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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Pei Yutu felt his heart and liver tremble, and asked repeatedly, “Where does it hurt? What? Are you calling my name?”

Unfortunately Instructor Ping fell back into unconsciousness, and the car was filled with the sweet scent of grapefruit. Pei Yutu’s heart was beating very fast, and he tugged at his collar. After a moment, he said to Leng Li, “Pass me the blocking agent.”

Leng Li had just sprayed the blocker, had calmed down, and was about to throw the remaining half bottle back when she looked back in shock. “Why are you as red as a crayfish?”

“I’m on fire!” Pei Yutu wiped his sweat, and muttered in his heart, holding such a sweet omega. If I had no reaction, could I still be called an alpha?

Leng Li rolled her eyes, but remembered that this person had saved her not long ago, so she still cared. “Should I turn the air conditioning on for you?”

Pei Yutu was very hot and sweaty, but he refused immediately, “No! Ping Mo has sweated a lot and has just stabilized.”

Leng Li immediately regretted her carelessness, but in her heart, she was a little surprised. This big guy looked quite rough, but he seemed to be really concerned about Ping.

Thinking of Ping Mo, Leng Li was jealous again. “When did you know Ping was an omega?”

Pei Yutu just sprayed half a bottle of blocker, and pulled out a tissue from the back seat to carefully wipe Ping Mo’s face. He said, “Not long after the time I met you guys buying erotic uniforms.”

Leng Li had to think for a long time before she figured out what the phrase ‘buying erotic uniforms’ referred to. “Those are custom-made clothes made of biodegradable materials! No, you and Ping weren’t on good terms at that time. I could see that Ping was quite annoyed with you. You’re not trying to please him because he’s an omega, right?”

Pei Yutu didn’t even look up, “How can you be so shallow?! There are so many omegas, do I like all of them?”

Leng Li nodded sorrowfully. Ping was so good, no matter if it was an alpha or omega, who didn’t want to get him?

Then she heard Pei Yutu say righteously, “I like him because he is good looking.”

“??” Leng Li suddenly felt that this man was so shallow that Ping wouldn’t be able to see him, and that she might still have a chance.

Pei Yutu completed the unfinished sentence in his mind. It was love at first sight, who cares about our sex? He had been determined to marry a beautiful and obedient omega since he understood things, but the more time he spent together with him, the more he realized that the skin seemed less important. The important thing was that he was Ping Mo, but besides his beautiful face, what else did he like about him?

Brave, strong, responsible, arrogant, irritable, and a pain in the ass? It seemed that these were not the qualities that one should look for in a partner, and they were also far from the ideal type that Pei Yutu had formulated when he was young. But now, it seemed that he liked every bit of Ping Mo and if he was asked again, he would say ‘Ping Mo’ was his ideal type.


Pei Yutu was a young soldier and never studied well. If he had been more serious when he was in school, he would have known that this feeling was called ‘love that came out of nowhere and only burrows deeper.’1

Leng Li had been operating in Star City for many years and was considered a high-income woman, so she was no stranger to this private hospital they arrived at, but she was still refreshed by Teaching Assistant Pei’s tycoon operation.

He easily got a specialist’s consultation.

The top experts from various departments examined Instructor Ping inside and out, and finally came to a conclusion. Multiple soft tissue contusions and a fractured right leg, but the most serious thing wasn’t the superficial injuries, but the ten times purified inducer.

“Ten times purified inducer? This has to be prosecuted! I’ll keep the injury report for you. This kind of bad behavior needs to be reported to the Omega Rights Protection Association to file a lawsuit! At least ten years to start with!” The person who spoke was the same old expert who had diagnosed Ping Mo last time.

However, what Pei Yutu was more concerned about was, “When will he recover?”

The old expert tapped the medical record. “With his pheromone disorder, he can only rely on recuperation. He was already in the most sensitive physiological maturing period, and with the high concentration of induction agent disruption, in order to recover, he must ensure that his pheromone level stays in the standard range. Until the indicators are normal, there are two options for him. First, the use of drugs to control it. The advantage is precise control, and no need to be accompanied, the disadvantage is that there may be sequelae, the second-“

“I choose the second!” Before the old expert could finish, Pei Yutu answered, “The second option has no after-effects, right?”

The old expert nodded, “No sequelae, but it’s very tiring because it requires 24-hour stability and the family member has to stay awake to watch over him. If it doesn’t work, you’ll have to switch to medication, and start all over again.”

Pei Yutu shook his head. “I’m strong. I’m not afraid it will all be for nothing.”

The old expert, “‘Sleepless care’ sounds easy, but it’s actually very torturous. Few people can keep it up and they end up switching to medication; all for nothing. And the after-effects are only probable, not 100 percent, so you can reconsider.”

