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Chapter 119: He never lies

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


When the world turned gray and the soul was about to transcend this dimension, Ewan’s words echoed in his mind like a clear bell when he said goodbye – “Be sure to wait for me.”

Baylor’s mind wavered, and the consciousness that had been drifting away suddenly gathered, as if there was a gravitational force inside his body, clutching Baylor firmly. The black ciliary feathers lifted, and the obsidian-like eyes gathered a dazzling light, and anger became a constant source of fuel, making the fire in those eyes burn brighter and brighter.

He never lies, and he would do what he promised. No one could stop it.

Countless information boiled up in this instant, driven by high mental energy, Baylor’s brain was like a computer running at high speed, even those who do not exist in the consciousness, was unconsciously heard content was recalled at this moment, and was quickly automatically parsed. It was like the pages of a library being flipped through at the same time, that was hundreds of millions of records of knowledge and information.

So in that pile of complicated and huge information, there was a sentence shining brightly, like a diamond in the gravel.

It was a word that Ewan said to him, one that had been lightly touched on in their conversation –

“According to Aidan’s analysis, the perfect system is capable of high-powered extraction of the psychic energy within the ancestral stones, and you are the key to this ability.”

Yes, that’s it. He was the key to extracting the psychic energy inside the ancestral stones, so in other words, he himself should have the ability to do so.

Baylor had never tried such a thing, but at this moment he suddenly let go of his own cohesion of spiritual energy without thinking, and even pushed them apart of his own accord, letting those spiritual energy spread out, with quite a bit of it being sucked up by the device, but more floating in the air. If the spiritual energy had a shape and could be seen, then one would see countless spiritual tentacles extending from Baylor itself, their teeth and claws in the air to capture their prey.

Baylor’s mental tentacles were deeply embedded in the reactors of the ancestral stones – A huge amount of mental energy was activated at the same time, like a volcanic eruption, and that energy poured into Baylor’s body in a steady stream.

And this happened in just a minute.

The energy in his body was like a huge beast, no longer willing to be trapped in a cage, and Baylor had no intention of letting it calm down. So, with Baylor’s killing intent, the mental energy washed over the entire space in a mountainous wave and expanded and exploded rapidly, stretching all the way –

And those who were close were pulled directly into Baylor’s mental picture, experiencing a malice more gruesome than hell. The stones of the ceiling cracked and fell, the sky and earth shook, and as this underground space was destroyed, a glimmer of light poured in through the cracks, and then it was all over. The entire blue sky was exposed to their view, and the large tree-like device and the sizable stone mountain was also revealed to the world.

But this was not the result of Baylor’s mental power, it was two particle cannons from Ewan’s mecha.

The black mecha stayed in the air of the collapsed cathedral, and then in full view of everyone, a gray and white figure suddenly flew out of its body, and that figure continued to grow in the air, and gradually, everyone also saw its appearance. It was a giant gray-white dog, it stepped on the air and flew through the air, gray-white fur valiant like clouds, a pair of silver-blue eyes more like the stars in the sky.

“Mom, it’s a dog, a big dog.” The child who was hiding in the house pointed to the figure in the air and said.

The next second, the figure tilted its head, standing proudly, and then loudly issued a wolf howl like a long whistle, through the long sky, followed by its figure at once and then dissipated, its spiritual power violently burst open.

How far could an ordinary person imagine the range of spiritual power extension? A room? A building? A city? Or a country?

However, at this moment, Baylor’s mental power rapidly covered the entire planet, and even the troops fighting outside the dense atmosphere, regardless of the enemy, were shaken to the core, as if someone had sent a sharp blow to their heads. A fist shattered the shield in front of the gap, Baylor from the fusion module out, looking down at the kneeling right river, the man was now pale, pupils shaking violently.

Baylor raised one eyebrow, his mouth held a cold smile, “Shocked for what? Don’t you want God? Congratulations, God is in front of you.” As he opened his mouth, a rusty taste of blood rose from his mouth, but he didn’t care, Baylor just said nastily, “No kowtow?”

The words came out of Baylor’s mouth, but at this moment they appeared in everyone’s mind in sync, not limited by distance or language, all the creatures in Baylor’s mental coverage area heard the words. Then the people in the shelter looked at each other, and saw panic in each other’s faces in unison.

