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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Madame Dai, “…”

“They haven’t said yes yet? Why do you call that going well? It’s called still being single!” Madame Dai was so angry that her stomach hurt.

On the other end of the phone was a fumble, and then it changed to Mr. Pei’s voice, “Son! It’s good to find a spouse! Wife, don’t get excited. For our son, having a spouse is a big success, isn’t it? He never wants to go on a blind date, and if this continues I suspect he will die alone. They should be a beautiful omega, right?”

Pei Yutu’s lips curved even more. “He’s beautiful! I have never seen such a good-looking person in my life!”

Hearing this answer, both Father Pei and Madame Dai weren’t surprised. Madame Dai said into the microphone, “When will you bring them back for Mom to see?!”

Mr. Pei also grabbed the phone and said, “The prettier the omega, the harder they are to chase! Dad understands you! Your father chased your mother back then and it was very fucking difficult – hiss! Hey, ouch, don’t do that in front of the children. Don’t pinch me! What is so embarrassing about that? Good wife, we are talking about business. Pinch me later!”

Pei Yutu was really interested. Yes, his mother Madame Dai was famous for her beauty when she was young, but his father was just an ordinary beta, and actually chased after his mother! There must be some great wooing skills.

“Dad, teach me!”

Mr. Pei coughed lightly, covered the phone as he shuffled away from Madame Dai, only to quietly say the secret, “Son, remember, you must be considerate, let them see your sincerity, and the next is to stalk them! Martyrs fear stalkers!”

“Mmmm.” Pei Yutu perked up his ears, and almost took out a small notebook to take notes.

Father Pei continued, “Of course, there is the most important point, the biggest weapon to chase an omega is money!”

Pei Yutu, “…”

“Omegas are so precious, ah. Look at the population ratio. Ten alphas may not be able to marry an omega, so beautiful omegas are even more difficult to chase. Use money to stun him since he must have many suitors, why would he look at you? Give gifts and he will absolutely go soft. Let Dad give you money, and support you a little?”

No wonder Grandpa disliked Dad for his coppery smell.

Pei Yutu, “Okay, then support me a little!”

Copper or not, the result was the most important!

After he hung up the phone with his father and mother, Pei Yutu was ready to smoke a cigarette outside, but before he finished smoking the cigarette, his grandfather, General Dai’s phone call came over.

Pei Yutu, “…” What kind of day was this?

As soon as the call was answered, the old general’s voice rang out, “Brat, you didn’t even listen to the little thing grandpa asked you to do, and you refused?”

“Grandpa, I really have something tomorrow.”

“Listen before you say that! Refuse now, and you will regret it!”


After the performance program, there was the leadership speech, then once military instructors’ and students’ group photos of the cultural performance of all the processes were over, the leaders took their respective teams to the small dining room for dinner. As the head of several military schools in Alliance, the Alliance Military Technology University was wealthy so it was chartered a nearby four star hotel. The sophomore children had become adults, and under those special circumstances, no teacher could control the drinking.

The children’s feelings were the purest and most direct, so Teaching Assistant Pei, a tough guy, had some sore eyes. He couldn’t stand such a melodramatic atmosphere, so he found an excuse to sneak out for a smoke in the middle of the event.

“Pei Yutu.”

Pei Yutu subconsciously extinguished his cigarette, since Ping Mo didn’t smoke, so he didn’t like the smell of smoke, before he turned around and asked, “Why are you out here?”

Ping Mo, “The kids were making too much noise, so I came out to get some fresh air.”

Pei Yutu laughed audibly, “Technically speaking, you’ve only just become an adult yourself, and you’re still calling people kids.”

Ping Mo didn’t say anything, just took a few steps forward and stood side by side with Pei Yutu, and held the balcony railing with both hands as he let the night breeze blow his thin bangs.

A door away was lively mingling, but the night outside the door was too quiet. Pei Yutu, instead of warming up as usual, said sadly, “I’m leaving. Even the students can’t let me go, but you won’t even say ‘I’ll miss you’, or you just lie to me.”

Ping Mo, “…” In the night, Ping Mo quietly tightened his grip on the railing, and only after a moment said, “I will miss you.” 

And then added in a whisper, “I’m not lying to you.”

Pei Yutu caught this ‘not lying’ that was so light that it almost scattered in the wind. The curve of his lips suddenly widened, he hurriedly cleared his throat, adjusted his expression to sad and melancholy. “I’m leaving soon. If you really miss me, stay with me for a few more days.”

“Don’t you leave tomorrow to go back to the station?” Ping Mo turned his head, and his gray-blue eyes seemed to be filled with restrained emotions.

Pei Yutu said, “Oh, I really can’t leave, so I took my annual leave, and will return in a few days.” About sixty days later.

