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Chapter 24: Pheromone Mark

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Ping Mo pushed through the crowd and ran wildly, as he tried to find an empty booth with a good barrier. However, just as he left the dance floor, he felt cat ears pop up above his head.


With no time to hesitate, Ping Mo instantly lowered his standards. As long as there was a small compartment, with a square inch to cover his body, it would work. Since his ears had emerged, the next step was his tail, which would certainly rip his pants, and he didn’t want to be in public with a bare butt!

The Wind Chime was still a bar and not like the Army University, had bathrooms that were divided into six types in detail, but had identical compartments, urinals, electric toilets, washbasins, makeup mirrors and other facilities, together with the unified with Dressing Room sign.

Ping Mo, at the last second, rushed into a vacant dressing room, and locked the door. Behind him was the familiar sound of moving towels. The air conditioning in the cubicle was turned on very well. Since the cloth touched his exposed skin, he immediately felt a cool sensation. Ping Mo subconsciously waved his long tail, and when he moved his hand to feel his pants, there was indeed a large tear.

“…” This damn bonding heat!

The trouble of being bare-assed, compared to the heat at the moment, was insignificant. Time was stretched out extremely long, and Ping Mo was experiencing seconds like years. He suspected that he had been locked in the cubicle for a century, but there were still no signs of turning into a cat.

Since his bonding heat had become more frequent and intense recently, he almost treated the suppressant like a vitamin C tablet and took it every day. Even so, his sweet, grapefruit-scented omega pheromones were still spilling out uncontrollably.

Ping Mo’s heart couldn’t help but sink. It meant that…for him, the ordinary inhibitor had completely lost its effect.

This was the wrong time, and the wrong place.

There were countless alphas out there in a state of drunken arousal. How many people would be attracted to an omega in heat and lose their minds? Therian’s pheromones could drive an alpha more crazy than a regular omega. Ping Mo didn’t know how credible this claim was, but he did hear the sound of boisterous footsteps approaching.

The overwhelming rush of alpha pheromones was like adding insult to injury. Ping Mo felt like his body was on fire, his mouth burned dry, and his skin hot. The glands in the back of his neck were so stimulated they felt like they were going to burst, and an unspeakable, shameful longing slowly rose, rolled over, and screamed inside of him.

…He craved an alpha’s caresses, or more.

At this time, if an alpha rushed in, the consequences would be unthinkable.

Instructor Ping had the professional habit of carrying a weapon with him. With the greatest willpower, he bit his lips hard in order to awaken a moment of clarity with pain, and then drew the military dagger hidden from his waist like lightning.

Since this set of clothes was not as loose as usual, today he could only carry one weapon.

But that’s enough, Ping Mo thought. If the pain can make me stay awake, then I can use the military dagger on myself. He had survived many life and death missions. How could a mere bonding heat capsize him? There was always a way to break out.

However, this was the first time in his life that Instructor Ping suffered the complete torture of a Therian bonding heat. In the end, he still underestimated its power.

As time went on, the longing to be soothed by an alpha became more and more intense and unbearable. Ping Mo even unconsciously rubbed his body against the cold, marble sink to cool down.

Outside the cubicle, the sound of footsteps was coming closer and louder. The door panel bowed and vibrated, as the number of alpha who were tapping furiously increased.

“Don’t hide in there, come out. Let brother see!”

“Fuck, I’ve never smelled such slutty pheromones before. Just a sniff gave me a fucking hard on!”

“My susceptibility period is early, and so fucking strong!”

“An omega came out to play in the middle of the night, and is still pretending? Come out! Come on out!”

Taiping Street was a mixed place, the quality of customers was mixed, not to mention that they came to the Pheromone Night theme party. Those who were there originally intended to find someone to spend the night together, and these alphas were attracted by the Therian pheromones, so they became extra crazy. The thin door was slapped, and the hinges let out a large wail, as if at any time, the door would give out.

