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Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Chapter Warning: Non-con, pseudo-incest


“This isn’t something that can be solved with just moving around like that,” Chu WuQing’s jade-like fingers gripped the young man’s member. The moment his palm came into contact with it, he felt the thing under his hand jump and grow larger.

Like a beast being awoken from slumber.

“F-father.” Chu YunShu was a little scared. That thing had become even more ugly. Would Father find him gross?

The young man’s cheeks were red. Desire was torturing him, but he didn’t dare move an inch, like a little animal afraid of being abandoned.

Chu WuQing’s was reflected in those pure innocent blue eyes as the other gazed at him with uncertainty.

Chu WuQing smiled. “Don’t worry, this is a natural occurrence, why would I be disgusted with you?” The young man in front of him was bigger and taller than him, but Chu WuQing thought Chu YunZhi was just like a dog, wagging its tail at him and inviting him to pat its head.

How cute, it made him want to bully him… He was as cute as his main personality was loathable.

His fingers paused in their movements for a moment. For the first time, Chu WuQing felt a sense of gentleness in his hateful heart. Was he really going to manipulate and destroy such an innocent Chu YunZhi?

This Chu YunZhi who trusted him so deeply.


This trust was temporary. When his first personality woke back up, Chu YunShu was still the same Chu YunShu, and Chu YunZhi would figure out what had happened.

Hmph… And Chu YunZhi was the simple Chu YunShu’s weakness.

Such an innocent Chu YunZhi… how could he resist corrupting him? Just the thought of dirtying his pure white world excited him.

“A’Zhi, do you feel good?” Chu WuQing raised his head, glancing up. “This is a normal physiological response, but you should only mate with the person you like.”

“Person I like?” Chu YunZhi was lost, “I only like Father.”

“Not this kind of like, but when their every movement can tug at your heartstrings without the influence of the illusion array. When you see them, you’ll want to mate with them instinctively. You’ll want to keep them by your side forever, want to kiss every inch of their skin. You won’t care if you have to take them by force, or if anyone else is against it, or if they hate you, or even if you lose your life in the process.” Chu WuQing narrowed his eyes. They glittered with starlight from his excitement, stunningly beautiful. “Understood? Everything that happened today was nothing but lust created by an illusion array, not lust born from love.”

“Mate?” Chu YunZhi’s breathing grew heavier, seeming to realise something, “What does Father mean, exactly?”

“It’s…” Chu WuQing’s pale skin seemed to shine under the thin layer of sweat, tempting and inviting others to taste. It made others want to know if it was as soft and fragile as it seemed, allowing them to leave beautiful marks with just the slight pressure of their tongues.

I want… to kiss him all over and leave marks everywhere.

“Father,” Chu YunZhi was doing his best to hold back, but he could no longer hear exactly what the other was saying. That cold voice was like poison, tempting him with the sweetest aroma.

“A’Zhi is so uncomfortable, can A’Zhi hug you?” He lowered his head, hiding the raging lust in his eyes.

“Hug?” Chu WuQing smiled, “Of c-…”

“No, you can’t!” In the darkness, Chu YunShu yelled, but Chu WuQing, so close to him, couldn’t hear. “He doesn’t mean what you think he means!”

In reality, Chu YunShu had woken up when Chu WuQing’s fingers had touched that place. He also received all the memories of this time when he startled awake.

He couldn’t believe that this was still Chu WuQing. It was completely different from his usual lofty, arrogant self. When he discovered the secret of Chu YunShu’s second personality, he chose to trick his second personality and pretend to be his father?

This was, without a doubt, humiliating, but… why was his heart filled with sweetness, as if this way… he could delude himself into believing that they weren’t enemies, but the closest and most intimate of people.

He could hug him, kiss him, shield him from the world… His second personality did everything that he wanted to do.

…But he really was so jealous. They were the same person, yet while he struggled in hatred and revenge, enduring the torment of his Spiritual Resolve, Chu YunZhi could be close to Chu WuQing without a care.

He even feigned innocence so he could take advantage of the other.

The more Chu YunShu saw, the more resentful he grew. His second personality walked a Greater Path of the purity of heart, how dare he do such shameless, despicable acts.

Not knowing anything… he wasn’t an infant who didn’t know anything but how to cultivate and grow enlightened to his Path.

Seeing Chu WuQing act so intimate with him and lower his guard this way… Chu YunShu enjoyed it, yet at the same time he hoped to god that the other would see through Chu YunZhi’s act. Why… why could his second personality use his body to touch the person he loved?

He was nothing more than a mere second personality of his.

Yet this body was his, so he was unwilling to give up any chance to interact with and come into contact with Chu WuQing, even though he couldn’t feel anything with his second personality in charge.

But that didn’t include claiming him this way!

Chu YunShu could only watch on as the young man he loved smiled ever so gently at Chu YunZhi and said, “Of course you can.”

Everything had gone onto a path of no return.

“Chu-Chu YunZhi.” When that place was actually entered and violated, Chu WuQing’s eyes were filled with hatred and terrified shock, the gentleness and love drained from them. “If you don’t want to die, stop this right now.”

He wouldn’t never thought that a man could actually be forced in this way. Even more terrifyingly, he could feel pleasure from there.

The other man’s silver hair was long enough to reach his knees, each strand of hair entangled around Chu WuQing’s body. His eyes, bright and pure as the full moon, grew dark and murky as they gazed at Chu WuQing, like he wanted to devour the other whole.

“Father, I know you hate me, but you taught me, if I meet my true love, no matter if I die or live, no matter the obstacles, I have to claim and possess them for myself.”

