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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


“Although I think it’s unlikely, I’ll ask one more question. Did you ask him this question when you were fighting that vampire?” Doctor Shang clasped his arms, looked at the scarred golden dragon in front of him, and cautiously pursued the question.

“Of course I had to ask him!” The Golden Dragon nodded righteously, slapped the armrest beside him, and straightened his neck with excitement on the sofa, “I don’t know what kind of wind he had, I had the upper hand, but after the question he suddenly went berserk. That guy, his eyes were as red as lanterns, chased me for 3,000 miles!”

“If my statement will not be judged as anti-social, I have to say – I still have some understanding of the feelings of my kind.” The vampire rubbed his temples, sighed lightly with a smile, and slowly and methodically lowered the sleeve he was holding up, “Of course – as a vampire, I absolutely support the vampire-human and all-races convention. I think my kind should not actively reveal their identity, and not actively hunt. But actively mingle for the purpose of first embrace and human interaction…”

“At a glance you are a higher demon, but that kind of yours is different. Chasing me all the way, scaring me until I overtook two aircraft. I even accidentally knocked over a messenger owl, and I do not know where it fell to afterwards.” The golden dragon sighed heavily and waved its tail with a headache, “They’ll have to fine me later for maliciously merging, plus chasing after the messenger owl. At the very least I’ll have to pay a fine of two dragon scales…”

“A’Lin, don’t worry – if the apostle of the Special Department comes, I’ll pay the fine for you.” The fire dragon struggled to move his small claws to take him into his arms and patted him twice soothingly, “My scales have fire attributes and are of great use to them in refining weapons, they will definitely agree.”

Glancing at the people around, the golden dragon embarrassingly waved his tail, and his tone then unconsciously slowed down, “Ah, well, so many people are watching, what does it look like…quickly let go. We’ll go home and we will hug again, okay?”

“Welp–!” The two little dragons looked at each other, tacitly agreed to use the tail to cover the eyes, then issued a neat coaxing sound.

The Golden Dragon straightened up in annoyance and was about to teach the two little bastards a lesson when he was pressed into the sofa by the Fire Dragon’s large body, “No anger, no anger, the two children are also worried because you…”

“You better take them away as soon as possible, my funding for this semester is not enough to buy another sofa!” Seeing the two dragons flashing cold sharp nails, Eli finally could no longer hold back, with hot tears, he heroically pounced on the expensive leather sofa. “Old Shang, turn around. You better give me a scientific explanation. Otherwise, the reason I will report that these things need repair will be that it was eaten by Shang HaoJia. You see if the professor believes it!”

“You have already seen werewolves, a vampire and four dragons, but you still want a scientific explanation?” Looking at the old classmate who had lost his logic, Doctor Shang sympathetically patted his shoulder, but still turned around and looked inquiringly at the ever-reliable vampire.

Satisfied that his dear doctor was getting used to his presence, the corners of the vampire’s mouth lifted into a soft curve and he leaned down with one hand on his shoulder, “Please don’t worry, my dear friend. It’s getting dark so I can take them away now. Do you want to go with me?”

“I have nowhere else to go for the moment, so I will follow you.” Looking out the window, Doctor Shang nodded reassuringly and turned to the young man who was filled with excitement and obviously could not resist the urge to run out and show off his experience.

“Although this is a little unfair to you, we still have to hand you over to their special department. Let them determine if you are ready to contact the threat, and decide if you still want to keep your memory of today. Mr. He, can you send him back to the police station and hand him over to Mu Xi?”

“Okay, then I’ll send him back.” He JiaLun nodded and responded, then turned around and beckoned towards the youth. 

The young man’s face fell and he dawdled at Shang HaoJia’s side, tugging his coat curtly, “Don’t…Doctor Shang, have you forgotten what we discussed? I still have to tune for you, don’t send me away just like that…”

“I remember, but the one who needs your help with tuning is the elf named An MuXi.” Shang HaoJia neatly packed up his things, and without raising his head, responded, then patted him on the shoulder, “His singing is not quite in tune. You can help him record two songs, tune them more accurately. Tell him to play the recording directly next time, but don’t open your mouth again.”

“Eh yo eh yo – I see, this was the problem!” Once he heard that there were actually elves to see, the youth was immediately excited, rubbed his hands and he smiled, “Doctor, Doctor, the elves are particularly good-looking ah? The name sounds like a handsome man! When I play the games, the elves are usually so handsome…”

“How did you hear the name and think handsome? I think it sounds like a yogurt seller?” Eli could not help but interject a sentence.

Shang HaoJia pressed back into the chair, looked sincere and nodded, “He’s quite handsome. You will follow him for two days, help him to tune, and by the way also let him see how you should handle this situation. Go now, if it’s later he will get off work.”

