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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lu Rong held Shen Jize, falling towards the bottom layer of floating objects. He looked at one of the desks as a landing spot, but then he felt a familiar tingling sensation.

With a sudden turn of mind, as his hoof was about to touch the desk, he reversed direction and stepped on the half tile next to it. As the tile shattered and sank, he leapt up and flew towards a concrete slab above.


In a blinding white blur, the desk he had intended to land on was shattered into pieces by lightning.

Lu Rong jumped upward extremely fast and with exceptional agility. He stepped on small floating objects, whether it was a bucket from the water fountain or a school bag, or even a carton of milk, just to find a landing point.

Shen Jize crouched on his back, and in order not to slip, his arms were tightly wrapped around his neck. His two long legs compared to the deer legs were too long, and could only be awkwardly curled up.

The lightning was getting denser and denser, falling one after another. Lu Rong looked at everything in advance, watching for a landing point and the instant the lightning was about to strike, he’d leap out.

Shen Jize also kept giving him tips, “There is a soda bottle ten meters ahead on the right, and a broken brick two meters above your head.”

Lu Rong’s ears were stuffed with fabric, and it was quite hard to hear, so Shen Jize would take the cloth out, and then before the explosion of thunder he would quickly stuff it back in.

Shen Jize looked up at the sky, saw that the dark clouds were swirling bigger and bigger, while the brewing lightning was also getting stronger, and knew that this wasn’t a solution after all.

If they kept hiding, the white deer would also begin to feel the exhaustion, and the lightning would blow up these pieces. Once they could no longer find a foothold, they would eventually fall into the abyss.

Shen Jize didn’t know where Lu Rong was now hiding on the concrete block, so if he was gone, how could he get out alone?

As his mind turned, he suddenly remembered the water room on the top floor of the school building. The water room that didn’t belong in his memory.

“Little White, let’s look for the broken pieces of the water room.” He pulled out the cloth ball in Lu Rong’s ear and said aloud, “There is a thick water pipe attached to the water room, it should not be difficult to find.”

If the purpose of the water room was to hide the passage, then it would never have broken and would still be intact.

A water room? Lu Rong just dodged a lightning bolt and looked around, only to see meteoric mud bricks everywhere. How could he find that water room?

Shen Jize was also looking around, watching these floating objects rotating forward in one direction, like a small galaxy.

His eyes lit up abruptly.

“Little White, go to the very middle.” He patted Lu Rong’s back, with certainty in his voice, “All the objects are circling in a big circle. If I’m right, the water room should be the center of the circle.”

Lu Rong was already feeling tired, but hearing this, his body was energized again, and he adjusted his direction to where the center of the circle was located.

Shen Jize could see that he was tired, lifted his feet to get off his back, but Lu Rong twisted his head and bit his knee, telling him he wasn’t heavy, his meaning clear: don’t move, or I’d have to go after you again if you fall.

Shen Jize decided to be quiet and not move.

Lightning fell one after another, countless debris explosions echoed and Lu Rong’s hooves continued to move. He erratically leapt to the center of the circle.

He leaned straight ahead, but turned quickly a second before the lightning was about to strike, leaping to the left and then forward. After a half-second pause, he made a sudden move, and when the lightning struck his target landing spot, he only bounced in place. The so-called imminent burst, in fact, was only a false movement.

Shen Jize was also in line with his performance, as a leading film star, he made a successful supporting role.

“Little White, let’s go forward, right straight forward.” He said so, but his eyes darted to the left, resting on the back of the white deer and his fingers also lightly squeezed twice, making small movements.

The lightning quickly stored power, and the moment the white deer leapt up, it struck to his left, but the white deer carrying Shen Jize leaped to the front a dozen meters away.

Shen Jize took out the other hand hidden underneath the white deer, as he snorted at the sky, “Stupid.”

As if sensing that their purpose was to reach the center, the lightning in the black clouds was accumulating for a shorter and shorter time, often just knocking down a mud brick here, there and then instantly exploded.

Due to the shorter time to charge, its power wasn’t as strong, and some broken pieces, although were hit, weren’t broken, still floating forward. Finally, a small room of cement gray appeared in sight, floating steadily in the middle of those stone groups. It looked intact, and the thick water pipe sticking out of the top showed that it was the water room on top of the school building.

