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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“I must say, among all the creatures I’ve come across, you are indeed the most pitiful.” Doctor Shang nodded seriously and decided to be as friendly as possible when he saw the phoenixes with their totem baggage in the future.

The two men returned to the private room after receiving their drinks, and the fox had already thoughtfully ordered the food for the crowd. Seeing the two small dragons flying around the human doctor, he couldn’t help but widen his eyes slightly, “So Doctor Shang is actually a dragon? No wonder things are so calm…”

“No… I don’t think I’m as calm as you are, at least under normal circumstances.” Shang HaoJia laughed and shook his head. Sitting down on the chair, the vampire helped him pull it out. He folded a napkin and made two simple bibs for the two dragons, patiently wrapping it around their necks. “The hot pot is different from the others, it will be very hot when it is first fished out. Don’t rush, wait for it to cool down a bit before eating, alright?”


Doctor Shang smiled lightly and nodded, stroked the two little ones’ horns, picked out a few pieces of fresh shabu-shabu meat and put them on the plate, “Good boys, you are getting more and more knowledgeable.”

The little phoenix on the other side looked at them with greed, but after holding back, he whispered, “Can I touch them too? I don’t dare to touch the big ones, my father said the real dragon’s buttocks can’t be touched…”

“Pervert, you want to touch our asses!” Xian Bao was blowing at the meat, and as soon as he heard his words, he immediately shouted at him fiercely, and his tail quickly curled up.

Seeing his brother’s action, Xian Bei hurriedly followed suit and curled up his tail before blinking confusedly again, “But Brother… Do we have a butt?”

“Dang… of course we do! It is said in the book that sparrows are small and have all the guts, so we are much better than sparrows, right?” Meeting his brother’s innocent gaze, Xian Bao hastened to straighten his body proudly, craned his neck and replied with reason.

“That must be more powerful than the sparrow, brother is really smart!” Xian Bei nodded seriously, and looked at the little phoenix who was scared by the true dragon’s wrath, and there was more sympathy in his eyes, “Don’t be afraid, I won’t eat you, I can touch the dragon scales for you. Brother doctor said we have to care for phoe—”

The latter words have not finished, when the human doctor grabbed a piece of meat, fed into the little guy’s mouth, “How about it, good or not?”

“It smells so good – this is better than KFC!” The little one was immediately distracted and nodded excitedly. 

Xian Bao, not to be outdone, went over and took a bite of the meat into his mouth and nodded in satisfaction, “It really tastes good…”

“Thanks for the compliment, we will definitely continue to work hard…” The little phoenix smiled and nodded repeatedly, and exchanged a glance with the human doctor. After getting the other party’s approval, he once again gathered the courage to stretch out his hand, while the little guy was eating happily, gently touching his smooth dragon body.

“Does it feel like anything?”

The Tibetan fox was responsible for fishing the various vegetables in the hot pot for him, and asked in a concerned, warm voice. The little phoenix was still immersed in the excitement of touching the dragon, and kept stuffing his mouth with food for a while before nodding: “It’s a bit like a goldfish…”

His words have not yet fallen, when suddenly, a hat-wearing waiter ran in wildly from the outside, pointing out anxiously, speaking with no human words, “Cluck cluck cla da!!!”

Doctor Shang raised his eyebrows, nodded his head slightly and put down his chopsticks, “Xian Bao, Xian Bei, do you know this song too?”

“I do! I do – this song is called ‘Chicken Clucking’!” Xian Bao nodded vigorously and sang it loudly with excitement. Xian Bei, always refusing to lag behind, hurriedly swallowed the meat in his mouth and opened his voice after him.

The private room instantly turned into a sea of chicken cries, and Hai DiLao was relieved. Gratefully winked towards the human doctor, and from under the table to him stuffed with a phoenix feather to express gratitude, “You must accept it! Later I will send you an egg…”

“No, no, I really have enough eggs at home.” With the lessons learned from the dragons, Doctor Shang subconsciously became wary of all kinds of eggs and shook his head without hesitation, thanking the other party’s kindness. “Although you phoenixes eat less, I don’t know why, but I think it might cost more than the Taotie…”

“My dear, I think this place may be evolving into a place of repair in a moment.” While no one was looking, vampire gently tugged on his human’s sleeve and lowered his voice to come over, “The phoenix’s natural ability isolates my probing to a certain extent, and I can’t believe I only just found out that Wayne Loki actually ran over – do I need to forcefully stop him?”

Doctor Shang thought for a moment, then decisively waved his hand and replied in a low voice, “Emotional matters can only be sorted out by the three of them. Even if they digress once, there will still be another time, so it’s better not to interfere.”

