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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Pei Yutu already regretted taking Ping Mo to the doctor. The old specialist had advised Instructor Ping to practice switching between human and cat form. This time he really complied with the doctor’s advice, and spent most of his time as a cat when Pei came home.

Cats were cute, and Pei Yutu liked Ping Mo’s fluffy look, but what was even more devastating was that Ping Mo simply went bare-assed for the small period of the time when he turned into a human in order to prevent his clothes from getting ruined as he changed between cat and human form.

Teaching Assistant Pei had seen Instructor Ping lying on the spacious sofa when he entered the living room. The first thing that caught his eyes were the two swaying legs, the sunken waist, and the peach-like buttocks, like a whole piece of white and tender tofu, and even the air was filled with a tempting sweet grapefruit smell.

Who could stand this?

Unfortunately, Ping Mo now had a new skill. As long as he did not want to do anything with Pei Yutu, his grasp would become empty, and he would watch him become a palm-sized kitten.

Pei Yutu, “…”

I can’t live with this! Such a big Instructor Ping in front of his eyes that can only see but not eat…it was making Teaching Assistant Pei very dissatisfied recently.

However, where there was oppression, there was also resistance. Pei Yutu recently had some free time, and called Dr. Liu, to ask about how to solve the problem of husband and wife life harmony.

The old expert at first said, “this is you young husbands’ private business. Your omega’s estrus has a much higher frequency than ordinary peoples, this you know. But young people still need to abstain,” but then Pei Yutu blackmailed him, and said if he didn’t provide a solution that he would put an end to him being their doctor. Poor Dr. Liu couldn’t stand the threat of a soldier, and could only promise to try to read some papers on Therians to try to find a solution.

After he hung up the phone, Teaching Assistant Pei decided to go back to petting the cat.

However, even the cat had disappeared.

In the old days, when he was looking for the cat, Pei Yutu would tease him with a few “mew, mew, mews,” but now that both of them knew that the cat was Ping Mo, the ritualistic “mew, mew, mew” part had been eliminated. Pei Yutu slipped silently around the house, but it was a little difficult to find a tiny kitten in a 400 square-meter flat.

Still, he knew Ping Mo wouldn’t really run out, so he put on his slippers and searched slowly, as he deliberately eased up on his movements, and intended to scare the kitten just once. 

There seemed to be movement in the weapons room.

This room was originally a guest room, but Pei Yutu turned it into a weapons showroom by removing the bed and putting in custom-made shelves for Ping Mo to keep his precious military daggers. Pei Yutu was not interested in cold weapons and seldom came to this room, but today, in order to find the cat, he searched carefully. However, the cat wasn’t to be found. Instead he located a handwritten notebook on the bookshelf.

On the cover, there were the words, “Summer Project”.

These were Ping Mo’s notes. Instructor Ping was his person and he could link together all the strokes of every word, as if he was impatient. When it came to the word ‘Summer’, Pei Yutu’s heart didn’t feel very good. He was temporarily seconded to the AMTC. Just a few months of military instructor career would be written on his resume, then he would go back to being an officer.

But this also meant that his “gold plating” would be over and he would have to return to his extraterritorial space station.

Ping Mo was supposed to stay on the main planet as a military instructor!

No! Pei Yutu was determined to make Ping Mo give him his name as soon as possible. Otherwise his Kitten Ping would definitely be abducted!

He heard that Green Tea was pestered by alpha admirers and was overwhelmed. If everyone found out the real pheromones were Ping Mo’s…just thinking about it made Teaching Assistant Pei jealous enough to beat those ‘love rivals’ who hadn’t yet appeared.

Pei Yutu quickly set aside the guilt of peeking at other people’s notes, and quietly opened “Summer Project”.

However, there was no plan for a trip to the mountains. Instead there was a scribbled topographical map, there was also a plan abc, scribbled rather like a draft, but Pei Yutu could still see that this was a plan to infiltrate White Hole.

Ping Mo really hadn’t given up looking for revenge on Long Lang.


Pei Yutu browsed through it from beginning to end, put the notebook properly back in place, and slowly exited the room, as he pretended he hadn’t found anything.

It was in the flower pot that he finally found Ping Mo. It was a pot of wheat grass, Instructor Ping had formed himself into a small fluffy ball, and was sleeping soundly. His long tail had fallen out of the pot, while his fur was warmed by the sunlight.

Pei Yutu thought his little Kitten Ping was so cute so he sat down and watched for a while, then couldn’t help but poke Ping Mo’s round, fluffy butt. Instructor Ping didn’t move, only the tip of his tail waved in dissatisfaction.

Pei Yutu tried again, and poked his little ears. Ping Mo twitched his ears, and gave a “mee.”

When Instructor Ping woke up, he wanted to puff up at Pei Yutu, and be mean to the cheap pooper scooper, but the flowerpot was too small and he fell down.

Instructor Ping’s temper came and went more quickly. His hackles would be soothed, then he lay in the arms of his Teaching Assistant to enjoy being petted. He couldn’t help but let out a comfortable purring sound.

