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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“So that’s how it is…” Wei Long’s expression suddenly showed some gloom, lowered his head in silence for a moment, before he sighed again very softly and turned away.

Seeing his abnormal reaction, Doctor Shang’s sense of responsibility was piqued. He felt some regret and raised his hand to put it on his shoulder, “I’m sorry, I usually like to joke. I didn’t mean to upset you, don’t take it to heart—”

Before he could finish his words, the man suddenly turned around again. His handsome pale face wasn’t half as upset as he thought it would be, but rather overflowing with a smile that was even more enthusiastic than usual.

Before Shang HaoJia could react, Wei Long suddenly and gracefully took his other hand and gently pressed it against his cheek. “You are a very considerate gentleman, and that’s what I appreciate the most – but such words really need not be taken to heart. We naturally know this, after all, going back a very long time, the reason why we vampires sleep inside a coffin was because we wanted to scare humans.”

“Then you vampire… really have nothing better to do.” Shang HaoJia was stirred by his dramatic ups and downs, becoming physically and mentally exhausted. He sighed with a headache and sat down on the hard plank bed, “If Mr. Wei has nothing else, I plan to rest. Can you help me close the window?”

“With all due respect – and perhaps this may be offensive to Your Excellency, but a place like this is a bit shabby to be used for rest.” Wei Long looked around and shook his head regretfully.

Shang HaoJia didn’t feel offended, just rolled up his clothes behind him and leaned against the wall with his arms under his ‘pillow’, “It’s not shabby. My parents moved while I was away, and there’s nothing left.”

“It’s a very ungentlemanly act to encounter a gentleman in such a situation and just stand by and watch without lending a hand.” Wei Long only said one sentence, then remembered Shang HaoJia’s previous small request, so his eloquent and elegant invitation words suddenly stopped halfway. He carefully deliberated for a while before extending his hand towards him again very straightforwardly and enthusiastically, “Come to my house. I’ll treat you to dinner.”

“No, I—” Shang HaoJia instinctively wanted to decline, and then his stomach suddenly rumbled ungratefully. After hesitating for less than a second between vigilance and filling his stomach, the pragmatic Doctor Shang changed his tone without hesitation, “…Where is your home. Is it far?”

“Not far, I drove over.”

After buying a subway ticket, Shang HaoJia was already penniless, and decided to give in to the power of old capitalism. Resignedly, he extended his hand and was steadily pulled up by the other.

The hand wasn’t as cold as expected, but slightly warm, and Shang HaoJia looked at the smile in his eyes in surprise, and shook the hand that was obviously warm with life, “No blood flow and no mitochondrial energy. How do you do it?”

“It’s not that hard, humans have a lot of interesting inventions, like this thing called a warm water bag.” Wei Long laughed lightly and handed him the small water-warming bag in his pocket, “How about it? Want to try it?”

“Better not, now I’m so hot I’m just short of a burn.” Shang HaoJia hastily waved his hand and unhesitatingly rejected the other party’s offer.

Wei Long stifled a soft laugh, “You humans are really keen on temperature perception, like a fragile and delicate artwork that can easily be destroyed if you aren’t careful, yet so perfect that you can’t bear to let go.”

“Plain and simple, remember to be plain and simple.” Shang HaoJia waved his hand, calling to a halt the start of another long speech. He needed to teach him the effective way of communication.

Wei Long also tacitly gave a slight pause, and began to change the way he spoke, “…I mean, you’re so cute. “

“I thought after switching to plain and simple, there would be no such cheesy effect, but now it seems like it’s no better…” Shang HaoJia shuddered and shook his head while his heart skipped a few beats, “Ah, forget it, let’s go – wait, do you have air conditioning at home?”

Considering that the other party was a being who could run around with a warm water bag without any obstacle even in this kind of weather, Shang HaoJia suddenly had deep worries and doubts about this matter.

As if he enjoyed seeing his worried look, Wei Long deliberately pretended to ponder for a while before nodding with a smile, “Don’t worry, although I don’t have a very obvious feeling about the change in temperature, our werewolf friends are no better than you guys.”

