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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The ‘Pirate Stock Exchange’ was crowded, but the bustle and the general stock exchange was very different. Those civilized salesmen looked very nervous, but the service attitude was more than good. Ping Mo thought it was quite understandable for them. Since they were surrounded by pirates, that would make anyone nervous.

“These salesmen aren’t quite accustomed to it, but time will make it better,” Long Lang told Ping Mo. “It’s still just a prototype. The way it’s set up is still relatively simple and primitive.”

“There are ‘retailers’ for each team. You can buy shares, with money, with guns, with knives, even with mecha. If that team made money, they could pull the retailer together with them to be rich.”

“Yesterday there was a team of drug traffickers who came back and made a lot of money. Some people used 30 G4s, and made 120,000 Alliance coins, hundreds of times the profit. Of course, there were also those who lost all their money, who were destroyed by the Alliance army, and who took the risk of being blackmailed, but there is a risk in being rich.”

Ping Mo’s curiosity was really piqued this time, and he couldn’t help but ask, “So what is your purpose in doing this kind of deal?”

Slingshot, who was serving at the side, interjected, “Of course it is the profit. We take fifteen percent of the brokerage fee!”

However, Long Lang waved his hand. “What is that small profit? I want prosperity. To build a larger and more solid system, so that more ambitious but not powerful pirates can achieve their dreams. Pirates are not to be feared, but pirates with culture are to be feared. This is just a rough start. What do you think of this idea?”

“…” Instructor Ping said dryly, “Very impressive.” What do you mean by ‘pirates are not to be feared, but pirates with culture are to be feared?’

 The accident happened near the end of the “tour” when a gunshot suddenly rang out from the crowd!

Slingshot screamed, “Protect Sir!”

They had only brought a few bodyguards. Also, because they dared not disturb their Sir and his beloved omega so they were not close enough for protection, only following from afar, and at this so-called exchange, since White Hole had been sitting in the town since its inception, there had never been any bloodshed.

It was when Long Lang came to inspect it that something happened, and it was quickly proven that they were coming for Long Lang!

Ping Mo almost reflexively grabbed the weapon of a pirate beside him. It was a somewhat outdated bayonet gun, but in the hands of Instructor Ping, it immediately turned into magic!




Accompanied by a few beautiful point-blank shots, the few pirates who tried to assassinate Long Lang had fallen to the ground seriously wounded. The field was in an uproar, and in the chaos, several bodyguards also rushed over. In fact, the speed of several bodyguards was not slow, but Ping Mo was too fast.

Instructor Ping took the time to look at Long Lang, and confirmed that the other side was only slightly injured, then naturally and irresistibly ordered a few bodyguards, “Protect Long Lang!”

Perhaps because the order was given as a matter of course, some of the bodyguards actually answered “Yes!” respectfully.


“Ping Mo! Where are you going? Come back!” Long Lang called out urgently.

But Instructor Ping’s figure had already disappeared.

“Why are you still standing there?” Long Lang angrily scolded the bodyguards around him. “Get him back. If he even gets a scratch, you will be the ones to blame!”

“Ahhh! Yes!” A few bodyguards immediately chased after him, but more men escorted Long Lang back to the safety of the craft.

Long Lang couldn’t sit still. He was worried about Ping Mo, but at the same time, he wondered if the attackers were related to Ping Mo. Why had the exchange always been peaceful, but only when Ping Mo appeared did they attack? Was it to help him escape, or have other purposes? No matter what, he had to get him back as soon as possible. Just as Long Lang was about to give a second order, Instructor Ping returned carrying a pirate.

“All the others are dead, only this one was one left alive.” Ping Mo shoved the stronger alpha to the ground, and returned the gun he had ‘borrowed’ to a bodyguard.

Long Lang’s attention was focused on Ping Mo’s bloodied left shoulder. “You’re hurt.”

Ping Mo said with a carefree ‘hmph,’ “It’s a small injury.”

After Long Lang and his group returned to the residence, they called a doctor to treat Ping Mo. After this battle, there was no one who did not admire Long Lang from the bottom of their hearts.

Team Leader Ping had long had a “fierce reputation” in the domain. They only knew that this person was notoriously fierce and desperate. Ten of his steps could kill a person every thousand miles. He simply demonized people.

However, after being with him for so long, and since Ping Mo was too well behaved, people had almost forgotten that he was a single combat expert who had made their lives a living hell. They had the illusion that he was just a beautiful omega.

Today was the first time most of them had seen him in action. Instructor Ping was not only a good fighter, but also particularly able to endure pain. He was a tough guy with a strong backbone!

His shoulder bled so much his face was white, but when the doctor cleaned his wounds, not to mention screaming, he didn’t even frown. The doctor even had to scrape his bones to clean the wound!

No wonder Sir liked him. It would be good if such a person were to be their madame, everyone was convinced! Ping Mo still didn’t know that he was about to be recognized and accepted by the majority of White Hole, and had even harvested a wave of true admiration. After the doctor left and he was alone in his room, he secretly swallowed painkillers.

He couldn’t help it. Instructor Ping’s ‘fierce man baggage’ was deeply rooted in the marrow, no matter and his face was first. The person who he could relax around and cry out in pain with was not around, and they had been separated for half a month.

While Ping Mo was treating his wounds, Long Lang had also interrogated the assassin’s origin and purpose. It was the remnants of one of Long Lang’s uncles, who had just taken over White Hole, and had carried out a blitz attack. It was not surprising that those old forces who had been driven to desperation had jumped to the wall.

However they weren’t important, the important thing was that Ping Mo didn’t participate in this assassination. Not only did he not participate in the assassination, but he also saved him regardless of his personal safety, and even suffered such serious injuries in order to help him catch the group of assassins.

