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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Today’s impromptu meeting was a packed room of people. Cao LingXin and Lu DongWang were actually there as well.

It was a rare sight to see Head Teacher Hu not speaking officiously. His expression was gloomy with a hint of depression. When he saw Pei Yutu at the door, he asked, “Teaching Assistant Pei. Are your morning team exercise people all present?”

Pei Yutu shook his head. “A few omegas didn’t come.”

These omegas were very delicate, and often used “not feeling well” as an excuse to avoid the morning exercises. If they were close to their bonding heat their bodies ached, but Instructor Ping also spoiled them, and would approve all of their time off requests. Even if the time was long, he wouldn’t bother to ask why.

Hu Lei actually didn’t pursue the issue, just rubbed his temples and said, “We have lost two students. One of them is your team’s omega girl, called Zhou Li.”

When he heard Zhou Li’s name, Ping Mo also raised his head from Pei Yutu’s arms, and his round gray-blue eyes looked at Hu Lei.

“They have been missing for a whole night. If you can’t contact them, we can only call the police. Once the case is filed, it is a teaching accident. I, the teaching team leader, Instructor Cao,Teaching Assistant Lu, Teaching Assistant Pei, Counselor, Class Two Director…Oh yes, there is also a leave of absence Instructor Pei, we can’t let off anyone. Now, there are five hours before the time it must be filed, so I suggest that everyone split up to find them.”

Pei Yutu, “Any clues?”

The class directors and counselors present shook their heads. Cao LingXin frowned sadly, “Our team has an omega boy called Ji An. I only know that he and your Zhou Li have a good relationship and often play together. They’ve disappeared before, and not caused any special issues.”

The counselor said, “I hope it’s just two kids being playful and they come back safely.”

Hu Lei paced back and forth irritably with his hands behind his back. “Not very likely, but let’s treat a dead horse, 1 and look for them in the vicinity of the school, internet cafes, shopping malls and other places where students usually like to go.” 

The only way to do it now, was to agree to split up and keep in touch if there was any news.

Pei Yutu, however, didn’t plan to look near the school. He pulled Lu DongWang aside and said, “Speaking of that girl, Zhou Li. I remember a place…Taiping Street.”

“Taiping Street? Are you sure, Pei? That place is quite far from the school.”

“I’m not sure, so I didn’t speak up.” Pei Yutu haphazardly messed up his short hair. “I’ll go to Taiping Street to see. I’ll leave the cat to you!”

After all, it wasn’t convenient for a young girl to meet online friends late at night, so going again wasn’t very likely. However, as Hu Lei said, a dead horse could be a living horse, right?

However, just as he handed the cat over, Ping Mo jumped back into Pei Yutu’s arms, with four paws on his arm, and even his long tail was curled around his arm.

Pei Yutu, “…”

Lu DongWang, “…”

Eventually, Teaching Assistant Pei strode off with the cat in his arms, or rather with the cat picking at his collar, under the envious eyes of Cat Slave Lu.

“That’s just how much you like me.” Pei Yutu scratched his big hand over Ping Mo’s fluffy round head.

Instructor Ping gave him a disgusted look. Two small ears pressed flat against the back of the round head, and a pair of gray-blue round eyes narrowed at him with overflowing contempt.

Why does his teaching assistant like to be so self-absorbed? He just wanted to follow to help find his student and Taiping Street…Somehow, he had an intuition that he should go back to Taiping Street to see.

“Pei, Instructor Pei!” An eager voice rang out from behind, and Pei Yutu stopped in his tracks to see a boy coming after him.

“What is it?”

“Instructor Pei, Ji An didn’t come back all night last night. He probably went to the Wind Chimes Bar, the address is in Taiping Street.” With those words, the boy turned around to leave, but he wasn’t faster than Pei Yutu. Teaching Assistant Pei was tall and big, and his hand grabbed the small chicken then dragged him back. “What are you running for? What’s your name, your major, and how did you know they were going to the bar?”

Pei Yutu’s hands were like iron pincers. The boy couldn’t break free, and could only answer, “My name is Chen JiangHao, I’m from the Mecha Command college, and I’m not sure…just…I just heard about it. Then I heard that Ji An and the other person are missing, so I just wanted to come and tell my teacher. I’d just run over, and I saw you.”

Chen JiangHao was nervous and incoherent, but Pei Yutu was already planning to go to Taiping Street, so he didn’t bother to talk to him any further, and let the kid go.

However, Pei Yutu did not go to the main entrance of the school, but instead headed into the underground parking lot. Ping Mo suspiciously stretched out his neck. The whole cat was stretched long. Two paws pricked Pei Yutu’s shoulders, and his pair of round eyes were barely visible.