“Who is speaking?” Someone looked blankly for the person who spoke, yet no one came out to answer.

Outside that dense atmosphere, Sky Wolf Legion as well as the soldiers of the Church Army also heard the phrase. Unlike the people in the shelter, they had no object of suspicion, and they all stopped their movements for a moment at the voice that suddenly appeared in their minds.

What? God? Who was playing a prank?

Although Baylor was said in front of Right River, he also felt the same strange feeling, obviously the voice in front of their own, but the meaning of the words do not need the brain to reprocess, and directly appeared in the mind. The sound of screaming and crying was still continuous behind them, just like purgatory.

The other side of the shadow, Right River tilted his head to look at the youth in front of him, gaze dazed, “You…”

However, before he could finish his words, he was kicked out with a fierce kick, the force of which directly made him break a stone slab before stopping. His internal organs felt like they had been turned into pieces, and Right River spat out a mouthful of blood with flesh foam.

Before the dizziness and pain faded, Baylor’s figure had rushed to the front again, uppercut, left kick, headbutt connected, blood spilled, elbow pounded into the abdomen – And that’s not all. Baylor squeezed Right River’s throat with one hand, pressed him forward until there was no way back, and crushed the man hard into the wall!

With a “gh–” sound, Right River viciously spat out a puddle of blood, which stained the piece of fabric on the chest of his pure white ecclesiastical robe bright red.

“Archbishop, your God is right in front of you,” anger made those eyes gleam as if gathering all the light in the world, Baylor pinched Right River’s throat, his voice wild, “Why don’t you open your eyes and take a good look?”

 At the same time, the corner of his mouth spilled a trace of blood, but he still did not care.

Right River reluctantly opened his eyes, but instead of looking at Baylor, he looked behind Baylor. Baylor narrowed his eyes and raised his right hand into a fist, not ready to talk any more, yet just as he aimed at Right River to finish him off, suddenly his movements froze in the air.

And the next second, his body suddenly lost strength and swayed, he hurriedly took several steps back, but still failed to stabilize his body, and could only fall down weakly. Baylor barely braced himself on the ground to keep himself from completely falling down.

This… What’s going on? Baylor looked at his hands, his pupils wavering. He couldn’t control his own body. Not only that, but his consciousness began to blur, like… It was just like the feeling he had when the fusion began in the fusion chamber before.

Realizing something, Baylor bit his lips again fiercely until it bled-

However, at this moment, the pain had became numb.

Just then, a familiar voice came from behind her, a voice full of urgent concern–


Baylor turned his head with difficulty, Ewan somehow came to this underground, was running towards himself, usually neat hair was now a little messy, but still could not hide his profound eyebrows.

“Ew…” As soon as Baylor spoke, his body completely lost strength, his eyes went gray, and his whole body fell to the ground, stirring up a cloud of dust.

High in the sky, there was a loud and clear canine howling sound, like a sad cry-

At the same time, that intact large tree-like system suddenly lit up dazzling white light, as if the trees to the spring, rejuvenated life in general.

Right River’s chest and throat were full of blood, but it couldn’t stop him from laughing wildly. The laughter was like a broken bellows, hoarse and hollow, “Hahahahahahahahahaha, the system has already claimed its master, even if it is not in the fusion chamber, it cannot stop the fusion,” he could only slide down against the wall because he could not support his body because of his powerlessness, then he raised his hands towards that tree canopy in a gesture of embrace, “Now is the moment when God really comes, I have won, I made a god!”

At the moment Baylor unleashed his full spiritual power, the system had already collected enough spiritual power, that progress bar had already been loaded, and the device was fully activated to completely absorb Baylor’s spiritual power into it. The system had finished fusing, and Eve had really come to life!

The blood gushed up, almost like a spring that kept gushing out from his mouth, and he quickly bent down, held on the ground, and vomited the blood out. But this does not affect in any way the ecstasy on Right River’s face.

Today, he died without regret!

However, at this time, a sharp, high-pitched eagle cry suddenly came to his ears, and the sound almost resounded through the clouds.

Right River subconsciously looked up, he saw that the god of war had gone to Baylor’s side, and at his side there was a giant falcon spreading its wings, and then swiftly rushed towards the glowing fusion chamber.

