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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


“No, no, honey, you’ve lost too much blood and you have to stay in bed to recuperate. It’s too dangerous to be a decoy, and even if Wayne Loki is really allergic to human blood, I wouldn’t ask you to risk it again anyway.”

Easily guessing the human doctor’s mind, the vampire hurriedly pressed him back into bed, but still couldn’t help but curiously poke the set of false teeth, “But honey, what is this…”

“I asked for them from the students. I originally wanted to give you a treatment to see if you could gradually adapt to the process of growing teeth after wearing them a few more times.” Doctor Shang sighed lightly in frustration and took a bite out of the vampire’s arm, “Actually, it feels good to bite, my dear friend, I really suggest you try it out – I have two new ones. Do you want to wear them?”

“No, no, although it does look very realistic, but my own teeth are more comfortable and dear to me…” The vampire subconsciously shivered and shook his head without hesitation, declining the human doctor’s warm offer.

The patient’s strong resistance was felt, as a doctor who advocates considerate and humane medical treatment, Shang HaoJia had to shake his head regretfully. Letting go of his arm, he leaned back on the pillow at the head of the bed, “Speaking of teeth, I was really surprised – was it true what you said then or did you just scare them? Can pure blood really call other vampire tooth decay?”

“Naturally, it’s true. In fact, when we left, I already heard Wayne Loki’s speech start to hiss.” The vampire nodded with a smile as he met the curious gaze of his human. He took the glass of water floating in mid-air and put it on the table, but his eyes suddenly took on some cautious gravity. “But he was actually able to resist my suppression to move freely, and the progress of the leakage is also much slower than I thought. It seems that his power is indeed very strong. Back when I used this ability for the first time, before I could say the next word, I was tickled out of the palace by Queen Mary…”

“Did you curse the teeth out of that Bloody Mary?”

Doctor Shang vaguely understood why Bloody Mary I disappeared after only a year as queen, and the other party was expelled from England. He skillfully mixed himself a cup of light salt water, chugged most of the cup down, and only then suddenly realized that his wound had actually recovered. “This is, how? Was it your blood? Vampire blood not only has a strong recovery ability, but also the ability to help others to heal their wounds?”

“My dear, you can certainly understand it that way as well – it’s actually what it does.” Nodding with a light smile, Wei Long picked up the piece of sapphire pendant and leaned down to put it on his neck for him. He gracefully lowered one knee to the ground again, and solemnly held his left shoulder with one hand.

“This stores the power of the altar, the most precious treasure of the Blood race, and the gift I’ve been preparing to give you. Because I was worried that it might bring you an unexpected disaster, I hadn’t dared to give it to you directly until now. But now the power inside it has been completely depleted, so even if you take it out, you don’t have to worry about suffering any more danger.”

“In that case, you basically don’t have any last reserve of food left.” Looking at the beautifully shaped blue necklace, the pragmatic Doctor Shang did not experience any special beauty. He drank the rest of the light salt water, nodded thoughtfully, “Considering the current actual situation, my current blood loss is really not very much? But why did you suddenly kneel down?”

“Because I feel apologetic. Although we seem to have established a relationship, I still haven’t made a decent confession, which is really very ungraceful and ungentlemanly behavior.” The tone of voice suddenly changed back to its usual deep affection, the vampire was still half-kneeling in front of him, elegantly with one hand on his shoulder, honestly raising his head, “The guide says that at such times one must kneel down, and then the other party will promise with hot tears to marry the elegant gentleman…”

“…” Doctor Shang blinked in bewilderment and looked in silence at the vampire who seemed to be drinking fake blood. 

The atmosphere was eerily quiet for three seconds before Wei Long gave up his faith in the guide as good as gold, “…Forget it, I’d better stand up. “

“Wait a minute, we must seriously discuss a problem.” Suddenly aware of the other party’s extremely dangerous partner view, Doctor Shang propped up the edge of the bed and leaned forward and seriously held the vampire’s wrist, “Although I also agree that we have established a relationship, but Mr. Vampire, in the various previous situations, are you defaulting me to become the bottom?”

Sensing the extreme importance that his own human placed on this matter, the vampire hastily shook his head, raised a hand like a vow, and replied sincerely, “No no, my dear – please believe me. According to the secret records passed down from generation to generation in the blood family, you can undoubtedly be on top as well.”

Although it was not as if he hadn’t seen all kinds of fantastic patients, Doctor Shang, who after all had no practical experience and still remained a virgin in certain aspects, believed in the vampire’s words just like that. Only when he was relieved, the cell phone by the bed suddenly rang.

“Oh no, if I work overtime now, I may not be able to do it…” Hearing the phone ring, Shang HaoJia’s heart thumped, and he hurriedly snatched the phone up. Seeing the caller ID, he calmed his heart, and pillowed his arms back against the pillow, “My beloved Apostle Lord, what’s wrong with you this time? Even Eli doesn’t want you?”

