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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


“Can’t even do that? Just poke him, see if you can poke a crater… Yes, and then see if there’s a rash. No need to check for breathing, Do you think there’s any point in checking? And then see if there is vomiting. If he vomits blood, you remember to clean up before we come over…”

After a lot of words, even the light salt water was drunk, the honors student Shang HaoJia finally, with difficulty, guided his assistant to finish the examination. Doctor Shang took the last sip of water and nodded reassuringly, “Okay, it’s probably just a few typical reactions to allergies. Don’t move him. Send him here first. I still need to refer to the healthy vampire’s body condition for comparison. Don’t poke him again, you hear me?”

“How do you know I’m still poking him?” Resentfully retracting his hand, Dr. Elf, who had been lectured by the doctor, muttered discontentedly and sighed lightly in a serious manner. “Chips, I think your definition of health has gotten looser and looser since you’ve been hanging out with them. Do you really think a vampire with hemophobia is healthy? In my opinion, it can be a terminal illness if you take it seriously…”

“In my opinion, an elf who sings off-key is more hopeless than a vampire with hemophobia – after all, hemophobia is perfectly curable in principle. But singing out of tune is something that the medical community hasn’t seemed to make much progress on in all these years.” Doctor Shang gave a brutal smackdown and, not surprisingly, nodded in satisfaction when he heard a cry from the other side of the phone, “Okay, enough of this nonsense… Remember to bring me some cassoulet rice, I’m starving.”

Under the blow of several consecutive days, An MuXi’s resistance to stress had obviously improved a lot, and after howling a few sentences immediately recovered his mood, and he excitedly agreed, “Good, cassoulet rice, right? Then I’ll have one myself…” 

After solving the problem of his own rations, Doctor Shang finally let go of a matter of the heart. He was about to get out of bed and change his clothes when he heard a sudden grunting sound on the phone, followed by the elf’s powerful reprimand.

“Are you two the only ones coming?”

Not being able to think of anyone else at this level who could be trained, Shang HaoJia couldn’t help but wonder, and then he heard the excited voice of the elf who had finally raised his eyebrows.

“Just the two of us – I trained that bloodsucking ball! All swollen into a ball, how dare you ask me for any duck blood vermicelli soup and hairy blood! You’ve really spoiled him! I took him right past the store door, without stopping…”

Originally also because of their own doctor’s maintenance and feeling quite pleasant, the vampire did not have time to be happy for a long time, before he keenly heard the two say their creepy words. He subconsciously sat up straight and looked warily at the human doctor who seemed to have been suddenly inspired.

“You didn’t buy it?”

“No, I… I didn’t see that he didn’t even have a tooth, even if he bought it, he couldn’t eat it…”

He was startled by his best friend’s suddenly serious tone. They always know each other in the professional obsessive rigor, these past few years having not studied properly for the test, the doctor felt a few weaknesses, the voice also unconsciously became smaller, “You’re so fierce. What I buy him is not…”

“Do not give him food. He can’t eat in his current condition, so just let him smell and soothe his wounded heart first.” The first step of the plan was successfully achieved. Doctor Shang nodded with satisfaction, gave another medical advice and hung up. With the doctor’s exclusive benign smile, he looked at the vampire who was trying to sit himself into a statue.

“Honey, do you want to try and see? Both of these foods don’t have the taste and shape of blood anymore, in case you can take it, it’s much better than not eating anything, right?”


The vampire blinked his eyes with hot tears and finally decided to sacrifice himself for love, nodding his head sadly, “I think so too. My dear, you are very right and I am very willing to give it a try…”

“Very good, what a good patient who listens to his doctor.” Doctor Shang gratefully patted his own patient’s shoulder, and used the momentum to brace himself to stand up, he was flooded with another unsurprising wave of vertigo. His eyes suddenly went black for a moment, and when he came to, he was already in the arms of the vampire.

“Honey, you really need to rest – your medical advice also said that you need to lie in bed and rest, and then eat blood-supplementing food. The vampire is not as complicated to treat as a human, when he was sent here, feeding him a mouthful of my blood will be enough. You’d better lie down and sleep for a while, no need to worry too much about him-“

“I’m not worried about him, I’m afraid to tell MuXi to see what’s wrong. The two of us have always been on good terms, and if he knew that unlucky guy even bit me, he probably wouldn’t be as nice as he is now.”

The vampire was half in his arms, Shang HaoJia helplessly smiled, and also relaxed, leaning on him, “He is after all, the Special Agency, in case of trouble, and eventually dragged you into trouble. I just have passing vertigo, I know it in my own heart, it doesn’t matter.”

