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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Upon entering the building, the light instantly dimmed, like a heavy curtain has just descended, and the whole building was tightly covered in it, separating it and the outside into two worlds. Their eyes went from light to suddenly being bathed in darkness, and for a while they couldn’t see anything.

But this dividing line, like an invisible wall, also blocked the demons, as they wandered outside the building and didn’t run in after them.

Shen Jize wanted to get a cell phone to light up the way, but when he checked his pants pocket, it was empty. He asked Lu Rong, “Did you bring your cell phone?” 

Lu Rong shook his head, “I put my phone next to my pillow when I went to bed, so I didn’t bring it in.”

Shen Jize sighed, “It seems that in the future, we should also sleep with a miniature flashlight, so we won’t encounter this kind of thing again.”

Talking at this moment, their eyes had adapted to the darkness, and they could gradually also see the general outline of the object in front of them. Shen Jize took Lu Rong’s hand and said, “Come on, let’s go to the top floor.”

The two of them went up the stairs, and it was very quiet around them, only hearing each other’s light breathing and rustling footsteps.

Shen Jize reached the second floor and was stunned, stopped, and when Lu Rong followed his line of sight, he found that outside the long passage on the second floor the sky was filled with stars.

“How did it become night again?”

Lu Rong peeked out from the balcony of the passage to see the rotting corpses downstairs, but the school yard was empty, there was neither any corpses nor fog. The school yard was flat and clean, and the trees swayed slightly in the wind, casting dappled shadows, except that there was no one there, just like on every normal campus night.

Shen Jize looked down and pondered, “The campus we were just in should be a big illusion, and there’s a deeper illusion, which is this school building. In that case, the way out is in this building, which should be the water room that appeared out of nowhere.”

The two of them slowly walked upwards, alert and careful. When they got to the corner between the two floors, there was a sudden noise in the silence, like glass cracking, or like snow falling off branches in the dead of night.

Very slight, but couldn’t be ignored.

Shen Jize made a no-movement gesture to Lu Rong, gripped the baseball bat in his hand and took a tentative step forward. But just as he took two more steps upward, a loud bang like a thunderclap exploded, and his feet moved instantly, and he almost couldn’t stand still.

Everything changed in an instant, the whole building was like collapsing blocks, and without any warning, it started coming down in pieces. But those separated walls and concrete slabs didn’t fall to the ground, but as if they had lost their geocentric attraction, they just flew up out of nowhere.

In his haste, Lu Rong stumbled twice. When he stood firm, he found himself stepping on a one-meter-square concrete slab, with broken walls above his head and all around him, like tumbling and floating pieces of meteorite.

Lu Rong looked down in amazement, not at the ground, but at a vast void with no bottom in sight. He looked around, searching for Shen Jize among the various sized floating pieces of concrete. A broken table leg came flying in circles, and he leaned down so fast that it flew away right against his scalp.

“Brother! Brother!” He shouted anxiously.

Just now Shen Jize was standing on the stairs, wondering if he had stood still when the building split, or if he had fallen and had any accidents. He reached out to catch a boomerang-like blackboard eraser, and threw it away as it continued to whizz forward. He looked for Shen Jize’s figure among the debris tumbling in mid-air. But in all directions were large and small floating concrete blocks, and no figure could be seen.

I can’t wait any longer.

Lu Rong forced himself to resist the panic. His human form standing on the concrete slab disappeared, and in the original place was a white deer. The white deer surveyed the surrounding area, and his eyes fell on a larger stone block in front of him.

The stone was a few dozen meters away from him, apparently a fragment of a classroom. There was a brownish-red door frame attached to it, but the door panel was nowhere to be found. The white deer leapt up, his front hooves close to the belly, and his hind hooves spread out. The red pattern appeared on his slender but powerful legs and his silver horns dragged an undulating streak of light in the air.

Lu Rong landed firmly on that concrete block, and then leapt to another one. He used the floating and flying cement blocks as footholds to soar through the night sky, anxiously searching for Shen Jize.

