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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


On Taiping Street, in Ink music cafe’s VIP room, the spirited and domineering boss lady treated employees and customers the same. Right now, she was full of love and admiration, like a little girl chattering incessantly. Opposite of her was Ping Mo who had on his habitual duck-tongue cap pressed very low, so it covered most of his face. Only his snow white chin showed along with his slender fingers which held a tube of unpackaged medicine. He said only a few words, and compared with Leng Li’s rambling, it was quite a difference.

It was a pity that there were colorful and well-made cupcakes in front of him, which slightly weakened his cold temperament.

“Ping, recently the wind is too tight. 1 That thing is scarce. I was afraid you’d have to wait a long time to buy it again, and you didn’t answer, so I took the liberty to add more to the order. If it’s too much, I’ll return some.”

The reason for not replying in time was that Instructor Ping had been working as a cat for the past few days, and was out of touch.

Ping Mo was holding a bottle in his hand while the empty chair beside him had a large bag that was full of Therian special inhibitors. Even with his current body condition of two days between heats, this was enough to last until the end of his physiological maturing. These were worth a lot of money on the black market, and such a large bag had an unimaginably sky high price.

Even if Leng Li was willing to pay for him, he wouldn’t spend a woman’s money.

“You’ve done well.” Ping Mo said. “I’ll take it all.”

Leng Li looked like a little girl who had been praised. She smiled cheekily and moved across the room to sit next to Instructor Ping, “It’s good that you can use it, but Ping, what do you need this for?” She pretended to be unconcerned, and asked tentatively, “Got a girlfriend?”

Ping Mo wanted to reply with his usual ‘this is confidential’, but instead nodded. “Yeah.”

Leng Li was an alpha female, and had always thought that Ping Mo was an alpha. However, she continued to say ‘I want to marry you’ at every meeting, so after a long time, Ping Mo couldn’t tell if this was a 100% joke, or if she was sincere. It was better to take this opportunity to end this joke and clean the slate.

Sure enough, Leng Li immediately raised her voice two octaves, “I knew it! There’s no reason to buy Therian inhibitors as an alpha, and you lied to me about it being a mission! I heard that Therians are particularly beautiful. Is she better looking than me? Is she better built than me?” She grabbed the bag filled with Therian special inhibitors, “No, I’m not giving it to you! So this is a gift for your love interest!”

Ping Mo rubbed the corner of his forehead, “Leng Li, stop it.”

Leng Li hugged Ping Mo’s arm, and her proud breasts squeezed over with a vengeance, as she wiped her tears. “You’re so cruel! You know I like you, and you have me buy inhibitors for your mistress!”

“…” Instructor Ping withdrew his hand with difficulty. “Be normal.”

Leng Li continued to howl, “I won’t! We agreed to be single dogs together, but you secretly have a girlfriend!”

“Watch your image, your employees are at the door.” Ping Mo, apparently used to Leng Li’s madness, picked up a double-syrup mocha and calmly took a sip.

Leng Li stepped on ten centimeters of high heels, and then, “da, da, da, da, da, da,” rushed over and pushed open the door. She saw three or four waiters were listening to the wall, and immediately put a hand on her waist and scolded the people. She switched to an aggrieved expression, but saw Ping Mo get up. “I’m going to the bathroom.”

“Oh, there’s one in the private room.”

Leng Li didn’t even notice whether the inhibitors in Ping Mo’s hand were put back in the big bag or carried with him. She was still immersed in the blow of Ping Mo having a girlfriend without saying a word to her, and couldn’t extricate herself.

The VIP box came with its own restroom so privacy was very good. Ping Mo locked the door, then drew out the tube of medicine. The medicine came with disposable needles, so he skillfully opened the sealed package, and the needle poked into his vein. This drug was not a small stimulation, and as he pushed in the medicine, Instructor Ping didn’t resist wrinkling his handsome face. He gritted his teeth and didn’t make a sound. When the needle pulled out, the dot from the needle almost immediately healed.

Ping Mo closed his eyes, only to feel the familiar, long-lost tingling with the medicine traveled through his veins to his limbs. These days, he had seemed to be always accompanied by his bonding heat discomfort, and the desire for alpha pheromones. Now it all disappeared. After the pain was over, there was only a refreshing feeling. Ping Mo dropped his eyes, tensed his arm muscles, then loosened them. He raised his head again to look at himself in the mirror, exhaled carefully, and slowly hooked his lips up.


