, he sighed, “Okay, I understand.”

Hanging up the phone, he unbuttoned two buttons on his shirt and casually picked up the remote control, turning the TV on.

He didn’t intend to watch it, he just wanted to make some noise in the room, but when the TV screen lit up, he couldn’t turn his eyes away.

On the screen was a slideshow of pictures of him and Nan HuaiLin, with the song “Someone Just Like You” that he used to sing to Nan HuaiLin as a lullaby in the background.

There were very few photos of them together, mostly taken during their days in Suzhou – on a boat trip on Shantang Street, in the Lotus Wind Pavilion in the Humble Administrator’s Garden, under the starry sky by Taihu Lake, and then there were many photos he had never seen before, and he didn’t know when Nan HuaiLin had taken them. There was a photo of him cooking in the kitchen, a photo of him swimming in the pool, a photo of him kissing Dragon One, a photo of him walking out of the bathroom, a photo of him putting on a tie… He recognized the last photo, when they were walking Hannibal on Chang’an Street, and Nan HuaiLin was caught taking pictures of him but refused to admit it, so this was the first time he saw this photo – he turned around in the glowing night, looking at the person who took the picture, with a gentle and loving smile on his brow and eyes.

Fei Cheng felt his heart being struck, he smiled at the TV screen and was overjoyed. But, to his surprise, the screen went black for a few seconds and then lit up again, and Nan HuaiLin was smiling at him, calling him in a particularly nice voice, “Husband.” Fei Cheng also responded with a particularly silly, “Hey!”

Nan HuaiLin bit his lip and said with a smile, “Ever since Little Lan said it’s your birthday, I’ve been thinking about giving you a surprise. But my imagination is too poor and my romantic cells are seriously lacking, so I can only turn to the almighty Dou Niang and steal other people’s ideas. But this ‘idea’ seems to have been used for a long time, so don’t be too disgusted with it for the sake of my heartfelt preparation.”

Fei Cheng smiled and said, “No, I don’t mind.”

Nan HuaiLin bent down and picked up a thick pile of what looked like a leaflet from the floor and put it on his lap, then said, “I also copied this idea from the Internet, but I added a little bit of my own creativity, so don’t laugh at me.”

Fei Cheng said, “Not laughing, not laughing.”

Nan HuaiLin coughed twice to clear his throat and held up a “flyer” to the camera – an A5-sized hardboard photo of Fei Cheng, with “I love you” written in the white space.

Nan HuaiLin said to the camera, “I love you.”

Nan HuaiLin picked up the second photo, which was still of Fei Cheng, with “I love you” written in the white space in Chinese.

He smiled and said, “I love you.”

Nan HuaiLin picks up the third photo and in the white space it says “Je t’aime,” which is French for “I love you.”

He said, “Je t’aime.”

The fourth one, “Ich liebe dich.”

The fifth one, “I love you.”

Sixth, “Te amo, Tequiero.”


Ninety-eighth, “Ani ohev otach.”

Ninety-nine, “Kocham Cie.”

Ninety-nine pictures of Fei Cheng with “I love you” written in ninety-nine languages, and Nan HuaiLin said it all from beginning to end.

Fei Cheng was so moved that he was crying.

Nan HuaiLin smiled and said, “Honey, I love you, happy birthday! Muah!”

Fei Cheng couldn’t stand it anymore, he had to see Nan HuaiLin as soon as possible, he couldn’t wait a second longer.

He suddenly heard Nan HuaiLin on the TV saying, “Honey, go to the bedroom, I have a present for you.”

Fei Cheng gritted his teeth and turned around and went to the bedroom.

But he searched around and found nothing, and was about to give up when a child’s version of “Happy Birthday to You” suddenly started to play in the bedroom.

Fei Cheng followed the sound, went to the closet, raised his hand and pulled open the door, then froze – the person he desperately wanted to see was now curled up in the closet, holding a huge bouquet of roses, smiling at him with arched eyebrows.

“Congratulations,” Nan HuaiLin said with a smile, “you’ve finally found me.”

“You…” Fei Cheng looked at him dumbly, “Aren’t you shooting a commercial?”

Nan HuaiLin shook the phone that was still singing his birthday song in his hand, “Call forwarding, I lied to you, otherwise how can I surprise you?”

He held up the rose in his hand, “Here you go, 264 roses.”

Fei Cheng took it and smelled it, “It smells so good, it’s the first time in my life I’ve received flowers.”

He smiled and looked at Nan HuaiLin, “Don’t stay inside, come out.”

“My legs are numb,” Nan HuaiLin said pitifully, then held out his hands towards Fei Cheng, “Husband, hold me.”

Fei Cheng laughed and cried and put the flowers aside, took him out and put him on the bed, lifted his little leg and put it on his lap and rubbed it gently, “How long have you been in the closet?”

Nan HuaiLin said, “I’ve been hiding it since you entered the hotel, so it must have been more than half an hour.”

Fei Cheng was both moved and distressed, unable to say anything.

Nan HuaiLin said, “In the morning, did you think I forgot that it was your birthday?”

Fei Cheng said, “I guessed you did it on purpose.”

“Did you?” Nan HuaiLin said with a smile, “I saw your disappointed little eyes.”

Fei Cheng also laughed, “I find that you are getting deeper and deeper in your ways now. Are your legs still numb?”

“Much better.” Nan HuaiLin said.

Fei Cheng continued to rub and looked at him, “Didn’t you say you had a gift? Where did you hide it? I searched all around but couldn’t find it.”

Nan HuaiLin bit his lip, raised his hand to unbutton the top two buttons of his white shirt, revealing the red bow tied around his neck, and whispered, “I’m the gift, do you like it?”

Fei Cheng’s voice was steeply muffled, “Yes, I especially like it.”

Nan HuaiLin wrapped his arms around his neck and whispered in his ear, “Are you hungry?”

Fei Cheng gave a low “mmm”.

Nan HuaiLin nibbled on his ear and said, “Eat me first, then we’ll eat, I’m… I’m ready.”

Fei Cheng froze at his words, then reacted, and pressed Nan HuaiLin to the bed with a side turn, gazing at him hotly, his voice muffled, “How did you get ready, huh?”

Nan HuaiLin bit his lips and didn’t speak, his black eyelashes like raven feathers trembled twice, he raised his eyes to meet Fei Cheng’s gaze and answered the question, “Honey, happy birthday, I love you.”

Fei Cheng laughed in a low voice and kissed Nan HuaiLin’s bitten lips, saying in a low voice, “I love you too, the most in this world.”

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