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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Pei Yutu looked around, and found that there was no one there except the little kitten. Ping had really left.

Pei Yutu touched his nose. He had accidentally gotten hard and leaked some pheromones. Was he that disgusted?

In fact for alphas, other alphas who had stronger pheromones were a threat, so for Ping Mo to suddenly disappear was something Pei Yutu could understand. It was just that he was indefinably unhappy.

He lowered his head, and found that the little hairy kitten hadn’t run away. He looked right into the hairy child’s pair of gray-blue eyes so like a peaceful instructor’s, then he nonchalantly picked it up, petted it, and rubbed its white fluffy fur into a mess. Just to have a little more emotional venting. He held the cat in his hands, glared at it and asked, “You. Why did you run away?!”

Ping Mo couldn’t move in Pei Yutu’s hand, and could only lick his nose indignantly. “…”

“Forget it. I’ll bring you back. Lu DongWang will be crazy happy.”

Pei Yutu only realized after the fact that the cat probably needed to be dried. It was already wet then had been petted by his own wet hands, so it would definitely catch a cold if it was carried out like that.

Teaching Assistant Pei, in a rare thoughtful moment, took his only bath towel off his waist. “Come and I’ll wipe you off.”

As soon as the bath towel was untied, Ping Mo saw Teaching Assistant Pei’s hard-on, which hadn’t completely disappeared. The size was even more amazing than when he just saw it flaccid.

“!” Ping Mo was furious at the thought of Pei Yutu using a bath towel on him that he had just used to wipe himself, and so turned to run, but Pei Yutu was quick to catch him. The soft flesh of the back of his neck was squeezed in his big hand so the cat couldn’t move. He had to let the bath towel paste on his body, and rub him.

Ping Mo, “…”

The bath towel was also stained with alpha pheromones, so it really made him feel comfortable and greatly relieved the discomfort of his bonding heat.

Ping Mo was lying in Pei Yutu’s arms with mixed feelings, as he was carried all the way back to the dormitory.

As Lu DongWang couldn’t accept the fact that the cat was lost, the cat’s nest in the small living room hadn’t been thrown away. So Pei Yutu found the cat’s nest, put Ping Mo in it, and went back to the bedroom.

Ping Mo shook his fur and sniffed the bedding. It hadn’t been used for a long time, but it didn’t have an odor and was quite clean.

He jumped into the soft bed, curled his long tail up, shrunk into a ball of fur and closed his eyes.

In a daze, he thought to himself that the reason why he didn’t have a leakage of omega pheromones this time, but just turned into a cat, was probably because he had been taking regular inhibitors.

However, his bonding heat had come more than once recently, and he didn’t know how long ordinary inhibitors could control it. There was an urgent need for Therian special inhibitors. Leng Li promised to buy them within two weeks, and Cheng Cheng was also filing reports with his superiors to apply, however all he could do now was wait…


Ping Mo fell asleep at some point, but it wasn’t a peaceful sleep. He dreamed of his mother carrying the burning pressure tank as she rushed into the dark room while she cried, “Never let anyone know you are Therian!”

In the dream, little Ping Mo shouted “Mom,” then helplessly and frantically slapped the small, closed door with his hands. The explosion of fire and the splattering of metal shards sliding across his skin caused him to wake up with a sharp pain.

Mom told him to run!


Little Ping Mo fought through the searing pain and scrambled to get out. A tiny child almost burnt to a crisp, with severe burns that ruined his face, although he miraculously survived.

“Ugly bastard!” 

“Ugly bastard!”

The children threw stones at him, and Ping Mo listened to the insults without getting angry. He hugged the buns thrown to him by some kind people and murmured, “Ugly is safe. Beautiful children will be taken by the Boss.”

He ran to an unoccupied corner and cut his long-healed face with a sharp stone. Blood mixed with the teardrops that dripped on the white bun. The tiny child desperately tried to hold back the pain, as he told himself over and over again to live, just live, and one day not have to hurt so much.


The dream became blurred, and the scene shifted. The little child had grown into a young teenager of eleven years old.

The young teenager was wearing a clean and dry standard scout uniform without a scratch on his body. His skin was white porcelain smooth, he was just too thin, so his pair of gray-blue eyes appeared extra large, and those eyes looked like they could overflow with starlight.

“I’m an alpha!!!” He took the physical test sheet, and cheered incredulously. So he didn’t inherit from his mother. He wasn’t Therian!

