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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Ping Mo was unaware of his Teaching Assistant’s inner monologue, and was telling himself over and over again, I need his alpha pheromone. It’s never too late for a gentleman to take revenge, so he didn’t scratch his face on the spot.

Pei Yutu was unaware that he had been listed in Instructor Ping’s ‘grudge book’, so he was in a good mood as he held his cat and organized the students’ morning exercises. It was a military university, so daily morning exercises, physical training and military skills training were all mandatory. However, as an instructor, he had nothing but time at his disposal except for morning exercises then afternoon physical or military training.

This rhythm of life for Pei Yutu, a GI instructor seconded from an off-planet location, was akin to a vacation. Teaching Assistant Pei absently lectured students, “What else can you be expected to do if you can’t even stand in formation? ” All the while he was stretching his neck and looking around.

“Don’t look. Instructor Ping isn’t here,” Lu DongWang said slyly.

Pei Yutu, “How do you know who I’m looking for?”

Cao LingXin and two other instructors were organizing the final exercises for the group when they heard this. They asked, “Pei is looking for Instructor Ping? I heard he was sick, and took a leave of absence.”

“Sick again?” Pei Yutu said. “Is it serious?”

Cao LingXin heard his urgent tone and wondered, “When did you and Instructor Ping become so close? Are you that concerned about him?”

Pei Yutu said stiffly, “It’s not concern, it’s just curiosity. How can an alpha be so weak that they get sick twice in three weeks?”

Lu DongWang shook his head meaningfully at Cao LingXin behind him, while the other two instructors continued chatting. One said, “Instructor Ping looks a bit thin and weak.” 

The other retorted, “Isn’t he too skinny?”

Pei Yutu mentally sighed in relief, then rubbed his chin. He’s not skinny. He has a very shapely ass that is quite fleshy.

The other instructor continued, “You’ve never seen him discipline students. Not only is he not weak, he’s fierce and scary. He reminds me of the battalion commander when I was in boot camp. A nightmare. The New Weapons students look at him like a rat that’s spotted a cat.”

Pei Yutu himself often complained about Instructor Ping, but when he heard others talking about him, he was immediately displeased, “How could they be so exaggerated? He’s just a little tougher on alphas and a little more violent, but he’s actually quite cute.”

The crowd, “????”

Cute? Are you talking about the devil instructor who beats people up at the drop of a hat, and often gives students extra kilometers? How could he be cute except for his face?

Lu DongWang couldn’t bear to look at him, and covered his face. “Pei, you don’t have to…Wait! Where’s Mimi? Lost it again?”

Pei Yutu realized that the kitten in his arms had disappeared at some point.

Five minutes ago, Ping Mo was lying bored in Pei Yutu’s arms when he suddenly heard several students having a discussion.

“Today’s first two classes are University Student Physical Health Class. Take my seat.”

“…Since when do you love learning so much, going to a public class?”

“As soon as I saw that you didn’t listen to the last section. Today is about ABO physiology…”

“What’s wrong with that? You didn’t learn it in middle school?”

“Oh, you! Hear me out, it’s the Therian topic! Must be extra exciting.”

“…Wow! Go, go, go! Don’t eat breakfast, go take a seat!”

Ping Mo, his pair of fluffy little ears erect, followed them. At that moment, Pei Yutu was looking around for Instructor Ping, and didn’t notice when the hairy child in his arms leapt out to chase them.

“Teaching Assistant Pei, Teaching Assistant Lu, are you looking for the cat?” A student suddenly stepped forward and said, “It seems to be in Classroom One.”

Lu DongWang, “How do you know?”

The student handed over his cell phone. “Someone took a picture of it.”

Thanks to the semi-military management, students were free to carry their cell phones, and Ping Mo was a ‘net-famous cat.’ The cat in the photo was squatting in the back row of desks. The classroom was overcrowded, but the cat was dominating a whole desk and seemed very unhappy about being secretly photographed as it flashed two sharp canines at the camera, fierce and cute.