“I don’t need to think about it,” Pei Yutu said. “He can’t have a single slip-up. You just tell me what I need to do.”

The old expert obviously thought he was also ‘all for nothing’, and shook his head, “I’ll prescribe a monitor for you. The nurse will send it directly to the ward later. You can give him a temporary mark at any time. Remember, once the monitor warning light goes off, even if it is in the middle of the night, you have to get up and give the patient a temporary mark, okay?”


Ping Mo was drowsy, even when awake, and his thoughts were not very clear, which was a good thing, because he actually took the initiative to spill the beans!

Pei Yutu coaxed and tricked him into feeding him half a bowl of lean pork congee, but the man began to grumble and refused to eat anymore. It was only when he got closer that he heard that he disliked the congee for not being sweet enough.

Teaching Assistant Pei was so frustrated by him that he scolded him for being a ‘little bastard’ and pinched Instructor Ping’s red face before he rushed out to ask the nurse to send a bowl of sweet red bean congee. After he thought about it, he added, “Add more sugar. My child loves sweet food.”

At night, Instructor Ping’s tossing and turning changed. At night, his senses became more and more sensitive, and he cried out in pain under the blanket, which made Teaching Assistant Pei feel very distressed. Normally, Instructor Ping would break all his teeth and swallow the blood without ever saying a word about the injury. He would even snicker to show that it did not matter as a standard iron bones ‘tough guy.’

The more the tough guy cried, the more he could not stand it. Pei Yutu found the surgeon five different times to review his x-rays since he believed Ping Mo must be seriously injured, but each time, the results were still superficial injuries.

It was only when the doctor was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, that Instructor Ping showed compassion and said something.

He shrank into Teaching Assistant Pei’s arms. His long tail curled tightly around Pei Yutu, his head rested on his chest, his cat ears drooped low on top of his head, as he grunting confusedly, “I’m actually the most afraid of pain.”

Teaching Assistant Pei suddenly realized the truth, and was angry and heartbroken, “So you used to pretend?”

Ping Mo replied, “It’s embarrassing to be afraid of pain. No omega likes it.”


Pei Yutu grabbed him by the tail. “You are an omega!”

The feverish Instructor Ping was unconscious, but stubbornly protested, “I’m a top alpha!”

“No matter what you are, you are not allowed to flirt with other omegas, or even alphas! You’re so good at attracting butterflies!” Pei Yutu thought of Leng Li, Cheng Cheng and the omega students and young teachers in the school, and burned with jealousy. His big hand grabbed the base of Ping Mo’s tail, slapped those fleshy buttocks, then pinched down. Ping Mo’s hackles rose and he backhandedly bit his arm.

Pei Yutu let out a “hiss” and, “are you a dog?” He met Instructor Ping’s teary gray-blue eyes, and immediately felt his temper recede. He smiled and held out his arm to him. “It’s my fault. You can bite as much as you want.”

Instructor Ping really came over, but he didn’t bite. His teeth twisted, and instead he used the tip of his tongue to lick the bite. It caused a tingling shiver in Pei Yutu. The wet and soft touch on his arm was the center of the explosion, like electricity flowing through his limbs. His breathing immediately became thick, but the originator only smacked his lips, and lifted his long eyelashes, disgusted. “I do not bite…hard. “

Pei Yutu, “!!!”

What the hell kind of tease was that?

Teaching Assistant Pei would love to mark Ping Mo on the spot, but, with a glance at the monitor, Kitten Ping’s pheromones were stable at the moment, and even a temporary mark wasn’t needed.

Pei Yutu, “…” He had only one thought at the moment, Damn! He couldn’t even go out for a cold shower. He had to endure it and control his pheromones so that it wouldn’t affect him.

Teaching Assistant Pei took out the blocking agent and sprayed it on himself, as he thought sadly, I stay up late every day, have to do physical work at the same time, but also have to endure mental torture. He finally understood how well-intentioned the old expert’s initial warning was. But despite the complaints, he got used to it.

On the sixth day, Instructor Ping’s fever finally subsided. Pei Yutu was overjoyed, but also suffered a huge blow.

Ping Mo woke up with a normal temperature, and the first thing he said was, “What happened to you?” He said this with a frown, and shrank into the soft, wide pillow, as his disgust overflowed.

“…” Pei Yutu touched his face. “I haven’t shaved in six days.”

He had been looking after him for six days, unable to even eat, let alone shave, so his whole body looked unkempt and haggard. His image had dropped from that of a heroic young captain to that of a bearded bandit leader.

