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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


“The situation was rather one-sided. Let me borrow your belt. Anyway, your pants won’t fall down.” Shang HaoJia rubbed his temples with a headache, and then unceremoniously jerked his colleague’s trouser belt off, before finally rescuing his sagging pants, “I should let the director see how much weight I’ve lost recently, and you guys should stop saying that I am slacking off…”

“It’s not that the director doesn’t know. It is after a long discussion that we found out that as long as we keep you around, even if we just put you in your office, the number of patients in the emergency department will be very low.”

The colleague said mysteriously as he shook his head, looked profound, shrugged as he raised his hands and pushed him out of the office without a word, “In fact, we secretly all call you our free card, only you do not know that, Free Card Comrade. Although I don’t know what made you come up and rob me of my belt, in order to not increase the number of injuries, you should hurry down work your magic.”

Before he could react, Shang HaoJia was pushed out of the office. He complained bitterly, but shook his head in resignation and rushed back towards the clinic with quick steps. “What is with that? You were all born in China and grew up under the red flag. Did five years of college entrance exams and three years of internships cause you to grow up as socialist modern successors, and now you can’t believe in this bullshit metaphysics?”

Once he reached the first floor, he spotted He JiaLun’s conspicuously tall figure in the hall.

Shang HaoJia squeezed through the crowd, greeted the dutiful guards, and dragged him toward the small operating room, “What’s going on? Didn’t Mr. Wei come?”

“He said he was worried he would pass out again, so he is waiting outside. Said he’ll give you an explanation when you’re done here.” He JiaLun shook his head, faithfully repeated Wei Long’s words, and followed him into the small operating room. Seeing the young man he had tied to the floor, he looked at Shang HaoJia with a bit of solemnity and took two steps back warily, “Shang-Doctor Shang, were you able to take down a werewolf with your bare hands?”

“He hadn’t finished changing when I took him down, so he wasn’t too hard to deal with.” Shang HaoJia shook his head, then held his jaw as he looked at the werewolf covered in gray-brown wolf fur in front of him, and then looked at He JiaLun beside him, “Mr. He, with all due respect. Look at the color of his fur-“

He JiaLun didn’t hesitate to put up his hands and honestly declare himself before he had time to finish, “Ah, I admit that I am husky – but my father was also part snow wolf! Otherwise it would not have been possible to disguise himself and successfully trick my mother into marriage.”

Shang HaoJia shrugged, carried the budding werewolf on the ground to the side of the clinic table and patted him on the back, “So – dear Mr. Snow Wolf. May I ask if you have a way to change him back to a human state?”

He JiaLun shivered, waved his hand and took a few steps to the side, “Don’t talk like that old vampire – I can’t stand this, I don’t bite people.”

Only then did Shang HaoJia realize that he had been influenced by Wei Long unconsciously. Shang HaoJia nonchalantly inclined his head and simply held his arms and stopped talking. He JiaLun then relaxed, took a deep breath, and fluffy and soft dog hair grew out of his body. The top of his head also had two fluttering ears.

“I didn’t bring replacement pants today, so I changed to this point first…Ah-choo!” After saying only one sentence, He JiaLun could not help but sneeze violently. He rubbed his nose with his fluffy paws, and sat on the consultation table with his butt, “This werewolf will not maintain this state of transformation for too long. In a while, he will change back to human himself, and the next transformation will be during the next full moon. If you don’t want him to change again, just inject my serum into him.”

“Are you all so up to date on shots?” Not expecting such advanced means, Shang HaoJia took out a first aid kit from the cabinet. He still couldn’t help but sigh, “I always thought that werewolves should be a very ancient and mysterious race, and wouldn’t ever be associated with the word serum…”

“China still has existed for 5,000 years up and down, and didn’t you guys stop using oracle bones long ago?” He JiaLun justified the answer, the erected ears could not help but shake, obviously very satisfied with his answer.

“Also true, it’s always much easier for you guys to integrate into human society than vampires.” Holding a complex iodine cotton ball and not knowing where to start, Shang Haojia held his chin and looked at the plush paw for a while, and finally decisively picked up a pair of surgical scissors. “Close your eyes, I’m afraid if you howl and cry out again, then our hospital will really be famous.”

“You – What are you going to do–?” He JiaLun asked warily, the ears on top of his head drooped down uneasily. Just before he was about to dodge backwards, there was a sudden chill on his paws.

The sound of haircutting seemed to be very harsh in the quiet small operating room. Feeling the proud dog’s fur being cut until there was a small patch of baldness, by this terrible human doctor without mercy, the wolf dog He JiaLun huffed aggressively, and suddenly cried out with a woof.

“Ai, ai, don’t cry, don’t cry! After you become a werewolf, your personality is really quite a lot worse than when you are in human form…” Shang HaoJia sighed, feeling a headache. He gave the shivering humanoid big dog in front of him a loving hug, repeatedly eliminated the sting several times with cotton balls, and then holding a syringe, stabbed down sharply.

If there was anything more devastating to Doctor Shang than the experience of practicing pediatrics, it was drawing blood from a human husky. After such an unbelievable experience, fellow veterinarians replaced pediatric doctors for the hardest job in the heart of Doctor Shang.

