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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Since it was a high-end community, security was very strict. The residents’ privacy could be guaranteed to the maximum extent, but Ping Mo still felt that it wasn’t appropriate to discuss such things in detail at the front door. He patted Pei Yutu’s upper arm, and indicated for him to get out of the way. Then he just entered the house, he naturally raised his chin towards Pei Yutu.

Teaching Assistant Pei understood and closed the door. Ping Mo said, “My Therian dedicated inhibitors.”

“You really got them? The doctor said that you can’t be overly dependent on that stuff, it’s a medicine with three toxins. I say you should follow the doctor’s advice, and don’t get any inhibitors. It’s not like the old days. If something goes wrong, what can be done?” Pei Yutu also followed close on his ass, his loud voice like a machine gun as he chattered, “Besides, my pheromones are really strong. The last time they were out of control, it almost caused an accident. I’m afraid they will cause injury to children. If I hurt the flowers and plants, it wouldn’t be good.”

Ping Mo paused for a second as he listened seriously to his reasons, then agreed, “You have a point.” But before Pei Yutu could cheer up, he heard Ping Mo continue, “Your pheromones are indeed too strong. I’d better find someone else.”

Pei Yutu, “???”

What do you mean find someone else? What’s the difference between an alpha releasing pheromones on an omega and being a hooligan? What if Ping Mo really becomes immune to the inhibitors and can’t resist? What if he goes into heat on the spot?

“Besides me, who else can you call?”

Ping Mo blurted out, “Cheng Cheng.”

Cheng Cheng was a reliable option. He knew his identity and was loyal enough. As for the pheromone strength, although he wasn ‘t as pervertedly strong as Pei Yutu, he was a Raptor and a top alpha. If he could withstand Cheng Cheng’s attack, the average alpha wouldn’t be a problem, and he would be fine going to the fighting ring.

“No way!” Pei Yutu objected loudly. “Cheng Cheng is not a good thing! He knows you’re an omega, right? The way that kid looks at you isn’t right.”

“…” Ping Mo’s forehead jumped as if he wanted to punch someone, but finally he chose a more civilized method of communication. “Are you full of yellow fucking waste?” Instructor Ping took a deep breath. “Cheng Cheng is the one I brought out, and I trust him. You don’t understand the relationship between us, and by pulling out the alpha and omega genders, you underestimate us.”

Raptors carried out the most difficult tasks, and they had so many years risking life and limb together, what ordinary person could understand? They were soldiers first, and an alpha or omega second.

Pei Yutu read the mood and said, “Yes, yes. I am narrow-minded. Who said there is no pure friendship between an alpha and omega?” If there really was a pure friendship, I will eat your cabinet of sabers live.

“But don’t be too rash in deciding to do this. I’ve reconsidered, and I have to do it! First, I am your brother, and my pheromones are stronger. The test effect will definitely be more certain. And second, if you can’t resist in front of Cheng Cheng, your bonding heat will start. So if you don’t fear embarrassment, go with him.”

“…” Instructor Ping really fell silent.

Pei Yutu tried to take advantage of that. “I’m different! What haven’t I seen? We are so familiar, and in case the inhibitors fail, I won’t laugh at you!”

Teaching Assistant Pei looked at Kitten Ping who had dropped his long eyelashes, and already felt that the victory was assured. As he expected, Ping Mo finally whispered, “Then I’ll trouble you.”

“What kind of trouble is it for your brother? It’s too much!” Pei Yutu had a sense of pride that everything was under control. He thought for a moment, and made his own arrangements. “I have a training session on Saturday, and I’m not free for the whole day, so let’s do it this Sunday.”

Instructor Ping nodded with satisfaction, a little smile hidden in his eyes. “As you wish.”

This almost docile and meek attitude inflated Teaching Assistant Pei’s ego even more. “No problem!”

However, once he had agreed, Pei Yutu remembered after the fact that he was the one who didn’t want to help him with the test in the first place! Was I trapped?

At this moment, Instructor Ping had already gone upstairs, and asked quite naturally, “What are we having for dinner?”

Pei Yutu, “Grilled lamb chops?”

Ping Mo, “Chicken breast. It’s healthier.”

Pei Yutu subconsciously agreed, “Okay.”

