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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Although he had guessed that there would be many people, he hadn’t expected quite so many. Tiananmen Square looked like a huge concert. As far as the eye could see, it was full of people.

Though Nan HuaiLin was fully armed, still from time to time, he was recognized by the sharp-eyed fans. If a fan screamed, it immediately caused other fans to run over. After a few times, Fei Cheng finally couldn’t stand it. “Baby, you better go back to the car and wait. I’ll accompany your parents. With you here, we’re afraid that we won’t have walked to the city gate even by noon.”

Nan HuaiLin had to go back and stay in the car. Bored, he opened Weibo.

He found an entertainment news page. For Director Luo Ke’s new spy drama Red Night, they officially announced the main cast, and He DuanYang’s name was among them.

He hadn’t seen He DuanYang for a long time, since the last reception. Now that he suddenly saw his name, Nan HuaiLin thought of calling his friend to say hello.

When he called, the call was answered in a short time.

“What’s up, Old He?” Nan HuaiLin asked with a smile.

“I’m watching a drama at home,” He DuanYang said. “What are you doing in Tiananmen Square?”

Nan HuaiLin was shocked. “How do you know?”

“I just saw it on the hot search,” He DuanYang said. “’A chance encounter with Nan HuaiLin in Tiananmen Square.’”

How can everything be on the hot search…

Nan HuaiLin was speechless for a moment, then answered He DuanYang’s question. “My parents came to Beijing for a visit, and I brought them to Tiananmen Square.”

“Have you made up with your parents for good?” He DuanYang asked.

“Mn,” Nan HuaiLin smiled. “I went home last month, and talked it all out. By the way,” Nan HuaiLin added. “I saw the news that you’re playing the male character in Red Night?”

“The second male,” He DuanYang said with a smile. “And the role is quite heavy, almost on par with the first male.”

“Director Luo is very powerful. He will be a big hit no matter what subject he shoots,” Nan HuaiLin said. “DuanYang, you will definitely be popular this time.”

“I don’t dare to think about it. I can only do my best,” He DuanYang said. “Thank you for recommending me to Luo at the reception, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten such a good role.”

Nan HuaiLin smiled and said, “If you can’t do it, it’s useless for me to recommend you. You still have real talent.”

He suddenly remembered something, and changed his mind. “DuanYang, why don’t you come to my studio?”

He DuanYang froze. “Huh?”

The reason why Nan HuaiLin proposed this was because it suddenly occurred to him, after the pregnancy period was over and the second children were born, he would be going to Undersea City to accompany Fei Cheng through the six-month-long egg incubation period. Naturally, he couldn’t work for those six months, so the eight girls in his studio would be unemployed. It was perfect to bring He DuanYang in. The studio couldn still run normally when he wasn’t there and He DuanYang could also get better resources and development. It was the best of both worlds.

“In fact, the whole studio is a bit overloaded with human resources just around me, but two people are just right.” Although it was a whim, the more Nan HuaiLin thought about it, the more he thought the idea was really great. “Do you want to come?”

He DuanYang was a little hesitant. “I know you want to help me, but–“

“Don’t worry, it’s settled,” Nan HuaiLin said. “I’ll asked my agent to do it.”

There was a moment of silence before He DuanYang said, “Okay! Then I’ll hang out with you from now on.”

Nan HuaiLin smiled and said, “No problem. Let’s do that for now.”

After he hung up the phone, Nan HuaiLin called Man Tianzhu and told her what happened. Man Tianzhu and He DuanYang were very familiar with each other, so she was very happy to hear Nan HuaiLin’s explanation and promised to do it immediately.

After that business was finished, Man Tianzhu asked him, “Why did you go to Tiananmen?”

“To accompany my parents to have fun,” Nan HuaiLin helplessly held his forehead. “Sister Xiaozhu, you can remove this hot search.”

Man Tianzhu said with a smile, “People are popular. They are like that. Even the smallest thing can drop into the hot search, you have to get used to it.”

Nan HuaiLin sighed, “Didn’t you go out to play?”

Man Tianzhu said, “I’m crazy. I don’t want to go to this hustle and bustle, I’m most comfortable at home.”

After they chatted for a while, Nan HuaiLin hung up the phone. When he looked up, he saw Fei Cheng was coming back with his parents.

When they got into the car, Nan HuaiLin asked curiously, “How come you’re back so soon?”

Geng XiaoRong said, “There are so many people, our bones are going to be squeezed apart. It’s better to go home, and watch TV in the air conditioning.”

Nan ZunShan added fuel to the fire. “What did I say yesterday? You don’t listen to me. You’re looking for a crime, right? Deserved.”

Geng XiaoRong glared at him and said, “Yes, yes. You’re the smartest. So smart that you’re the best.”

Nan ZunShan raised his hand and touched his “top,” glared at his wife in anger, and had nothing more to say.

So they went back home.

Nan HuaiLin turned his head to the back seat and asked, “Is the Great Wall still happening?”

Geng XiaoRong said, “Go to what, ah? Or honestly at home to rest. It’s as if the whole country has flocked to Beijing. Really scary.”