“I believe that Apostle MuXi is a gentleman who is willing to be reasonable – even if he is not, I will find a way to convince him to be reasonable. I’ll take care of this matter, my dear, all you have to do is rest well and get well as soon as possible…”

The human doctor still had pale lips, and the vampire’s eyes filled with a deep penetrating soft pain. Suddenly one hand gathered the back of his shoulders, he leaned down and gently kissed his lips.

It was the first time he kissed him when his human was fully awake, Shang HaoJia blinked blankly, his body was like a spell of immobilization had been cast. He felt a cool touch on his lips, it was like he was suddenly awakened by something. He subconsciously shivered, the blood color spread from the cheeks to the back of the ears in a rapid manner, the neck also flooded red with speed visible to the naked eye.

“…Dear, you seem to have ripened.” The British vampire, who believed in elegance, naturally would not change it into a hot French kiss, and this one kiss was only a shallow touching, like butterfly wings. When he straightened, he found that his human had become red. He could not help but gently poke his cheeks. “I originally had an old friend, a lobster, but one day, he suddenly became red, he said it was because he had been cooked…”

“That’s because the original pigment is red and the- forget it, this is not important. Say hello to your lobster friend for me, after all, it is one of the few ingredients that both Chinese and British people love equally…” Because of the shock, his thinking was too scattered, and the human doctor had to turn his brain upside down to answer. He could not help but give a low cough, forcibly pulling back his own reins of thought. “No, now the lobster is not important – how did you go from that to suddenly kissing me?”

“If I’m honest, it’s actually because – from the day we met, this scene has been rehearsed in my mind thousands of times.”

Although the kiss was not that active, when it was over, the vampire’s look took on some nervousness. With a slight cough, he raised his hand and touched his nose, but still met his eyes, “My dear, in my opinion, you are not only very delicious, but also possess an unparalleled charm. Even when you are wearing a white lab coat and your whole body smells like medicine and sterile water, you still make me uncontrollably attracted to you. I’ve been looking forward to this moment since we first met…”

“Okay, okay, say more and I’ll be really ripe.” Shang HaoJia finally couldn’t resist interrupting the vampire’s touching confession. Feeling that the blood on his face probably wouldn’t subside for quite some time, the majestic human doctor couldn’t help but let out a long sigh, clutching his pillow and falling headlong onto the bed, “No, in that case I won’t have the face to go out and meet people…”

“That’s just fine, dear – I was thinking you should rest in bed, and it’s enough to leave those two to me.” This time, the vampire’s reaction was obviously very quick. He responded kindly and covered him with the quilt thoughtfully. Shang Haojia moved his hands in tears and laughter, and sat up to speak. Suddenly, there was a quick knock on the door.

The door rattled three times, and before the person inside could answer, the tall figure of the werewolf crashed in headlong, “Outside – there’s a carriage flying in the sky outside!”

Shang HaoJia already had a deep understanding of the abnormalities of this world. As a human who lived in the scientific system for the first twenty years, Shang HaoJia was momentarily a little unsure of what reaction to make, and subconsciously looked to the vampire on the side, “Do I need to politely express my surprise?”

“No, no… This was a very unusual thing, the vehicles that go up to the heavenly quasi-line will be painted with invisible paint specifically for humans, it will not make the news.” With a light smile he replied. Not surprised by the visitor’s arrival, the vampire stopped jostling with his own human. He looked at his werewolf partner in front of him, he shook his head gently with some disapproval.

“JiaLun, you are a hybrid werewolf living in modern times, although there is a part of the husky blood, do not let that relax your requirements. It’s just a carriage flying in the sky, is there anything that warrants you to lose your cool like this?”


“Is it necessary to ask – of course it’s a carriage!” Not yet fully recovered from the side effects of the brief wolfish state just now, He JiaLun rubbed the tip of his nose and sneezed hard again, “It’s already the twenty-first century, who would be so stupid as to sit inside a high-fashion queen’s model golden carriage…”


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May 25, 2021 10:54 am

Omg lol hilarious when the doctor asked the vampire is he should have a polite look when the werewolf was talking about the carriage flying! It was so cute how he flushed red and it wasn’t even an active kiss as described lol

May 25, 2021 11:54 am

Let’s hope Wei Long will have more opportunities to exercise his wishes.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 25, 2021 11:27 pm

The amusement around Dr has never been ceased down😂😂😂

June 7, 2021 11:50 am

Now we know how to fluster the doctor. A sweet little kiss and he goes to pieces. Hehe! 😀 😀

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