On the other side of the door, Ping Mo gripped his dagger tightly. He forced his weak legs to stand, while he bluffed and warned, “Get out! Who dares to come in, I’ll cut out your glands!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the center panel of the black-backed, gold-painted compartment door crack, and a sharp, glowing dagger broke through the outside of the door!

The obscenities outside the door came to a screeching halt. Some people were really intimidated by the threat and backed off, but the shock was only temporary. Soon, someone else shouted, “Hey, so mean! The stronger the omega the better the fuck, I’m not afraid anyway!”

“Yes! I’m not afraid to die under a peony!”

The sound of rapping on the door was like a rainstorm. Ping Mo was forced to endure the discomfort. He pulled back the dagger, already ready to open the door and have a bloody battle. To to ensure he could maintain his state, he decided to cut himself first.

In his life, Ping Mo was the most afraid of pain, but in cases of necessity, he had to take the initiative to hurt himself. For example, right now, his omega pheromones were spilling out like water, so that the air was filled with a sticky-sweet grapefruit fragrance. On the back of his neck, his glands were burning hot, and he was gasping for breath since it was so unconsciously thick. There was an increasingly violent rap on the door intertwined in one place. His hand which held the knife was trembling.

In the midst of this noise and chaos, there was a sudden change.

Tequila-scented, alpha pheromones swept over, which completely covered up the rest of the pheromones!

The sound of tapping on the door gradually stopped, and a rude and familiar national cursing sounded outside the door panel. “Fuck! What the fuck are you all doing? Fucking move aside!”

Then there was the sound of fighting, begging for mercy, and cursing which boiled back to the sky. Ping Mo didn’t know how long it lasted, but the noise gradually stopped. The screaming alphas ran, wounded, then everything was silent.

The next second, the overwhelmed door was finally kicked open. Pei Yutu stepped in, as the door shattered and rained dust. He was tall and upright, as he blocked the door after the group fight. Ping Mo was leaning back against the tile wall, while he held the dagger with white knuckles.

Pei Yutu again had the urge to find someone to pinch to see if they were dreaming.

The instructor in front of him, and the figure in the vague wet dream that day overlapped. They were the same. On his head of soft, short, black hair, there was a pair of fluffy cat ears. Then the beautiful gray-blue eyes were without the usual harsh irritability, and instead were filled with a thin layer of watery mist. Even the long eyelashes were tainted with that mist, wet and watery as he looked at him.

Ping Mo leaned thirty degrees against the wall. One hand was still firmly holding the sharp and cold dagger, and from Pei Yutu’s angle, he could just see the long tail behind him, while the pants at the base of his tail were protruding. The pants were an originally slightly slim design, but now a tail was sticking out from them. It was visually exciting, as the round and upright buttocks broke through the restraint by themselves and popped out as round and rolled firm flesh.

The skin was hot and red because of the bonding heat torture, and with the white base, it was now an attractive cherry pink. Perhaps he noticed Pei Yutu’s momentary glance, because Ping Mo’s long tail rolled over his body, and the tip of his tail fluttered uneasily.

Pei Yutu’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he dryly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. “Instructor Ping…Ping Mo! You, you really are…” 

Really omega, and…Therian?!

The alpha tequila pheromones became more and more intense, as if to swallow all life. Ping Mo was in the most sensitive early stage of bonding heat, and clenched his teeth, but from between the teeth he squeezed out in a slightly normal tone, “As you can see.”

Ping Mo’s brain was extremely confused. The secret was finally exposed by this person, and his current situation was really worrying. What to do? However, before Ping Mo could clear his thoughts, he felt a strong force approach him, then Pei Yutu crushed him! He heard Pei Yutu’s voice as it pressed against him. “Instructor Ping, let me help you.”

The tone was so hot that the hairs of the cat’s ears on top of Ping Mo’s head were irritated and exploded. “… Fuck, get lost!”

However, Pei Yutu didn’t retreat, he advanced. He lowered his voice, and actually had some quiet compulsion, “Your pheromone is too sweet, and it’s drawn every alpha in the bar. If we don’t hurry to suppress it, and there is another wave, what can you do? Didn’t you say yourself that you didn’t want to make a big deal out of it?”