Ping Mo sniffed and lowered his eyelashes again, to hide the emotions in his eyes. “You are in an extraterritorial station. Holidays are rare. You should spend more time with your family.”

“I think so too, so I have a request,” Pei Yutu said. “Can you accompany me to meet my family?”

Ping Mo, “???”

“I’m leaving and you don’t even want to fulfill this request?”

Ping Mo was embarrassed. “That’s not appropriate.”

Pei Yutu, “Forget it. I’ll tell you the truth. It’s my grandfather who wants to see you. Remember when you were wrongly accused by that idiot, and almost detained by the police? That was his call, so you can thank him in person, okay?”

This reason was acceptable, so Ping Mo was a little glad that he couldn’t find any excuse to refuse, “Okay. What does he want from me?”

“I don’t know. He didn’t tell me.” Pei Yutu moved closer to Ping Mo, and took his waist without hesitation. “Why don’t I ask again?”

Instructor Ping felt the big hand clasping restlessly, but didn’t break free, and didn’t even have the idea of beating him up. In a few days, this person would return to the domain, and they would have no reason to contact each other again, so maybe this would be goodbye forever.

It was okay to indulge a little now.

Ping Mo sighed soundlessly. “No, we’ll know when we meet. Let’s go back. Don’t keep the students waiting.”

That night, they all drank a little too much and Teaching Assistant Pei was the best drinker. He properly arranged for the non-drinking students to send the little drunkards to their respective dormitories, and then also carried his own drunkard to the car.

Since he drank wine, Pei Yutu turned on the autopilot mode, and held Ping Mo directly in the back seat. The closed space was soon filled with the aroma of liquor, and it wasn’t clear whether it was that evening’s wine, or Pei Yutu’s pheromones, but it was spicy and exciting.

The cat ears on top of Instructor Ping’s head came out. Pei Yutu pinched his cat ears, and whispered, “Ping Mo, are you still awake?”

Instructor Ping was only dizzy and hot, but he was still conscious, “Yes.”

“Then open your eyes and look at me.”

Ping Mo, who was paralyzed by alcohol, obediently opened his eyes. His pair of gray-blue eyes were dense with moisture, but in the darkness of the vehicle, they were so bright that his mind was stirred.

At this moment Instructor Ping was still in the position of being held in his arms, as Pei Yutu buried his head in his neck and sniffed, “You smell good.”

Ping Mo felt his cheeks burn up and said, “Be nice. It’s still a fucking car…”

The unspoken words were blocked by Teaching Assistant Pei’s lips and tongue, and he gave him a punishing bite as he withdrew.

“What’s the idea?” Instructor Ping licked his lips. Pei Yutu had bit through his lip and with the sporadic blood beads, his omega pheromones overflowed and filled the car with grapefruit fragrance.

Pei Yutu felt the blood going straight to his temples, and all of the perverted thoughts that had consumed tonight scrambled his brain. It was eating away at what little sanity he had left at a rapid pace, and his throat rolled as he leaned over and spat out a few words.

“!!!” Ping Mo stared at him, and for a moment even the alcohol dissipated for the most part. He held it in for several seconds before he spat out the words, “You’re ridiculous!”

Pei Yutu coaxed, “What’s the point? The car’s glass is anti-voyeurism. Those outside can’t see inside. Besides, it has automatic driving, and doesn’t require us to operate it. Don’t you think it’s very exciting?”

“No!” Instructor Ping flatly refused, and there was a familiar fluctuation in the concentration of omega pheromones in the air.

According to Pei Yutu’s recently summed up experience, Ping Mo should be intending to turn into a cat.

“You wait!” Teaching Assistant Pei hastily stopped. “You. You’re always so impatient. You think I would force you?”

Ping Mo climbed up from his arms, held back the dizzy feeling of alcohol, reluctantly leaned back on the leather seat, then looked at him drunkenly and suspiciously, while his eyes clearly said ‘you have forced me.’

Pei Yutu coughed lightly. “If you don’t cooperate, forget it. I didn’t say anything.”

He sat up straight and looked out the window with a dull gaze, as he said to himself, “I’m so miserable. My body is gone, and I’ve been pouring out my heart and soul for so long, but I haven’t gotten a heart.”

Ping Mo, “…”

Pei Yutu, “There is no one else to blame. I volunteered. I like you. It has nothing to do with me. You do not want to give me a name. I won’t force you.”

Teaching Assistant Pei got into the scene, and talked about the sad place. He even wiped the corner of his eyes, but in the darkness no one could not see whether he really shed any tears. The only audience in the car was really bluffed. Ping Mo drunkenly looked at him, his eyes flashed with complex shame.

Pei Yutu, “I’m about to leave, and not granting such a small request may be my last wish to you.”

However, with this last sentence of ‘selling misery’, before he could finish it was sealed by a sudden kiss.

Pei Yutu, “!!!”