About to give the little phoenix a warning, a mess of bird calls came from outside. The crowd subconsciously looked towards the door, and saw Wayne Loki, who was wearing an apron and straddling a basket, standing aggressively at the door, with half an eggshell hanging from his head, looking at the negative phoenix in front of him with red eyes, “Obviously I was first, why him? Just because I’m not good enough to drink!”

“Wayne Loki— what do you mean by that?” The Fox propped up the table and stood up, dangerously narrowing his eyes that actually made no difference, and a hint of murder spread in his tone, “We made a deal at first, willing to bet and accept defeat. Now that I’ve won, you’ve come running and are unwilling again?”

“What did you do to snatch him up, you dare to say? You are a coward! A liar!”

Worried about hurting the little orange cat in the basket, Wayne Loki carefully put the basket on the table and took another egg out of his apron pocket and put it in with him. After making sure it was securely placed, he grabbed a cup and slammed it on the floor, “How about that – I’m super mean! Tremble, ignorant squinty-eyed fox!”

“Not that I’m telling you what to do, you do have no chance of winning like that…” The human doctor rubbed the corner of his forehead with a headache, got up and patted the super aggressive Wayne Loki, trying to bring the situation under control for the time being.

The vampire, who was overwhelmed with anger, didn’t care about the others, but looked at the pure-blood king who was staring at the basket, and took a painful step forward, “Dad! Even you won’t help me!”

“No, I don’t have a son like you – in fact, I hate to even admit that you and I are actually kindred spirits.” Trying his best to restrain himself from the urge to reach out and spin some circles with the cat right now. With an irresponsible shake of his head, the pureblood king returned his attention to the basket, “Honey, can I hug him?”

“Hold on, what – wait, you actually brought the little Taotie to the hot pot restaurant?”

Seeing the terrible existence in the basket, the human doctor’s face could not help but change slightly, and was about to cover the basket as soon as possible, when the little orange cat followed the aroma and wobbly crawled out, “Mew…”

“You actually brought a Taotie?! Is it deliberate revenge on me?!”

The little phoenix’s face was pale, almost already foreseeing the bankruptcy and downfall, heartache covered chest, eyes colored red, “I have long said I don’t like unconventional, we are simply not possible – leave, I don’t want to see you!”

“No, no, I didn’t mean to, it’s just that if I leave it hom, no one can look after the cat…” Wayne Loki was dragged outside by the two chicken spirits, but still struggled reluctantly and fought to point aside Jia Duo Bao: “Didn’t you say you wanted to find an ordinary person and live your life in peace – do you think a werewolf can be considered an ordinary person?! You are not afraid that after he transforms on the night of the full moon, he will eat you as a snack?!”

“What do you mean…” The little phoenix breathed a sigh of relief, subconsciously turned his head to look at his boyfriend who looked complicated, and blinked helplessly, “What he said – is what he said true?”

“Hai DiLao, I’m really sorry.” Coming to this point, there was really no point in hiding it. The fox’s eyes held a helpless bitter smile, as he nodded, his body instantly grew, and two ears emerged from the top of his head, simply directly reverted to his fox state. “Although I usually hide my identity in a human state, but the real me, in fact, is this – I just have not dared to explain with you, afraid that you will therefore break up with me…”

The killing power of the Tibetan fox expression pack had always been evident. With the exception of the human doctor who could still remain calm after being tempered a hundred times, even the two chicken essence could not help but giggle. Wayne Loki’s face of anger had long turned into a laugh, squatting on the ground covering the stomach, and he couldn’t stop rubbing eyes, “Fa fa fa fa, he’th going crathy!” 1

“Remind you, your dentures fell out.” One hand holding the tossing and turning little Taotie, Doctor Shang forced himself to be ruthless and ignore the little kitten who kept arching his hand to pamper him. He patted Wayne Loki, who was gloating too obviously, and looked thoughtfully at the little phoenix who seemed to have been stunned.

“Oh my gosh… It’s so handsome, I just love this one!” Finally half-slowly coming back to his senses, the little phoenix jumped up and pounced in front of the fox spirit, excitement almost gushing out from his eyes. “Look at this calm expression, these calm eyes, this soft fur, these cute little plum paws… This is much more handsome than your human state! How about we applaud our love while you’re in this form?”


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Translator Notes:

  1. Ha, ha, ha, ha, he’s going crazy.


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It seems that the phoenix likes his looks! A happy outcome! 😅🤣

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Hahaha cute little plum paws!!

May 31, 2021 12:25 am

And thus Wayne Loki, who came to fight, had to face his final defeat as the little phoenix was absolutely delighted with his fox boyfriend’s looks. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

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Yep. The kids are perfect for each other.

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Is it bad that I feel for loki? His crush got stolen. Yes, the guide was outdated but that vixen is a vixen.

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