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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Facts had proved that although Myron has some minor flaws in his work, he still had no problem in general. On the way to the interstellar station, security checks went smoothly and unhindered. Even for his mech, Myron had prepared a mech registry carefully in advance. If there had been something wrong, it would probably be before more than a dozen departures. Hours later, the mech finally arrived at the checkpoint on the edge of Alpha.

“He’s been looking at you for a long time.”

The inspection of the Beta area into Alpha area was relatively complicated, which led to Chen Bai having to leave his mech. When he returned, he had a magnetic card in his hand and a little confused smile on his face.

“Maybe it’s too ugly.” Mani moved to the back row away from Chen Bai. He stretched out his hands and pulled out a piece of dried fruit, while his fingers moved quickly on the bright screen and together with his spiritual strength, he promptly browsed the information on more than a dozen light screens in front of him.

This was a habit of his. Every time he indulged in his work, he always liked to chew something in his mouth. He put the magnetic card into the body of the mech that had been flying around for many circles. The light on the top of the latter indicated identification, and it sat near Mani.

Seeing the situation, Chen Bai voiced quietly, “Is it so ugly?”

“Look in the mirror; my mother will be scared by you.” Mani’s cheeks moved, saying somewhat disgustedly.

Ama was the leader of Cage Base, she looked very kind, but she was very dignified. She usually spoiled everyone a lot.

“…” Chen Bai touched his face and felt a little hurt. At first, they disliked that he was too attractive. Now they hated that he was too ugly. He felt as if he had 1,800 aunts and wives. Shaking his head, Chen Bai decided not to pursue such a massive problem and restarted the mech.

The mech had just sailed out a few meters, when Mani suddenly said, “Let’s use the terminal to make something to block your face.” 

As he spoke, he shook his wrist at Chen Bai. It was the latest model of the Alliance’s miniature signal transmitter, which could store ten light screens, three mechanical signal transmitters and some scattered control ports.

After many of his modifications, this guy’s capacity had become a lot larger, more than fifty light screens filled his needs. This was a small invention that this guy was proud of, along with a “reward” for Chen Bai.

But there were so many functions in it that Chen Bai hadn’t discovered all of them yet, so he didn’t know that it could do that.

After a moment of silence, Chen Bai knowingly did not respond, “That’s too troublesome. Let them see if they want to see it.”

The original intention of this skin was to hide.

“Rejected,” However, Mani’s attitude was firm. “I don’t want to make headlines behind you, the future Marshal’s companion.”

Chen Bai grimaced and blinked his eyes. “How do you know that?”

“I repaired Myron’s computer the other day.” Mani’s expression was calm as he explained the blown-up posts, and the little robots flying around him took notes according to his instructions.

“…” Chen Bai squinted his eyes. “A virus?”

“Yes.” Many responded, “DN-133.”

DN refers to don. This series of viruses were made by many of these boys to create their internet empire.

“You guessed I was going to leave?” Unconsciously, this little fellow was not the child who would have been afraid to sleep when thunder echoed and had to share a bed.

While Chen Bai was feeling a little sad, Mani’s cold voice came over. “No, I just wanted to get his UnionPay Card password.”

Then the mistake had caused such a terrible thing.

“…How much have you stolen?” Chen Bai wanted to think about how he got into his team using Myron’s final exam, but at this moment, his sense of responsibility as a half-father forced him to ask a question.

“Thirty million star coins,” Mani was quite calm, “I bought a transmitter.”

There was a brief silence throughout the cabin. Half a while later, Chen Bai was somewhat melancholy, “Myron is so rich.”

“Yes, it’s more than the eight million in your poor account.” Mani said, casting a contemptuous look, “Even I’m too lazy to take it.”

Chen Bai frowned. “Do you know how high the consumption in the capital is?”


“Eight million is not enough to support two people at all.”


“Why didn’t you steal more?” Chen said sadly, “Otherwise, how can I afford you? You’ve just eaten 10,000 along the way, not including my limited dessert.”

“…” Mani seemed to choke for a while. Two seconds later, he stubbornly said, “Didn’t you find a job? It’s Aldia’s. The basic salary will be two million stars a month starting tomorrow.”

Chen Bai’s ugly face twisted in an instant. This skin did not match the master perfectly, but it did not affect the master’s soft voice. “Little boy, do you know what the internship period is?”

“What?” Mani stared. “What period?”

Chen Bai was silent for a moment and thought it was foolish to discuss this with a fourteen-year-old child.

“I don’t care.” Mani scrunched his mouth and said, “I… I won’t buy another transmitter for two months at most. Snacks of 10,000 stars a day must be available. Otherwise, I’ll go to the Union Bank to get them.”

“…” At this point, Chen Bai found that this half son he raised was a bit crooked.

However, Mani was not ashamed of what he said. After fiddling with the electronic screen for a while, he turned his head shamelessly and continued to ask, “Oh, yes, I haven’t asked yet. How did you find your job?”

His frankness made Chen Bai feel a little doubtful about his early childhood education. However, his inquiry was not surprising. Aldia was the first military academy in the Alliance. It was not difficult to foresee its high demands on students and teachers. For many teachers, becoming an educator in Aldia would be a brilliant achievement in anyone’s teaching career, not to mention its high status in the hearts of the people of the Alliance.

In Aldia, the auditing of both students and teachers were stringent. Even with the advent of the era of multi-functional computers, Aldia still retained the ancient “candidate” link. Many respected old professors were judges, but they could decide when to change the quota. 