Instructor Ping gave an “oooh.” He rubbed his head a little bit painfully, and said perfunctorily, “Pay attention to personal hygiene, and don’t let it happen again.”

Pei Yutu, “???”

Afterwards, he learned from the old expert that briefly revealing one’s heart was also one of the sequelae of the pheromone disorder. After returning to normal, most omegas would forget the memories of the treatment period. It was as if they had a dream, and would forget all about it when they woke up in the morning.

Pei Yutu had mixed feelings. He had said he was so well behaved, and that was definitely not normal! If he remembers that he used to cuddle in his arms and pampered him, he will kill him!

But was the Instructor Ping who was so nice and clingy and pampered really gone?

Teaching Assistant Pei had a lot of thoughts, and finally found the point, “Dr. Liu, you just said that he was being honest and revealing his heart?” Could it be that the real Kitten Ping was actually a spiteful monster?

The more he thought about it, the more likely that was. Loves to eat sweets, especially afraid of pain, likes to burrow into people’s arms, mouth wasn’t honest, but needed to save face. His fierce man baggage was too heavy.

The old expert never thought that Pei Yutu could really sleeplessly insist on nursing Ping Mo to the end. After years of consultation, once he suggested this treatment option, a lot of omegas didn’t get the full care, and complained that their partners did not love them enough. It had caused many family wars so mentioning this now was an afterthought.

At this moment, in the ward, the old specialist said seriously, “Last time, didn’t I remind you to not rely too much on inhibitors? I read your blood test report. You used Therian inhibitors, didn’t you? And the dose was too large. Did you use the inhibitors to fight? Remember not to fool around like this again. You are now severely affected by the inducers and shouldn’t use any inhibitors in the near future!”

Ping Mo was lying on the hospital bed, one foot in a cast, unable to move, while two cat ears drooped on top of his head. He looked sickly, like a schoolboy being educated by the class leader.

Unfortunately, someone else was helping out.

“How many times have I told you to follow medical advice, but you just don’t listen!” Pei Yutu said, looking pained, “Dr. Liu, you talk to him properly!”

Another onlooker, Leng Li, had a dull gaze. She had been taken away by the police to assist in the investigation as early as when Pei Yutu and the old expert were discussing the rescue plan, and had finally got away to come back and visit the patient. She stared at the cat’s ears that were on top of Ping Mo’s head at the moment, and the tail tip that was still sticking out from the edge of the quilt on the hospital bed. She only had one thought in mind. I’m so stupid, I’m really stupid, my reflex arc has to be a few kilometers long, right?

Ping always bought clothes made of biodegradable materials, and bought Therian special inhibitors. How did she not notice it at all? But then again, it wasn’t not her fault, which omega could be as fierce as Ping, or have their fighting power be so strong? Even the average alpha couldn’t do it!

The school had Teaching Assistant Pei to keep an eye on him, so he didn’t have to worry about it, and Leng Li also seized every opportunity to visit him when Pei Yutu wasn’t around.

Instructor Ping suddenly dropped his secret in front of Leng Li, and at first he was very uncomfortable, but gradually had to accept the fact that Leng Li had become perverse.

“Why are you dressed like this?” Ping Mo asked in surprise.

Leng Li spun around. “What do you think? Does it look good?”

It was difficult for a straight man with barren aesthetic skills to judge whether something looked good or not, but he thought this was more practical than the deep v necked shirt she used to wear, since there were more places to hide weapons. So he praised it from the bottom of his heart, “It’s good.”

Today, Leng Li wore beige work pants,a  light blue shirt, and her enchanting and feminine makeup was changed to a fresh and dry light makeup. She looked less feminine, more valiant, and her demeanor was no longer like a small pampered woman, which added two points of royalty, and made her more like a mature female alpha.

“As long as you like it.” Leng Li was a little proud and she was determined to dress in this style from now on. “By the way, your reward, along with the Alliance coins that you put on yourself to win, was credited to the card, so remember to check it.”

Ping Mo heard this, and immediately became spirited, “How much in total?”

“I took the liberty of buying your second win together with your appearance fee, and made another fortune.”

Leng Li quoted a number. Ping Mo suddenly felt that his injury was worth it. After he made the final payment for the Therian inhibitors, and also paid Pei Yutu for the medical expenses, there would still still be a sum of money left, so during this period of time, he could order a new dagger!!

When he thought of the new dagger that would soon be in his hands, Instructor Ping was in a good mood. He leaned back on the soft pillow at the head of the bed, and involuntarily curved his lips. Even the cat ears on top of his head twitched with pleasure.

Leng Li looked straight at him, and felt she was going to get a nosebleed, Ping how can you be so cute!?