Ping Mo’s lips were thin and slightly cool, but with the hot and fragrant smell of alcohol. 1

The omega pheromones that came with the smell of alcohol were so rich that it made blood spurt, but Pei Yutu held on and deepened their kiss. At the same time, he also very nonchalantly tore off Ping Mo’s pants.

“You…Gently, fuck!” Instructor Ping was worried that he would not have any pants to wear when he returned home, and that would be too humiliating.

Pei Yutu didn’t stop, only responded with a crisp smacking sound. In the darkness, it was not clear whether Pei Yutu had left warm slap marks on the bare ass, but the soft feel was very real. Pei Yutu couldn’t help but rub it with his hand. Only this time, his cock was so hard that it hurt. Pei Yutu gasped and put Ping Mo into a kneeling position. He was impatiently searching for Ping Mo’s entrance as he warmly threatened, “No foul language! If you use foul language again, I will punish you, and swell your ass!”

“You fucking dare!”

The swollen and hard cock actually penetrated straight into Ping Mo. Ping Mo’s voice changed tone from the pain, but his flesh was stimulated and tightly clenched around the cock. Pei Yutu let out a comfortable sigh, and wrapped his arms around Ping Mo’s waist, while he left a series of soothing pecks on the back of his neck glands.

“Too, too big. Take it out!”

“Gimme a second. Just a minute.” The scenery outside the car window skimmed evenly outward, tall buildings and street lights were clearly visible, Pei Yutu suddenly felt a very secret pleasure. He fiercely grabbed Ping Mo’s waist and ruthlessly created a fast rhythm with his thrusts.


“Ping Mo….Baby…wife…You’re too tight!” Pei Yutu was letting out random moans, but then remembered that his Kitten Ping was obviously feeling pleasure. Usually, he didn’t say it to him and refused to call him, so evil was born. Pei Yutu used a punitive slap on Ping Mo’s round, upright, fleshy and soft buttocks that already felt excellent. His palm fell with a crisp sound, adding two points of lascivious debauchery, really causing his blood to boil.

“Call me husband!”

Ping Mo used his remaining reason to clench his teeth, but Pei Yutu expected him to refuse to give in, and felt it justified another slap.


“Stop it! Pei YuTu, you fucking stop!”

“Slap, slap, slap, slap!”

“Will you call me or not?”

Like being stuck between a rock and a hard place, after who knows how long, Ping Mo was humiliated enough that he gave in, and gnashed his teeth as he called out.

When they finally stopped, the luxury spacecraft worth two suites in the heart of Star City had long been steadily and automatically parked in the parking space. It was a high-end community, there were not many residents. It was also late at night, so there was no one else in the garage.

However today, through the catalyst of alcohol, in the car Pei Yutu could not help but feel some excitement. He had done a little too much and Instructor Ping was really bullied hard. His pair of beautiful gray-blue eyes were watery. He was half lying on top of Pei Yutu, buttocks so sore, he didn’t dare to sit on the seat.

The back seat was a mess, and Ping Mo’s pants were definitely not wearable.

Pei Yutu rubbed his nose and began to regret his perverted brain, as he hoped that Instructor Ping would blame it on his habit of drinking, and forget all about tonight’s absurdity first thing in the morning. Otherwise, when he came over, he would have to cover his skin.

“That…I’m sorry. I drank a little wine, and did not control myself. Are you still hurt?”

“What do you think?” Instructor Ping’s voice was hoarse as he breathlessly scolded.

Pei Yutu looked him over under the parking lot lights. “It seems to be swollen. Turn around, let me carry you up?”

“No need.”

“Don’t try to be a hero, how can you look like this-“

The words didn’t have time to fall, as Instructor Ping disappeared, leaving only a soft little kitten in his arms.

“…” Pei Yutu, “I forgot you had this skill.”

Teaching Assistant Pei responded with a slap of the cat’s paw. This paw used all of Instructor Ping’s remaining strength, leaving three clearly visible blood marks on Teaching Assistant Pei’s strong, sturdy arm.

“…” Ping Mo, “Meow, meow, meow!”

–why don’t you carry me up?

Pei Yutu had learned cat language. “Okay.”

So he carried the cat back home as fast as he could.

Ping Mo was lying sickly in his arms, and could not help but become jealous of an alpha’s strength. At the same time, he was tossed hard, and even his scratching strength was almost gone, while this guy was active, with no red face!

Pei Yutu carefully put the cat on the bed, petted his fur, thought about it, and poked his round, fluffy butt. The word ‘still hurt’ was there, and with lightning-like claws, he scratched Teaching Assistant Pei with a lot of pear blossoms.


I think it means it hurts.

Pei Yutu knew that he was in the wrong, and did not dare to disturb the rest of the kitten again, so he tiptoed to the kitchen to prepare a reparation gift.