“Sure enough the water room is the center.” Shen Jize’s tone remained calm, but Lu Rong’s heart stirred, his hoof almost stepping in air. He quickly collected his mind, seriously looking for the next landing spot.

Lightning hit behind his hoof and fell on a half-sized concrete slab and shattered. He twisted in the air, landing a few meters away on another piece of masonry.

That was close.

Lu Rong’s heart was thumping, as he spit out his tongue sharply after a few breaths.

The water room was in sight, they could see the bumps on its rough concrete surface, as well as the rust on the water pipes. All he needed to do was jump the last few dozen meters to get there.

Lu Rong was already very tired, he was sweating profusely under the fur and his four legs were trembling, he almost fell down at once. Just then, he felt his body become lighter, when Shen Jize jumped off his back.

“Little White, it was too far for me to jump, but I can do it from here.”

Perhaps because of the proximity to the center, there were more floating objects here, like a pontoon bridge across the mid-air.

Lu Rong collapsed the back of his shoulders, and hachiked his tongue. He turned his head to look at Shen Jize, his two wilted ears suddenly stood up and kept twitching, his open mouth remained sculpted for a few seconds, before turning back to continue to pant.

Shen Jize’s clothes began to be torn off to stuff his ears, and his pants were bitten off when he fell, and now he was wearing only a pair of black underwear. His honey-brown skin wrapped in a perfect line of muscle, firm but not exaggerated, looked full of power and beauty.

Lu Rong had already turned back and slowly rolled his eyes to look in his direction.

Shen Jize had been looking above, watching the black clouds of lightning getting thicker and thicker, then suddenly bent down to move Lu Rong’s four hooves together, so that he could pick him up, and held him in his arms.

“Oo!” Lu Rong panicked, surprisingly let out a deer cry, and instantly closed his mouth tightly.

“Don’t be afraid, you’re not as heavy as a husky, I won’t drop you.”

Lu Rong refused.

He refused to be held by Shen Jize in this husky holding position, fluttering his four hooves to jump down.

“Don’t move.” Shen Jize intensified his tone, presumably sensing that this position didn’t please the white deer, he turned him face up, belly up, cradling him to his chest like a baby.

Lu Rong couldn’t react before he felt that little bug crawling all over his body again. He looked at Shen Jize and saw his hair gradually fluffing up, standing up and exploding.

Shen Jize lowered his mushroom cloud head, looked at Lu Rong, and murmured, “Big white dumpling.”

Lu Rong: Big white dumpling? Do you know what you look like now?

Shen Jize took a deep breath and projected in his mind when the lightning would fall. He couldn’t change lanes in the air like the white deer, he could only rely on his own instinct and leap out of the way at the moment the lightning struck.

He half-squinted his eyes ahead, slightly bowed to make a leap, Lu Rong saw lightning would fall at any time, but he was still standing still, and he was so frightened that he almost let out a deer scream again.

When the sky was white in a flash, he felt Shen Jize’s muscles tense up quickly, and then he suddenly took to the air. The moment he leapt up, the large piece of mud and rocks he had just landed on was smashed to pieces.

Shen Jize took advantage of the gap in the lightning buildup and accelerated forward to connect with the leap, jumping over three floating objects and getting one step closer to the water room.

The black clouds overhead pressed lower, the vortex spun faster, and from nowhere a strong wind blew, blowing people to drift.

Lu Rong was held in the arms of Shen Jize four hooves towards the sky, but not easier than jumping rocks by himself. He was afraid of being turned upside down, he had to hang his front hooves on the neck of the man, thinking that if he stepped on air, he would have to turn over as fast as possible and catch him.

The black cloud was accelerating the release of energy, the gap between the lightning strikes falling shorter and shorter, one after another kept falling behind Shen Jize, blowing those floating objects into pieces with a loud boom.

Shen Jize, holding the white deer, burst out all of his potential, leaping through the sparks and splashes of mud. His eyes had also adapted to the strong light, but he could see nothing.