She originally only thought of Ping being a fierce and tough gentleman. His face was so good-looking that he could be an actor, so handsome that people couldn’t close their legs, but now seeing him reveal his ears, it was actually even more difficult. She would like to reach out to pet him, but she didn’t dare.

Even if Ping was an omega, he had a lot of power, so she didn’t dare play with him. Leng Li resisted the urge to pet Ping Mo’s hair and took out the thermos lunchbox. She experienced the capture of one of the leaders of White Hole, Long Lang, [eefn_note] Clarification: The Prince’s uncle, Long Lang not the Prince of White Hole, Long Lang, was captured. [/efn_note] and also attracted the relevant departments to investigate. Although it wasn’t not subject to substantial punishment, the underground boxing ring was still temporarily closed, now all she had was time.

“This bone soup is something that I personally made. It’s stewed for three whole hours. It’s supposed to mend bones. Come and try.”

When Pei Yutu returned, he saw Leng Li holding up a spoon, “Ah…”

Ping Mo obediently opened his mouth and drank a spoonful of soup. Leng Li took out a small handkerchief, wiped it on the corner of his mouth, scooped up another spoonful of soup, slowly blew it cold, and actually tested the temperature with her lips before bringing it to Ping Mo’s mouth.

“!!!” Teaching Assistant Pei immediately exploded and shouted, “What are you doing?”

Leng Li was so frightened by him that she almost spilled the soup, and then said angrily, “What are you shouting for? Can’t you see I’m feeding the wounded! This is a hospital, you have no breeding!”

“How do I have no breeding? This is a VIP ward, and only Ping Mo is living on the whole floor! Who could be affected? If you want to feed him soup, just feed soup. What’s with your hand? What’s with the mouth? Are you using this as an opportunity to steal him away?”


Here we go again.

In the past few days, similar conversations had been going on almost every day. At first, Instructor Ping impatiently told them to shut up and shoved them out together, but now he had gotten used to it. He yawned a little, pulled up the blanket, fished his phone out from under the pillow and started playing a game.

At that exact moment, there was another knock on the door, and Cheng Cheng walked in carrying a bag of fruit. “Excuse me?”

Pei Yutu and Leng Li stopped arguing, saw who had come in, and said in unison, “No! Go away!”

But Major Cheng didn’t follow the routine of apologizing and leaving. Instead he stepped in as if he hadn’t heard. “You guys continue, I’m here to see Team Leader Ping.”

Ping Mo’s first reaction was to cover his head with the blanket. He was still in a cat-eared state. Although Cheng Cheng knew he was a Therian, and had also seen him in the form of a cat, the cat-ear human was just too…girly. It would destroy his fierce man image. How can he let his subordinates see him in this state? How could he make a statement in the future?

Still, he only pulled the quilt half-way, and then stopped. After all, in front of his subordinates, covering his head was also not like a mature fierce boss.

So he changed to a chilly expression. “Come and sit down for a while.”

Pei Yutu was very satisfied with the attitude of his military instructor, and gloated, “Ping Mo needs to rest. Your mind is good, so keep a long story short, ah.”

Cheng Cheng wasn’t going to make a long story short. As he sat down, he saw the tail drooping by the bedside, before it was retracted like lightning. A tremor hit his heart. He looked up to see Ping Mo was pretending to be cold and serious, but unfortunately he was injured in bed. His face was too white, while only his eyebrows were thick and deep and showed some color. Not to mention the fluffy cat ears on his head. This shattered Team Leader Ping’s cold facade.

Cheng Cheng smiled lightly. “Captain, in addition to visiting the sick, I also want to report to you the action of the day.”

Ping Mo was really intrigued. “Tell me.” He put down his phone. and sat up a little straighter. As if he intended to have a long talk with Cheng Cheng.

Cheng Cheng, “It’s about the principle of confidentiality, please excuse yourselves.”

Pei Yutu and Leng Li were temporarily united in their opposition, but were still forced out of the room by Instructor Ping’s lascivious curiosity.

Cheng Cheng picked out the biggest and reddest apple from the fruit basket, then washed it in the ward’s own washroom before he slowly peeled it with a fruit knife as he said, “Long Lang was caught. In fact he came to the main star using a false identity, so if no one had provided detailed clues, we wouldn’t have caught him so easily.”

Ping Mo stared, “Is the informant someone from White Hole?”

“Team Leader Ping, do you remember the man you met that day? The one wearing glasses and holding a gun to Pei Yutu’s head?”

Ping Mo shook his head. “But he seemed to know me.”

Pei Yutu, who was posted outside the door, also pricked up his ears. The perverted alpha who claimed he would marry Ping Mo?