Ping Mo was silent. He hadn’t seen Ghost Ear yet, and shouldn’t cause a big fuss.

“Let me help you. Just a temporary mark.” Pei Yutu’s large hands pinched his waist. The skin under his hands was soft and strong, but thin. It was hotter than he remembered. The heat against the palm of his hand felt nearly on fire. Pei Yutu’s heartbeat was like a drum.

As if in response to Pei Yutu’s words, there was the sound of people outside the door again. People were approaching from a distance. Ping Mo closed his eyes as if resigned to fate, and buried his head in the bend of Pei Yutu’s arm, which revealed his long white neck. His glands were slightly red, and the outline was clearly visible.

This was acquiescence.

Pei Yutu’s breathing turned ragged, He could only smell the sweet grapefruit omega pheromones that filled the small compartment. The omega had nowhere to hide. Pei Yutu licked his dry lips, then bit through the thin flesh.

“Umn…!” Ping Mo felt a stabbing pain in the back of his neck, but it was different from the wounds he had received from fighting on the battlefield. It wasn’t exactly the same unbearable pain. After the stabbing ache, there was a soothing pleasure, from the back of his neck glands all the way to his tail vertebrae. Even the fur on the tip of his tail exploded.

His long tail curled up unconsciously and wrapped around Pei Yutu’s strong and powerful thighs. Pei Yutu’s biting action stalled, and encouraged by the general, he licked and sucked harder. His big hand also slid down from the top of Ping Mo’s spine to his waist, fondling his tail like a game, finally injecting his alpha pheromone into the omega in his arms. Ping Mo’s cat ears twitched, and he subconsciously bit Pei Yutu’s upper arm.

Even though Ping Mo bit him, he didn’t bite deeply into his gland because he feared hurting him, so he used restraint. Ping Mo had no such scruples, and his sharp canine teeth ruthlessly pierced into Pei Yutu’s upper arm muscle. Feeling the bite, Pei Yutu let out a light hiss. His large hand punitively pinched the base of Ping Mo’s tail. When he spoke, there was nothing in his tone that sounded like reproach. “Ping Mo, are you a dog?”

And then he grasped the soft flesh of the back of Instructor Ping’s neck and tore him out of his arms. However, he saw that his mouth hadn’t yet had time to close, so his lips were moist, and the tips of his canine teeth were faintly visible.

The warm and soft touch of those lips during the previous ‘dream’ was still fresh in his mind. Pei Yutu was moved to kiss him, but suddenly he felt a tightness at his throat. Ping Mo had grabbed him by the neck with one hand!

The pair of gray-blue eyes were still hazy, but his gaze had regained seven or eight points of clarity. “What are you doing?!”

“…” Pei Yutu, “A temporary mark.”

However despite this, he himself also reacted to the injection of pheromones, so there was no need to kiss again.

The so-called ‘temporary mark’ was divided into two types: one was intimate physical contact, such as kissing or prolonged direct body contact, the other was biting the back of the neck and injecting alpha pheromones. This mark would disappear due to metabolism, but it would last longer, so the effect was also more significant.

Ping Mo gasped. His other hand that held his dagger turned into a beautiful knife flower, and gave off a threatening aura. “A temporary mark is enough. There’s no need to make out.”

After the pheromone injection, the cat ears on top of Ping Mo’s head had disappeared, and behind him his tail was gone. Only, the air was still filled with the residual sweet grapefruit omega pheromones. That could still attract alphas for surrounding kilometers, and the team of fighters who had chased them might also come back.

The place was somewhere they shouldn’t linger.

Ping Mo moved his joints, and felt that his sore limbs had regained forty to fifty percent of their strength, so escape wasn’t a problem. “Let’s go.”

“…Okay.” Pei Yutu suspected that if he dared to say no, the dagger would be plunged into his heart without hesitation. “But, are you going out like this?”

Ping Mo, “?”

