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Chapter 120: Extra – Secrets of the basement (1)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


In a mansion in the suburbs of the imperial capital of the Ya’an Empire, from the depths of the ground came the sound of panting. It was already late winter night, the room basement was hot.

The young man’s limbs were long and slender, his body was thin and not skinny, and his naked arms and legs were exposed. His exposed arms and calves, as well as the hidden waist slim and showed smooth and powerful muscle lines.

Although the atmosphere was hot, his voice was seductive, sweat dripping down one drop at a time…

This was an extremely exciting – workout scene.

Simple physical training, please keep your thoughts pure and harmless, do not think wrong.jpg.

“Training time is up.” The mechanical voice next to him made the reminder.

Baylor finished the last stroke, then took a big breath. He got up from the rowing machine, and after he left, the entire room full of equipment locked in a flash with a ‘click’.

Baylor: ……

Ever since he had one overtraining session, Ewan had strictly controlled his training time. At first he was required to be watched, but Ewan was a busy man after all, especially after the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Marl and Alix galaxies, he had become even busier. There was no way for him to keep an eye on him 24/7, so Ewan had Weifield lock the entire system.

When the time came, Baylor almost broke his legs to get back in but it was impossible to make the training equipment work for another second.

It was just outrageous.

Still a little uncomfortable staring at the locked equipment, Baylor reached for the towel hanging next to him to wipe off his sweat. He was silent for a few seconds, stretched out his leg to try to kick the equipment.

Mn, it didn’t budge. Okay.

Turning around, Baylor left the training room without a second thought. The cleaning robots inside began to work hard, puffing and panting, and once outside, the closed room at the end of the corridor came straight into Baylor’s eyes.

There were almost thirty or forty rooms in the mansion, large and small, none of which were locked or could not be opened, except for this one.

Ewan never talked about this place, as if this room did not exist at all.

His inky black pupils reflected the silent door of the room. It may have been intentional, the lights of the corridor also avoided there, so the place was away from all the light, deep in the darkness.

Baylor had never been too inquisitive about other people’s secrets, but for this room, he couldn’t help but care uncontrollably. Probably… because Ewan hardly ever hid anything.

Baylor took one final deep look at the closed room, but did not approach and left. Back upstairs, Baylor saw the snow peregrine falcon that had grown to full size with the hook-like foot grabbing a white-gray dog flying through the air.

It grabbed the puppy and flew to a height of two stories, then released its claws and swooped down sharply at the moment the puppy was falling, catching the falling puppy on its back and landing firmly on the ground.

If someone who is unaware and saw this, they would probably immediately condemn the snow peregrine falcon and rush up to save the gray and white puppy.

The truth was, after landing on the ground, the snow peregrine falcon put away its wings, a pair of round eyes flowing with helplessness. It faced that gray and white puppy rushing to it with its constantly wagging tail. The dog lunged, moved backward, a look with the air battle of wits, and also excitedly let out a bark, moving towards Lightning again.

Noticing Baylor’s appearance, Lightning turned his head, eyes coldly looking at Baylor, accurately conveyed his thoughts – Please take this idiot away.

A spiritual body had its own character, it was a part of the extension from the person, but was an independent individual, just like Lightning. Although its master valued Baylor, it also kept its high and cold look that rejected people.

Just like Super Wolf who was wailing for Lightning to continue to play with him, Baylor would never admit that there was a resemblance between these two idiots and himself.

Yes, this little puppy was Super Wolf.

That day, in the holy capital of the Marl system, Baylor mobilized the tens of tons of internal spiritual power of the ancestral stones with his own power, expanding his spiritual power to envelop the whole planet in an instant, triggering a ‘miracle’. When Super Wolf, in order to be able to gather all the spiritual power to his body , it itself also exploded in a flash, radiating its spiritual power out.

After that day was over, Baylor found that Super Wolf had disappeared. The spiritual power belonging to it was still there, but its existence as an individual had dissipated. After searching for a long time, he didn’t see the silly dog again.

When Baylor himself thought that he could not find Super Wolf, until on the day he returned to the imperial capital, when Baylor and Ewan were preparing to finally finish their complete marking. Ready, with the arrow on the string, suddenly a grayish white furry thing rolled out of the bedding they had tossed to the side.

The furry thing also bounced on the bed, after wobbling to stand up, it did not stand firm, and fell over. Once it opened its pair of ice blue eyes, it also opened its mouth and instead of a fierce bark, it was a puppy ruff.

That bark was like a light in the mist, such as a sleepy head, such as a handful of ice water when the body was boiling, so that the ability to wither in a second was comparable to tracking torpedoes bombing people, was all about a fast, accurate and vicious attack.

So the two people’s erections went from a hard state to half dead. Like frosted eggplants.  

That night, it was very exciting, so exciting that Ewan felt that if he went a few more times, he would be afraid of their future sex lives becoming difficult.