“Great! Not lost!” Cat Slave Lu gave a long sigh of relief. He looked at the photo of the fierce kitten, and said heartily, “It’s so small and so weak. If no one took care of it, it certainly wouldn’t survive.”

Pei Yutu, “?…I think he is quite healthy, right?” Where is he weak?

“Brother Pei, I have to go to a meeting. Mimi is counting on you!” Like a spring, Lu DongWang bowed with his hands together. He was so humble it was outrageous.


Pei Yutu had intended to go straight into the classroom, pick up the cat and leave, but he underestimated how popular this class was.

The bell rang and the class was almost full. Teaching Assistant Pei struggled to squeeze into the only empty seat, right behind the table where Ping Mo was sitting, and realized that it was impossible to get out. Pei Yutu soon understood why the students were so enthusiastic.

The class was really interesting, and as a veteran student, he was captivated.

The lecturer was a chubby middle-aged female professor who started with a high energy statement, “Just a quick refresher on the previous class. What is the flu? Yes, an incurable disease!”

Pei Yutu, “?” Is this University course so wild?

“At present, any medication only relieves the symptoms. Ultimately it is the body’s own immunity…Okay. Let’s start talking about the new course, ABO physiology. I believe we all learned this course in junior high school, so we can skip the basic common sense stuff. Today we’ll talk about what your little junior high school classrooms did not. Therians.”

She wrote the word “Therian” on the sliding blackboard, and at the same time turned on the projector which released the corresponding PPT. There was an immediate commotion in the room, and some students even applauded.

“I can see that everyone is very interested, so let me ask you. What is your impression of Therians?”

Immediately, someone from the audience said out loud, “Mysterious!” “Endangered!” “A good-looking girl!” “The bogeyman!” “XXX!”

XXX was the name of a famous movie star in the ancient earth era, and she was a very famous Therian.

Some people also said, “sexy, delicate body that is easy to break!” 

The professor also laughed. “You’re right. The biggest features of Therians are their beauty, and that their bodies are more sensitive than normal people so any experience may be better. But beauty has also become the original sin. In ancient times, many nobles bred Therians for fun because of their so-called soft bodies and pretty faces. They were sold, imprisoned and almost on the verge of extinction. Even in the interstellar era, with the Omega Protection Law established, human trafficking and smuggling is still prohibited. Nowadays, the surviving Therians basically choose to remain anonymous. In fact, Therians aren’t that mysterious, they are the same as us.” The professor drew a subset on the blackboard. “All Therians are omegas, so all omegas have a chance of being a Therian. Biologically speaking, they are an omega variant.”

“Therians develop later than the average omega. As you know, adolescents commonly differentiate between the ages of 13 and 16, but Therians usually don’t complete their differentiation until they’re 18 to 20. There’s a theory that the later the natural differentiation of a Therian, the more pleasure it gives an alpha…”

Since they were all university students, they were long past the age of shrieking about sex, so the classroom wasn’t startled like the junior high school kids. The professor didn’t speak quickly, and everyone was quietly listening. 

Pei Yutu’s legs were long and the desk space was a little narrow, so bending his legs wasn’t comfortable. He moved his body, while his hand behaved like a schoolboy’s, and dishonestly poked the cat.

However, the cat was even more serious than the students. The glutinous rice dumpling was squatting motionless, from head to toe. It would only acknowledge Pei Yutu from time to time as he harassed it when it impatiently wagged the tip of its tail.

“After a Therian differentiates, it takes on certain animal characteristics, usually in the form of ears and a tail. There are different species. Cats, foxes, dogs, and even amphibians have been recorded. After differentiation, there will be a long period of adaptation, during which, due to drastic hormonal changes, a very small number of Therians won’t appear as a human but as their small animal counterpart. How long this phenomenon lasts and the formation mechanism is unknown. The number of surviving Therian is too scarce, and there is the Omega Protection Law, so there is no further research. We have no way to find out.”

