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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Saving lives was like putting out a fire, a basic guideline that every emergency doctor would keep in mind. As a very responsible Emergency Department doctor, when asked by Wei Long how fast it would take for him to get to the hospital, Shang HaoJia undoubtedly chose the option of ‘the faster the better’.

Of course – the fact that this option was actually hell mode hit Shang HaoJia the hard way when was left at the entrance of the hospital with weak legs.

“Are you okay? Because I felt that you were really in a hurry, I tried to increase the speed as much as I could, so I hope I didn’t cause you too much discomfort.” Wei Long helped him stand firm, asked a concerned question, and thoughtfully straightened his clothing, “I was only worried about whether you would feel uncomfortable again – after all, relatively speaking, the human body is always slightly more fragile, and can be hurt if you are not careful…”

It took him great effort to switch his emotions from flight mode to work mode. Shang HaoJia took deep breaths, calmed his frenzied beating heart and shook his head, “Okay, just a little dizzy. Thanks for your help today, I’ll buy you dinner. “

Hearing his words, Wei Long noncommittally inclined his head, eyes with some interested look, “Thank you for the invitation – I really feel very honored…”

Shang HaoJia’s mind was already focused on the next emergency measures to be taken, and didn’t pay attention to what he said in passing, so he waved his hand at him, and ran quickly into the hospital.

Looking at the back of the figure rushing into the hospital, Wei Long rubbed his jaw, his eyes once again flashed some very light blood color, the corners of his lips picked up in a meaningful arc. The night was dark and the vampire turned back to look at the dull waning moon. His pupils once again turned into a color like ink, as he jumped up lightly and disappeared into the dark night.

The headlights of the ambulance flashed in front of the hospital. The tragic image in front of him made Shang HaoJia’s heart sink – the injured and their families almost filled the corridor outside the emergency room, and even the clinic hall had several beds set up. The nurses kept cleaning and bandaging, but there were still injured people being sent over one after another.

“Old Shang, why are you so fast? Were you asleep in the morgue again?!” A surprised shout came from the door of the emergency room. 

Looking at the corridor that had been blocked, Shang HaoJia simply leapt across the waiting area seat, and took the white suit thrown by his colleague and put it on, “I’ll talk to you later. How is the situation, is this all sent to our hospital?”

“Our hospital is the closest, some triage is going to other hospitals.” The colleague followed him quickly into the emergency room and shook his sore arms, “It’s not fatal, and the CDC has sent the rabies vaccine over. The problem now is that the wounds must be cleared and sutured as soon as possible – there are nurses cleansing but the suturing manpower is really too tight. It would be midnight by the time we finished, that’s why we called you over…”

“I know – give me a small operating room, no need for an assistant.” Shang HaoJia succinctly answered, quickly washed his hands to sterilize, put on a mask and sterile gloves, and walked fast paced into the small operating room.

The man lying on the operating bed was a young man in his twenties with dyed hair and a wolf’s head tattoo on his shoulder, obviously not a good fighter either. The three bloodstains on his chest were shocking, the wounds were very deep, but fortunately, his heart rate and blood pressure were stable. When he heard the movement at the door and looked over sideways, he was obviously conscious.

“The wounds have been treated, I am now going to give you anesthesia. Don’t be afraid, a few scars on the body of a young man isn’t a big deal. When you go out to fight with others with clothes stripped off, no ordinary gangster will dare to touch you.” Shang HaoJia carefully examined the wound, which had been cleaned and disinfected, and laid out with a sterile square. After calming the youth, he took out two lidocaine from the debridement kit and wiped around the wound once again with sterile cotton balls.

The young man’s face was pale and he looked a bit depressed. Hearing his words made his spirit lift, huffing and puffing with a little laughing, “Forget it. If it leaves a scar, I can also go out to show off. What was it? I will tell people that a dog did it…”

“What kind of dog has such big claws? You can say that you fell into the tiger cage, and tigers began to fight you to the death.” Changing into new sterile gloves, Shang HaoJia joked with him in a relaxed tone and tried to distract him while quickly completing the anesthesia. He then sharply threaded the needle and prepared to start stitching up the wound.

The youth snickered, but didn’t dare to move. He helplessly waved his head, “Bullshit, everyone knows we were going to a concert and there are no tigers there. I still don’t understand, in the end, what thing gave me these wounds…”

The wound wasn’t too long, but extremely deep. Fortunately it didn’t reach his ribs or internal organs. Shang HaoJia quickly stitched up the wound layer by layer, heard the youth’s statement, and couldn’t help but smoothly follow up with a question, “It is reasonable to say that its size should be quite large. Did you not see it?”

“It was dark underground, and everything was shaking with the music from the stage. I had no time to react since I only saw something black before my chest began to ache.” The youth sighed heavily, and when he stopped moving, he quickly patted the edge of the bed, “Doctor – why are you only chatting with me? Why don’t you hurry and sew me up?”