Lu Rong lifted his head and could only see his jawline, which was tightly clenched. The sides of his cheeks bulged slightly from gritting his teeth. Just as Shen Jize landed on the last mudstone in front of the water room, a lightning bolt as thick as a tornado stabbed straight down at him from the black clouds.

“Ah—” Shen Jize burst out a loud cry, the veins on the side of his neck burst out, flying to lunge at the water room several meters away.


The mud and rocks behind him exploded, and concrete blocks the size of bullets shot out.

Lu Rong saw the fist-sized piece was about to hit Shen Jize’s back, so he fiercely broke free from his arms, turned in the air, and raised his hind hooves to kick the stone away. With the force of his head on his back, both the deer and the man pounced over to the water room.

Lu Rong turned his head to look at Shen Jize the moment he touched the ground and saw that he was also on the ground before he looked around. The water room was right next to him, and the ground where he was lying was connected. The cold, rough, gray concrete walls with rusty iron pipes embedded in them had not changed.

The sky was full of mud and debris, and a scorched earth smell was permeating in the air. He looked up at the sky, only to see that the black cloud that formed a huge vortex was still there, lightning still gathering.

Shit, the lightning is still going on!

Lu Rong couldn’t care too much, fiercely lunged at Shen Jize. He was in the air, then spread his limbs and pressed down heavily, landing with a thud, like a deer cake to protect the person underneath.

Shen Jize let out a muffled grunt, sounding a little pained.

Lu Rong felt the person under his belly move, as if trying to get up, so he sank down again, crushing the person underneath him. Shen Jize gave another muffled grunt and reached out a hand tremulously. He quickly took a hoof and pushed the hand back, hiding it under his belly.

Lu Rong closed his eyes, waiting to be struck by lightning, giving himself constant encouragement in his heart.

Not afraid, not afraid, I have fur, no big deal if the fur gets burnt.

“Let me… Go…” Shen Jize struggled to move his head sideways and spit out a few words.

Lu Rong was unmoved, both scared and strong, waiting for the pain to come.

It’s okay if it burns, it’s okay, it’s just hair, just a little bit of fur.

He imagined himself being burnt into a charred deer, and Shen Jize, who was safe and sound, held him in his arms and told him that he must open his eyes before he died as he confessed, “Brother… I am… I am your Rong Rong…”

But he was in his deer form and couldn’t speak, and his eyes couldn’t present this complex content to Shen Jize, the only way was to change back to human after being struck.

But a burned body was so ugly. Would Brother remember him as a charred, black figure?

Lu Rong was thinking hard, and suddenly woke up to the fact that lightning never struck. The wind in his ears had disappeared at some point, and the surrounding area was quiet. He huffed his nose, and what he smelled was no longer the choking powder smell, but a familiar and gentle scent.

Uncle Bai’s scent!

He opened his eyes abruptly and found that the scene around him had changed, the space with the floating boulders had disappeared, and his view was of a building in the distance, standing quietly in the moonlight. He looked to his left, where silver-white clusters of light were floating quietly above the ground, those converging points of light were like a gentle flowing river of stars.

“Little White, get out of the way.” Shen Jize’s muffled voice came from under his stomach.

Lu Rong realized that he was still on top of Shen Jize and hurriedly climbed up.

Shen Jize turned over and looked at the sky with a bright moon and breathed a long sigh of relief, “Little White, I wasn’t struck by lightning, but almost crushed to death by you.”

Lu Rong pretended not to hear and turned his head to look around casually.

“This is the roof of the school building.” Shen Jize stood up and looked at the ground outside the rooftop, “Rong Rong should be down there somewhere, I’ll go find him.”

Lu Rong heard this and his body jolted and his tail stood up.

Shen Jize plopped down on the rooftop fence, took a quick look at the ground and garden below, and decided to go to the dorm to look for him. He just turned around and saw the white deer enter the stairs, half an ass and a small tail flashed.

Shen Jize was stunned and wanted to call out to stop it, but then thought, the little white one only exists in this illusion, and now that the passage to leave had appeared, it will also go to where it should go like before. He will thank him the next time they meet.

Nevertheless, having been through life and death together several times, Shen Jize’s heart still rose with reluctance. He sighed and banished the reluctance for the moment, ready to go after Lu Rong.