Wooden debris and books of varying sizes flew all over the sky, and because of their speed, each was as deadly as a concealed weapon. He was looking for a concrete block farther away to gain a foothold, while having to watch out for those floating objects coming in.

In front of him on the left, there was a large flat rectangle of mud, flying steadily in the air, facing upward with a cream-colored tile inlaid, like a podium.

Lu Rong looked at the podium and grabbed the ground with his front hooves and was about to leap up when a small black shadow flew towards him. He tilted his head to the side, and the dark shadow brushed past his eyes. If his eyes weren’t mistaken, it was a flat green stone. But unlike the coarse mud and stone, the surface was very smooth as it shined with a soft light. The back was attached to a thin rope, like a jade pendant.

He didn’t see Shen Jize wearing a jade pendant, and was only puzzled for a moment before leaving it behind and turning around to leap over to the podium. The huge building debris was floating in the void, like a group of stars, and these concrete blocks were everywhere as far as the eye could see, rotating clockwise in a trajectory, forming a small galaxy of its own.

Lu Rong didn’t see Shen Jize, as his front hooves anxiously plowed the ground, instantly sweeping away the mud and sand raised by the wind. His black nose also huffed, forming a white mist in the cold black night.

Because of too many hard jumps, and because he was choosing a very far landing spot, his legs were a little weak and sore. He looked across the distant ‘galaxy’ and decided to look there again; maybe the stairs Shen Jize stepped on had floated across.

There was a concrete block directly in front of him, just a little far away. Lu Rong judged the distance and thought it would be good if there was some kind of support in the middle. Coincidentally, a one-meter-square concrete slab slowly rotated and floated over, right between him and the target concrete block.

Lu Rong moved his hoof and started to prepare for the jump.




After three words he stood still, only the bend of his leg slightly curved. Because just as he was about to leap up, the concrete slab turned halfway around and came face to face with the front facing his direction.

It was a white door frame with a door that was no longer there, revealing a small compartment inside. There was a toilet in the cubicle, and Shen Jize, whom he had been looking for, was sitting on the toilet.

The man and the deer looked at each other for a moment, but Shen Jize reacted first, stood up from the toilet and called out with wide eyes, “Little White.”

Lu Rong was so excited that his ears perked up and his little tail was twitching behind his buttocks. He wanted to call out to his brother, but only when he opened his mouth did he realize that he was still in deer form, and hurriedly covered his mouth with his front hooves.

The white deer again showed a look and movement that didn’t belong to an animal, but Shen Jize had gotten used to it, so he wasn’t even fazed, and didn’t think it was strange.

“Deer Warrior, should I go over, or you come over?” Shen Jize asked with both hands cupped around his mouth.

He knew that Little White liked this name.

Lu Rong loved to hear Shen Jize call him Deer Warrior when he was a child, but now that he was older, he only felt ashamed when he heard this name, and his skin under the white fur was translucent pink. He didn’t let Shen Jize continue to pursue the question, and without hesitation, he leapt over to his place.

“I’m cramped here, should I cross—” When Shen Jize saw that the white deer had flown over, he swallowed the rest of his words, and to avoid the inescapable, he only had time to get on the toilet seat behind him in a hurry.

Lu Rong had just stepped on the ground and felt that it was too small. His front hooves stepped on the tiles, but his hind hooves were still hanging in the air, so he had to squeeze his four hooves into a ball.

“Deer Warrior, your horns, please move your horns.” Shen Jize used his hand to poke the small silver coral tree that was resting against his chest.

Lu Rong lifted his eyes, but found a black mass, and close at hand, a tight piece of skin. Warm body heat enveloped his face, so he moved closer to press against it, but the person in front of him was stirred by his cold black nose, and couldn’t help but shiver a little.

“Deer Warrior, your head is stuck in my clothes. Lower your head and wait for me to remove the clothes first.”

Shen Jize struggled to remove his T-shirt from the white deer’s antlers.