He soaked japonica rice in pure water, carefully shredded the meat, prepared the ingredients one by one, and put them in the rice cooker and set the timer to cook the rice, so that Ping Mo could wake up tomorrow morning to eat his breakfast and forgive him for his recklessness tonight.

Teaching Assistant Pei yanked his head of hair in anguish and scolded himself, Pei Yutu! But it’s really cool! I’ll have him again, if I have the chance again.


The next day Instructor Ping slept until sunrise, and finally came to his senses. His aches and pains had mostly subsided.


Ping Mo twitched his little ears and raised his round head to find that Pei Yutu had woken up long ago, but did not get up. He half leaned on the head of the bed as he looked on the internet. When he saw he was awake, he threw the phone down and smiled curtly, “Hungry? The porridge is still warm. Porridge or milk? I also prepared your favorite red velvet cupcakes, with light cheese and strawberry jelly.”

Hearing these sweet snacks, Instructor Ping gulped, but he hadn’t forgotten last night’s events, and didn’t want to take care of the beast surnamed Pei. So he shook his fur, turned around, and aimed his buttocks at Pei Yutu to show his attitude.

Pei Yutu then cautiously looked at the back of the kitten, only to see Ping Mo sat for a short while to maintain the high cool face, then yielding to his cat’s nature to lick his fur.

First, he licked his paws, then he lifted a leg to lick the hair on the base of his tail, and finally he simply held his tail and licked it. His body was white, and the tip of his tail was the only place where the ink color was still bitten in his mouth, the cat was like a round glutinous rice ball.

Teaching Assistant Pei didn’t dare to take this glutinous rice ball lightly. He knew very well that this ball had a temper, and beating over a dozen top alphas alone was not a problem. However, the little dumpling never really hit him hard. The best proof of this was that he didn’t even need a knife to beat people up! Thinking of this, in Pei Yutu’s heart rose a sweet feeling of ‘I really have a different status in his heart’, and the sword went astray.

He rolled out of bed,  to a large dog-like squat at the head of the bed, in the line of sight and at the milky cat level, and continued his low coaxing. “Since you didn’t wake up, I went to your favorite cake store. But I also bought brownies, soy milk boxes, mango pancakes, small coconut milk squares, strawberry rolls and an ice cream cake. The refrigerator has been stuffed, so if you don’t eat it, it will melt.”

Thinking that his fur suddenly wasn’t as important any longer, Instructor Ping put down his tail, and couldn’t help but lick his nose.

“Get up and eat. That ice cream cake is a limited version from the festival, and you can’t buy it tomorrow.” Pei Yutu again and again coaxed.

All right, just for the sake of not being wasteful. But he has not forgiven the surname Pei.

So, the little one rolled on the bed, used his paws to make a large leap, then, the next second, when he landed on the ground, he had the cold look of the devil Military Instructor Ping Mo. But he wasn’t wearing a stitch. His soft black hair was also topped with a pair of cat ears, and behind him was a long fluffy tail. This more or less destroyed his cold and solemn aura.

Teaching Assistant Pei diligently grabbed his robe, and draped it over his shoulders. “Let’s go. Let’s go to the dining room.”

However, what were the snacks on the table? Inside were crystal clear shrimp dumplings, steaming soup dumplings, and lean pork congee that had been cooked so softly that the grains of rice were almost melted into the soup.

It was a treat for the eyes.

But…”Where’s the ice cream cake?”

Pei Yutu, who had been a little low all morning, was now assertive, “I haven’t eaten breakfast yet! If you get up and eat something cold, you’ll get a tummy ache!”

Ping Mo pushed the bowl, “I want to eat ice cream cake.”

“…” Teaching Assistant Pei’s attitude immediately softened because of last night’s weakness, and he at least coaxed Ping Mo to eat half a bowl of congee and two shrimp dumplings before he handed over the snack.

“That, Ping Mo,” Pei Yutu said with little confidence, “The dinner tonight…it’s still on, right?”

Instructor Ping finally had his dessert, was satisfied and extraordinarily nice. “I will do what I promised the old man.”

In any case, the old man had helped him, so naturally he could not go back on his word. Still, it was just a casual meal. However, when the time came, as Pei Yutu arrived at the destination, Instructor Ping realized that this was not a simple ‘casual meal.’

It was one of the most luxurious hotels in Star City, and the entire sightseeing restaurant under the glass dome of the top floor had been reserved, and a brand new interior had been specially created. The waiters lined up respectfully to welcome the guests, and even the hosts went out enthusiastically to welcome them.

“Pei Yutu, who is your grandfather?”

However, before he could get an answer, there was a blur in front of him, and Ping Mo was held by a middle-aged, beautiful woman with a pearly white smile. “You’re Xiao Mo, right? This kid, he’s so handsome!”


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  1. This is the last extra NSFW scene that the author hid from weibo.


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