“Yeah, you’re an awesome top alpha. You can stay, and no one will ever bully you again.” An older boy rubbed his little head. “But I’m not. I’m leaving! Will you remember me?”

Little Ping Mo nodded dumbly, a little reluctant to leave his companion. “Can’t you stay?”

“No! I’m omega!” The big boy pinched his white little face with a strong hand, then pinched the little face red. Those beautiful gray-blue eyes instantly winked out a bubble of tears, aggrieved and cute. The big boy looked at him with satisfaction, and placed a kiss on little Ping Mo’s forehead. “If you can’t leave me, when you grow up, marry me. Okay? “

The dream world changed again. Comrades, officers, and the extraterritorial pirates who fought with them…Familiar faces with different expressions: love, worship, approval, or fear, but ultimately all unified into contempt.

“So you’re an omega.”


“What top alpha? You’re a Therian. A born wannabe!”


“No, no! I’m not!” Ping Mo woke up from his dream as he shouted “I’m not!” However, all that came out was, “Meow, meow, meow!” 

Ping Mo froze for a moment before he realized that he was having nightmares again. Around the time of his bonding heat, his mood always fluctuated dramatically due to the hormonal influences, so he was prone to nightmares.

Ping Mo raised his round fluffy head, and looked through the window to see the light outside. It was still early, before dawn. According to his experiences, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to sleep soundly the rest of the night.

Ping Mo quickly made a decision. He waved the tip of his tail, slightly bowed his waist, gently leapt and reached the door handle. Two clawed paws held the handle and relied on his own weight. It was easy to open the door.

He shook his fur, then squeezed in through the doorway. Pei Yutu and Lu DongWang each occupied a single bed, the floor was covered with clothes thrown horizontally and vertically. In the darkness, Ping Mo deftly avoided all the dirty clothes and smelly socks, and with a leap, got onto Pei Yutu’s chest.

The tequila flavored alpha pheromones quickly calmed him down, and Pei Yutu’s broad chest, with its solid muscles and elastic skin, was a great place to sleep. The only downside was that the guy was snoring.

Ping Mo put up with it for about three minutes, then stepped on Pei Yutu’s shoulder, lifted his paw and gave him a slap.


The snoring actually subsided. Ping Mo twitched his little ears, and plopped back down as he sniffed his comforting tequila pheromones, and closed his eyes in peace.

The night was dreamless.


The next morning, Pei Yutu reached for the phone, but grabbed a handful of fur instead. He opened his eyes suspiciously, and saw a fluffy, glutinous cat was lying in the crook of his arm. The cat was very relaxed as it slept, all four feet in the air which revealed it’s a white belly, pink nose, pink paws and claws.

“…When did you get in?” Pei Yutu poked his finger at the cat’s soft belly.

The cat gave a displeased “mee,” but still didn’t open its eyes. It only grunted and rolled over, so its fluffy butt faced Pei Yutu.

However, Teaching Assistant Pei’s hands were very cheap as they pulled the tail and poked the buttocks, and finally seemed to poke a particularly good feel of a small ball. Before he had time to see what it was, the kitty suddenly exploded, turned his body, and let out a threatening hiss at him, which revealed two sharp, sharp canine teeth.

“Ha. Quite fierce.” Pei Yutu was amused by the little kitten, and poked the cat in the head with another finger, which pushed him upside down.

Ping Mo fell on his butt in the soft bedding, furious. Pei Yutu that rascal! He actually pinched, pinched his…He pinched his balls! And poked him in the head!

If he didn’t scratch him into shredded potatoes, he wouldn’t know his place! Instructor Ping shook his fur, and was about to teach his teaching assistant a lesson with a hungry tiger pounce, but to his surprise, Pei Yutu was prepared and grabbed the soft flesh on the back of Ping Mo’s neck.

The cat was lifted up and struggled vainly in Teaching Assistant Pei’s hands, as he cursed, “Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow!”

Pei Yutu was so amused by his grunting face that he played with it, and occasionally flicked the cat’s bottom with his finger, which caused the cat to yelp louder and woke up Lu DongWang.

Lu DongWang yawned and rubbed his eyes. “Brother Pei, I think I dreamed about Mimi again. I heard him calling–“

“Mimi! Damn, is it really Mimi? It’s back!” Lu DongWang’s eyes lit up, and his whole person was about to pounce, but Pei Yutu nonchalantly kicked him away.