This compartment wasn’t large, not to mention that the front door was missing a piece of concrete, so Lu Rong had to crane his neck and turn his four hooves together slowly, so that his head was towards Shen Jize’s side.

The two staggered and finally stood close together and couldn’t help but both breathe a sigh of relief.

“Have you seen another guy? My brother got separated and I’ve searched many rocks but couldn’t find him.” Shen Jize looked at the floating stones outside and sounded a bit anxious, “I didn’t see him fall when the building split just now, I just don’t know which direction he’s floating to now.”

Lu Rong first nodded, then shook his head, the silver horns on his head brushed against the wooden partition, scraping, and he shrank back a little in embarrassment.

But Shen Jize asked, “Did you see him or not?”

Lu Rong hesitated, but hearing his voice was very anxious, finally nodded.

“Then where did you see him?”

Shen Jize looked sideways at the deer head, but couldn’t see his expression, so he said, “Turn towards a direction to show me his location. These mud and rocks are moving forward at an even pace, so with the direction he shouldn’t be difficult to find.”

Lu Rong had to turn his four hooves again, slowly moving into a position where his head was facing out and his butt was facing in. But this position allowed his head to reach out, instead of being so crowded.

He lifted one hoof tremulously, ready to point to a random place, when Shen Jize said, “Just know the general location, I can go out and find him.”

Lu Rong knew he was no better than himself, and could leap over those rocks, so finding someone would be tough. So the hoof he just raised was hesitantly put down, only to lower his head swinging from side to side.

Shen Jize saw him shaking his head for a while and then nodding, only to say that although he was very humanlike, he was also after all, only a deer, and he may not understand some words too well. So he didn’t scold him, only sighed and said, “Then give way, I’m now ready to go out.”

Lu Rong abruptly turned his head to look at him.

“I’ve already recovered my strength, so now I’ll go on to find my brother.” Shen Jize explained.

Lu Rong didn’t know how to stop him, and couldn’t show that he was the one he was looking for, so he stomped his hooves in place in annoyance.

Shen Jize saw that he was in the way, so he was ready to jump out, but at that moment, he suddenly had a tingling sensation on his face, as if there were countless small bugs crawling around. At the same time the white deer in front of him, all the hair on his body exploded, just like a big fluffy white doughnut.

Lu Rong also felt tingling all over his body.

He panicked a little, thinking of those animals that didn’t repel insects, their body would have fleas over time. He didn’t consider himself an animal, so he didn’t deworm his body… did he also have worms?

After this is over, should I buy some in vitro deworming medication for dogs and cats online? My brother was standing behind me, would he see the worms?

He turned his head nervously to see if Shen Jize was watching him, but was surprised to find that his hair was standing up in the air like a mushroom cloud, an effect that even a few sprays of hair styling mist couldn’t do.

But now he was looking deep into the distance, his handsome face was full of composure, even with a mushroom cloud he was still handsome. When Lu Rong retrieved his eyes, he was shocked to find that he was also fluffy, and his whole deer body had grown a size, and suddenly realized that it wasn’t bugs, but electric current.

Damn! It was a lightning strike!

Shen Jize’s brain just flashed this thought, when the world instantly turned bright to blindingly white. His eyes were hurt, becoming momentarily blind, and countless small black dots were flying around his retina.


A cement block the size of a restroom in front of him was struck by a thick twig-like current, instantly splintering and splattering apart.

“Cover your ears!” Shen Jize shouted to White Lu and reached out to cover his ears.

Lu Rong also reacted and hurriedly sat down on his buttocks, using his two front hooves to cover his ears. Only after covering an empty space did he realize that his ears weren’t on either side of his head, so he hurriedly reached up to the top of his head again and covered his two vertical ears, covering the ear holes tightly.

The thunderous explosion, even though the two covered their ears, still sounded like a heavy cymbal, making their brain buzz in that instant, and they couldn’t hear any other sounds.

Shen Jize looked up at the sky and saw rolling black clouds overhead, like rushing waves forming a huge whirlpool, in which there was a faint flash of electricity, it was so close that it seemed to be within reach.