“You’re quite happy?” Pei Yutu stopped smoothing his fur and poked his finger at Ping Mo’s tail. “It’s almost time. Change back.”



Instructor Ping rolled over, revealed his fluffy white belly, and spread out on all fours into a cat cake in his arms, yawned a little, and revealed two sharp canines.

“…” Pei Yutu, “It’s useless to be cute. No more fur smoothing service!”

As Ping only knew how to make people labor and not pay them, Pei Yutu decided to go on strike.

However, when Ping Mo heard the words, he just calmly rolled up, shook his fur, and took the initiative to rub his round head against Pei Yutu’s palm. The soft and fluffy touch remained in his palm, as he also gave a milky “mimi” sound.

Pei Yutu, “!”

That surname Ping was really getting more and more excessive, and had learned to be coquettish! The usual domestic violence, made occasionally being pampered even more unbearable. Pei Yutu felt that he wanted to eat him from the inside out, but was also willing to sympathize.

Forget it. He’s his kitten, and he would only be spoiled by him. If he didn’t want to change back into a human being, he didn’t have to change back.


Since the old General Dai met with Lu Feng, it was suspected that White Hole had cracked the electronic protection network password of the desert Legacy Base, and that thing was nagging him. It was a multi-layer encryption of secret security, and the technical difficulty meant it was basically impossible to crack. However, the biggest possibility was that White Hole had infiltrated the Military Ministry.

If extraterritorial pirates had gotten into the Alliance internal structures, the consequences were unimaginable. Although General Dai had retired from his second line of business, he was still extremely sensitive to matters involving the security of the main planet.

The old man wasn’t in office, but still influential enough. A few days later, he received a freshly released top secret investigation report. The investigation report was a thick pile, and the content analysis came out, and all pointed to one person. Ping Mo.

Instructor Ping was undoubtedly the rescue operation’s great hero. There was absolutely no possibility of collusion. With those White Hole pirates’ trajectory, the initial rupture of the electronic protection network location…

General Dai came to a conclusion. These people seemed to want to bring down Ping Mo, but why?

This was a top secret document. In addition to senior generals like him and the investigation team related personnel, in principle, it wouldn’t be seen by anyone. General Dai pondered for a long time, but still thought he should tell Ping Mo about this matter.

If it was really directed at him, wouldn’t the child still be in personal danger? In addition to warning him, General Dai also had a lot of doubts, and wanted to check Ping Mo personally.

However, if the target of White Hole was Ping Mo, and they had colluded with the Military Ministry, then there was a possibility that Ping Mo was being watched. Would asking him to meet with him in haste alert the snake? It would be nice if he had a reasonable excuse.

Time flew by and the semester came to an end, while the conclusion of the military skills competition was that it wasn’t won or lost. Students would soon be ushing in summer vacation, then another period of graduation season.

Seniors could be seen everywhere at AMTC wearing their graduation uniforms, and taking pictures in all corners of the campus. However this year, unlike previous years, goodbyes not only existed among graduates, but also sophomores.

This semester, the sophomore military instructor of each college and major were all seconded from different troops for ‘responding to the army-wide posting education training’. Now that the semester was coming to an end, these military instructors were going back to their respective stations. Now that exam week was over, that evening was the farewell party for the military instructors held by the university.

Pei Yutu was already tall and long-legged, with a natural clothes rack look. His straight, high quality custom-made suit temporarily concealed his fierce soldier’s aura. As he stood there without speaking, he was like a nobleman with a calm demeanor, who stood out in a crowd of soldiers who looked tied up in their formal clothes, which attracted many admiring glances.

Unfortunately, Teaching Assistant Pei was oblivious to the fact since he was completely focused on Instructor Ping. Pei Yutu was very clever and had Ping Mo wear the same formal clothes, weren’t they couple clothes! However, black suits all looked the same, and Ping Mo, that big straight A also simply didn’t respond. Teaching Assistant Pei hinted several times to no avail, and thought he was going to die lonely.

“Ping Mo,” Pei Yutu blatantly wrapped his arm around Instructor Ping’s shoulders. “Brother will be leaving soon. Will you miss me?”

Ping Mo subconsciously wanted to break free, but quickly realized that it was okay for two alpha guys to hug, so he replied steadily, “Don’t be so naive.”

“I’m leaving. I’ve not been home for three years in a row. I’m leaving. Maybe we’ll never see each other again. You really don’t want me?”

Ping Mo, “…”

It was about time, and the students in charge of the venue were already urging the military instructors to enter, so Pei Yutu let go of Ping Mo in the crowd and sighed in frustration. “Little heartless kitten. You can’t even lie to me by saying you’ll miss me.”

Instructor Ping wanted to say something, but the crowd pushed forward behind him, and it wasn’t a good time to say goodbye. Pei Yutu didn’t wait for an ‘I’ll miss you’. He just slowly walked forward, and left only a lonely back.

Ping Mo, “…”

Tonight’s farewell party was divided into two parts. The first was a cultural performance for the military instructors in the auditorium, and after the performance, there was a square-shaped formation dinner.

