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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


When Pei Yutu was nine years old, Lu Feng asked to be transferred from the Quartermaster’s Office to the extraterritorial domain and set up E Group from scratch. At that time, E Group was just a concept. The purpose was to train a group of special forces from physical fitness, to single combat ability, to perfection. The superb special forces training program from childhood was called the Chick Program, said to go through rigorous genetic testing, and the selections were all top alpha.

Little Pei Yutu didn’t know from which conversation by the adults in the family he heard this cool plan. He also heard that the chief military instructor of the E Group was later replaced by Lu Feng.

It was Lu Feng who was known as “Alliance’s King of Warfighter”!

Little Pei Yutu had listened to his story as he grew up, and Lu Feng was his idol to worship. The special forces were even cooler. The entire military was a compound of children, nine out of ten of which would grow up to join the special forces.

Little Pei Yutu shouted and rolled around to participate in the Chick Program, and finally Madame Dai and Pei Zong gave him a severe beating on the butt to stop.

But little Pei Yutu still had a backer, his own grandfather, General Dai.

He signed a series of unequal treaties, including ‘enrolling in OU classes’ and ‘finishing summer homework in advance,’ before he finally got the opportunity to visit E Group.


“This is the legendary E Group!” Little Pei Yutu marveled.

General Dai said, “It’s not that we do not want to let you get experience. Now you’ve seen it with your own eyes. This place is a difficult environment and energy towers have to be used sparingly. There’s only a few hours of lighting time every day”

“So cool! Just like in the movies! Is this what it’s like outside the realm?”

“…” General Dai, “Forget it. You stay here and don’t run around. I’ll take you to see Military Instructor Lu after I finish my business.”

General Dai gave his grandson to his orderly to watch, but eight year old boys were the age of the cat and the dog. Little Pei was naughty and mischievous, and in a short time he lost the orderly, and ran into the shadows.

He ran to the training ground, and looked at a group of half-grown children not older than himself who only had a few years special training. There were actually real guns and real swords!

His elementary school only taught the military training of standing posture and marching in unison but here it was much more powerful! Little Pei was so envious, then he suddenly saw a super beautiful child!

The child wore a brand new scout uniform. He had white skin and big eyes, thick black eyelashes like a small fan, but the color of his pupils were light. He was more like a walking Barbie doll, than the TV shooting learning machine. Like how milk commercials of child stars were good-looking. However he was a little thin, short, and as he stood in a pile of tanned tall top alpha children, very incongruous.

“Are you also following your parents to visit?” Little Pei stopped the child, and asked in a very familiar way.

The child ignored him and continued to fight with the laser gun, which was even taller than him.

Little Pei one-handedly snatched the gun with ease from the hands of the child, skillfully opened the magazine, and was disappointed. “Empty. My grandfather also took me to the firing range. Where did you get these clothes from, ah? The same as theirs.”

The child was finally willing to look at Little Pei, “Give me back the gun.”

“Then you tell me first, what is your name?”

Little Ping Mo bit his lip and reached out to grab it, but unfortunately, Little Pei was a head taller and stronger than him, so he couldn’t get it.

“You don’t have tell me your name, it’s fine. Then you call me ‘brother’, and I will return the gun to you! Look at you, so short, and certainly younger than me. I’m nine years old. Calling me Brother isn’t a loss, after all, Brother looks after you!”

Little Ping Mo couldn’t reach the gun, and was afraid to make trouble with this little devil, in case it led the military instructor to punish him, so he had to be angry and called him, “Brother.”

Little Devil Pei was still reasonable, and the gun was returned to the little Ping Mo.

“You haven’t told me what your name is yet.”

However, Little Ping Mo dragged his gun and ran. He returned the gun to the armory, and then giggled and climbed up the bar, completely taking the “brother” he’d just recognized as air.

Little Pei originally came to see the cool base of the Chick Program, but now he completely forgot his purpose, and only wanted to chase the beautiful child.

It was free time, and the military instructors were gathered in twos and threes for a smoke, the drill ground was full of scouts running around, and no one paid attention to them.

“You can’t climb up like that. You don’t have the strength in your arms. You can’t use your legs alone!” Little Pei followed Little Ping Mo buttocks and harangued endlessly.

Little Ping Mo was annoyed. When he was very young in the streets, he met all kinds of bear children. Some like to throw stones at him, some like to call him a little slut. Some like to take advantage of his inattention, and trampled on his food. There were also ‘peers’ who tried to steal, but were beaten or scolded, and they only chased him endlessly.

Little Ping Mo didn’t listen to him. Just as if the bear was noisy air, and tried to climb to the bar. The military instructor had said that his strength was too small, and far from the average level of the team. The base had new clothes to wear, hot fresh meals, single rooms to live in, and there were clean beds, with no lice or cockroaches. He had to practice hard. He didn’t want to be eliminated and go back to wandering the streets.

“Let me help you!” Suddenly, Little Ping Mo felt a pair of hands that dragged his buttocks.

Although Little Pei was only nine years old, he was well-nourished and balanced, taller and stronger than any child his age, and strong enough to easily lift the skinny child up with both hands. This little brother looked so thin, but the buttocks were fleshy. These buttocks were born well, and if beaten it was estimated that it wouldn’t not hurt. The student Pei thought in his heart, his hand could not help but squeeze.

It’s quite soft and elastic, it must not hurt to be beaten!

Little Pei was envious of this, as he felt the buttocks of the escapee in his hands. As Little Ping Mo sat across the top, he condescendingly glared at Little Pei with an angry, red face. “No bullying!