After he came out of the bathroom, Leng Li was still aggrieved, but Ping Mo was the first to change the subject. “How is the boxing market these days?”

This ‘boxing’ naturally referred to underground black boxing. Leng Li responded, “Recently there is a very powerful boxing champion, brought by a big man. He’s even won a dozen fights, his odds are close to 1. Ping if you win against him, we’ll make a fortune!”

“Wow.” Ping Mo asked, “Do you have the information?”

Leng Li said excitedly, “Yes, yes, yes! It’s all ready, I’ll go get it!”

She went out and came back with a few sheets of paper and a photo in her hand.

“Name: Tiger, black, 1.87cm, weighs 217 pounds, specializes in left hooks and heavy right hands.”

Leng Li, “‘Tiger’ was brought in by a big man with a very strong background, said to be a big leader in White Hole.”

Ping Mo frowned slightly. “Someone from White Hole?” For years E Group had been monitoring their movements. If the leader of White Hole was back on the main planet, then what about  his former subordinates, would they also be ordered to follow to Star City? But these questions weren’t to be asked. He knew the Raptors discipline better than anyone.

“Ping,” Leng Li interrupted his thoughts. “When do you plan to go?”

Ping Mo didn’t say yes right away. Although the effect of inhibitors was immediate, the old doctor also said that he was now in a sensitive sexual maturing phase, and before this he had used a large number of inhibitors. In fact, there would be a possibility of drug resistance, which would alter the effects.

It was safer to observe for a few more days.

“Let’s take a few days.”

Leng Li misunderstood. “Yes, yes, yes. Wait for the odds of that ‘Tiger’ to drop a bit more. It’s called waiting for a price! Ping, you are so smart and brave!”

“…” Ping Mo actually wanted to leave himself a way out, but he didn’t say anything, so in Leng Li’s starry eyes, he maintained his glorious image of ‘I’m a bully’ and nodded, “You’re right.”

When Instructor Ping left, he still kept his duck-tongued hat low, so people couldn’t see his face. In addition to this habit developed over the years, he also had other considerations now. He was now to be considered the people’s teacher, so he should pay attention to his positive image. For this kind of bloody and violent movement, he really didn’t want to show his true face.

Unfortunately, the guys at the Ink Music Cafe had seen his real face.

“This person is too insensitive. Is she just not good-looking enough? Our boss is so good to him, and still he goes looking for a mistress?”

“It’s a Therian! If I can sleep with a Therian, my life will be worth it!”

“Did you all hear clearly just now? It’s not a mistress at all. Our boss has been chasing him, but he didn’t say yes, and the key is that he is also an alpha. If the boss likes white boys, why doesn’t she find a male omega?”

“Who’s talking about white boys?” Leng Li’s conspiratorial voice rang out from behind, which scared the crowd, then the boss turned into a river lion. 2 “It’s working hours, and all of you are gossiping! You don’t want to work anymore, right? Have you washed the dishes? Have you served the customers? If you think the daytime is too idle, you can switch to the evening shift. How about it?”

The main business of this music cafe had nothing to do with music or tea. The evening shift was the main time to serve the customers who bet, and there were all kinds of people from all walks of life, so it was much more tiring than during the day.

The guys were silent for a moment, before Leng Li blasted those flies. “Get lost! Don’t let me hear you make up anything about him again, that’s my final word!”

After she scolded the staff, Leng Li returned to her lost love state and couldn’t help but think of a long time ago.

It was about seven or eight years ago, when Ping hadn’t yet differentiated. She was just a seventeen-year-old girl, alone in an abandoned air terminal trying to make a living. That day, she met a beautiful boy covered in blood. She wanted to strip the man of his valuable things, but didn’t expect that when she had just touched him, the dying teenager would suddenly rise up, and hold a military dagger against her heart, which nearly cut her proud chest.

Leng Li was forced to pick up the man and return him to his ‘home’, which was nothing more than a ramshackle shack.