It was not until he entered the kitchen that Teaching Assistant Pei realized something was wrong. Did Ping just tell him to cook? He whacked on the chopping board, but then he quickly explained it to himself. There was nothing wrong with this. How natural was it for Pei to support him? This showed that Ping didn’t treat him as an outsider!

He was willing to eat his cooking, willing to live in his house, and also willing to risk passive heat in front of him. He would accept the alpha pheromone attack. In this alone, that surname Cheng couldn’t compare!

Teaching Assistant Pei quietly used the take-out software to order another dessert, and with a hand covered with gun calluses that held a kitchen knife he thought, I am taking control of you step by step! It’s hard to move from extravagance to frugality. If you’re comfortable living with me and your taste has become so picky. Even if you have inhibitors, do you still want to move back to that little dorm?

Instructor Ping was also a bit excited to go to the test on Sunday. These days, he had been with Pei Yutu at the table to eat or together with training students, but now he needed to test the durability of the inhibitors.


At the same time, Leng Li put Ping Mo’s boxer profile on the public notice board.

“’Hunter’ Height: 178 cm, weight: 65 kg, 1 good at jiu-jitsu, sparring odds to be determined.”

The ring was still empty, but the stands were full of guests. Waiters were weaving in and out of the crowd, as they counted and recorded the number of bets placed. Today was another day for the King, Tiger, who had won nearly twenty fights in a row. Many spectators had come to the ring and the whole underground boxing ring was full of people.

Before the opening bell, some people were standing around the board and talking.

“’Hunter’? Who is this? Have you heard of this fighter?”

“Maybe he’s a newcomer. The underground boxing ring doesn’t classify opponents by weight, so he’s at a disadvantage at that weight.”

“Not necessarily. I heard that the boss said that recently that she wants to put a dark horse in to kill Tiger’s spirit. This is the only newcomer, maybe it’s that dark horse. Doesn’t a hunter happen to be a tiger’s natural enemy? The meaning couldn’t be more obvious. Then look at his good fighting style, jiu-jitsu, sparring, Muay Thai, mixed martial arts 2…he’s an all-rounder.”

“Heh, a sixty-kilogram all-rounder?” A tall black man said disdainfully.

A sharp-eyed man recognized him, “Tiger!”

Tiger spat on the ground, “The boss lady is too down on people, I can break his neck with one hand!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the audience shouted and applauded, “That’s it! Tiger!”

The reason why Tiger was so popular wasn’t only because of his numerous victories, but also because of his violent fighting style, which was unruly even in the underground boxing ring. where the more bloody and violent the fight, the more interesting it was.

Instructor Ping didn’t know he’d get a nickname like that, he just ate a healthy, high-protein lemon chicken breast, then complained haughtily over a not-so-healthy Black Forest cupcake. “This sweet and fluffy stuff is not good for your body, but it’s a waste not to eat it.”

Teaching Assistant Pei was dedicated to the show. “Well the shelf life is very short, so if you don’t eat it tonight, it will go bad in the morning.”

So Ping Mo ‘reluctantly’ picked up the little fork and happily enjoyed the dessert. Everything was as warm and natural as before until it was time to go to bed.

Instructor Ping took the initiative, and went to the guest bedroom.

After Pei Yutu cleaned himself up, he found the bedroom empty and checked the guest bedrooms one by one before he finally found Instructor Ping’s trail.

Ping really threw him away! He was quicker than with a book!

He pushed the door open aggressively. “Why are you sleeping here?”

Ping Mo was polishing a dagger, and replied without looking up, “I’ve been bothering you before, but I don’t think I need to anymore.” He flipped the knife at an angle, so the tip of the knife pointed outward, and raised his head. His long, thick black eyelashes flicked like a fan. “Is there anything else?”

Pei Yutu, “…”

“Good night then.” Ping Mo closed the door with a bang, but couldn’t stop the corners of his lips from rising.

Pei Yutu looked fierce and cross. There was no one in the whole AMTC, from students to the faculty, who didn’t fear him, but this person was actually quite nice.

He never got upset with his guests, didn’t let anyone lose face, and fed him good food and drink to keep him entertained. He was very righteous. 