This was the same question he was also asked by the military instructor, but Ping Mo had no impression of that person. It made Pei Yutu think that the guy had a perverted, sick mind, was coveting the beauty of his Ping and wanted to steal him away.

Cheng Cheng said, “That was the Prince of White Hole, Long Lang. He killed his own brother when he was a teenager, and later, when he grew older he took over most of the family business: human trafficking, arms smuggling, and his methods are even more cruel than his father’s. In order to secure his position over the years, he killed his own brothers, the White Hole patriarchs, and even close uncles. Countless people in just a dozen years. The top half of the White Hole has been completely shuffled around. The boss of the White Hole, Long Li, that’s Long Lang’s father, everyone has been searching for him for many years but rumor is that his body has finally been emptied, and today he lingers on his sickbed. I am afraid that his time isn’t long. Some Long family uncles are foolish enough to want to use this moment to seize power and unite with some old guys who are not used to Long Lang, and act together. Long Lang was one of the leaders, but Long Lang was here to clean up the door this time.” 2

Ping Mo wasn’t interested in interstellar pirate infighting, but still thought the human trafficking scum deserved to die. “Anyway, it’s good to bring their leaders to justice.”

Cheng Cheng nodded approvingly. “Team Leader Ping, you really don’t remember that guy? He didn’t seem like he was lying. It was like he really knows you.”

Team Leader Ping was pleased with his subordinate’s thoughtful and insightful service, and forked out a piece of information, “I really don’t know him. I didn’t take the task of assassinating him, and we haven’t deciphered the coordinates of the White Hole’s lair. “

However he did recall some inexplicable sense of familiarity, like meeting an old friend after many years of absence, but how could he be an old friend with the head of White Hole?

The two voices were gradually lowered, so Pei Yutu couldn’t hear around from outside, and when he saw Cheng Cheng feeding him the apple, he could no longer sit still and gave a heavy cough. He pushed the door open, grabbed the apple, said some serious nonsense, “The doctor said, the fruit isn’t easy to digest, and can’t be eaten.”

When did the doctor say he needed to avoid eating fruit? Ping Mo was about to get angry when Pei Yutu bent down, and whispered in his ear, “Be good. I’ll give you some easy-to-digest strawberry pudding later.”

Instructor Ping’s anger instantly dissipated, and he nodded obediently. “Yes, we have to follow the doctor’s advice.”

Cheng Cheng didn’t even hear what Pei’s pillow talk was about when he heard Pei Yutu clear his throat and say, “That’s enough time for you guys to talk. The patient isn’t strong enough, so it’s time to rest.”

Then Team Leader Ping, who was thinking about the strawberry pudding, also gave an eviction order to Major Cheng. “Go back to work if you have nothing to do.”

“…” Cheng Cheng could only give Pei Yutu a resentful look, and said, “Team Leader Ping, you have a good rest then.”

Ping Mo waved his hand in a leadership manner, and sent away his subordinate, while Teaching Assistant Pei drove Leng Li away as he had done before.

The doctor reminded the family that they needed to review his right leg again today.

Pei was always concerned about the condition of the patient, and asked what he needed to pay attention to. The doctor smiled and said, “Don’t worry, he is in good health and looks very optimistic at the moment.”

Ping Mo, who was quietly eating pudding, suddenly interrupted him, “What if the film shows that I’m all right?”

The doctor froze. “It wouldn’t be so fast.” He joked, “If it’s all healed, at this rate of recovery, he could be dragged off for human experimentation.”

Ping Mo pursed his lips and didn’t say anything until just before the film was taken, when he pulled Pei Yutu in close. “Can I not be hospitalized?”

Teaching Assistant Pei naturally objected, but Instructor Ping, as if possessed during the treatment period, regained his pampering skills. He raised his face and blinked his big gray-blue eyes, “I don’t want to take x-rays.”

Pei Yutu, “…”

Ping Mo shook the fluffy cat ears on top of his head. “I’ll stay at your house to recuperate?”

These almost negotiable soft words, let Pei Yutu remember the night Kitten Ping burrowed into his arms while he cried out in pain, and licked his arm. It made him dizzy, and his Adam’s apple rolled. “Okay.”

Instructor Ping got the assurance and flipped the switch. He got off the bed with one leg, waited for a moment, and then said, “Let’s go.”

The expression on his face clearly said, ‘Why don’t you come and help me?’


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Translator Notes:

  1. 情不知所起,一往而深 Love that came outta nowhere and it only gets deeper. Something like not knowing when they start to have affection for another person and it’s getting deeper by day
  2. first Long Lang in sentence is the uncle, second is the Prince


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