Pei Yutu’s meaningful gaze fell behind Ping Mo.

Only then did Instructor Ping Mo realize that something was wrong. His top was fine and was waist-length, but his pants had long been ripped and his tail had disappeared. Now his back was so naked and exposed that it was an eyesore.

“…!!!” Ping Mo felt that today might contain a lifetime of shame. He wanted to find a crack and go straight into the ground. He gripped the military dagger. He had the impulse to kill the only audience to see him like this so that no one could know of his embarrassment today.

That only audience was oblivious to the crisis, as he looked at Ping Mo’s earlobes that were red from embarrassment which put him in a good mood. He took off his own short-sleeved T-shirt, and put it into the hands of Instructor Ping. “Wear this and cover your butt.”


This was also doable. Pei Yutu’s clothes for someone Ping Mo’s size, were on the large side. It could almost completely cover his buttocks, but this one piece of clothing was the only thing Pei Yutu had on and he would be showing off his bare shoulders.

An alpha showing bare shoulders wasn’t so bad, especially since Pei Yutu’s body was very good. His shoulders and back had solid muscles, he had mermaid lines and six straight abdominal muscles that were well defined. There wasn’t a trace of fat.

The most eye-catching thing though, was a palm-sized bruise on the side of his waist, which should be a fresh blunt force injury. That reminded Ping Mo of the ferocious fight outside the door panel not long ago. Ping Mo withdrew his gaze, his thin lips tightly pursed, and without saying a word, he put on Pei Yutu’s clothes and went straight out of the dressing room cubicle.

Pei Yutu didn’t mind that he didn’t even say thank you, but still looked at Ping Mo’s back in his own clothes and felt a peculiar satisfaction in his heart, before he also followed him out in stride.

Outside, there was a pile of alphas lying around. Some were beaten by Pei Yutu’s hands, some were directly suppressed to their knees as soon as they came into contact with Pei Yutu’s pheromones, and still hadn’t woken.

A floor full of dead dogs was no threat.

The two people left easily, and Pei Yutu led Ping Mo to his fast car. Obviously, a few minutes ago they had made a temporary mark, an act of extreme intimacy, but now the car was so quiet one could hear a pin drop. There wasn’t a word of conversation.

Ping Mo leaned back in the leather passenger-side seat, his mind a mess.

In fact, he was a Therian and at the top of the military hierarchy. While the fact that he was a Raptor and even E Group was known, if this secret was exposed, what would happen to him?

Ping Mo looked out the window of the car as it swept past the night scene of the busy city, a cold smile in his heart. The most difficult trial has passed. At least there was no longer a threat because he concealed his identity; the gun pointed at his head that would send him to a court martial.

At most, he was caught by his assistant.

He had an inexplicable certainty that Pei Yutu wouldn’t really tell anyone about it, and that the best way for him to deal with it would be to threaten him with it, to go back to the little shoes treatment he had given him in the past, given their not-so-great relationship.

Pei Yutu was the first to suffer from the long silence, and gave a light cough to break the silence. “Ping Mo. Just now, there was a bit of a danger, but do not think that I…I deliberately took advantage of you ah. That was to help you!”

Ping Mo interrupted him coolly, “Call me Instructor Ping.”

“…” Pei Yutu gripped the steering wheel, and muttered, “This king never forgets to put up a fight. He’s just older than me.”

He didn’t know if the instructor heard this complaint or not. His gaze continued to be empty, and the car fell back into a subtle silence.

Ping Mo suddenly turned half-sideways and pulled up the hem of his shirt. He just remembered that these pants were also made of the biodegradable material, so after being damaged by external forces, if left alone, they would soon degrade on their own and disappear.

Ping Mo was looking for broken threads. According to the physical properties of the material, twisting the threads at the break to a knot could effectively slow its degradation speed. After all, Instructor Ping didn’t want to wear Pei Yutu’s t-shirt and return to the dormitory with bare legs. That would be so humiliating, it would be better to kill him.

But this action was completely different in Pei Yutu’s view.