One of the hosts today was a familiar face. It was Ping Mo’s student Zhou Li. The opening speech was quite melodramatic, and called on people to increase the sadness of parting.

Ping Mo didn’t care to watch the program. His mind was filled with Pei Yutu’s departing back and the words, “You really won’t miss me?”

He couldn’t help but quietly look at Teaching Assistant Pei beside him. The audience was dark, there was only the light and shadow of the stage, and just his deep three-dimensional silhouette. As if telepathic, Pei Yutu also turned around. His suit was well-tailored, his black eyes full of fine light, and he was long gone from the previous loss, and heartlessly showed Ping Mo a mouthful of neat white teeth.

“…” Ping Mo’s heart was moved, and then he wrenched his face back without a word. “What are you looking at me for?”

Pei Yutu ripped off the ‘nobleman’ illusion with a single mouthful, and aimed his voice in Instructor Ping’s ear, “You’re so unreasonable. It’s obvious you looked at me first.”

Ping Mo, “Shut up.”

“I’ll shut up. You have the bigger temper, so I’ll listen to you.”


Will we really never see each other again? That didn’t necessarily mean that exactly. Although the extraterritorial station was strictly managed, it wasn’t a prison. There were always holidays, so in a year, or two years, there would always be a meeting. No. Even if he did, what would be the point?

Ping Mo had recently become a good student of AO physiology, and knew that Pei’s former ‘temporary mark will affect my mark with other Omega’ rhetoric was bullshit. After a year or two, he would probably gradually forget him, and may have already found a partner.

In the end, the two of them had only a few months of friendship. Even the first time he was completely marked as a last resort. Wasn’t a ‘couple’ completely different? But why was it a little hard to say goodbye?

In the middle of the program, Teaching Assistant Pei left to take a private call, and hurriedly left his seat. On the stage, they were singing a song called ‘Farewell chorus’. Listening to it, the many students and military instructors were red-eyed. Pei Yutu couldn’t speak loudly on the phone, not until he was out of the auditorium. Then he said, “Mom, what’s up?

“I can’t call you if there’s nothing wrong?” Madame Dai’s voice rang out on the other end of the line.

“I mean, we’re having a farewell party here, so hurry up and say something, it’s not good for me to be gone too long.”

“Son, you’re going back to the army?” Madame Dai said, “Well, you’ll have to hurry up! You should come home tomorrow before you go back to the army!”

“No, what’s so urgent? I have plans for tomorrow,” he said. Tomorrow is the first day of summer vacation, and he plans to take his fat kitten for a nice stroll around Star City.

“Put off any arrangement. There are two things. The first one concerns your lifelong event. The second is a task given to you by your grandfather. First of all, I have arranged a blind date for you.”

“I’m not going on a blind date! I’m going to take a long vacation this time, so I’m not in a hurry.”

Madame Dai suspected she heard wrong. “Son, you haven’t taken any annual leave since you joined the army at the age of eighteen. Why do you suddenly want to?”

Pei Yutu couldn’t help but curl his lips silently. “Of course I have business.” The first priority in life should be to chase his wife, so why go back to the station? He wouldn’t leave without catching Ping Mo!

“So, how long do you plan to take off?”

“I plan to make up for the years of annual leave together, plus sick leave, one or two months.”

“Sick leave?! What’s wrong with you? Mom will call a specialist to consult you!”

Pei Yutu said, “It’s okay. It’s just that my susceptible period is coming soon, and I’m reporting it normally.”

“Oh,” Madame Dai coughed lightly. However, with the mention of the susceptibility period, she remembered her business. “Your grandfather’s task can be delayed for a few days, but I arranged a blind date for you that can not be delayed. I talked to them and also saw the photo. They are a beautiful omega–“

“Mom,” Pei Yutu interrupted her. “This matter is something you don’t need to worry about.”

“How can I not worry?! You are already twenty-seven years old, and you will be thirty in a flash. If you don’t think about your life-“

“I have someone.”

“Your concept of choosing a spouse is too superficial. How can you find someone just by looking at the skin?

“I’m seeing someone,” Pei Yutu repeated.

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the line, then Madame Dai suddenly raised her voice in joy, “When did this happen? What does the other person do? Such a big happy event, and if Mom didn’t ask you, you wouldn’t even say anything. How far have you gone? Have you gotten married yet?”

“Oh,” Pei Yutu said calmly. “How far has it gone? Mom, don’t worry, it’s going well, I just need his consent.”


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Why was I so confused with this chapter? First, they wouldn’t see each other again and then they would? Maybe I need to re-read.

September 25, 2022 10:36 pm

Ncawwww PM is so heartless, staying as a cat when ever PY was at home and now the only reason for them to see each other has come to an end… PY is so sweet!! I wonder if PM has genuine feelings for PY or not🥺 my heart broke this chapter. PY is in love but PM doesn’t even know what that is💔💔💔 Thank you so much for translating and editing❣️ 谢谢

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