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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“What – are you telling the truth?!” Vita was shocked and shivered. He quickly looked at his shoulder and the little red tattoo before taking his shirt and wiping it dry, “I heard them say tattoos will hurt, thought it was normal… What will happen to me? Will it continue to bleed, will I die?!”

“It’s not that serious, come here, I’ll help you deal with it.” Looking at the vampire boy with a wheat skin tone in front of him, Doctor Shang raised his eyebrows with interest, fished out a first aid kit from a drawer, and waved at him good-naturedly.

The young man stared warily at the human who had kidnapped his brother, his steps were hesitant, but he moved cautiously over. “Are you really that kind? I’m telling you, I’m the leader of the vampire community, so don’t even think about trying to play any tricks on me!”

“If you hadn’t come to me in the middle of the day, sweating and tanned like you’re wearing olive oil, this statement would have some credibility.” Doctor Shang responded carelessly, pressed the teenager’s arm with one hand to prevent him from struggling, and waved towards the two little dragons.

Although they had only been with Brother Doctor for the morning, the two little ones had already quickly gotten into the mood and completely immersed themselves in the role of doctor’s little helper. Without him having to say anything, they got up and leapt forward, one holding the iodine ball bucket, the other holding the forceps, pushing and shoving and flying back.

“Good boys, you’re getting good at it.” After stroking the two little ones’ horns, Doctor Shang gave a serious word of encouragement and took over the forceps. He picked up the iodine cotton ball and switched it to his left hand and pressed it down towards the teenager’s already red and swollen tattoo wound.

“Hiss – pain pain pain!” Vita drew a cold breath of pain, but only after a miserable scream, the side of the poised Xian Bei picked up a ball of gauze and stuffed it precisely into his mouth.

“And I wonder if you two will scare your dads when you go back with me…” Looking at the two little ones’ skilled and decisive aura, Shang HaoJia just couldn’t help but laugh softly out loud. Encouragingly patted the two little ones, and patiently looked at the terrified blood teenager, “Don’t be afraid, I’m not kidnapping you – I’m just asking, do you really know how to suck blood?”

“Of course I can suck blood, who are you looking down on?” Probably quite a few people have been asked this, Vita apparently was extremely sensitive to this topic. A hand pulled out the gauze stuffed in the mouth, indignantly slammed on the table, eyes suddenly diffused a scarlet red, as two small sharp teeth came out from the lips. “I just have a darker complexion! Human beings call it a healthy beauty. Why is it when a vampire is tan, everyone thinks they have a disease? Everyone is forcing me to be pale – I no longer want to be under a needle!”

“Young Master Vita, do not make a scene!” Shang HaoJia subconsciously looked up and saw a man standing at the door with a thick raincoat over his body. The person’s face was tightly covered with sunglasses and a mask, and he was carrying a large black umbrella. Obviously he was afraid of the direct sunlight at noon, but couldn’t help following the young master around in case he caused trouble, only to risk being dried out heroically as he followed.

The young master actually dared to shine his canine teeth on this human devil, so the man hurriedly rushed into the door, looking at the righteous anger of the young vampire. He glanced at the human doctor in front of him, then vigilantly lowered his voice. “Do you really think he is a human being? He is able to kidnap our young master, easily take down werewolves with one hand, the elven apostle lord has retreated, the sacred lion family are interested in befriending this big devil. Don’t you see? Even his assistants are the real deal dragons ah…”

“……” The one who unexpectedly just actually turned into a legendary great devil, the human doctor blinked blankly, and for a moment actually didn’t know whether he should be properly modest or not, “Wait a minute, in fact—”

“You’re actually so powerful… I’ve decided, I want to worship you as my boss! Accept me as your little brother, okay? Who are you displeased with? I will help you bite him!”

“Young Master Vita, what are you talking about – are you willing to fall into this human’s demon cave with the eldest young master and leave the family to Molly Qing, Young Master Molly Mi Watch and the others?!”

Terrified, looking at the young master who thought one thing and another, the loyal blood elder hugged the waist of the young vampire. With hot tears, he shook his head and tried to dissuade the young master from this terrible idea.

“You must be calm, after all, you are different from the youngest master. The eldest young master is really suffering from some defects, you are just unattractive looking…”

“You are the one who is unattractive, your whole family is unattractive!”

The teenager stormed away, pushed his arm away and firmly jumped to the side of the human doctor, “From now on you are my boss, I’ll follow you! Let’s dominate the world together – I asked you if you want to!”

“Okay, okay. Let me finish treating the wound, then I’ll talk to you about world domination.” Doctor Shang tugged the middle-aged vampire boy to sit down and skillfully cleaned and disinfected his wound, and then applied some erythromycin ointment to it after it was almost dry.