The omega, who had just been temporarily marked by himself, was lifting his clothes and rubbing his buttocks in front of him. After half a day of twisting and turning, Pei Yutu finally couldn’t stand it. “Instructor Ping! You’ve got to stop! If you do this again…” 

I’ll fuck you in the car!

Ping Mo was concentrating on his pants, so he didn’t react for a moment and subconsciously asked, “Again?”

Pei Yutu suddenly met those innocent and puzzled gray-blue eyes. Then his eyes fell on the thread in his hand, and he realized that he had misunderstood, so he finally slapped the steering wheel and said gruffly, “Nothing!”

Ping Mo returned a polite look to the psycho.

Then Pei Yutu remembered the temporary mark just now. The taste was a million times better than any food, and he tried to say, “I really did not expect that you are actually an omega.”

Ping Mo didn’t even tidy up his pants. He subconsciously straightened his body as he thought, He finally wants to negotiate with me. Still, this was actually the optimal solution. If he was willing to hold the handle and blackmail me, it means he won’t tell anyone about it.

Pei Yutu, unaware that Instructor Ping was preparing for his ‘blackmail’, continued, “Not only omega, but also a Therian! A male Therian should be more precious than a giant panda from the ancient Earth era! No, it should be more precious! Maybe you’re the only one in the interstellar….Haha, it’s actually the first time I’ve ever temporarily marked an omega, I–”

“Yeah,” Ping Mo interrupted him. “Pei Yutu, you’ve got a big hold on me now. What are you going to do?”

Pei Yutu: “?”

Pei Yutu didn’t expect the topic to turn to this direction all of a sudden. “I have a hold on you?”

Ping Mo, “In the future, you don’t need to write the teaching plan, except for the school uniform requirements. When you don’t want to participate in a meeting, you can just tell me. If you occasionally don’t want to appear in the morning exercise, that’s okay, however for the afternoon military skills training, I hope that you can be on time and punctual. If you want to participate in other evaluation activities, I can also give you a personal recommendation. We can work together in peace until the end of the semester. For the final evaluation report, I will give you an excellent rating which will help you be promoted so you can go back to your station.”

It was a very good lure, and at the end, he didn’t forget to lay out his hand. This calm analysis was ruthless, but Pei Yutu felt that his personal feelings had been destroyed by the atmosphere.

The original intended topic couldn’t continue. Pei Yutu raised his hand, and ran it through his prickly hair, then gruffly said, “Whatever you want.”


Lu Dongwang felt that his roommate was becoming more and more gay. Early in the morning, he entered Instructor Ping’s single dormitory room and still hadn’t come out.

It was Saturday, so there was no need to go to morning exercise, but these people had been in the army for many years, and had long developed a biological clock of early to bed and early to rise. Cao Lingxin was already dressed up, and carrying a meal card as he very righteously pushed the door open and asked, “Need to bring you food?”

Lu Dongwang immediately raised his hand to report the name of the dish in one breath, unusually skillfully.

“Okay. Where is Old Pei?”

“You don’t need to worry about Brother Pei. Early in the morning, he went to find Instructor Ping.”

Cao Lingxin wondered, “They’re so close now? Instructor Ping quickly took him in! Old Pei is the most famous thorn in our side.”

Lu Dongwang shook his head in a profound manner. “No, not really! Brother Cao, Instructor Ping is capable and he’s charming, I guess…”

Cao Lingxin listened to his long-winded conjecture, pushed his glasses up and said categorically, “Impossible! How could Old Pei pursue someone? It’s always the omegas who are actively pursuing him, but weren’t they all scared away by him?”

“I have proof. When I went out this morning, Pei even used my mouthwash! Can you connect the two things together? What is it if not a peacock opening its tail to court a spouse?”

That mouthwash was bought by Lu Dongwang at the beginning of the school year for meeting omegas, and was mocked by the alpha instructors on the first floor, of which Pei Yutu’s dislike was the most vocal and vivid, “Only sissies use mouthwash!”