“My dear potato chips, this time it’s serious business. Is your vampire with you? Give him the phone for a moment.” The voice on the phone carried a rare seriousness, Shang HaoJia could not help but slightly raise his eyebrows, and no longer joked with him. He handed the phone to the vampire beside him.

Wei Long took the phone and added a pillow to his back, helping his still bloodless human to lie more comfortably, “It’s me, Apostle MuXi. May I ask what’s the matter?”

“A vampire is forbidden to attack other races from seven in the morning to eight in the evening, so if I bring it back to the bureau, it will be a big deal, and maybe your whole blood race will be sanctioned by the association.”

“…Dear, it seems that Mr. Eli has helped you to fulfill the wish of giving Wayne Loki a mouthful of human blood.” According to the known plot, the vampire quickly sorted out the whole thing. He patted the human doctor’s shoulder sincerely and followed up with a concerned question, “There is naturally nothing wrong with sending it to me, but is it okay on Mr. Eli’s side?”

“Nothing, probably the vampire’s gaping teeth, largely limiting his blood-sucking speed. Now it will take him half a day to only sip out a mouthful of blood. I helped Eli heal, he is now taking the kids to Comic-Con.”

The elf’s tone was quite relaxed, it seems that the innocent half breed succubus obviously didn’t matter, “It’s not that I say that the old vampire like you, who are suspected of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, should ask them to provide for the aged at home and don’t run around. After biting, you’ll even go touch porcelain. I’m still an official elf, no matter what. Originally, I wanted to go to Manzhan… “

“Thank you, Your Excellency the Apostle, can you please tell us more specifically about the situation?” Although the overall result was quite satisfactory, after a slight estimate of time, the vampire’s expression turned slightly gloomy.

“According to the distance between us and the time at that time to calculate, he should have no more teeth to use to hurt people at that time, that’s why I was relieved to leave… he actually still had the remaining power to bite people?”

Quite professionally pondering for a moment, the elf returned with certainty, and suddenly there was a muffled cursing on the phone. He can’t hear anything, most likely the elf pinched open Wayne Loki’s mouth and was checking his teeth, “Now there is definitely no more. Now he’s lying next to me, crying almost like a two hundred pound baby. Well… originally he had only one canine tooth, and now it’s gone. But I can’t guarantee how it fell out, it could be pulled out by Eli, or it could be knocked on the road. By the way, if Chips is not working today, can you help to see how he is doing? I’m not kidding, this guy is swollen like a 200-pound baby…”

Despite the relative positions, it was still hard not to feel some sincere sympathy for Wayne Loki. The vampire coughed lightly and couldn’t help but rub his temples, “Very well, thanks to His Excellency the Apostle, in fact–“

He was going to say that Shang HaoJia still needs to rest and politely decline the invitation to heal. But before he could say anything, the dedicated human doctor snatched the phone back, “I’m not working, my beloved senior. Can you describe the situation a little more professionally – although you’re an elf who sings off-key, don’t forget you’re still a doctor in training in the laboratory…”

“How am I being unprofessional? I’ve just been taking a refresher course in doctor-patient communication, trying to portray the condition in a more vivid and understandable way.” The examining doctor-in-training retorted defiantly, and was silent for a moment before stammering again, “Anyway, he’s just – he’s in a coma right now! And then there’s puffiness…”

“… Well, I probably understand why you’ve been studying for a PhD for eight years. Even if you’re busy with work, have you even forgotten your expertise completely?” Sighing bitterly, Shang HaoJia shook his head hatefully and corrected the other party’s not at all professional case report, “You can’t determine whether it’s syncope or coma now, you have to call loss of consciousness uniformly – is the edema depressed or non-depressed, upward or downward?”


“I can’t help it, in recent years, all my after-school time was dedicated to singing… say again! In a study of the test, I did clinical examinations how many years ago? You can now remember what you took in the college entrance exam?!” Being faced with the Waterloo of the elf’s annoyed retort, the tone of voice was instantly weakened, “That – how to judge depressed or non-depressed….?”


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Honey, dear… awww.
Thank you for translating.

May 25, 2021 10:42 am

So now they are in a relationship lol It was funny how the doctor was concerned if he was automatically a bottom and the vampire referred to the family history and said he can also top lol the elf is something else lol

May 25, 2021 10:42 am

I’m looking forward to how they’re going to resolve the top-bottom issue. Bwahahahaha that gangster vampire’s teeth fell out, so funny! 😂🤣 But why Muxi calls Shang HaoJia ‘chips’?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 25, 2021 10:36 pm

Eli so cute😂😂😂

June 7, 2021 11:44 am

Dr Shang will never be too sick to see a patient. I love the our vampire’s attempt at a romantic proposal and the doctor turning it into a practical conversation about who’s on top during sex. Hahaha! Great chapter!

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