Hearing his assurance, Shang HaoJia was finally relieved, and suddenly felt a heartfelt gratitude to that werewolf friend, “That’s good. With air conditioning we can still be friends, I won’t even mind if you want me to lie in a coffin with you.”

“In fact – in order to integrate into modern society, I also tried your human bed and fell deeply in love with Simmons. Perhaps my opinion is a bit biased, but Simmons must be one of the greatest inventions of mankind, and in the future, even if I have to be petrified again, I must customize a Simmons coffin to do so.” Wei Long couldn’t help but laugh lightly and responded with a solemn look, thoughtfully opening the window and spreading an arm towards him again.

“Can’t we just leave this house in a normal way?” Seeing his action, Shang HaoJia couldn’t help but whine, but his body still subconsciously copied him and leapt through the window.

Wei Long stepped forward, suddenly gently embraced him, smiling next to his ear, as he whispered, “Looking at such a peaceful and tempting night, don’t you have the urge to melt into the night with me?”

The effect of the warm water bag could only be limited to the palm of the hand, and the long-lost coolness wrapped around Shang HaoJia’s body, so he couldn’t help but comfortably sigh lightly, “The urge to blend into the night isn’t strong, but the urge to stay with you can continue for a while…”

“If I had known that disguised as an air conditioner, I would have been able to obtain such a special reputation, I would have taken you into my arms without hesitation.” Looking at the person who was almost clinging to him, Wei Long’s tone filled with an indulgent smile and he raised his hand and gently patted his back, “Hold on tight, don’t open your eyes.”

Shang HaoJia wasn’t nervous at all, and lazily replied, “Don’t worry, I’m not afraid of heights…”

Just as he was about to show off his heroic deeds of climbing the roof after forgetting his key back in his childhood days, his body suddenly soared into the air. The surrounding landscape quickly changed into a sky full of stars, and before he could react, he fell straight down.

“Why do you need to jump – are you not wasting gravity?!”

As an Emergency Department doctor, Doctor Shang, who has been dealing with all kinds of jumping injuries for years, was undoubtedly well aware of the consequences of this. His tone of voice has almost materialized into an exclamation point at the end of the sentence as he opened his mouth in genuine dismay.

A low, soft chuckle entered his ears, with an overly obvious sense of gloating and delight. He wanted to hate it, but inexplicably the voice that seemed to be resonating within his chest that led to a shiver in his heart. Vampires were really a dangerous existence that could easily seduce humans.

Very dangerous.

If you love your life, stay away from vampires… 

Shang HaoJia suddenly decided that he had to add this sentence to his epitaph as the ground was rapidly nearing in front of his eyes, and his ears were filled with the sound of the cold wind.

“In a number of film and television works, the description of our power, in fact, have some serious exaggerations and deviations.” The strong fall suddenly stopped, as Wei Long stood steadily on a branch, and while the branch beneath his feet swayed up and down unhurriedly a few times, he once again took the person in his arms and leapt lightly up. “The vampire has no ability to go to the sky or to the earth, nor can he fly or shift in space. The reason why we can infinitely expand the space of action is only because – we jump higher than humans.”

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May 16, 2021 8:51 pm

Loving it, it was so funny how he is clinging to him because he feels cool lol and when his stomach growled he instantly changed his tune and went with Wei Long lol

May 17, 2021 12:35 am

I don’t know about Shang Hao Jia, but I’m definitely more than a little attracted! Dangerous, handsome, mysterious… a lethal combination. Will Wei Long invite Hao Jia to eat Ramen, I wonder? 😉
Thank you for translating.

May 17, 2021 4:00 am

All that flirting, OML! 😳😳😳 And so it seems that this charming medieval vampire will succeed in taking this beautiful modern doctor into his house.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 17, 2021 11:20 pm

Wow…i am speechless🤣🤣🤣

June 6, 2021 7:13 am

Vampire air conditioner. Have to remember that one. Good chapter!

October 13, 2021 9:54 pm

“-are you not wasting gravity?!”
NGL, i blurted out laughing. xD

August 29, 2022 10:33 pm

He’s a doctor right? How come he’s penniless?

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