So after that incident three years ago, Chen Bai could no longer use his old identity and Chen Bai’s new identity was just a mediocre and extremely inferior gender living along the Beta fringe.

 When he heard the question, Chen Bai put his chin on one hand and looked around a lot. “Before, I had a little friendship with the headmaster of Aldia.”

Mani contemptuously glanced at Chen Bai. “I thought you were trying to get involved in the past as little as possible?”

“That would be the ideal state.” Chen Bai smiled, and even those exquisite eyebrows with dull skin could not resist shimmering with a glimmer of darkness. Chen Bai, the name of the person, should have died three years ago. Now he appeared here again, which should not have alarmed too many people, but some things were inevitable.

After carefully calculating for so long, he only thought of this good of a plan, but the arrangements could not keep up with the changes. Now that he came back, he was treading on an uncertain road. Chen Bai’s eyes looked so far away that Mani did not continue asking.

Just then, the terminal on Chen Bai’s wrist suddenly lit up, and he looked down, tilting his head sideways.

At the same time, in front of him, a long-tailed warbler gradually emerged. This little one, with pale blue feathers, dragged his almost transparent tail. The contract beast was very sensitive to his master’s emotional changes. He saw a pair of black eyes rolling as it purred and looked at Chen Bai with his little head tilted. “Chirp?”

This long-tailed warbler was named Zaza and was Chen Bai’s bonded contractual beast. Mani saw Zaza suddenly appear, so he looked at Chen Bai with interest, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s Heinz’ message.” Chen Bai’s face flashed with stiffness. “He asked me to meet tomorrow.”

“Oh.” Mani thought that this was not unexpected. “Tomorrow is the third day of the Divine Judgment. The Union Law stipulates that both sides must meet on that day. It’s not surprising that you must make your vows in the office in Aldia tomorrow and go straight to work.”

It was as easy as going out from work to write a series of codes. Chen Bai thought about it and decided not to argue with a fourteen-year-old child, but there was still a slight discomfort in his eyes. After reading the message over and over again, the uneasiness became stronger.

He did not reply to Mani, but his thoughts could not help but glance back at what happened in Pisaka three years ago.

When he rushed desperately into the area known as the “ultimate devil” and found Heinz in the ruins, the man was dying, and the weaker his body was, the more uncontrolled his mental power became and he acted only according to his instincts. Therefore, Chen Bai had to use his mental strength and blend his mental ability with the other man to calm down the storm. If it was someone else, he would not have done this, but the other side was Heinz.

Although he conscientiously deleted this memory from the other side’s brain, that didn’t mean his instinct would not recall it. What the other said had also unprecedented explosive spiritual power. He had been worried about this since he wanted to take this road. Although it was something he had to go through anyway, he had never expected it to come so soon.

What’s more, Heinz was setting the meeting place at Donina’s restaurant.

Because of previous professional reasons, Chen Bai knew all kinds of things; the so-called Donina Restaurant had another nickname, Valentine’s Restaurant. It sounded very ordinary, but it had a profound meaning. It was an exclusive club with a restaurant and suite system, and it was not an average suite, but an expensive one. It was a kind of love suite. Adults in Alpha knew where it was, and they liked to spend Valentine’s and other days here.

He set the meeting place to such a destination, wouldn’t it be more like a runaway wild horse?

Chen Bai’s forehead scrunched up. Although he never thought he would get married, he also felt that before the meeting, the two sides should be a little polite and try not to make too many demands. He was very sorry for the latter by using the hype of Heinz’ fiance, but he might have caused himself trouble. In spite of all the inconveniences, Chen Bai could not help fighting for it.

About three minutes later, a message after his dying struggle appeared in Heinz’ e-mail. [Sure… Do you want to change the place?] 

The name of the sender was “Wife”.

Imagining the other party’s dilemma at this moment, Heinz hooked the corner of his lips, then sent an honest response, [No, *kiss kiss*.]


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May 30, 2021 12:35 pm

I feel a bit sorry for the Marshal, seeing how he appears to be in the more vulnerable spot romantically ..

Well. Tricky for both sides though and no meeting happened yet (kisses already?) Very curious how that’ll go.

Also hello all you regulars <3 Love seeing everyone around.

May 30, 2021 1:16 pm

Hmm…. interesting. How much is really remembered is the real question.

May 30, 2021 8:46 pm

Thanks for the chapter!!!!

May 30, 2021 10:33 pm

Tricky identity? Usually being the Marshal’s spouse solves majority of problems, as almost no one dares to say anything. Looking forward to more of their interactions. And Mani… this kid is so funny.

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May 31, 2021 12:01 am

Hmm I wonder if the Marshall will remember as CB said that although the memory was erased his instinct could recall it! He already has him listed as wife on the phone lol this is going to be interesting, he refused to change the venue and sent a kiss kiss lol looking forward to next chapter! ❤️❤️❤️

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I got petrified there for a moment when I read the last line.
The image of a serious marshal has totally disappeared from my head. #cannotUnsee


June 17, 2021 7:21 am

So I guess Chen Bai wants to marry Heinz (“… CB could not help fighting for it”) and has some sort of horrid sounding skin mask to conceal his face… how long is that going to hold up?! Heinz seems pretty invested already. Looking forward to the games 😏
Thank you for translating.

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
Blizzard passing by said hey~
November 28, 2022 1:01 am

ohoo~ I’m curious about this general.. already looking for romantic dinner with his wife? really.. curious..

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