Thus, this completely shocked Cao Lingxin. It took him half a day before he said the stifled sentence, “But, but…They are both alphas.”

Lu Dongwang sighed. “You don’t know. I grew up with Pei. I know him. He is a face con, and will only look at good faces right? Just look at his face.”

Cao Lingxin thought of Pei Yutu’s extreme face con, and could just understand a bit. However, he still found it difficult to agree. “But even if Instructor Ping is good-looking, he is still a hard alpha. Omegas, how good. Soft and sweet… Speaking of which, did you hear the news last night? On Taiping Street, the most famous bar street in Star City, a nightclub held a Pheromone Night theme party. An omega didn’t control their pheromones, and caused half of South City’s alphas to fall in heat.”

“Crap! Crap! Half of South City? That’s too much, right? How sweet were omega’s pheromones? This has to be fake, right?”

“Maybe. Even now, we don’t know the identity of that omega, but the whole of Star City is a mess. Even the school is talking about it.”

Lu Dongwang was envious. “This kind of good thing, how could I not be there!? Let me smell it also.”

Cao Lingxin, “…I meant, if only old Pei could experience it, maybe he could like an omega again.”

Lu Dongwang squarely said, “Cao, I have to criticize you for this. It’s the interstellar era. Why do you still discriminate against AxA romance?”

“I’m not discriminating against AxA romance,” Cao Lingxin said. “I’m just a little worried about Old Pei. With Instructor Ping’s violent temper, if he knows his little mind, he might get crippled, although Old Pei is good, but he might not be able to resist Instructor Ping and strike hard.”

“…” Lu Dongwang also fell silent. “You’re right.”


The dormitory of Instructor Ping was a single small apartment.

Ping Mo, was rubbing maintenance oil on the tactical short knife as he said, “The thing is this, that bar claims to have a great connection with the infamous human trafficker, Ghost Ear, but from the male models, table girls to the cleaning aunt, it is all voluntary workers. The relevant departments investigated many times and the most that could be done was to fine them for haphazard issues. No one wants to catch Ghost Ear more than me…Aren’t you tired of standing?”

Pei Yutu, who was trying to show off his physique. “…”

Pei Yutu, in addition to styling, today also deliberately dressed up a little. After he washed his face he unprecedentedly rubbed moisturizer on, used Lu Dongwang’s mouthwash, even then specially waxed his hair. His head of spiky hair was now soft and obedient.

Ping Mo, “Also, why is your hair so oily, and not washed?”

“…” Pei Yutu couldn’t stay calm. “Fuck, are you omega or not?” The hair wax was identified as unwashed, the silly straight A-line posture…he hadn’t tried to look good since he was five years old.

However, Instructor Ping’s expression suddenly sank. “Didn’t we already have a deal yesterday?”

Pei Yutu subconsciously wanted to ruffle his hair, and he touched a handful of hair wax before resentfully withdrawing his hand. “I won’t tell anyone else, don’t worry. I promised not to say anything.”

“That is for the best.” Ping Mo lowered his long eyelashes, and continued to rub that precious knife.

This tactical short knife, named Death Scythe, was made of special steel called ‘v gold 12’, had a cowhide sheath, a full metal handle, and it was said that the shape was also patented. It was a good knife to kill with, and the price of one was worth a lieutenant’s allowance for half a year.

Pei Yutu wasn’t concerned about food and clothing, but the military knife was more expensive than anything.

Pei Yutu stared at his skillful knife polishing. He was still having some difficulty digesting the fact that this man was an omega. Instructor Ping was indeed one in a million beautiful, his body was also soft, his pheromones were even sweet. However, by his behavior, looking at him, he was just a grumpy, fierce, unreasonable soldier.

Ever since he bit Instructor Ping Mo last night, Pei Yutu had had a subtle feeling that this man was already his. Nonetheless, when he woke up early in the morning and rushed over to meet him, Ping Mo was fine. If he hadn’t admitted it himself, Pei Yutu would have suspected that last night was another wet dream.

