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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lu Rong was still a little scared in his heart, but after picking off two people in a row, he found that these demons were rookies, and were no match for him at all. His self-confidence instantly burst and he became bold. He bent low to reveal his two small sharp horns, and anything he met along the way was pushed down or knocked over, and then picked up thrown up into the sky.

In the rampage, he was invincible, just like a small bulldozer.

All those people, without exception, were turned into thin sheets of paper, and empty clothes kept falling from the sky.

The middle-aged woman at Shen Jize’s side saw the situation and quietly ran for the door, but she was spotted by Lu Rong’s sharp eyes. He abandoned the oboe player in front of him and accelerated after her, opening his mouth and biting the woman’s thigh, pulling back hard.

Riiip, crack! As a piece of fabric was ripped off, one of the woman’s legs broke off at the base of her thigh.

The woman had one leg ripped off and she used her remaining leg to jump towards the door. Lu Rong looked at her, and after a few seconds of being frozen, he desperately spit out the contents in his mouth.

Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

When it became clear that the leg that landed on the ground was just a piece of paper, he gave a long sigh of relief.

He was scared to death… 

Then he rushed forward in annoyance, his hind hooves upright, his front hooves raised, leaping up to the woman’s hindquarters with a storm of output.

On the fat and thick back waist, that was swiftly knocked against with the deer hooves, a pair of transparent holes appeared instantly. There was no living flesh and blood at all. She also instantly turned into paper, quietly buried in a pile of clothing.

“Restrain him! Restrain him quickly!” The master of ceremonies stood behind a eunuch table and ordered the others in a hoarse voice.

The rest of the men, who had been bouncing around the room like headless flies, heard the order and all pounced on Lu Rong without saying a word, surrounding him instantly. Lu Rong jumped up and knocked the frontrunner away, then raised his hind hooves and kicked the one behind him, and then, like a wind-up, he lashed out at the circle of people. If he wasn’t tearing with his teeth, he was using his horns, and the sound of paper being poked through and torn echoed inside the courtyard.

Shen Jize subconsciously took a step backward after pouncing on a paper man at his feet and found that he was able to move.

He saw that these people had become paper people, and he was no longer so afraid. The little girl grinned with her horrible mouth as she pounced on the deer, a wipe of the sleeve also rushed up.

The little demon made of paper is still laughing now? Who told you to heckle me?! Who told you to scare me?!

Shen Jize’s left hand grabbed the little girl’s back lapel, his right hand held her cold wrist down with a tug, waiting for the sound of paper crunching after the person’s arm ripped off.

Shen Jize was stunned and pulled down harder again, but it didn’t break.

He picked up the hand in front of him and looked at it. It was clearly made of flesh and bone, but there was no blood, it was white.

This… Obviously when the deer beat them, they turned into a pile of paper torn ah. How come he couldn’t do the same?

Shen Jize couldn’t think about it, because the little girl had slowly turned back, her empty eyes facing his face.


“S-sorry.” Shen Jize abruptly let go of her hand, and politely straightened her sleeves for her, ready to step back. But his hand was only half retracted when the little girl snapped it back.

Her hand was small, but as strong as an iron band. He struggled a few times but couldn’t break free, as a cold chill spread quickly from his wrist to his entire body.

The little girl smiled at him and slowly opened her mouth, opening it wider and wider beneath Shen Jize’s horrified line of sight, until her entire face was deformed, like a pitch-black hole. The top and bottom revealed a row of cold, sharp teeth, dripping with wet mucus.

Shen Jize saw the big mouth getting closer and closer to him, the fishy stench was disgusting, so he struggled desperately, using his feet to kick the girl, but it was no help at all.

Lu Rong was still dealing with the people coming up around him. He had a piece of paper with a big hole knocked out of it around his neck and his mouth was also holding shreds and a pile of paper was at his feet, all torn up. As a result, he just turned around and saw Shen Jize through a gap in the crowd.