“Therians have another point different from ordinary Omegas, the mark of their sexual maturity. It is not a ‘differentiation,’ but a ‘sexual maturity stage’. That is, frequent estrus, where they experience more and more frequent bonding heats before their real differentiation is completed.”

Ping Mo, “!”

Ping Mo twitched his ears. Could it be that…He hadn’t finished differentiating? But he was already twenty-seven years old!

The professor’s voice continued, “So Therians have a very long adolescence. When you see those ‘ageless’ actresses, maybe they are Therian.”

A student asked, “Teacher, tell me about male Therians! I heard that male Therians are rare, but they have miraculous effects. What are they?”

The professor suddenly became serious. “Legends are just legends! Please don’t believe in rumors and don’t spread rumors. All human rights violations are written in the Omega Protection Act and Alliance Code xx.”

The professor was so shy, but everyone was very curious. Ping Mo also raised his fluffy round head to look over. Even with a Therian’s knowledge, he was still hearing this for the first time, not to mention the rumors. So he was really curious, but the professor wouldn’t speak about it. The conversation turned. “Moreover, the vast majority of Therians are women. The proportion of male Therians is about 1 in 100,000, according to the latest census data of Alliance. The number of Therians is less than two thousand, so according to that number, there should be no surviving male Therians. Let’s keep it light, and take stock of those famous favorites from history, several of whom are suspected Therians…”

These two subjects together created a long class, nearly 100 minutes long, but the professor spoke with plenty of dry, funny language, and the class was relatively lively, so the time flew by. It seemed to be over in a flash. Even up until the bell rang, the students still weren’t satisfied and ran up to the podium to ask questions.

Pei Yutu was finally able to free himself from the narrow desk, and stretched his long legs, but he didn’t forget to pick up the cat that was still crouched on the desk and pluck its fluffy little ears with his index finger. “Tch. As if you can understand.”

Ping Mo was pulled back to reality by him, remembered that this person had been harassing him for a whole class, and so he nonchalantly bit him. This bite was very fast, actually more like a hit, but Pei Yutu’s hand had really thick skin being covered with gun calluses, so the bite didn’t actually break through the skin.

Ping Mo, “…”

“Hiss…Quite fierce,” Pei Yutu didn’t have a little pooper scooper’s patience, and laid a slap on Ping Mo’s fluffy buttocks. “Don’t bite people! Do you remember?”

Although Teaching Assistant Pei had held back his strength, his hand was very strong, and this slap made Ping Mo’s buttocks hot. It was painful on one side, but more importantly, he was filled with a sense of shame. All of Instructor Ping’s hackles immediately exploded. He waved his pink paws, and also showed the two pointed canine teeth, and with fierce energy gave the unscrupulous pooper scooper a death glare.

It was a pity that the glutinous white fur greatly weakened his ferocity.

Pei Yutu was again amused by the little thing, but a phone call came in and temporarily stopped Teaching Assistant Pei’s enthusiasm for cat teasing.

“Hello…Another meeting? Is Ping sick again? You think Ping Mo didn’t get better last time?”

Who knows what was said on the other end of the line, but Pei Yutu’s careless tone suddenly became serious. “A lost student? Okay, I get it. I’m on my way.”


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July 31, 2022 3:19 am

Interestibg to learn more about Therians, but surprising that Ping Mo has never been told any of this.
It seems he is in the process of reaching sexual maturity and hasn’t yet finished differentiating… so could he become an Alpha? 😳
For all his bravado and pseudo gruffness, Pei Yutu is actually likeable…. well, to me he is.
So enjoying the humour in this story, as well as the characters.
Thanks for translating and editing.

August 3, 2022 1:10 am

Oh, some more info about Therians! And students went missing?QAQ

Thank You for the new chapter (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

Audry Gazali
Audry Gazali
August 9, 2022 6:42 am

So, Ping Mo might be the only male Therians. So sad.

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