After the blood of his husky human friend was drawn, the youth’s wolf transformation suddenly disappeared as abruptly as it had appeared. His eyes opened in confusion, “Doctor, what’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with me?”

Still holding the paw of the whimpering husky, he pushed him into the corner of the room. Shang HaoJia one-handedly pressed down on the youth’s shoulders, stretched out two fingers in front of his eyes and waved, “It’s okay, you just had some hallucinations. How many is this?”

The youth was slow to react. He hesitated for a while before tentatively speaking, “Two…?”

“Not bad. Since you know how to count, you don’t need to stay here. Go out and call more people who need stitches in.” Shang HaoJia untied the belt that tied the youth’s legs and the medical tape that bound his thumbs. Shang HaoJia patted his shoulder and pointed toward the door.

Although the youth was not yet able to understand the situation, after a couple seconds of thinking, he immediately leapt up excitedly, “Good point. I can also go back and brag to them that I worked as an assistant for the surgery doctor!”

Shang HaoJia shook his head with a smile, put the extracted plasma in a saline bottle to rest, took out a debridement kit and put on a fresh pair of sterile gloves.

There were still many injured people outside, and the youth excitedly pushed open the door, straightened his chest and waved in a decent manner, “Next one, next one, move faster!”

The nurses outside had finished the initial debridement, and the youth dutifully helped to send the patients inside; Shang HaoJia only needed to sterilize the wounds and suture them. The dog was whimpering in the corner of the outer room, and occasionally he would have to make up an excuse to explain himself, but everything became professional and pleasant.

After the end of all the suturing tasks, and the last injured person was pushed out of the small operating room, the youth quickly ran back. Opening the sliding door of the sterile area, he poked his body towards him and excitedly gave him a thumbs up, “Doctor, doctor, that was already the last one. Your speed is absolutely first-class! Compared to others I have seen, they are not as fast as our room…”

Although none of the wounds were fatal, many of them had hurt the muscle layer, and the suturing was not easy at all. Having spent a long period of time in high concentration, Shang HaoJia was tired. He rubbed his sore eyes, and took off the mask and gloves once out of the sterile area, “Today was hard work. Your situation is a bit special, and I need to explain to you…”

He JiaLun, by this time, had transformed back to a human state, but his mood was still very low. He was holding his knees squatting in the corner without saying a word, apparently drawing his blood was not a light blow.

Feeling that the husky’s fragile heart had been hurt once again, Doctor Shang’s guilt came up and he patted him on the shoulder, “Sorry, the situation was too urgent, but my attitude was bad. I should have consulted you first before I shaved you.”

He JiaLun paused before saying something and then spoke with an obvious nasal voice. The words only were said after he sneezed hard again, “No no – I’m not angry with you. I’m just angry with myself. How can I be ashamed of myself to this extent…?” 

Shang HaoJia patted him sympathetically on the shoulder and was about to comfort him, but the door of the room was suddenly opened, and a familiar figure flashed in from the outside.

In this already chaotic enough situation, Shang HaoJia finally saw a reliable acquaintance, and felt relieved. Even his tone was lighter, “Mr. Wei, why did you run in by yourself? With so many injured patients, are you okay with that?”

Keenly aware of the change in his tone, Wei Long’s inky pupils showed a smile and gave him a warm hug, “I should thank your hospital for its shocking efficiency, which is different from the old days. My friend, it looks like you’ve had a very heavy day at work. I smell at least six to seven different humans’ blood on you, and the lingering scent of an unscrupulous werewolf who took advantage of the opportunity to claim a hug…”

“Not light indeed. You’re just in time, I have a pretty important thing to ask you.”

Not yet recovered from his professional state, after Shang HaoJia and Wei Long briefly hugged, he raised his hand to hold Wei Long’s shoulder, solemnly looking at him, “My dear friend, I know you have hemophobia, but are you clear what hemophobia is?”


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Sue R
Sue R
May 17, 2021 12:48 pm

They became an acquaintance in short time. Thank you for the chapter.

May 17, 2021 1:09 pm

Hugging now aye? That was sudden.
Thank you for translating.

May 17, 2021 7:58 pm

Brief hug huh but the doctor is not completely immune to WL completely. Sometimes WL words get to him and his heart flutters! He literary shaved him and hugged him to pull out blood! Those colleagues are something else always relying on the poor doctor!

May 18, 2021 12:41 am

Dr Shang is in dr mode forever🤣🤣🤣

May 18, 2021 5:23 am

Dr Shang being the doctor he is, I bet he’ll try to cure the supernatural creatures with health problems. 😂

Thank you for the chapter!!!

Carina, wanderingfujoshi
Carina, wanderingfujoshi
May 30, 2021 12:30 pm

So MC drew the blood of the werewolve friend and then didn’t inject it in the patien who turned into a werewolf? But the werewolve patient just suddenly woke up by himself?
Did I understand that right?
Thanks for the chapter!^^

June 6, 2021 7:55 am

Yup. Just a big husky who needs hugs making the vampire jealous. 😀 Funny chapter!

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