Shen Jize’s wrists were clamped in a death grip and he couldn’t break free, while he thought in horror and despair: I was wrong, I shouldn’t have thought it was made of paper. I was wrong. Please give me another chance, I will never mess with this big mouth demon again.

Just as he gritted his teeth and closed his eyes waiting for the pain to come, a breeze swept past him, followed by a crisp paper tearing sound, and his imprisoned wrists were freed at the same time.

He opened his eyes in shock and saw the small white deer in front of him.

The little white deer landed with his back facing him, his hind hooves upright and slightly apart, his front hooves raised, one hoof holding a piece of paper, each with a half mouth drawn on it.

Then, it fell off his hooves, and the two pieces of paper gently floated down to the ground.

Surprisingly, the little girl was torn in half!

The little white deer looked slightly sideways, its round eyes glanced upward at him, and Shen Jize clearly read two words in it.

That’s it?

In the next few moments, Shen Jize witnessed the little white deer presenting its capabilities to the whole audience.

The red stripes on his four hooves glowed like flames.

He was armed all over, using his horns, headbutts, front hoof blows, and back hoof kicks, and like a white whirlwind, blew into the courtyard, where a few pieces of paper floated up, while a set of clothes fell to the floor.

Soon, the stone floor was covered with shredded paper and scattered clothes, looking like it had been raided.

Shen Jize now no longer felt he was a deer demon, but was only full of admiration. He felt that the name “Deer Demon” sounded a bit villainous and insulting, so he silently changed his name to “Deer Warrior” in his heart.

Deer Warrior Lu Rong was invincible, and the room of paper people was torn apart. The bride and groom rushed out of the room but were also caught by him and torn apart.

The bride’s head was finally completely ripped off this time, and not even more rice could glue her back together.

When the dust settled, the little white deer went back towards Shen Jize, slowly straightened up his upper body, forked a hoof, raised the other, and with two toes apart, was making a V for victory.

Shen Jize thought this action was very familiar, remembering the cartoon Lu Rong watched, in which the dog and cat would pose after winning the fight. The master of ceremonies took advantage of Lu Rong’s lack of attention, fled to the door, and let out a shrill whistle to the outside of the house.

Shen Jize just felt something odd, and then heard a sound of tables and benches tilting. The group of people who had been sitting at the table actually got up and came staggering towards the courtyard.

Lu Rong saw a lot of demons, like an enemy, slightly bent down and took an offensive posture. His ears pursed tightly on top of his head, twitching slightly.

Shen Jize saw that although these people were slow to move, they were still different from those paper people. Not wearing strange clothes, nor red painted faces, the rotting flesh on their bodies appeared greenish-black, and their clothes were torn and ragged and covered with dirt.

These… These looked like they had crawled out of the graveyard, not paper people at all.

Lu Rong front hooves on the ground nervously plowed, his small body muscles were tense, leaping up, ready to jump and tear them up.

“They can’t tear, don’t tear!” Shen Jize suddenly shouted to him, “They’re not paper people!”

Not paper people? Lu Rong pricked up his ears and looked at Shen Jize in confusion.

The men were about to reach the steps when Shen Jize rushed toward the door, screaming, “Run! Don’t wait for them to block the door!”

The little white deer only froze for a moment before following Shen Jize and rushing towards the door, incidentally picking the master of ceremonies who was in the way into the air.

The master of ceremonies was ordering the group of rotting corpses, and before he could finish his sentence, he turned into pieces of paper and flew up. At the same time, those rotting corpses became normal skeletons, clattering down.

A boy and a deer ran out of the room and rushed to the courtyard door. Shen Jize ran in the direction, Lu Rong followed two steps, remembered that his clothes bag hadn’t been taken yet, and then went back to the courtyard door to grab his bag with his mouth, and then ta-ta-ta caught up.

Shen Jize ran out of the village in one breath, ran to the place where they started to wait for the groom to pick them up, slid down against a big tree with all his strength, and then huffed and puffed to catch his breath, “Ha-ho… Finally… Ha-hoo… Finally escaped… Ha-hoo… What are all these… ghost things?”