There were bigger lightning strikes coming.

He made a snap decision, pinched the hem of his T-shirt and yanked.

Nothing happened.


The T-shirt was pulled out of shape, but there was still no tear.

He was just annoyed at the quality of the T-shirt, and for the first time, he was dissatisfied with the brand he was used to wearing.

Lu Rong just turned his head to see this scene, then hurriedly turned his four hooves quickly, and rubbed at Shen Jize like a wetstone, as he lowered his head to show his two horns.

Shen Jize looked at the tip of the silver horn, understood his meaning, and took his T-shirt, both his hands tense. Lu Rong used the tip of his horn against the T-shirt and poke through, a hole had been ripped without problem like piercing thin paper, then with a cut he pulled off a strip of fabric.

Shen Jize bundled it up into a fabric ball, took one of the white deer’s ears, and stuffed it into his ear hole. Then he tore off three more strips of fabric and plugged the rest of the white deer’s ears and his own.

Another bolt of lightning fell, and it hit even closer to their stone, and even with their ear plugged, they could hear a violent explosion.

Shen Jize tilted his head to look at the sky. The black clouds were roiling, a huge vortex was spinning in the opposite direction from the rocks below, just looking for more than a few seconds, he felt some dizziness. The center of the vortex was aimed at their heads, where the tree-like lightning was building momentum.

He began to be anxious to find Lu Rong, but he stopped panicking. The lightning was obviously aimed at him, so if he found Lu Rong now he would bring him into danger.

That tingling sensation surfaced again on his face, his plugged ears began to buzz, and he understood that the lightning was about to strike down.

“Run!” As soon as the words left his mouth, he leapt out at a floating block of cement in front of him.

The cement block was more than ten meters away from here, and he wasn’t sure he could jump up, but the lightning in the vortex was about to strike down. He and the white deer’s standing compartment would be shattered at any moment, and apart from a powerful jump, it looked like there was no other choice.

Below his feet was ten thousand li of emptiness, the wind whistling in his ears, as Shen Jize watched the concrete block. Watching it get closer and closer to him, he calculated the distance in his mind. But at a distance of five or six meters, his forward force began to slow down, and finally sank. In that moment, he could only watch the cement block move away as he was falling into the bottomless abyss.

The world seemed to freeze, silent, leaving only his violent heartbeat and gasping for breath.

Ba-thump, ba-thump.

The large wall, the broken workbook, the open marker, the half blackboard, all became the last sight in his eyes.

Rong Rong… 

Shen Jize’s lips moved gently in his descent.

At that moment, his stagnant vision broke into a flash of white, bright and eye-catching, making the gray image instantly alive, the stopped world moved again, and the voice re-infused into his ears.

Little White!

Shen Jize’s eyes started to bloom with hope during his fall.

Lu Rong swooped down straight at Shen Jize, like a spewing bullet. He was too late to dodge the tiny floating objects in the air, letting them crash into him, with only the falling man in his eyes.

Lightning struck down, illuminating the whole world as dazzling as a nuclear bomb explosion, making him blind for a moment. Something hit very close to his body, and fragments splashed onto him, but he felt no pain. But even when his vision went white, he followed the direction and kept rushing forward.

Shen Jize continued to fall down, and then below was the last layer of floating material. Unlike the large concrete slabs above, these floats were fragmented and dense, and if he fell, he would instantly crash to pieces.

Even if he could pass through those gaps, below was a vast emptiness, and there would be no more footholds, so from then on, he would fade into that nothingness.

Lu Rong hurried downward with all his might, the red stripes on his hooves stood out like flames, and his silver horns pulled out a long band of light.

Closer and closer, closer and closer… Finally, he caught up with Shen Jize before he approached the lowermost floating object and grabbed his sweatpants in his mouth.

Rip! The sweatpants instantly ripped into two halves.


Shen Jize’s falling momentum was paused for a moment, Lu Rong took the opportunity to get below him, and hold the man steady on his back.

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  1. Chinese mile, app. ⅓ of an English mile.


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