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Chapter 40: Leaving a Neat Row of Teeth Marks

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Pei Yutu was frustrated that his cat ran away without saying a word, then he saw a small, sticky, fluffy thing running towards him. Ping Mo lifted his round head, his two little ears flicked back and up, and he gave a thoughtful “meow” as a somewhat awkward gesture of thanks. 

Unfortunately, Teaching Assistant Pei didn’t get the cat’s message. He picked up Ping Mo by the back of his doomed neck and slapped him on his fluffy ass. “You’re still running around?”

Instructor Ping, Fuck.

Ping Mo was tucked into Pei Yutu’s arms, and carried all the way home. In the middle of another trip to the pet store, Teaching Assistant Pei took only twenty minutes to consume what little touching feelings Ping had for him.

When he got home, Pei Yutu put a new Elizabethan ruff in the shape of a piece of toast around the cat’s neck. Ping Mo’s body was all fluffy and sticky, like a round glutinous rice ball, but now he suddenly had a collar. Even the two small ears were stuck in the fabric collar.

It was very cute.

But the two gray-blue round eyes were half closed, while the cat was lying on the ground. It was so cute, and accurately touched Pei Yutu’s funny bone. “Hahahaha! Fuck!”

“…” Teaching Assistant Pei told himself to be patient, to forgive. Pei Yutu helped him. This person was very righteous and nice. Besides, he didn’t know he was Ping Mo.

Teaching Assistant Pei finally had enough of laughing, clicked several pictures before he finally let Ping Mo go free. Then suddenly remembered one thing. The dry cat food and canned cat food he bought hadn’t been opened yet!

Since Ping Mo was actually a human being, he gave the cat what he ate in for past two days However, there was a cat slave around him, and Pei Yutu knew some scientific theories about raising cats. For example, cats can’t eat salty things, they don’t like sweet things, and cat food and canned cat food were good for their healthy growth.

Ping Mo finally took off his silly Elizabethan ruff and was lying on his back in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, lazily sunbathing, as he warmed up his fur in the big, cool house.

He didn’t know how long it would take to become human again, and didn’t know when the days of having cat ears and tail, or even turning into a cat, would end and return to normal. If, as the doctor said, his sexual maturing really took up to a year and a half, when Pei Yutu had already finished his transfer and returned to his extraterritorial station, what would he do?

Ping Mo twitched his ears. Why did he naturally rely on Pei Yutu? It was too dangerous to bet one’s own safety and security on others. However, apart from Pei Yutu, there was only one way left. He could only hope that Leng Li’s Therian inhibitors would arrive soon and that its effects wouldn’t be compromised.

Ping Mo was drowsy from the sun when he felt a tall shadow fall over him, which temporarily blocked the sun. He opened his round gray-blue eyes and saw Pei Yutu was stretching out his big hand to scratch his stomach.

The scratching was quite comfortable and Instructor Ping stretched his back. He involuntarily issued a comfortable purr, and spontaneously stretched a little more. He changed to a side-lying position, so his lowered head could see his white fluffy belly, and cute jelly bean pads. Pei Yutu couldn’t help but gently pinch them. Instructor Ping lifted his hind legs, and gave a flying shake. His long tail also followed the shake.

He was all snow white, with only the tip of his tail being black, and when it was moving, it was extra eye-catching and quite cute. Ping Mo was so excited that he struggled for about a second. Pei Yutu didn’t know he was a cat anyway, so there was nothing to be ashamed of, then bowed down in a side-lying position and used both front paws to pounce on his own tail.

One hit!

The tail tip shook and slipped out of his paws and claws, and then he gave it another push. A vicious cat pounce, extraordinarily committed, so that even his upper body moved along with it, with both paws and claws open to reveal the pink paw pads, as he meowed and bit the tip of his tail, then hugged it and started to lick the fur.

This series of actions made Teaching Assistant Pei’s heart melt. “Fuck, did you grow up eating cuteness?”

