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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


“What lasagna – hurry up and get me a pie first, I’m starving to death…” Shang HaoJia was not ready to answer. Behind him suddenly came a strange, weak voice. He subconsciously turned around, the golden dragon on the ground had actually opened his eyes.

The dragon’s tail feebly slapped the ground twice, “That bastard vampire, actually took away most of my qi blood…I will not spare him!”

“Daddy!” Seeing the golden dragon finally wake up, two little dragons tearfully pounced on him, wrapped around him while rubbing and whimpering. With the two little ones crying, rain fell in the blink of an eye.

The fire dragon on the side was moved to blink rapidly, lifting his little paws to wipe his tears, but he could not reach his eyes. He could only pull up the curtain next to him and wipe the tears from his face with one piece, “Great! A’Lin, you’re finally awake, great…”

“…” Eli covered his chest with heartache, also wiped the tears from his eyes as he pulled out the statement that he had just filled in with the damage to the guardrail, and silently added the curtains on it.

“Ah, I’m fine. Why are you crying?” The golden dragon had only just awakened when his two sons rubbed their faces full of tears on him. He subconsciously wanted to put on the majesty of being a father, but as soon as he glared, he could not help but suck in a swift breath, and went soft like a noodle.

Looking at dad still dying of weakness, Xian Bei anxiously flew to Shang HaoJia and pleaded as he gently rubbed the back of his hand, “Doctor, can I give my father two pieces of candy? Father’s hungry…”

“Of course you can. Thinking of your daddy, such an understanding child.” Seeing the little one successfully overcome his fear of heights, Doctor Shang nodded in relief and did not remind him how far he was from the ground now. Just smiled and touched the little dragon’s dragon horns, then fished out the last two pieces of big white rabbit 1 from his pocket and peeled it patiently, “Go ahead and feed it to your daddy by yourself.”

“Thank you, Doctor!” The little dragon excitedly cheered, and then with the sugar in his mouth, he flew back to the golden dragon and fiercely fed it all into his mouth. “Daddy, this candy is particularly delicious! Every time I go to steal milk from Xiao Hu’s family, this is the taste!”

The golden dragon originally did not want to eat this kind of childish thing, but his own qi and blood were really too seriously lost. Even the side of his head strength was gone, but he could only let the little one put the candy into his mouth without any reason. Only after two chews, he suddenly raised his neck slightly, the round dragon eyes filled with some surprise. “This taste is really good! Human boy, where did this come from? What can I exchange with you to get some?”

“It’s just ordinary milk candy. I usually carry two pieces with me, so I am ready when the clinic receives a crybaby like your child.” Seeing these ovoviviparous animals being successfully subdued by a piece of milk candy, Doctor Shang suddenly felt the sincere pride of being a mammal. Smiling and shaking his head, he rolled up his sleeves and walked over, “Come on, do me a favor – lift this Mr. Dragon onto the couch.”

The werewolf who had been responsible for physical work subconsciously responded. The vampire’s kind gaze suddenly met him, and he instinctively tucked in his tail and retreated. When he saw that his husky friend was quite understanding, Wei Long also nodded in satisfaction. He took off his suit jacket and handed it to the werewolf, pulled up the sleeves of his shirt sharply, and helped the human doctor lift the golden dragon to the sofa.

“This noble true dragon highness, I hope I can understand a little more – in your opinion, is there any difference between that vampire’s aura and mine?”

“You are also a vampire? There is no smell of blood on you at all, were you raised on a vegetarian diet?” The golden dragon looked at him suspiciously and shrugged his nose and sniffed, before moving with difficulty and plopping down on the sofa, “That bastard vampire was covered in the scent of blood, and it’s messy as hell. Even a legendary beast taotie should have been hunted by him…”

“That – can I ask, did he say anything?” By Eli, the werewolf lowered his voice and asked, and snapped and wagged his tail, “Seriously, you Chinese people really have no sense in speaking! Nothing is good sounding, not even a single word…”

Eli held his jaw, deep in thought for a while, and answered with certainty, “Although I also do not understand, but the name of divine beasts is not usually two words, it should be four.”

The simple werewolf nodded convincingly and patted his shoulder with sincere admiration again, “Awesome awesome, not bad for a doctoral student, you are quite learned.”

Eli was a little vain from his compliments, and when he looked at He JiaLun’s tail that was fluttering around behind him, he finally couldn’t help but secretly reach out his hand and try to touch it, “You can’t put this tail away all the time? Then where do you usually put it? Stuff it in your pants?”