“Hey, Ping Mo,” Pei Yutu said. “Haven’t we met before last night ? In your cat-eared state?”

Ping Mo wiped his knife, then said without a change his expression, “No.”

Pei Yutu, “But I smelled your pheromones in a dream. No, not a dream. We hugged and I touched you that night!”

Instructor Ping stabbed the tactical knife vertically into the coffee table. “I said no! Don’t pull the fucking wool over my eyes!”

“You! Ping you–” Pei Yutu mentally rolled up sleeves, but in the end he swallowed back the curse word. If this person was still the alpha Ping extortion king, he may be like the old days, it would be hard to fight him, but now that he knew the truth, how could he fight an omega?

A good alpha doesn’t fight with an omega.

“Okay, then let’s not talk about that.” Pei Yutu conceded defeat.

In fact, Instructor Ping was so annoyed that it was already considered a positive reply. Pei Yutu even had a bolder guess. Could that cat also be Ping Mo?

Before he went to listen to the ‘University Student Physical Health’ class. In the section that was dedicated to Therians, some Therians would turn into animals under certain conditions. Mimi’s tail and Ping Mo’s tail color were so similar…

Coincidentally, that night in the wet dream, there was also the shadow of the cat.

But when he looked at Instructor Ping’s expression, it didn’t appear that he was willing to confess. For the sake of a long future together, Pei Yutu wasn’t anxious to break the pot. 1 At the end of the day, it would do nothing other than provoke Ping’s temper.

…Wait, that wasn’t right, it was clear that he had a claim on him, why was he afraid of him losing his temper?

However, Ping Mo had immediately changed the subject. “I was trying to find out the whereabouts of Ghost Ear, but that second boss told me something interesting that I guessed would interest you.”

“What is it?”

“They say the bar is just a bar, and has nothing to do with Ghost Ear’s “big business,” but Ghost Ear’s fame is so wide that some traffickers will contact them. That second boss told me there was a very interesting middle man recently. It was a male student from AMTC, and he wanted their help in selling two of his classmates.”

Pei Yutu blurted out, “Chen Jianghao?”

Ping Mo shook his head. “Maybe, but this is the second boss’s side of the story, and can’t be believed.”

However, Pei Yutu began to analyze along these lines, “Chen Jianghao wanted to sell Zhou Qi and Ji An? He stopped me that day and mentioned the Wind Chime Bar, which matches the second boss’s story, so why did Zhou Qi and Ji An lie? Why did Chen Jianghao himself go missing instead?”

Ping Mo pulled the tactical short knife out of the table to put it away. From the small living room cabinet, he pulled out a canister filled with talcum powder and carefully sprinkled it on the knife’s body, “I don’t know. Solving this case is not our profession. We’re only responsible for carrying out our own tasks. If you think it’s useful, then report the information and others will investigate.”

Pei Yutu thought deeply. As teachers, their responsibility was done, but he was more concerned about another question. “Why are you looking for Ghost Ear?”


There was a long silence.

Pei Yutu watched Ping Mo use a cotton cloth to wipe off a little bit of the talcum powder that had absorbed all the old grease and dust. Just when he thought he wouldn’t answer, Instructor Ping opened his mouth and said hatefully, “I have a personal vendetta against him. This is the man who caused me to have to abandon my troops, kept me from returning and forced me to run all the way back to the main star to bring up children in this school.”

Among this batch of instructors who participated in ‘army-wide posting education training’ and were seconded to the AMTC, Ping Mo was indeed an exception. He wasn’t seconded but was serving for the long term, and his original unit number, rank, and past were all unknown.

This group of instructors were all mostly lieutenants. Pei Yutu was a captain, but to make him Ping Mo’s assistant instructor, he reasonably suspected that Ping Mo had to be at least a higher ranking officer. He had achieved such a rank at such a young age which was rare in the entire Alliance. Someone like that had such a great future and would continue to fight in their domain. To stay in the school every day to teach a group of young children to do physical training was really a waste of talent.

Unless he made a serious mistake, was punished and sent down here.