Lu Rong also ran hard enough, he fought the group of paper people, and although he only tore paper, jumping around waving his hooves was also very exhausting.

Shen Jize was still panting, seeing the little white deer generally sitting on a trunk, two hind hooves straight and long, his white belly hanging out, sticking out his little tongue panting and puffing.

After panting, he turned his head and saw the green leaves on the shrub next to him, bit a piece off, chewing them. He chewed two mouthfuls and stuck out his tongue to grasp another one, and then continued to chew.

He looked like a gluttonous deer.

Shen Jize peeked over at him and finally couldn’t help but say, “Erm… deer… Deer Warrior, you can understand what I’m saying, right?”

Deer Warrior? Although it’s not Deer Goku, Deer Warrior seems pretty good. Lu Rong’s eyes lit up, as he swallowed the leaf with a grin, and slowly turned his head towards Shen Jize.

Shen Jize saw this expression in his heart and shuddered.

Whether it was the deer or the paper man, why do they all love to grin? Although the deer grin looked quite cute, but, really… especially at night… it was still a bit hard to accept.

Shen Jize looked to the side evasively and said, “Deer Warrior, can you close your mouth when you smile?”

Lu Rong then closed his mouth and pursed up his smile.

When Shen Jize looked at him again, he saw that the little white deer’s mouth was pursed into a thin line, with the ends turned upward, and his round eyes were slightly narrowed, forming a half-moon. His heart was instantly struck and fluttered.

He was really too beautiful.

“Looks like you understand me. So can you talk?” Shen Jize smiled back and asked.

Lu Rong shook his head.

“Also, you were just barking like a deer last night.” Shen Jize rubbed his head and felt some regret in his heart. Sitting in close proximity to the little white deer like this, he began to turn his head constantly to gawk.

At first there were some scruples, and only secretly glanced, but after a while, his gaze stayed longer and longer, also becoming more and more hot. The latter simply turned sideways and watched with rapt attention.

Last night, he saw the first glimpse of the deer and liked it, thought he was very good-looking, only to be scared by his dance. Now that he had determined that this was the same deer, not an outside deer nor a deer demon, he felt he looked beautiful.

Lu Rong gradually tensed under his fiery gaze, the corners of his mouth slowly flattened, and his eyes drifted in all directions.

——He found out who I really am? No way! I didn’t transform in front of him… 

Shen Jize’s eyes fell on the two silver glittering potato horns, and his heart itched to touch them.

Lu Rong saw his glimpse, then slowly moved his ears and both horns were covered up. Shen Jize stared at the fawn’s black round nose, and the fawn motionlessly lifted one front hoof to block his nose.

He looked at the fawn’s white belly, which was covered with a light layer of white fur, softly undulating and faintly revealing the pink skin beneath. Lu Rong sat upright with both hooves around his chest, and his hind hooves clamped together to block the little pink bean below.


The deer, that was fully visible, totally tensed up.


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September 20, 2021 3:24 pm

Deer Warrior LR was a total whirlwind! So brave! So glad SJ now has a positive view of him and isn’t scared now (the opposite, making 1 shy deer).
What on earth did all this mean? SJ seemed their target, but why? Were they vengeful spirits something happened to?
Reading on Patreon too, but like your site more 🙂
Thanks for translating & editing.

September 20, 2021 4:15 pm

Very cute❤️!!! Thanks for the chapter!!!

September 20, 2021 10:00 pm

A teased LR deer is so cute 😍😍😍

September 20, 2021 10:24 pm

Our brave deer worrior saved brother Jize, but turned into a shy deer when being looked at zealously. So it looks like places where Uncle Bai’s presence can be felt are safe, while others are not. Was it a test, or did they just wander of the path?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

October 9, 2021 11:03 pm

Thank goodness they escaped that creepy village safely.
And Lu Rong was so cute being shy.
Thanks for the chapter 💕

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