Ping stood to make a lot of money by defeating Tiger, if everything went well. It wasn’t good to always be here eating and drinking, but everything depended on the effect of the inhibitors.

On Sunday, the sun was very good, and the wind was also still, Teaching Assistant Pei called it ‘bird shit land.’ In fact, the scenery was very beautiful, even romantic. Large unknown wild flowers dotted in the green grass, and the wind rolled with the fragrance of flowers.

Pei Yutu said, “Don’t worry, I’ve checked all around and there’s no one there.”

Ping Mo nodded and leaned back in the passenger seat. “Let’s do it.”

However, Pei Yutu didn’t immediately release his alpha pheromones. “Right here?”

Ping Mo wondered, “Isn’t there no one here?”

Teaching Assistant Pei looked at the beautiful scenery outside the car window, and felt that while this person in front of him had such a beautiful face, he didn’t understand romance at all. However, this was the man he was interested in.

Pei Yutu said, “The car affects my pheromones so let’s go to the open area. Go. Walk!”

Ping Mo didn’t have a chance to think about the difference between outside and inside the car for releasing alpha pheromones, as he was already dragged out of the car by Teaching Assistant Pei. Ping Mo was inexplicably pulled by the hand. Although it was not interlocked fingers. Pei Yutu’s palm was large and rough, with the fingertips and palm covered with gun calluses. It had an extremely rich presence.

It was strange to say, the two had done almost everything; the temporary mark of biting the gland, and cuddling together naked as they slept. Throughout, Instructor Ping only thought that Pei Yutu was forced to help, while he accepted the help. However, when Pei Yutu held his hand, he felt uncomfortable.

Ping Mo’s arm muscles were tense, as if he was ready to fight with someone at any time. Instructor Ping had lived for more than twenty years, and had thought most about the angle from which to strike the enemy. He had few brain cells to allocate to love, so he felt that this was the problem of the century. He wanted to pull his hand away directly, but felt that it was too deliberate. Rather than making a big deal out of it, Pei Yutu instead added a hand, clutching both of Instructor Ping’s hands tightly, and said in a serious way, “You know how pheromones are spread, right?”

Ping Mo, “?”

Pei Yutu looked exasperated. “Haven’t you ever taken a physiological hygiene class? The transmission route is air, what else? That’s right! Direct skin contact! Don’t move around, close your eyes, feel with your heart, I’m going to start!”

This really fooled Instructor Ping. His discomfort disappeared, so he closed his eyes cooperatively. The sunlight was warm and soft on the sea of flowers and Instructor Ping’s face. His skin was an ivory-like texture, his lips were pale, and his long eyelashes drooped obediently.

What a good trick, Pei Yutu thought. He couldn’t help but rub his thumb on Ping Mo’s palm a few times, only to feel that Ping Mo’s palm was also very tender. Obviously, this person had a knife in his hand all day, and was also familiar with light, and heavy weapons. However, his fingers were so clean and soft, without even a trace of a small gun callus.

The man not only had a tender face, even his fingers had a characteristic youthfulness, just like the fruit produced on the sweet grapefruit trees in early autumn. If he could bite him, he would be sweet and sour, and so juicy.

Pei Yutu’s alpha pheromones gradually lost control.

Ping Mo only felt the tequila pheromones become more and more intense, sweet and spicy. Dominant, even as they showed a strong pure androgyny. He had the desire to kneel and submit.

It was not desire for sex, but a compulsion to serve.

Only alphas or betas would want to submit to a strong alpha pheromone, Omegas were eager.

This meant that the inhibitors were working!

Instructor Ping could barely contain his excitement, but he didn’t dare to let his guard down. If he could resist this level of alpha pheromones, other people’s pheromone attacks wouldn’t be a problem! Ping Mo’s forehead gradually overflowed with fine beads of sweat. He couldn’t help but bite his lips. His body muscles were tense, but under such tenacious resistance, in the eyes of Teaching Assistant Pei, he changed.

A big beautiful omega was in front of him with their fingers interlocked, drenched in sweat that moistened his fine bangs and long eyelashes, as his teeth bit his lips.

Fuck, fuck, fuck! This was fucking seduction!