For… Why does the God of War also have the same spiritual creature as the Holy Son? But it doesn’t matter, at this point, no one could stop the system –


Still the same dilapidated streets, two or three stories high old-fashioned houses crowded together, never been cleaned with the foul-smelling sewers flowing on both sides of that street. The humid air and the gloomy sky that never sees the sun…

Nothing seems to have changed.

But something had changed.

In the midst of the streets of this mental picture, without those horrible monsters walking, the empty streets looked like a ghost town in another sense, with a quietness.

A gust of wind blew sluggishly, rolling up a tattered newspaper into the air, Ewan followed the direction of the wind, he walked to that familiar place, the dangerous wall under.

The wall had collapsed, and there was no one among the rubble.

As if the building was empty.

The tall figure stood before the rubble that had collapsed, as if it could hold up heaven and earth, but the backbone at the moment seemed a little sluggish, the elongated shadow was silent to completely merge with the darkness. But there was a shadow in the way.

That shadow stood before the darkness, preempting the meeting with Ewan’s shadow on.

In the real world there could never be two shadows running to each other left and right, but here was the illusion, the world of only one person. Ewan’s tense muscles stiffened, and he turned around as if he felt something, and the goose’s gray pupils slowly met with a pair of clear black pupils.

The mental picture of Baylor had been his original appearance, long body, eyebrows clear and handsome, the person seems like the autumn moon spring. He frowned at Ewan, his tone unpleasant, “Why do you just barge in again? This is my mental picture, do you think it’s a tourist attraction?”

Just as the words left his mouth, Baylor was tightly wrapped in his arms. Clearly in the spirit world, but Baylor still felt the other party’s trembling under that tight embrace. But perhaps it was because of this that he could feel it. Everything conveyed in the spirit was real.

Hate, anger, happiness, joy, fear…

Baylor froze for a second, he lowered his eyes and sighed softly. Forget it, let’s not bother with him about breaking in.

Anyway, he was waiting for him.

The intrusion of another strong mental force made the Eve system wail. Baylor’s powerful mental force alone had exceeded its holding limit, but was barely able to carry on functioning and was ready to start learning to repair itself, yet this strange and powerful mental force was like the last straw, completely crushing the system.

So under the witness Right River, the tree shone brightly and dimly, like a runaway light bulb, he realized what was going on and strained his hand to save it, “No, no…”

However at this point to do anything had been to no avail, first the first explosion in the canopy from the inside, and then there was a scramble of explosions almost through the entire system. After a final explosion, the bright light completely dimmed, the tree completely lost its vitality and withered in an instant.

“No!!!!” Right River screamed out, a large pool of blood gushed out again, he finally could not hold on and fell to the ground, he stared obsessively and desperately at the big tree, blood gurgling out of his mouth, like a fish on the shore. He just didn’t want anyone to go through that time again, he just wanted to be someone that everyone would respect and look up to.

He wanted to be a hero. But now, his life’s faith, the meaning he gave to his life, all dissipated. Keeping the pose of reaching forward to grab something, Right River completely fell.

Sunlight fell, this ruin as Baylor’s mental picture of a different kind of quiet, only the dust in the beam of light unrestrained.

The chest choked, the pair of black eyes gently opened, and then at the first glance, he saw Ewan holding himself. Baylor was stunned for a moment, then furrowed his eyebrows and said, “Let’s make a deal, don’t come into my mental picture in the future.”

How could he have any privacy?

Unlike Baylor, Ewan’s frown, which was almost tied in a dead knot, was relaxed, and his previous concern and anxiety were now seamlessly concealed. He picked Baylor up and gently patted the dust off Baylor’s body, seeing the injuries on Baylor’s wrists and ankles, he moved with slight hesitation, but he didn’t say anything about it.

Ewan just after standing up straight, let his eyes engraved with this unique figure, and then a long sigh, not sigh who, just sigh themselves. He once admired the blood-stained more brilliant eyes, but now it had become a painful point of death to touch.

Ewan hated himself for letting Baylor enter the ministry in the first place. But…

Looking at Baylor’s stubborn eyes, Ewan was suddenly relieved. How could Baylor be a man who could settle for mediocrity? He smiled gently, carefully avoided the wrist wound, took Baylor’s hand, and then he said, “Let’s go home, Baylor.”

The smoke caused him to be misty-eyed, but it didn’t matter, at the end, he would take him home.



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