“Fuck off. Roll away. If you’re not bathing, dirty thing, don’t touch my bed!”

Lu DongWang stood aggrieved, as he eyed the kitten in his roommate’s hand. “It’s really Mimi. Ah, I told you it would come back!”

“Here’s your cat, take it.” Pei Yutu mercifully shoved the cat into his hands, then got up and went to wash up.

However, while Ping Mo was just carefully held to the heart of Lu cat slave, he smelled the stink of sweat that this person had fermented all night, stepped on his shoulders and leapt. Then he went into the living room, and refused to touch him any more at that moment. His disgust was overflowing.

Lu DongWang, .…QAQ!

The living room hadn’t changed much from before. Ping Mo jumped on the sofa, but found a few pages of draft dragon flying had been left on the coffee table. 1 The handwriting was quite familiar.


The two teaching assistants on the left and right were in the bathroom grabbing the washbasin. Ping Mo didn’t want to go over and get involved, so he jumped on the coffee table and studied Pei Yutu’s manuscript.

Let’s try to see if we can read it carefully.

The more he looked at it, the more he felt that Teaching Assistant Pei did seem to have two brushes, but a glimpse of the leopard. 2His marching formation, daily drills, soldier management, or a pointable, was all officer’s material. No wonder out of the big herd of soldiers this young man made it all the way to captain and beyond to be promoted to officer…

The lecturers used computer projections, but the lesson plans must be handwritten. So he didn’t want to do the tedious work. Since Teaching Assistant Pei’s content was fine, why not just find a student to transcribe it?

Pei Yutu finished washing up, and saw the cat squatting on the coffee table with its head down as if it could read the words. Its long tail was curled around its two front paws. The tip of its tail was black and playful, while the sunrise that was coming through the window gilded its creamy white fur with a layer of soft light which would make it feel better in the hand.

Teaching Assistant Pei suddenly had an itchy hand, and actually took the initiative to greet him, “Mimi. Are you going to the morning exercises?”

Ping Mo lifted his round fluffy head. His big gray-blue eyes were still sulky, as if he hadn’t forgotten the morning’s revenge. The cat dithered for a moment, but obediently followed. As he jumped into Pei Yutu’s arms, Lu DongWang howled with jealousy, “Why does he like you so much?”

Pei Yutu only gave his roommate his dashing back, then not very tenderly petted the cat’s fur held in his arms through the ruckus. He looked at the cat’s gray-blue eyes, so like those of Instructor Ping’s, and thought to himself, Surnamed Ping. You saw me and ran like you were hiding from a stampede of beasts. Also, your temper is a little bit explosive, tsk. If only you were as good as this cat that clings to me. How good would that be?


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Translator Notes:

  1. Basically he’s saying 龙飞凤舞- dragon flies, phoenix dances. In calligraphy, it means the writing is bold, strong and alive, but in this context it means wildly scribbled.
  2. There are two expressions here. 两把刷子 – To hold two brushes – Refers to a somewhat talented person, because why hold one brush when you can hold two? 管中窥豹 -To see a leopard through a narrow tube – Means to miss the big picture, to have a limited view. So, Teaching Assistant Pei does seem like a somewhat talented person in a limited view. High praise from Instructor Ping!


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July 29, 2022 3:32 am

I have a feeling, Pei Yutu, that won’t be long in coming 😏
Ping Mo as a cat is too amusing; the same attitude and ferocity, but not the strength or size to pull it off 😁
PY is definitely attracted and PM getting there (beyond the tequila anti-anxiety smell he possesses).
Thanks for the translation, notes and editing.

August 2, 2022 12:04 pm

PYT where are you touching?! And we got some flashes of PM’s past. It doesn’t seems to be a good life (๑ˊ▵ॢˋ̥๑)

Thank You for the chapter (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

Audry Gazali
Audry Gazali
August 9, 2022 6:27 am

Ping Mo cat just slap Pei Yu Tu to stopped him snoring. Well, I’ll do that too,!😄 Pei is so dead to “dare” touch Ping’s balls. Hahaha……

October 24, 2022 6:30 am

Lol I can’t wait for the sexret to come out to Pei.
Thank you for the chapters!

November 16, 2022 5:58 pm

Actually, I find that a light slap usually does stop snoring…At least in some people lol

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