“That’s it!” Pei Yutu suddenly let go of Ping Mo’s hand and took two steps backwards, his breath a little messy. “I think it’s almost time. Your inhibitors should be okay.”

Ping Mo opened his eyes to look. The corners of his forehead still had fine sweat. As his gray-blue eyes looked at Pei Yutu, his voice was a little hoarse, “How long has it been?”

Pei Yutu’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed. He turned around and said stiffly, “I don’t know, it should be quite a long time.”

“Is it half an hour?” Ping Mo wanted to say that it was safer to test a little longer, but didn’t ask. He could still smell tequila alpha pheromones in the air, and there was no sign of it abating.

“Pei Yutu?” said Ping Mo, trying to move around to face him.

Teaching Assistant Pei, however, sharply turned around again, still holding his back to him.

“Are you okay?” Ping Mo asked suspiciously.

“Yes!” Pei Yutu said gruffly, with his back to him.

“…” Instructor Ping suddenly reached out and clasped Pei Yutu’s right arm as he automatically twisted around, with extremely skillful movements. He was incredibly fast and unexpected, then he was standing firmly under Teaching Assistant Pei’s eyes. It was a good thing his skin was an even wheat color, so his flush wasn’t very obvious, but it still did not effectively relieve his embarrassment.

Ping Mo’s eyes quickly slipped from Pei Yutu’s face to the lower half of his body.

A big bulge.

“You’re in your susceptible period?” Instructor Ping could only think of this one explanation. In addition, the spirited little Pei, no, big Pei was extraordinarily eye-catching. The surroundings were still filled with the strong alpha pheromones that did not seem like they were going to diminish.

Alpha pheromones weren’t controlled by the master in only one situation, when the susceptible period was on them. Teaching Assistant Pei’s blush lasted only a few moments, then he said the words he really didn’t want to, “Not my susceptible period.”

Ping Mo, “?”

Pei Yutu looked straight at Instructor Ping. “It’s because of you.”

Ping Mo was shocked. “But I don’t feel it!” He was certain that his omega pheromones weren’t  spilling out, and if he was passively going into bonding heat, he couldn’t possibly not feel anything!

Pei Yutu pulled his wrist and pressed it underneath his own hand. “It’s not your pheromones, it’s you!”

He was tall, and his hands were incredibly strong, as he held Ping Mo’s hand in an iron grip. Together with the words that were coming out of his gnashing teeth, it was inexplicably hideous. If Ping Mo was an ordinary omega, he would be stunned on the spot, or captured by his strong pheromones, and might have surrendered his soft body.

But Instructor Ping wasn’t afraid. He had two inhibitors to protect his body.

He didn’t pull his hand free, but instead grabbed Pei Yutu with a fierce grip and dragged him away.

“Holy shit!” Pei Yutu only felt his brain rumble with fire trees and silver flowers. His reason burned out and left his thoughts blank. 3

When his brain resumed functioning, Instructor Ping had already returned to the spacecraft in short order. Pei Yutu followed him, then stopped the door he was about to close with his big hand. His voice was a little breathless, “Ping Mo-“

Ping Mo was wrapped in the strong and powerful tequila alpha pheromones so his breath was also a little unstable. His eyes were sharp, “What? Touch it and it won’t work?”

Pei Yutu, “?” Listen, was this what an omega should say? People who didn’t know would think he had molested someone!

Ping Mo leaned back, “Get in the car. Don’t make me look down on you.”


It took Pei Yutu a while to calm down his agitation, but Instructor Ping beside him was fine, as he leaned back in his seat and rested his eyes. Only the sweat on his forehead betrayed him. The man was not as relaxed as he seemed.

The windows had been closed. Pei Yutu’s alpha pheromones had just calmed down, and Ping Mo had silently resisted the pressure of the high concentration of top alpha pheromones the whole time.

Pei Yutu couldn’t help but open his mouth and call his name, “Ping Mo.”


“You’re quite a bully.”

Instructor Ping finally turned his head to look at him.

“Facing my pheromones, there aren’t many alphas who don’t kneel, but you, an omega, only relied on inhibitors to hold on.” Pei Yutu gave him a sincere thumbs up. “This willpower, it’s so overbearing!”