“Nonsense – I also want to put it away, but then what would I do with the hole in the back of my pants?” Then the hybrid succubus lightly stroked the good domestic husky who felt all his hair stand on end. Forcefully moving away his tail, the werewolf’s face flooded with an embarrassed blush and glared at him.

Realizing that his question was indeed a bit stupid, Eli resentfully rubbed his nose and stepped back. After pretending to calmly straighten his clothes, he turned his gaze back to the sofa. 

Listening to the description of the golden dragon, Wei Long pondered for a while, before deliberately and slowly spoke, “A vampire that only preys on divine beasts – in my memory, there really hasn’t been a similar kind with this particular taste. It seems that it’s probably a new vampire that descended after I fell asleep…”  

Doctor Shang, who was leaning in the swivel chair, suddenly straightened up, the pen in his hand casually twirled twice, and shook his head with certainty, “It may not be for food. I checked the wounds on his body while dressing him. The open injuries were wounds without lacerations and had neat edges not accompanied by contusion – they can not be bite marks, and should belong to knives. Referring to the habits of humans, I think the blood collection for medicine has a higher chance.”

“It’s possible, didn’t they say before that dragon meat can be an aphrodisiac?”

Seeing the opportunity to flip, He JiaLun immediately nodded in agreement, and again impishly came up, smiling and patting the shoulder of the old European vampire, “You only know the European time, now the empire is not like the Middle Ages. The level of technological development for the American vampires has changed. What if people found a new way, only you don’t know?”

To the werewolf’s surprise, Wei Long’s reaction was obviously not as lost and frustrated as he had imagined, instead, he nodded with a serious expression, “It also makes sense to consider this possibility as an alternative factor.”

Being in a semi-wolfish state, the emotionally rich husky’s mind instantly collapsed, the hair on his tail exploded with a poof, and he looked at the vampire in front of him incredulously, “How can you not react at all–are you vampires all so cold-blooded?”

“I have not sworn allegiance to the royal family, nor have I been awarded a title by the royal family – in fact, it was my situation that brought shame to the purebloods which led to my expulsion from the British royal family in the first place.” Wei Long lifted a kind smile, patted him on the shoulder, and looked at the human doctor, “By the way, from an objective medical point of view, my blood is probably cold. Is that correct, my dear friend? “

“My dear air conditioner, that is a correct statement.” With a rather facetious nod, Doctor Shang replied in a subdued manner, and then turned his chair back to the golden dragon on the sofa. Clutching his arms and leaning forward, he struck a pose of full patient respect.

“Mr. Xian Lin, I know you must be feeling very tired right now – but what we have learned so far alone is not nearly enough to get an accurate picture of the situation. Do you have any more valid information to give us?”

“Because he attacked me as soon as he came up, I didn’t have time to listen carefully to what he had to say.” The golden dragon frowned and thought carefully for a long time before scratching his horn with his tail uncertainly, “And the foreign language he spoke, I really didn’t understand much – I just remember he seemed to be calling something, something Wang Laoji…” 2

Shang HaoJia sat up straight in surprise and couldn’t help but shake his head unbelievably, “Is it actually such a grounded name…Is it actually a native vampire?”

“If I’m not wrong, he probably said ‘Wayne Loki.'” The vampire on the side couldn’t help but cough lightly, stepped forward and leaned over slightly to explain, “If translated into Chinese, it’s usually probably written Wayne Loki. This is a very traditional Nordic name – he did not give his surname. It may be because he needs to hide his identity, or it may be because he, like me, has been stripped of his original family name by his family for some irresistible reason, and I will go back and use my means to check it out.”


“So that’s how it is, no wonder…” Hearing his words, the golden dragon nodded in realization, “I was saying, it was weird that he was wearing a tuxedo with a sunshade. I just thought his parents were very unmindful to come up with such a bullshit name…”


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Translator Notes:

  1. Addis note: Funnily enough, I’m chewing on the green tea version while translating this. Lol.
  2. 王老吉 Wang Laoji is a beverage brand in China. They mainly sell a Chinese herbal tea, and is one of the most popular tea drinks in China today. It is sold in many forms and different types of cans or cardboard containers.


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Thank you for translating this chapter.

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It getting complicated😫😫😫😫

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There’s hope for the acrophobic little dragon! And it seems we have a situation here. Thank you for the chapter!!!

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Interesting! The little dragon is cured! He can fly! Eli and the werewolf are something else lol this gets more intriguing by the chapter. I wonder who this other vampire is??!

Jeannette Woodrum
Jeannette Woodrum
October 19, 2022 5:51 am

I’s becoming more complicated and yet more interesting. Thank you for the chapter. I’m now suffering from sleep deprivation. I keep waking up in the middle of the night to continue reading.

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