Little Ping Mo had wandered the streets, and although he was ignorant and didn’t understand, he knew the appropriate places to let people touch. He understood the bullying should cause him to be angry, and he should let people know his power. Otherwise, the other side would become more aggressive.

But Pei received a completely different education.

Although Father Pei boasted that he was a Confucian businessman and strove to raise his son to be a gentleman, Pei preferred the environment of the military compound, where children were used to wrestling and fighting, so pinching was nothing. Undifferentiated children under the age of 14 or 15, could only be divided into male and female.

Xiao Pei blinked his eyes, looked up at the red-faced, sobbing little Ping Mo, and with a stroke of genius, blurted out, “So you’re not a little brother, you’re a little sister!”

Little Ping Mo, “…”

Only girls can’t play around, and this ‘little sister’ was so good-looking, how could any boy be so smart? Maybe she’ll grow up to be a female omega.

“…” The little Ping Mo, on the basis of his own climbing height, suspected that he could not climb up, so the boldness, “I’m not small, nor am I a sister. I’m two years older than you, so you should call me brother!”

“Don’t think you can cheat just because you are good-looking,” said Little ‘student’ Pei like a small adult, and then disdained, “I don’t play with girls. Girls are troublesome to death.”

Then he turned around, and left in style.

Eight or nine years old boys and girls’ boundaries were clear. Little Pei young straight boys of that age think the same thing, that playing with little girls is a very girly, very humiliating thing.

This was his principle, and it could not break.

So, little Pei aimlessly wandered around the training ground, looked at those high board walls, ladders, and unseen guns and weapons, uninterested, and finally ghosted back to the single bar area.

The beautiful ‘little sister’ was really still hanging on the top, gray-blue eyes full of helplessness.

“Climbed so high and can’t get down, right?” Little Pei was like a small adult as he tsked, then held out his hand. “Come here. I’ll give you a hand.”

Eleven-year-old Ping Mo at that time hadn’t yet been honed by fights with pirates and his temper was far from irritable, but five or six years of wandering life had let him learn to ‘know the time and place.’

Little Ping Mo was especially cooperative. He not only let Little Pei carry him down, he also whispered a thank you.

“It’s nothing.” Nine-year-old Pei Yutu scratched his head of not very obedient prickly hair, and was inexplicably a little embarrassed. His heart couldn’t help but think, All day my mother takes me to the show, and at the TV backstage, I see so many stars that aren’t as good-looking as this sister. A little sister in a scout uniform is so beautiful. What would she look like in a flower dress?

“Sister, how about if you call me brother again, I’ll give you a flower dress? What kind do you like? My dad has money, and I’ll give you an expensive little dress!”

Little Ping Mo, “…”

Little Ping Mo had never seen such a strange person. He obviously just helped others, but the words were so weird. He said speechlessly, “If I can’t beat you now, I will beat you later.”

Little Pei still didn’t know that the ‘do not know the thickness of heaven and earth’ child’s words, years later could really be fulfilled. Little Pei angrily pinched little Ping Mo’s face. Pinched his white face pink, and bully-like threatened, “Who do you want to beat up?” 

Although he was two years younger than Ping Mo, he was a head taller than him, but also came with a child’s head and was the fighting king of the bullies. Ping Mo flattened his mouth, and didn’t dare retort.

The little straight man, Pei Yutu, saw his ‘little sister’s’ pitiful little appearance, and his heart softened. He scratched his head helplessly, and, suddenly blessed with an idea, pulled a candy out of his pocket.

“You don’t cry. This is for you.” The girl could be really troublesome. Just speak a little fiercely, and she would cry.

Little Ping Mo would like to have the backbone to refuse that person, but the candy looked really delicious.

A round, large and very full one, wrapped in transparent sugar paper. The crystal was clear, the material was very adequate, and there seemed to be real juice inside.

“Eat the sugar and forgive me, okay? I didn’t mean it.” Who knew that the sister’s skin was so tender? He just pinched it and it got red.

Little Ping Mo gulped, but still took the candy. He tore open the package and stuck it into his mouth. The candy was a very large one, and once stuffed into his mouth his cheeks bulged.

Little Ping Mo was at the age where he loved to eat candy, but in so many years the number of times he’d touched the snacks could be counted on one hand, so he ate very seriously.

This was the first time Little Pei had seen someone eat an ordinary candy like it was the most delicious thing in the world, and could not help but also lick his lips. He thought, This sweet and shiny thing, is it really so delicious? I didn’t think so before.

At that time, General Dai came with Lu Feng. Right then, Little Ping Mo was the most afraid of getting in trouble with the military instructor. After a glance at Lu Feng’s military instructor uniform, he didn’t dare delay for a second and scattered at a run.

Little Pei was busy waving happily to his grandfather. “I’m here!”

The words just fell off an angry General Dai who scolded, “Two minutes invisible on the run! Do you not know what this place is?”

Little Pei was thick-skinned and thicker-skinned, so he didn’t care about that. He saluted his idol Lu Feng in a decent manner. Lu Feng was already wounded at that time, but his spirit was still there. Although he was on crutches, his back was straight, as he smiled and praised Pei Yutu as “worthy of being the son of a tiger in a general’s family.”

However, Pei’s excitement at seeing his idol didn’t last as long as expected. He tugged at General Dai’s uniform and said quietly, “Grandpa, I want to buy this sister a dress!”

However when he turned his head, where was the sister?


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