Ping Mo said, “It’s nothing. The military instructor who brought me up was very strict. It’s all from training.”

This was said lightly, but Pei Yutu could imagine what kind of anti-humanity devil training it was day after day. “Which unit are you from?”

Ping Mo’s answer was still the same as before. “Confidential.”

Pei Yutu didn’t mind. These were just topics to break the silence. Since the atmosphere had returned to normal, Teaching Assistant Pei coughed lightly, “Can I ask you a question?”

Ping Mo didn’t wait, just raised his eyebrows at him. “Ask.”

“Will you be fully marked by an alpha?”

Ping Mo said without thinking. “No.”

Pei Yutu, “But you’re an omega! Sooner or later, you’re going to have to find someone–“

Ping Mo interrupted him, “Does Alliance law require omegas to be marked?”

“That’s true.” Not only that, there was the Omega Rights Protection law. “What if,” Pei Yutu said. “I mean, what if you were accidentally marked by an alpha?”

Ping Mo looked ahead without squinting, however his long fingers twisted gently, as if he was holding an invisible military dagger. “I didn’t learn physiology well, but I know there are three ways to erase the mark. The first is to be marked by a stronger alpha. The second is the death of the alpha who did the marking, and the third is to do surgery, which is harmful to the body, and my physical ability may significantly decline. I’m a warrior, I can’t take that risk.” He looked into Pei Yutu’s eyes, “So I will kill him.”

The words were calm. Not at all like an act of passion, but rather like a plan that had been well thought out and known for years. Pei Yutu recognized that, but still stared at him and asked, “What if it’s consensual?”

“There is no such possibility.” Ping Mo raised his hand to stop his next words. “Just put me down at school.”

Teaching Assistant Pei, “You have to allow people to make mistakes, ah. I’m only twenty-five, I’ve only just rounded up and only a few years past puberty. My alpha pheromones occasionally go out of control and it’s a normal physiological phenomenon. You are so good, it’s not like I can force you to live with me. But I can cook for you, while you help me clean. Isn’t this quite good?”

Ping Mo rubbed his forehead. “I’ve been bothering you for too long, and I have no problem with my inhibitors.”

Teaching Assistant Pei couldn’t convince Instructor Ping in the end, so he had to say, “If you live in the dormitory, I’ll live there too!”

Ping Mo didn’t say no, so Pei Yutu, with his acquiescence, followed Instructor Ping into his single staff dormitory. He didn’t forget to emphasize, “I can come in and sit here, right?”

Instructor Ping didn’t bother to pay attention to him and returned to his long-lost dormitory. He was about to boil a pot of water for himself when he saw a bouquet of flowers on the coffee table in the living room.

The cascading red petals had golden edges, while the leaves were yellow and shiny, which was very beautiful. Ping Mo’s eyes immediately sank. Pei Yutu had a knowledge of the goods, “Fuck. Gilt roses?”

If he remembered correctly, this thing was extremely rare. It couldn’t be cultivated in the environment of the main planet, and it was a monopoly product. Through the formal channels, an alpha could only buy one bunch in a lifetime, and they were ridiculously expensive. Using this thing to propose had become a symbol of status and decency. Rich second generations would buy this thing through the black market at a high price to coax starlets.

Why did Ping Mo also receive them?

Instructor Ping’s first reaction was, “This staff dorm is really unsafe. it’s a good thing I hid my Therian inhibitors elsewhere.”

Pei Yutu rushed over and picked up the rose before Ping Mo did, and found a note pressed underneath, with strong and elegant handwriting. Wait for me to pick you up and take you home.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 65 kg = 143 lbs
  2. G: for the martial arts ignorant (like me) jiu-jitsu is a Japanese form of close martial arts. This form of martial arts uses few or no weapons at all and includes throws, holds, and paralyzing attacks against the enemy. Muay Thai, sometimes called Thai Boxing, is a combat sport that uses stand up striking techniques and is known as the “art of eight limbs.” Mixed martial arts “is a full-contact combat sport based on striking, grappling and ground fighting, incorporating techniques from various combat sports from around the world.” ( for all definitions)
  3. 火树银花 – display of fireworks and lanterns. Ping has blown Pei’s brain out with exploding fireworks of desire. Hehe!


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