“Now the weather is hot, the wound should be ventilated. You can wash it with warm water. Do not eat spicy things, children are not allowed to drink and smoke, remember?”

“I’ll remember…” As he was pressed to sit on the chair, Vita twisted and nodded, and relentlessly pulled the human doctor’s arm, eyes suddenly red, “Am I really so unattractive? Why do they look good when they’re white and pale, and I have to get whitening injections?”

“Don’t listen to their nonsense – your family has an aesthetic problem, you are quite good-looking.” He didn’t expect him to actually care so much about this matter. Hearing the teenager’s voice actually choked with sobs, Doctor Shang’s attitude became serious and he carefully looked at the teenager in front of him, “Let me ask you, are you able to ignore the side effects of the sunlight and run around during the day?”

“That’s right! How did you know that?!” Vita’s eyes lit up, nodded vigorously in a hurry, and grunted gamely towards that elder, “My dad and them always forbid me to go out during the day, saying that a vampire family, running around during the day is not decent…”

Rarely did he meet, in a sense, a relatively normal vampire. Doctor Shang had more patience, patted his shoulder, and said his detailed explanation, “A darker complexion is because of less melanin in the cells, in contrast, pale skin is easier to be burned by the sun. With the occurrence of red freckles, the chance of cancer is also relatively high – you can resist the sun’s rays, probably also because of this reason.”

The young man listened with confused eyes, obviously not understanding such a high level of medical vocabulary, he still realized that the other party was speaking for him. He felt a strong sense of emotion, and held the human doctor’s hands, “I know, you humans have a saying, called ‘a chicken in life is hard to come by’ – I will not go home, from now on, I will follow you!”

“Young master, young master, you can not ah – so the Les family will be annexed to this human devil?! This is all their human conspiracy!” The elder howled with pathos as he hugged the legs of the teenager. He looked at the human devil in front of him again with hatred and faithfully took a desperate stance, “For the honor of the Les family, I’ll fight with you—”

“What do you want to do?” Outside the window, a black fog suddenly swept through, there came a familiar and elegant voice. A leisurely dressed pure-blood king leapt in from the window, stood in the room, slightly raised his eyebrows to look at the elder who was planning to fight, then a trace of blood appeared in his eyes.

Who knows where he went, but his body was wrapped in a loose burgundy hoodie with a pair of jeans. Even the human doctor wouldn’t have been able to recognize him from far away. He rubbed his eyes, and quickly walked over, “Where did you go – robbing the Hyland House?”

“I knew it, sure enough this outfit is not very suitable for me…”

A vampire’s always selected items of clothing to achieve a particular look, even the rebellious ones like Vita. He only dared to wear a half sleeve T-shirt, his suit jacket had a single red spider lily blooming on it, and he wore a baseball cap; this was already considered the most non-mainstream existence for any vampire. When he saw the shock and dismay in his own doctor’s eyes, Wei Long shook his head with a bitter smile and put the KFC family bucket and two bottles of cold Coke on the table.

“Honey, does this really look very strange? Should I find a change of clothes somewhere—”

“Takes out electric chainsaw, pulls electric chainsaw. Brother Vampire is putting on a show in front of the door!” 1

Before his words could fall, he was suddenly interrupted by the crisp laughter of the little dragons. Subconsciously he lowered his head, and the two small dragons were gripping one side of the hoodie, excited as they pulled back and forth incessantly, excitedly playing.

After surviving the initial visual shock, Doctor Shang smoothly accepted the challenge of his vampire’s new image. He nodded gratefully and patted his shoulder with a smile, “No – it’s actually not strange at all. After all, wearing clothes, this kind of thing, in fact, mainly depends on the face. Did MuXi find the clothes for you? It’s nice, although it’s a new style, it unexpectedly suits you… It’s so hot outside, you just ran straight here, didn’t you get sunburned?”

“The Special Agency has developed a new imitation sunscreen, mainly for the promotion of the ghost race. Because the ghost race will fly into oblivion when they see the sunlight, so they asked me to try it out, and it seems to work very well indeed.” The vampire’s eyes finally had relief when he got the affirmation of his human. The two small dragons that flew around in circles came over and looked kindly at the trembling blood elder.

“When I first arrived, I heard you talking to my mate, may I repeat what you said then?”


“I… I…” The oddly dressed King of Pureblood was still the King of Purebloods. The elder shuddered in fear, stammered a response, and went down in a spineless wimp. “I said – for the honor of the Les family, we warmly send young master Vita as an exchange student to follow the esteemed human demon king for exchange and study…”


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Translator Notes:

  1. This is said in a sort of sing song way. Like ‘Vroom vroom vroom, Mr. vampire sir about to throw a fit!’


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