Just now the lightning had been chasing him and the white deer, and Lu Rong was safe. But since he wasn’t near the water room, he wouldn’t be in this school building after returning to the present scene, so he should be in the dormitory or cafeteria.

Shen Jize had just taken a step when he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. He saw a messy head slowly peeking out of the stairway, blinking and looking at him carefully, with a bit of apprehension in his wet eyes.

It was Lu Rong whom he was looking for.

Shen Jize was silent for a moment before his whole body relaxed and only stretched out his fingers to beckon him. Lu Rong still hid his body in the stairwell and shook his head slowly at him without saying a word.

Shen Jize wrapped his arms around his chest and gestured with his chin for him to look at the passage of light mass not far away.

Lu Rong looked at the passage, then back at Shen Jize, and continued to shake his head with a pleading face.

Shen Jize raised an eyebrow and walked forward, Lu Rong whooshed back and was about to run downstairs when Shen Jize shouted, “Stop! What are you running for? When you saw me, you turned around and ran—” Shen Jize took a big step to the stairway, and when he saw the white back inside, his words fell into his throat.

But he immediately adjusted his mood, trying not to sound abnormal.

“So… You’ve stripped off your clothes again…” He narrowed his eyes, propped one hand on the door frame, and gently tapped his thigh with the other.

Lu Rong just rushed to the stairwell and transformed out of his white deer form, but he couldn’t find his clothes. He wanted to wait for Shen Jize to leave from the passage before going out, but when he saw that he was going around to look for him, he was forced to poke his head out.

Hearing Shen Jize’s words, he trembled and ran with both hands covering his bottom.

“Stand still.” Shen Jize comanded again.

Lu Rong reflexively stopped in his tracks and instantly realized that he shouldn’t stop, so he wanted to run again.

“What are you running for? Don’t you want to go back?”

“You go first, when you go I’ll… I’ll go back after you.” Lu Rong was caught by Shen Jize twice without clothes, so he was a little ashamed, and a little panicked.

Shen Jize asked, “Why are you naked again?”

Lu Rong turned his back and retorted, “You’re not naked?”

Shen Jize pulled the side of his underwear open and popped them, snapping them against his skin with a crisp sound, “Look closer, I still have this on.”

Lu Rong could only persuade kindly, “Brother, go back first, and I will return later.”

“Why are you in such a hurry to leave? Why don’t you go for a walk around the school? I haven’t been back to my alma mater for so long, so I can show you around.” Shen Jize hummed a laugh and said. He ran his eyes up and down Lu Rong’s back, “We can also go play a game of ball, and it’s kind of convenient, since the sweat won’t get your clothes wet—”

“I was wrong, I’ll never take off my clothes again, Brother, you should go now.” Seeing that he was still dawdling, Lu Rong could no longer calm down and couldn’t help but stomp his feet and urge repeatedly.

Shen Jize saw that he was indeed anxious and finally turned around, “Then I’ll go back first. Remember to come back early. Don’t run around, you still need to pay attention to the effects.”

“I know, I know.” Lu Rong said repeatedly.

Shen Jize smiled and walked back, just two steps out, he found a piece of green stuff on the ground, shining brightly, like a jade pendant. He knelt down to pick up the jade pendant and looked over it suspiciously, and the more he looked at it, the more familiar the shape became.


The turquoise jade pendant was carved into a leaf-shape, it had a clear body, and only the middle right position had some dark red traces. It was the same jade that he left behind in the construction site illusion when he was a child.


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Oh please catch on, Shen Jize.
LR shoukd have blamed the lightening & said his clothes were charred, tattered and fell off!
I wonder what the significance of this pendant is.
Thanks for translating and editing.

October 21, 2021 5:10 pm

At this point shen jize should start to doubt that white deer & lu rong never appear at the same time

October 23, 2021 7:14 am

I don’t know if he’s playing dumb or has trouble to catch on to the fact that Little White and Lu Rong never appear together. I wonder what this pendant means? It won’t protect him from going into the dream world but it came back to him?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

December 10, 2022 7:29 pm

The scent of Uncle Bai!!! QwQ after all these years

I thought there’d be at least lightning at the end 😅 Good save though! They’ve survived this round ~~
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