Ping Mo was so involved in tail licking that he had no time for his own Teaching Assistant until Pei Yutu poured out the cat food and canned cat food and shouted, “Little thing, come and eat. Mew, mew, mew!”

He climbed up, shook his fur, and followed Pei Yutu to his own special ‘dining table’, where he saw that it was actually pet cat food.

“…” Ping Mo went over and smelled it, but it was still not working. The cat food was dry. Especially with the canned cat food, there was no salt, and it smelled fishy.

Pei Yutu, “How is it? Does it smell good?”

Ping Mo twitched his ears, sat up straight, and then slapped the cat food bowl over with a paw.

“Eh you don’t want it? Then don’t eat it. Isn’t it just a waste of food?”

However, before Pei Yutu’s slap landed on his butt, Instructor Ping Mo ran away eloquently.

Pei Yutu, “Fuck, you’re good. You’re getting good at running.”

However, being his cat, he had to be pampered, and Teaching Assistant Pei ended up cleaning up the mess and replacing the cat food with a meal. A take-out order of salmon nigirizushi1 and his favorite creamy cupcake.

In the past few days, one person and one cat had a peaceful and comfortable life, as they slept in the same bed at night, and attended classes together. During the day, Teaching Assistant Pei trained students, while Instructor Ping would be close by in a shady place where he could lay down and watch. During this period, he also heard some gossip. Hu Lei was removed from the teaching team leader position, and was moved back to the political education office as an officer.

For units like the AMTC, if you don’t make a big mistake, any position was basically permanent, and it was easy to be promoted. Within three or five years, there was a high guarantee that the head teacher would be promoted to director. It was different, when a head teacher was demoted to an ordinary teacher. Now there was no longer a chance for promotion. If he had good luck, he’d be able to be in the political and educational department officer position for the rest of his life. For Hu Lei, such a fly-by-night and striving to improve ‘talent,’ this was undoubtedly a huge blow.

Pei Yutu was happy because of this and exempted the entire team from the weight run, which was replaced with fun physical training, s-shaped basketball, and throw rope. The students found this similar to junior and senior high school physical education class, and had a lot of fun playing.

Ping Mo himself wasn’t quite so excited. He thought Hu Lei only had some backstabbing tricks, and with a little strength, he could be slapped into the wall. This kind of bad luck wasn’t worth this celebration. Look at the students, everyone was playing crazy!

This couldn’t go on. Ping Mo silently calculated. While he was away, the bear children were sheep. When he became a human, discipline must be properly rectified. He would increase their physical training, with things such as rowing against the current to advance. Of course, for those betas and omegas, that could be relaxed a little. After all, most of them would engage in scientific research, where alphas couldn’t. Omegas and betas didn’t have good physiques, so how could they enter the military camp?

The students were oblivious to the fact that devil training had been quietly put on the agenda, and this agenda was close at hand. They were still playing madly and happily.

That night, as usual, Instructor Ping played with the laser pointer and teasing stick for a while. Yes, he has completely overcome the shame and given up resisting. Then he shook his fur, yawned a big yawn, and went into his nest. His long tail also rolled up, as he smelled the familiar tequila pheromones, and became a glutinous pile of fur next to Pei Yutu, and closed his eyes, at ease.

After turning off the lights, one person and a cat were in a dark and sweet sleep.

Ping Mo suspected that he was woken up by the snoring coming from Teaching Assistant Pei. He habitually reached out to slap him, but just as he raised his arm, he realized that something was wrong with his arm!

Instructor Ping woke up completely. This time he actually turned back into a human being in his sleep! No, was this not a clear ‘big change of life’? He had to leave immediately. However, although the Teaching Assistant Pei was dead asleep, he was still strong. He felt the person in his arms moving and instinctively tightened his arms. He also said in a daze, “Ping Mo, stop moving.”

Ping Mo, “!!!”