“You abhorrent child! I mean other people, not your father whose tied to you by blood!” Chu WuQing panted, trying to struggle free from the young man’s grasp and the tongue that licked at every inch of his skin.

Chu YunZhi replied in a piteous voice, “Father, you taste so sweet, so much sweeter than I ever imagined!”

“Don’t call me father, you disgusting beast!” The more Chu WuQing struggled, the tighter Chu YunZhi held him, to the point where Chu WuQing could even feel the excitement in the other’s veins, under his skin.

“Aren’t you afraid of your Spiritual Resolve collapsing and the heavens abandoning you, paying the price with your very soul for such immoral acts!?”

The other thrust inside once more, viciously claiming him again, yet the young man’s voice was still ever so clean and pure, nibbling on Chu WuQing’s pretty earlobes. “If it means being able to have you to myself, so what?”

“Compared to being abandoned and left behind by you, it’s a blessing to be hated by you forever,” Chu YunZhi chuckled, his voice ever so sweet, “Uh, I love being Father’s beast.”

Chu YunZhi had forced himself on Chu WuQing, yet still held onto that innocent, sinless demeanor. He was using his actions to tell Chu WuQing just what playing with fire and burning oneself meant.

His expression was so innocent and naïve, yet he was doing the worst thing one could do.

After who knows how long of being toyed with, his mind muddled, the relentless body atop of his own suddenly froze. Just as Chu WuQing thought Chu YunZhi was finally going to get off him, Chu YunZhi’s aura changed.

Even that head of silver hair changed back to black, darker than ink, like something that had crawled out of hell.

“Chu YunShu?” Chu WuQing called out, voice hoarse. For the first time in his life, Chu WuQing was legitimately overjoyed to see Chu YunShu!

There was no need for others to tell him, he could confirm from the conflicted look of pain on this person’s face…

“Heh…” Chu WuQing’s lips curled into a mocking smile. Though he had been assaulted in this disgusting, terrifying way, compared to Chu YunShu who woke up and found he was fucking another man, and this man was one of the members of the Chu clan he hated and looked down on the most… He was probably even more pained and breaking down inside.

Seeing the pain in Chu YunShu’s expression, Chu WuQing’s began to soar again. After all, he wasn’t a woman, and Chu YunShu was nothing more than an ignorant, naïve accident he, Chu WuQing, had broken down and ruined.

As for Chu YunShu, who knew if he’d Qi deviate from this, his soul collapsing and being scattered to the wind.


“QingQing.” After a long period of silence, a light like a lonely star flickered to life in the abyssal, dark eyes of the other man.

Hope flickered to life.

“I like you, you know?” Even his voice was as gentle as the spring breeze.

As if feeling his words were somewhat perverted, Chu YunShu’s pale face went red. “I’ve liked you since you were small… At that time, I always thought, what would you look like once you grew up? What kind of person would become your partner when you grew up?”

“But no matter how I fantasised, none of this had anything to do with me. I was just a useless person abandoned by the Chu Clan… No doubt, you would only ever be an untouchable dream to me.”

“Once I woke up from that dream, I still had to live in hatred.”

“What are you talking about!?” Chu WuQing cried out shrilly. This was completely different from what he had believed, with Chu YunShu being disgusted, breaking down mentally. It was almost like he was still stuck in that illusion realm , and the Chu YunShu in front of him wasn’t the real one, but a figment of that realm.

But everything here reminded him that this was real, especially as the movements that had stopped started up again, brutally thrusting into him, as Chu YunShu confessed his feelings.

He didn’t even have the energy to curse, only able to pant and sob, tears glittering in his hateful eyes and highlighting his beauty.

“QingQing, QingQing…” Chu YunShu called out his name over and over again. He had wanted to call out this honeyed nickname for so long, but it had always been a secret he couldn’t voice!

But now he could.

He kissed away Chu WuQing’s tears, tracing the features of the other’s face with his lips and tongue over and over again. He forced open Chu WuQing’s gritted teeth, taking the other’s dainty tongue into his mouth and tasting it again and again, sucking and licking.

He didn’t let even a drop of saliva go.

He only slowed down when Chu WuQing’s gaze grew hazy from the kisses, not having any strength left to glare.

As Chu WuQing tried to catch his breath, a round, pearl-like object was pushed into his mouth.

As the pearl entered his body, Chu WuQing felt his entire being shake!

The spiritual energy inside him swelled. He had never felt anything like this, not even when he had ascended to Nascent Soul in his last lifetime, but at the same time, his body seemed to melt…

Chu YunShu looked down, the crazed smile on his face hiding the exhaustion in his eyes.

That day in the Chu Clan, the reason he could force down his cultivation when the signs of his core formation were already present, was because he had used a secret technique to pry the not fully formed golden core from his dantian and place it into his sea of consciousness to nurture.

This core wasn’t just his golden core, but it also held the essence of his Path, both the sword path from before his dantian was destroyed and his new Greater Path of Music.

Chu YunShu’s face slowly drained of color, but an unnatural flush appeared on his cheeks, his determined gaze fixed on Chu WuQing.

How could the him now be with QingQing?

He wasn’t worthy of QingQing.

Never mind that Chu HuanZhi would never allow it.

In any case…

“QingQing, you’ve never cared about me. But one day, I’ll be so strong you’ll truly see me.” He stroked over Chu WuQing’s soft, smooth skin over and over again with fond gentleness. “Then, no one will be able to stop me from having you.”


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