She was abducted at a very young age and changed hands several times. The last ‘adoptive father’ intended to make a fortune with her first night, but unexpectedly, at the age of thirteen, she became an alpha. After being beaten up by her furious adoptive father, she managed to escape and get free, and started to live a vagrant life. After persistent struggle, she became a qualified female gangster.

The nineteen-year-old Ping Mo’s body recovered extremely quickly, especially his face. The bloody scabs came off with clean water, and left him beautiful enough to make any adolescent girl’s heart flutter.

Leng Li wasn’t exempt.

Ping Mo recuperated for half a month. She actually served him diligently for half a month, but Ping was a cold-blooded white-eyed wolf. After the injury healed he disappeared, and left only a pile of star coins without saying goodbye. He didn’t even bring much cash on his mission, so those star coins were actually far from enough to repay the kindness of saving his life.

The young female gangster felt that she had been cheated of both her feelings and money until she met the “white wolf” again six months later outside a famous gambling city.

This time Ping Mo was extraordinarily decent, but Leng Li was in a very bad way.

She lost all her bets, and also owed a large gambling debt. She had attempted to escape and was lying beaten on the ground. Years later, she still remembered when Ping Mo came down from the heavens, outnumbered, to a heroic rescue.

She didn’t expect this person to look beautiful, then his fighting to be even more beautiful, fierce and ruthless. Although at that time he still hadn’t differentiated his pheromones, when his hormones burst, she felt like she couldn’t close her legs.

Shortly after saving her from danger, the entire illegal casino was put to an end, and everyone, along with her, the unlucky egg who lost everything, was taken away. This was not the first time Leng Li was brought into the bureau and thought she would suffer. Her heart also missed the beautiful teenager who saved her, and hoped he wouldn’t be caught.

However, not long after that, the pretty boy led her out in a dignified manner and asked, “Do you want the chance to redeem yourself?”

Since then, she became Ping’s informant, while Ping became her protector. Leng Li even got status that allowed her to go back to the main planet. The Ink music cafe also took root in the mixed Taiping Street, thanks to Ping’s blessing.

In fact, when she was just a displaced punk, she had no resources or ability to be an informant. This was Ping Mo’s way of saving her.

That was what Ping was like. He wasn’t good with words, had a short temper, and he was often mistaken as cold-blooded and heartless. However, Leng Li knew that there was no one else in the world who was more affectionate than he was, and this was how he repaid kindness.

Ping didn’t expect too much from her at the beginning, but Leng Li herself was determined, and actually built Ink to its present form.

After so many years, Leng Li felt that the relationship between the two had long surpassed that of a public official and an informant. So, even if they couldn’t be lovers, they were definitely relatives.

She gave a very troubled sigh. I don’t know which Therian goblin hooked up with my Brother. Which omega was so good? Men are so superficial!

And the sky was the limit. If only I were an omega, or Ping wasn’t an alpha, it would be good. But how was that possible?


When Ping Mo arrived at the school, he didn’t go back to his faculty dormitory, but instead used his military instructor’s privileges to deposit the pack of Therian special inhibitors in a more secure place before he ran to Pei Yutu’s house.

Teaching Assistant Pei hadn’t contacted Instructor Ping for the whole night, and was a bit worried that this person would turn his back on him just after he had regained his human form. After all, this heartless person had done a lot of things, like pulling out hangings and being ruthless. 3

Then Instructor Ping came to the door of his own accord.

Pei Yutu leaned, big and tall, on the doorframe, and thought he was dashing a handful of his head of prickly hair, as he pressed out a sexy bass and asked, “You know to come home?”

Ping Mo didn’t beat around the bush. He got right to the point and said, “Pei Yutu, can you do me a favor?”

“Why are you so polite with me? Tell me!”

“My M-type inhibitors have arrived. Your pheromones are strong, so can you find an open and unoccupied place where you can release as many alpha pheromones as possible? I want to see how effective these inhibitors are.”

“What’s this? You can have Brother’s pheromone anytime you want–” Pei Yutu suddenly stopped and raised his voice, “What the hell did you say arrived?!”


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Translator Notes:

  1. 风声太紧 – menas the situation is getting tense
  2. 河东狮- “the lioness from Hedong roars” – means a fierce woman
  3. 拔吊无情- pulling out ruthlessly, as during sex. Another ‘use ’em and leave ’em’ type expression. Someone who is heartless.


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