The hair on the top of Ping Mo’s head exploded, but after he held his breath for a while, he realized that Pei Yutu wasn’t awake, but only calling his name in his sleep. Ping Mo patiently waited for Pei Yutu to sleep peacefully again, before he continued his escape, but Teaching Assistant Pei in his sleep was still very alert. Large hands held his thighs, while strong arms wrapped around his waist and abdomen, and Ping Mo simply couldn’t move. If he used force, then Pei Yutu would also be woken up, and the consequences of seeing him in the morning would be bad!

Ping Mo finally gave up after several attempts, and fell asleep in a daze amidst the thick, sweet tequila scented pheromones. He was woken up the next day by Pei Yutu, or, more accurately, rubbed.

Teaching Assistant Pei woke up to find the Instructor Ping in his arms. Not a fluffy kitten, but a smooth and tender Instructor Ping!

That soft black hair, even the cat’s ears were gone. He was resting on his elbow, while his eyelashes were dark and long, and they created a soft shadow on his cheeks. His skin was white and porcelain-like in the warm morning light that came through the window. Pei really wanted to kiss him.

Pei Yutu thought so, and also did so.

Since his arm was still under Ping Mo being used as a pillow, he couldn’t reach his lips after several attempts, so he retreated to the next best thing. He dropped a kiss at the corner of his eye. Ping Mo frowned in his sleep and buried his head completely in the crook of Pei Yutu’s arm as if he couldn’t stand it.

The room was full of the smell of a good night’s sleep, spicy tequila combined with sweet grapefruit, and mixed with some ambiguity. Pei Yutu’s Adam’s apple rolled as he swallowed. His large hands went into the air-conditioned quilt, then ran from Ping Mo’s back all the way down.

His back muscles were thin and tight, the skin was young and smooth, the waist was a heart-racing concave arc, and further down, his tail was gone! His backside was naked, and if he were to grasp those fleshy peaches…even if it woke Ping Mo up, Pei Yutu decided a beating in exchange would be worth it.

The man beside him groaned. Teaching Assistant Pei subconsciously loosened his grip, and closed his eyes to pretend to sleep!

Ping Mo only felt that there was something rough scratching him, but since he just woke up, it didn’t occur to him that the rough thing was Teaching Assistant Pei’s calluses.

The main reason was also because Teaching Assistant Pei felt a little guilty and hid it.

He didn’t move and just observed for a while. He waited until he believed that Pei Yutu was sleeping quite well, before he quietly crawled out. However, just as he had moved half of his body, Teaching Assistant Pei suddenly clung to his belly. “Where are you going? Oh, Ping Mo, it’s you! Why are you back?”

“!!!” Instructor Ping’s entire body stiffened. He had just turned back into a human, and right now he was unclothed, but he couldn’t care less about embarrassment. His brain was spinning fast. “I…you were already asleep when I came back yesterday, but I was a little uncomfortable and needed your pheromones. Sorry for taking the liberty.”

Pei Yutu still hugged him tightly. “I don’t believe it. I obviously slept with the cat last night. How could that ghost named Ping suddenly come back? It must be a dream!”

Ping Mo, the ghost, thundered outside, then felt a pain in his buttocks, and turned back to look at the situation. He immediately became enraged, jumped out, and sent out a kick toward Pei Yutu’s chest. Pei Yutu dodged, then let out a muffled sound through clenched teeth.

“Damn. You really hit me! No. What I mean is, it really hurts! Really not a dream, ah!”

Instructor Ping didn’t want to explain to Pei Yutu any more. He left the bedroom, went straight to the walk-in-closet and skillfully found the pajamas he had hidden. Once he put on the clothes, he turned his head to check his buttocks. In the mirror he saw the two neat rows of teeth marks, already a little red which made the white flesh particularly conspicuous.

Fuck! Are you a fucking dog?

Teaching Assistant Pei smacked his lips as if reminiscing, before he rubbed his vaguely painful chest and moved his shoulders, as his mood quickly returned to happiness.