He couldn’t help trying to climb up Pei Yutu’s shoulders to get a better look, but was grabbed by the back of his neck by Teaching Assistant Pei and ripped off his body, then pressed into his arms.

Instructor Ping was about to struggle, but the next second he saw that vehicle lights had come on, while a driver’s door opened automatically.


Pei Yutu stepped in, sat in the driver’s seat, inserted the key into the sensor, and started the vehicle.

Ping Mo, “!!!”

Teaching Assistant Pei familiarly snagged his sunglasses out of the passenger seat compartment. He didn’t know whether he was explaining to the cat or simply to himself. “It’s too slow to take a taxi. It’s faster to drive my spacecar.”

Not only was it faster, the speed difference between a spacecar and ordinary cars wasn’t remotely comparable.

Of course, the price was also very different.

Where did Pei Yutu get the money to buy such an expensive luxury vehicle? Also, when did he drive the car into the school?

Ping Mo really couldn’t link that Teaching Assistant Pei, who eats cafeteria take-out in his dorm room every day, to the rich second generation. He silently calculated a captain’s salary. According to Alliance’s wage scale, in order to buy such a car, he estimated that he would have to save up for 20 years without eating or drinking. Thus, he was puzzled. Before he could reach a conclusion, one person and one cat arrived at the destination.

The spacecar was really fast.

Pei Yutu parked the car, put the cat into his arms and automatically squeezed Ping Mo’s paws. “Don’t run around, this isn’t the school.”

Despite these words, Pei Yutu had an inexplicable certainty that the cat wouldn’t leave him.

Teaching Assistant Pei really took Chen JiangHao’s words to heart and planned to find the Wind Chimes Bar first. It was now after 8:00 a.m., just past sunrise. It was the beginning of the day for ordinary working people, but it was the down time for Taiping Street, when most nightclubs and bars were shut and only a few stores remained open during the day.

The music cafe around the corner, Ink, was one of them. It was particularly eye-catching. Light blues music was playing outside, and there was a voluptuous owner holding a coffee as she posed by the window.

Pei Yutu, “…”

He chose to ask for directions from an acquaintance, striding over, tapping his knuckles on the glass, and after successfully getting the owner’s attention, he nonchalantly pushed his way in.

Not only did Pei Yutu get the owner’s attention, but he also managed to attract a few sales clerks, who had seen plenty of customers of all kinds in this mixed place on Taiping Street, and had sharpened their eyesight. At a glance, they recognized that this man was dressed in expensive clothes, and was handsome, tall and charismatic. He was a top alpha.

Unfortunately, the top alpha himself was very uncomfortable, and waved away the girls like a fly. “No consumption, I’ll find your boss!”

Leng Li was sweeter than an omega in front of Ping Mo, but in front of strangers like Teaching Assistant Pei, she finally revealed the spunk of a female alpha. She raised her eyebrows in a delicate manner. “What do you want from me?”

Pei Yutu didn’t say anything at first. “I want to ask you something, and then I’ll leave. Do you know the Wind Chimes Bar?”

Leng Li’s expression changed, and she made a long, meaningful, tsk, tsk, tsk. “Can you public officials go to that kind of place?”

Pei Yutu caught her meaning. “What’s wrong with that place?”

Leng Li didn’t answer him. Instead she rushed to Pei Yutu’s arms and said, “Yah! What is this? It’s so cute!”

“…” Ping Mo sniffed and shrank into Teaching Assistant Pei’s arms. When he first entered the door, he immediately stuck his head deep into Pei Yutu’s arms, so only his fluffy butt and a long tail were revealed.

Although he knew that Leng Li wouldn’t recognize him, Ping Mo still felt very embarrassed by appearing as a cat in front of her.

The good thing was that Leng Li’s high interest in the little fur ball didn’t last long, and soon she changed the subject, “By the way, how is Instructor Ping doing? Are you guys having some kind of closed training where you can’t touch your phones again?”

Ping Mo, buried in the arms of his own Teaching Assistant, twitched his little ears as he immediately wondered, had Li Li contacted him? It was probably quite important, probably the Therian dedicated inhibitors or a Ghost Ear message. He’d wait to go back to find the opportunity to look at his phone.

“No, no organized training.” Pei Yutu was going to say ‘Instructor Ping isn’t feeling well and called in sick,’ but when the words came out of his mouth, they became, “Instructor Ping is quite busy, and probably doesn’t have time to respond to unimportant messages.”

Leng Li, “…”

Ping Mo, “…”

“You haven’t answered what you were asked! What’s going on at the Wind Chimes Bar?” Pei Yutu said.

Leng Li said, “That’s what it’s all about! It’s a place for rich people to spend their time, eating and drinking with them! There are a lot of pretty omega boys and girls there.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. 死马当活马医 – to give medicine to a dead horse – means to make every possible effort and to keep on trying.


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