“Okay, then I’ll take the car. You guys can jump or fly.” He JiaLun nodded, waved the keys in his hand twice, and pulled the youth towards the door, “Anyway, I still don’t trust the dragons – I heard that the dragon has had several accidents, compared to the vampire, it’s safer…”

“What do you mean – how are we dragons unsafe?! We just like to go fast! Who told those griffins and phoenixes to fly so slow?” The golden dragon was still pinned down by the fire dragon on the couch, he defiantly replied, struggling to poke his head out, “Either the old complaint about us, saying that we scared the Pegasus – so weak – those horses see a meat-eating creature and go weak. Can that be blamed on us? I say we should not give those pegasus a license, they are not useful for anything but looking good…”

“According to you, should the Special Department be blamed for poor consideration?” A strange voice suddenly came from outside the window. The crowd subconsciously looked over, and saw a lion was flapping its wings as it was suspended outside the window.

Its voice was low and soft, and it sounded somewhat indistinguishable from male and female. After scanning the room, he stepped on the windowsill and leapt into the office with a light leap, “Xian Lin, the Dragon Clan, Upper Sky License Plate Dragon-A9274. Confirmed by the third monitoring falcon. You are charged with speeding, forced merging over an aircraft, retrograde, and hit-and-run. Do you admit to these infractions?”

“This winged lion lady, A’Lin – he – because he was chased by a vampire, he violated the traffic rules. Can the bureau be a little more accommodating?” The Fire Dragon hastily held down his spouse who was about to get angry, and moved forward to explain in a good voice. 

Who knew that the winged lion would suddenly seem to be stabbed. The original official attitude suddenly changed and a large claw slammed on the ground, “I just have a bald neck! You fools! Why do all of you call me a lady?! You think I look like a lioness?!”

“Theoretically, since you shaved your head, you can’t blame others for treating you like a lioness…” Originally intending to take the youth to leave, seeing the situation in the room, the werewolf could not help but fall back, holding the door frame, “If I remember correctly, you lions are originally divided into male and female if you have a mane, right?”

“I–” The winged lion rounded his eyes and grasped the ground then fluttered his wings in annoyance before turning to the apprehensive fire dragon, “Anyway, the bureau, taking into account your special circumstances, will lessen the fine to one dragon scale. Hurry to pay the fine so that I can go back! Hurry up! Hurry up!”

“Okay, we’ll pay it here.” The fire dragon nodded hastily and was about to remove a scale from his body when Shang HaoJia suddenly slapped his bony wing, blocking his movement.

“And what do you mean by this, you human. Do you intend to obstruct official business as well?!” The winged lion had apparently fallen into a berserk state, and his tone had changed from soft to impatient. 

The vampire subconsciously took a step forward to block the human doctor behind him, but Shang HaoJia only smiled lightly and took his arm, shaking his head, “Please let me have a word with this winged lion gentleman, ten seconds will be enough. ” He asked. He moved around the vampire in front of him, unhurriedly came to the winged lion’s ear, lowered his voice and whispered something.

The people originally looked at the situation in front of them with fear and trepidation, but they were shocked to see that the winged lion suddenly had his original anger disappear, and became ecstatic as he took a few steps towards him. “Are you telling the truth? What is the solution? I will try it when I go back…”

Shang HaoJia slightly raised his eyebrows, before planning to speak, the winged lion suddenly reacted, and quickly interrupted his words, “Forget it, its best not to say in front of outsiders – I will return to you tonight to ask, I have my own way to find you.”


After the human in front of him agreed on a time, the winged lion flapped his wings twice and walked towards the window. “Today’s fine will be waived, I’ll go back and tell them that a good dragon was beaten out of dragon form. The violation is also considered excusable. But you have to remember to go back to see the owl. A good owl is flabbergasted by you guys to turn two hundred and fifty degrees…”


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May 21, 2021 1:39 pm

Could this be misconstrued as bribery? 😉😉🤔😁
Thank you for translating this chapter.

May 21, 2021 10:26 pm

Now am curious what did the Dr Shang whispered to the lion🤔🤔🤔🤔

May 22, 2021 6:42 am

Considering the title, the lion mistaken as lioness has a problem of balding, so our good doctor just told him how to cure it. Payment settled!

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 22, 2021 8:27 am

How.. just how were they able to fit in one room?? 😳😅🤣

Anyhow. Funny chapter again. 😆 Dr Shang seems to have become a magnet for peculiar beings.

May 23, 2021 5:10 pm

What did the good old doctor tell him!?? So curious! I like how WJ instinctually protects the doctor and the doctor is getting used to his company as well. Looking forward to the next chapters!

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