He had long known that his little friend was good at fighting, but he never thought that Ping Mo would be so powerful even without weapons. Still, he was willing to stay by his side in a docile manner. Long Lang had mixed feelings in his heart. Was he wrong to be suspicious and wary? He decided to go see Ping Mo, and couldn’t wait a moment longer.

The moment he pushed open the door, Long Lang and Ping Mo were both a little surprised.

Long Lang picked up the painkillers on the table, heartbroken and amused. “The doctor said you wouldn’t take them, why?”

Instructor Ping’s surprise quickly turned into embarrassment, and he grabbed the bottle of medicine with an annoyed hand. “The doctor wanted me to take it. I just did.”

If not for the current situation, Ping Mo would like to sew Long Lang’s mouth shut.

Long Lang, however, laughed and felt that his little friend was really fierce and cute. He was like a teenager. His heart fluttered and he couldn’t help but lose his bearings, and suddenly went to hug Ping Mo. Unfortunately, even though Instructor Ping was injured, his reaction was also very fast, and Long Lang couldn’t touch him at all.

Long Lang’s hand in mid-air froze in place and slowly withdrew. “Don’t be nervous. I don’t mean any harm, Ping Mo.” Long Lang looked into Ping Mo’s eyes and asked, “Why did you save me?”

Ping Mo took the opportunity of gathering the medicine bottles to avert his eyes, as he turned his back to Long Lang and said, “Didn’t we have a deal? Always protect each other.”

More than ten years ago, in that small training base, the two youngsters once made such a promise. Although Long Lang knew Ping Mo was an omega even at that time, Ping Mo only thought of him as a brother.

“You still remember.” Long Lang’s heart moved. He never noticed that Ping Mo turned his back on him, and tightened his grip on the medicine bottle.

Instructor Ping was afraid that he would look into Long Lang’s eyes. Just as he never treated Long Lang as a member of the opposite sex, Ping Mo was never willing to make an enemy of him. The frightening and claustrophobic time when he was a teenager was the time when he needed a partner the most. More than a decade ago, this man had accompanied him from gloom to hope, although it was only a small amount of time, it was precious.

Of course, there was always a choice to be made.

Since the stabbing incident, Long Lang’s restrictions on Ping Mo had become fewer and fewer, although Instructor Ping was lazy and didn’t like to go out. This, in turn, undoubtedly made Long Lang more at ease.

Long Lang was afraid that Ping Mo would get cabin fever, so he took the initiative to take him out. Instructor Ping, with his straight A complex, wasn’t into omega-like things, and was not very interested in flowers and plants.

He even once said, “Don’t let me see gilt roses again.”

Long Lang was still determined to take Ping Mo to see the gilt rose plantation, but Instructor Ping gave the reason, “It’s too girly.”

The new White Hole boss’ values were completely refreshed. Soon Long Lang found out that Ping Mo was interested in daggers. As long as they were in circulation, he knew them like the back of his hand. Not only daggers, but any hot or cold weapon could make him talk more.

Ping Mo’s shoulder wound was healing very slowly, and he was sickly, like a not very healthy cat. As long as he could make him say a few words more, and smile more, Long Lang was willing to do anything.

Didn’t he like weapons?

He, the biggest arms smuggler, had no shortage of weapons.

He didn’t know how long he spent in White Hole, two months, or three months, until the wound on Ping Mo’s shoulder was healed to a minimum, and Long Lang had taken him on a tour of several core arsenals in White Hole.

In addition to the arsenal, he even introduced Ping Mo to several new noblemen, just like the introduction of the future sister-in-law’s family. Instructor Ping actually took the initiative to propose a return visit to several of the stations. In the eyes of the subordinates, this was their future madame giving them face. In the eyes of Long Lang, Ping Mo was slowly accepting him.

All were happy.

Slingshot was the only one who was worried.

He and Instructor Ping had lived together for a short while and knew how hot-tempered Ping Mo was, so there was no way he could be this long-sleeved. More importantly, he had also seen the shameless past of Ping Mo and Pei Yutu. Would Instructor Ping really forget about that person and take a liking to SIr in the blink of an eye?

This was very strange.

Unfortunately, Ping Mo was now the heart and soul of Long Lang, and Slingshot didn’t dare to speak rashly, for fear that a carelessness would lead to fire. White Hole was important, but his life was more important.

Slingshot then worked hard to plan for a long time, and finally caught an opportunity to sneak into Ping Mo’s residence. Although Instructor Ping’s relationship with Long Lang seemed to have improved dramatically over the past few months, he still lived alone.

The reason Ping Mo gave was impeccable. A different mark would be painful for him.

His past with Pei Yutu was no secret.

Although Long Lang appreciated his frankness, he was still reluctant to mention this, only saying that when Ping Mo’s injury healed, he would find him the best doctor to remove the mark. Only Instructor Ping’s shoulder had not yet healed, so naturally he wasn’t ready for the operation.

Slingshot sneaked outside the door and saw no one around, so he quietly looked through the doorway.

Ping Mo, with his back to him, slowly took off his shirt. His body was long and lean, his thin muscles were explosive, but his skin was creamy, smooth and white. Slingshot swallowed, suddenly realizing that something was wrong.

Immediately after, Instructor Ping had an additional military dagger in his hand. The sharp tip of the blade was aimed at his own shoulder and stabbed down without hesitation!

Slingshot, “!!!”

Something was wrong! Slingshot turned around and tried to leave, but the door behind him burst open!


The author has something to say: 

Next chapter Old Pei will be able to meet with the little kitten!


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