“I thought it was a dream. The fastest way to test whether it is a dream is not to pinch, but to bite to try to feel pain, right?”

“…” Ping Mo was fully dressed at the moment, only his face still doesn’t look good. “Then why the fuck didn’t you bite yourself?”

“It’s a personal habit. Fine, I’ll try to change it in the future!” Before Instructor Ping could continue his rant, Pei Yutu wisely changed the subject. “By the way, have you seen my cat?”

As expected, Ping Mo was dumbfounded.

Pei Yutu took the initiative to help him find an answer. “Look, when you came back, you scared my cat away. Where have you been these days? If your pheromones didn’t storm out, it wouldn’t have occurred to you to come back to me.”

“Went out to do some personal business.” Ping Mo vaguely murmured, as he quietly observed Pei Yutu’s expression. With this person’s intelligence, in the end, would he not associate him with the cat?

After all, it was still quite a coincidence. He really didn’t suspect anything?

Each of them had their own thoughts, and neither wanted to continue this topic, so they quietly finished breakfast, then went back to school in each other’s company.

The discipline against Instructor Ping had long been withdrawn. He was only out because he was ‘heroically injured’ so this period of absenteeism was considered paid leave. Now that the omega hormones in his body had temporarily stabilized, it was natural to return to work.

Previously, Ping Mo more or less felt that he was assigned to the AMTC to be ‘with children’, but now after the incident of the students’ collective protest, he had made a qualitative leap in the identity of ‘military instructor.’

Since the children were handed over to him, he had to take responsibility and teach them to become pillars of talent. Instead of going directly to supervise the morning exercises, Ping Mo first took a detour to the dormitory like a thief, took off the unconvincing pink shirt and trendy sneakers, changed into a training uniform, and chose two military daggers to insert into the training boots. Only then did he feel comfortable.

Under the hot afternoon sun, Ping Mo’s body was as straight as the back of a sword, and his camouflage training uniform showed a strong, thin waist and long, tight legs.

Ping Mo had never been good at stirring up emotions. He had always been a straightforward tough guy, so after holding his tongue for half a day, he only came up with a “thank you all.” Still, this sincere sentence was worth a thousand words, and the students even cheered uncontrollably. Ping Mo rarely indulged them, but the corners of his lips also showed a little smile, as he let the students fool around for a while, before he raised his voice. “All right, quiet! Today’s training content has been changed. Light weapons firing is canceled, so I can teach you a little bit of real skills.”

The team cheered with excitement, especially the alphas, but this time Ping Mo didn’t let them get away with it, he became serious again and reverted to his grumpy devil instructor persona. “Shut up! Listen to me! Ten kilometers of weight warm-up, after you return it’s learning free sparring. If you can’t run back in 30 minutes, you don’t have to attend the next class! It’s two hundred push-ups. Now, get ready!” After the students were arranged, Pei Yutu wanted to get closer to Ping. After all, he hadn’t talked to Ping Mo in human form for days, but Ping Mo only said, “Why aren’t you leaving?”

Pei Yutu, “?”

Ping Mo’s eyes glared, “Go run with them!”

That’s right, Instructor Ping kept emphasizing the importance of physical training, but he never ran with them himself. This kind of laborious task was always given to the Teaching Assistant. Just after Teaching Assistant Pei ran away with the students, Ping Mo’s cell phone rang. The caller ID was Leng Li.

When he picked up the phone, she said, “Ping Mo, the Therian inhibitors you wanted are here! When are you coming to pick them up?”


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Ping Mo is quite arrogant to think Pei Yutu is so thick that he hasn’t worked out he and the cat are one and the same!
PY teasing him relentlessly just because he’s so uptight as a person, is really amusing. I’d want to beat him to a pulp for it as well though 😆
Will the inhibitors still work?
Thanks for translating and editing. The tasty Note has made me hungry 😋

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Stop slapping the cat! It is derogatory to PM, but even if it wasn’t him, animals shouldn’t be beaten! (╬ Ò ‸ Ó)

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