As for what kind of serious mistake it was, Pei Yutu believed he may have guessed. According to the law, in addition to civilian soldiers and other special military members, omegas couldn’t join the military. If an omega concealed their identity and snuck into the barracks, this was a serious crime. He once felt that this provision was reasonable since omegas were weak, troublesome, and their bonding heats were inconvenient since they would lead the entire barracks of alphas into passive heat. With all of that, how could they even fight wars?

Ping Mo was an omega, but in terms of combat power, which alpha was better than him?

Pei Yutu, “Just because you’re omega?”

Ping Mo, “More than that, they suspect me of being an enemy.”

“!!!” Pei Yutu, “With who? Ghost Ear?”

Ping Mo nodded. “That’s why I’m going to find Ghost Ear.”

Pei Yutu, “Yes. You should find him and clear your name.”

Ping Mo snickered. “You don’t even know what’s going on, and you believe I’m wronged?”

Pei Yutu rubbed his neck. “I believe you! When Zhou Qi was almost bullied in Taiping Street, you rushed out to save her without saying a word. You are definitely a qualified soldier! How could you betray the Alliance with the enemy?”

“…” Ping Mo opened his mouth, but in the end, he didn’t respond. By his calculations, he and this person had only been acquainted for a month or so, but he dared to guarantee him with certainty. So, what about those fellow officers and superiors? If it wasn’t for the strong protection of Colonel Lu Feng, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to stand here alive.

“Ghost Ear can help me clear my name,” Ping Mo gripped the polished and shiny knife. “If not, then I can just kill him. In any case, this is revenge. I must get revenge.”


This was the most comfortable and stable bonding heat Ping Mo had since he returned to the main planet. He didn’t turn into a cat or feel any uncomfortable physical pain. Pei Yutu’s pheromones actually worked better than the Therian special inhibitors.

Ping Mo, wore a full set of training clothes and a camouflage boonie hat, 2 as he held a whip and stood tall in the hot sun to supervise the students over the 400 meters obstacle course. However, his eyes passed over the students and fell on the back of Pei Yutu. In his calculating heart, he thought, Before the arrival of Leng Li’s Therian special inhibitor, I can use him as a human inhibitor. That seems like a good idea.

Nevertheless, alphas and omegas were different. For this kind of thing, normal people would only want to do it with their lover, right? The relationship between him and Teaching Assistant Pei wasn’t considered cordial. They weren’t even normal friends, and Ping Mo didn’t know if he would help…

A few meters away, Teaching Assistant Pei also had something on his mind.

Since that night, Ping Mo, except for fearing that he had a hold on him, didn’t make any more small moves. His attitude towards him was the same, as if nothing had happened.

Pei Yutu had long since passed the age of believing that kissing could make someone pregnant, and wanted to hold hands in a relationship. When he thought about that kind of thing, he wanted to use it to his advantage, but still felt unhappy. What was Ping doing? Wouldn’t it have been easier to just get rid of him?

Pei Yutu was silently thinking that Instructor Ping might be a scum, but suddenly smelled a very light, sweet, grapefruit fragrance, then felt a tug on his wrist.

Pei Yutu, “?”

The students only saw Instructor Ping was holding a whip, then suddenly came forward and aggressively pulled Teaching Assistant Pei, and thought that the instructor was in a devil mood, and wanted to sharpen his blade. They were too scared to breathe.

Only Teaching Assistant Pei heard Scum Man Ping call out to him in a voice that wasn’t very stable as he asked for help, “Pei Yutu, it’s urgent!”


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Translator Notes:

  1. 打破沙锅问到底 = “to break the pot and get to the bottom of it”,  means to insist on getting to the bottom of the matter.
  2. originally a type of military uniform hat


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Cat’s finally out the bag 😼
Pei Yutu might be rough round the edges and a face con, but he has a soft side that carries a sense of respect for omegas. He even worried that his actions, which saved Ping Mo, would be misconstrued.
Ping Mo is too embroiled in thinking only badly of him and should look more openly.
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