Shang HaoJia had already neatly packed up the things on the consultation table, heard his voice and responded without raising his head, “I finished stitching you up. You can go out by yourself. Remember that the wound can’t get wet, don’t move too much, and ask the nurse if you have any other questions. Call in the next person.” 

Only then did the young man react, hurriedly propped himself up on the edge of the bed, looked at the neat stitches on his chest, and couldn’t help but shake his head and tsk, “No kidding… doctor, your stitches are really neat, just like a stapler…”

“That’s the first time I’ve heard such a compliment.”

Lightly laughing and shaking his head, Shang HaoJia was about to take off his contaminated sterile gloves when the young man suddenly paused, and his eyes showed an unbelievable look, “Doctor, I’m not messing you – but look at my wound… is it already healing?”

“Messing with me?” Shang HaoJia inadvertently raised an eyebrow to question him. 

He was about to turn around when the the youth’s voice suddenly became painful to the extreme, “Doctor inadvertently doctor, I can’t seem to breathe, it hurts, help me—”

Thinking of the legend about werewolves, Shang HaoJia’s heart couldn’t stop sinking, and the last trace of luck he had had dispersed. He immediately turned back to plan to temporarily control the youth behind him, but the painful cry beside his ears has turned into an ear-splitting wolf howl.

“What drama is this ah…” Shang HaoJia heaved a sigh and dodged the youth’s haphazardly wielded claws with quick eyes and hands, sharply locking the operating room door behind him. The youth’s eyes had filled with blood, and his expression had become chaotic and hideous, apparently having lost his mind completely.

Under the activities from the past few days, Doctor Shang had apparently developed a rather strong tolerance for all kinds of unimaginable situations. The young man’s mouth was calmly stuffed with a roll of gauze, his shoulders were stopped with one hand, and his feet were tucked in the bend of his knees. Then he smoothly pulled out his belt to skillfully tie his knees together and put the person firmly on the ground.

Outside the door there was no sound of confusion and commotion, it seemed that such a wolf change wasn’t a common occurrence. In order not to cause unnecessary panic, he obviously couldn’t drag the person out of the door.

Shang HaoJia swept his eyes around the room, casually took medical tape to wrap his thumbs back together and sat sideways on the side of the consultation table. He took out the business card from his trouser pocket, which had a clear cut style, and dialed.

The voice in the receiver only rang once, and then came the familiar elegant voice of the vampire, “My dear—”

“No time for dears, my patient here became half human half wolf stretching his neck and wailing. What’s going on?”

After making sure that the wolf-turned youth in his room was under control, Shang HaoJia jumped off the consultation table. With one hand on the phone and one hand holding his pants, he left the clinic.

“There has actually been a wolf transformation – this is my mistake, I was tracking the werewolf leader here, but I didn’t think that this time it was likely to be an indiscriminate attack by a low-ranking wolf.” Wei Long’s voice instantly sank down, and the original almost cheesy and frivolous elegance instantly dissipated, instead it seemed to vaguely reveal some cold meaning of killing and decisiveness.

Hearing the other party speak in such a tone for the first time, Shang HaoJia raised his eyebrows slightly and looked around from room to room, “I’m not asking about the definition – you just need to tell me if all the patients here will become werewolves and how to deal with them after they change. That’s enough.”

“No, in a one-time attack by a low-ranking werewolf, there will only be one victim with wolf transformation. I’ll bring Jia Lun over there. This is a situation that only werewolves can handle – my friend, are you injured? I have confidence in your skills, but you are physically ill after all…” The other side replied with certainty, the original killing spirit almost instantly dissipated clean, and the tone of voice turned into a strong concern.

Hearing that there will only be one that would change, Shang HaoJia breathed a sigh of relief and dashed into the office while holding onto his pants, “It’s good that it’s okay – then call me when you come, I’ll fix my pants first, no more chatting.”

After the initial panic, the office finally regained its orderly situation. The colleague in charge of the shift was anxiously registering the patients that had come in today, and when he heard him enter, he greeted him in passing, “Finished so soon? You—”

As soon as he raised his head, his colleague’s voice stopped abruptly, looked him up and down, and his gaze suddenly took on some frightened and painful meaning, “Old Shang, I remember that your patient was a big guy – do you have to be such an animal?”

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May 16, 2021 9:36 pm

Oh my goodness! Who is this leader wolf, Wei long is searching for with a killing intent. This gets more and more interesting. The doctor handled the situation with such ease, it was awesome! ❤️❤️

May 17, 2021 5:14 am

Well, good thing they’ve called dr Shang back to the hospital, otherwise I doubt ordinary people would be able to deal with this patient.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 18, 2021 12:35 am

Who is the real animal here huh🤣🤣🤣🤣

June 6, 2021 7:48 am

Wow. I want this guy for my doctor. A patient starts to transform into a werewolf, the doctor has him gagged, restrained and is calling for a consult without breaking a sweat. Awesome!

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