Fei Cheng said while driving, “Mom, it’s quite close to Fayuan Temple. There shouldn’t be many people here.”

Nan HuaiLin once mentioned to him that Geng XiaoRong believed in Buddhism, and basically went to Hanshan Temple every half month to burn incense and worship Buddha.

Geng XiaoRong was really interested. “There really aren’t many people?”

Fei Cheng said, “Tanzhe Temple and Yonghe Palace are more famous, so most foreigners go there. Fayuan Temple is where only the old Beijing people will go, so there will be less people.”

Geng XiaoRong took one look at her husband, and decided. “Then we’ll go to Fayuan Temple.”

Even with the traffic, the journey from Tiananmen Square to Fayuan Temple was only half an hour.

The temple didn’t have as few tourists as Fei Cheng said. But even with the bustle, the thousand-year-old temple had its own quiet charm in the red walls and carved beams, trees and trees of lilacs blooming in the wind, green leaves dripping green, flowers like brocade, the fragrance of flowers and Buddhist incense it was stirring. Straight into the heart. Everything soothed all the restlessness in the heart.

Nan ZunShan accompanied Geng XiaoRong to the Guanyin Temple, but Nan HuaiLin stayed in the shade of the lilac tree and did not want to leave, so Fei Cheng stayed with him.

Nan HuaiLin tilted his head, and held up his phone to take pictures of the lilac tree. The sunlight shone through the gaps in the branches. It brightened the leaves and made the edges of the tiny petals seem to shine.

He couldn’t help but exclaim, “It’s really beautiful.”

Fei Cheng’s face appeared in the picture. He was smiling from ear to ear. “Am I not more beautiful than the flowers?”

Nan HuaiLin pointed his phone at Fei Cheng, “Phone, phone, phone. Who is the most narcissistic man in the world?”

He changed his tone, and said to himself, “The most narcissistic man in the world is him. Our friend Little Dragon Man.”

With that, he clicked two pictures and then looked at his phone. “Wow. So handsome, I’m going to be dizzy.”

Fei Cheng was amused by his series of seamless performances. “Baby, you’re playing too much. Have some water to calm down.”

Nan HuaiLin was also happy. He looked around. The temple visitors were mostly older aunts and uncles. He took off the duck-tongued cap and sunglasses and put them into the backpack Fei Cheng was carrying. He pulled on his deflated hair twice, then reached around Fei Cheng’s neck. With a tense smile, he said, “Stop laughing. Let’s take a group photo. This place is really beautiful, and we must keep a memory. “

Fei Cheng cooperated with him, and Nan HuaiLin said, “Later when I shoot, you can’t sneak up on me, ah. This is the Buddha’s important place, I can’t make a mistake.”

Fei Cheng looked at him with a surprised face. “How did you know I was going to kiss you?

Nan HuaiLin reached out to set Fei Cheng’s face straight. “I’m going to shoot.”

Fei Cheng looked at the camera, and the corners of his mouth naturally curved up in a perfect arc. Nan HuaiLin clicked the shoot button, and then clicked on the finished photo to look at it.

The two people in the photo were head to head, both were smiling slightly and their eyes were also very bright. The sunlight was spilling down on their heads. The tips of their hair were jumping lightly. Behind them were red walls, green trees and white flowers. Both the people and the scenery were very beautiful.

Fei Cheng came over to look at it together. “This photo is perfect. Send it to me. I want to set it as my WeChat avatar.”

Nan HuaiLin sent him the photo, then pulled him to the next step and sat down.

“Are you thirsty?” Fei Cheng asked.

“A little.” Nan HuaiLin said.

Fei Cheng took a bottle of mineral water out of his backpack, and unscrewed the cap before he handed it to Nan HuaiLin.

Nan HuaiLin tilted his head slightly to drink the water, while Fei Cheng raised his hand to pick the lilac petals that had fallen on his hair. With a gentle blow, the petals flew away.

Nan HuaiLin handed the mineral water back to Fei Cheng and asked, “Do we want to go to worship Buddha too?”

Fei Cheng took a sip of water, and said with a smile, “Worshiping Buddha is better than worshiping your husband? I can grant you whatever you wish, believe me.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Nan HuaiLin said to him, then thought seriously for a while and said with a smile, “I can’t think of any wish. It seems that after I met you, my life is complete.”

Fei Cheng looked at him with his cheeks creased. “That’s the best love story I’ve ever heard.”

Nan HuaiLin also looked at him with his cheeks creased. The two of them smiled and looked at each other as if there were only each other, and nothing else in this small world.

The sun was just right, the breeze was just right, the flowers were just right, the people were just right. Everything was incredibly beautiful, just like the fairy tales people read as a child. From now on, they lived happily ever after.

Nan HuaiLin suddenly saw an aunt staring at them not far away, and hurriedly reached out to cover Fei Cheng’s mouth, then stood up and ran away.

“Hey wife!” Fei Cheng shouted, as he got busy chasing after him. “Wait for me!”

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