But anyway, it was good to have Super Wolf back again.

Baylor looked at Super Wolf’s nostalgic little puppy look, and then decisively gave Lightning the task of bringing up the little puppy.

Super Wolf had sat on Lightning until it hatched from the egg, now Lightning should dedicate himself to raising the puppy.

Lightning: ????

But no matter how reluctant Lightning acted, he still did his duty and stayed by his side as long as Super Wolf was not received inside Baylor.

Baylor watched as Super Wolf started to climb on Lightning’s back on all fours, ignoring Lightning’s gaze and said, “That’s good, you continue.”

Super Wolf: Heh heh.

Lightning: …That’s bullying a falcon.

Lightning stared at Baylor’s departing back, a pair of black glazed eyes unblinking, feeling the increased weight on its back, it twisted its head, opened its wings, and helped the dog that was lying crooked on its back adjust a position to avoid it from sliding away.

After sitting steadily, carrying a puppy, it compromisingly closed his eyes.

Except for the occasional movement of the wings to hold Super Wolf, it was as motionless as a stone statue.

In the evening, Ewan came back from the military when it was already midnight, recently he had been working many days in a row, after all, the Alix constellation and the Marl system establishing diplomatic relations was a major event in the century to change the interstellar pattern, the matter was important, so many things needed to be personally asked.

Gingerly pushing open the bedroom door, Ewan found Baylor still awake, wearing that comfortable and casual loose T-shirt, sitting cross-legged on the bed. After looking down at the tablet, the dim bedside lamp barely illuminated the corner where Baylor was, looking quiet and warm.

At this time, the tablet also came from the confusing sound – “you do not let me see the terminal, you still want to hide me until what time? I already know, you big liar!”

Ewan unbuttoned his shirt as he approached Baylor and asked suspiciously, “You’re up so late, are you looking?” He said, sitting along the edge of the bed next to Baylor, and then came over to see Omega ‘cracking’ and dropping things in the picture. The Alpha on the other side had a cold face, and even a few playful smiles.

Once he saw that the handsome Alpha in the picture was the famous movie star Aylor, Ewan’s brow furrowed in awareness, is there only one person in movies and TV shows these days?

So in a second, Baylor found his tablet was covered by someone, after that dogged file was also pressed pause. Baylor looked up to Ewan, not satisfied, “What?”

Ewan said lightly: “It’s time to go to bed, you have to go to the military with me .” After smoothly putting that tablet on the bedside table, “When did you like to watch that kind of TV series?”

Baylor also did not stop Ewan, greatly propping up a lazy back, the hem of his shirt was moved to slide upward, revealing a small waist of skin, the clearly visible mermaid line in the abdomen to the loose waist of the pants.

“Looking because I’m bored. Don’t you always say I lack common sense, I’m learning.” Baylor replied casually as he finished propping up his lazy back.

Ewan glanced at the tablet that was still on the screen and saw the title of the TV show called ‘Omega’s Revenge’.

Ewan: …Is this a study?

Ewan came up, the palm of his hand gently pressed on Baylor’s exposed skin, with restrained emotion in his voice, “I think you can learn something else.” In one thing, there was still a lot of room for growth to explore.

Watching Ewan about to kiss him, Baylor blinked, thought for a second, and had to say that the hand that was letting loose around his waist was convincing, and took the initiative to meet it –

The next second, there was the sound of wings fluttering, the two people’s movements, turned their heads to look, just across the bed side of the sofa, the snow-white falcon crouched there, and its back was a small puppy. The dog’s head was lying on the falcon’s head, a pair of dark eyes with a pair of ice blue eyes stared at them on the bed.

Baylor and Ewan: …

Lightning’s face was expressionless: the falcon’s vengeance is strong.

Super Wolf on Lightning’s head blinked innocently, Lightning took it where it went, it had nothing to do with it.

After thinking about it, perhaps Super Wolf realized after the fact that it had broken the good atmosphere of these two, it covered its own eyes with that big and short paw, and conveyed with Baylor: Boss, you continue, I do not exist.

Baylor: …KAM.


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March 19, 2023 6:57 pm

Super wolf is so cute! Thanks for the translation!

March 20, 2023 2:31 am

Well that was a leap in events.
Thank goodness Super Wolf came back ~ I would have been so upset. Would Baylor not have been affected by his spiritual body’s temporary absence, at all?
I like the wit in this.
What is “KAM”?
Thanks for the chapter.

March 23, 2023 2:25 pm

Aww, puppy!Dragon Hunter.

I hope that planet of religious loons didn’t benefit from Baylor’s outburst.

March 25, 2023 6:08 pm

These spiritual beings make a good side story with their unique personalities.

April 3, 2023 11:23 pm

I thought they’re doing it in the first part 😅😅.. and when they are ready to do it,, these dog and falcon duo came…oh my what a cute pair😁

April 13, 2023 1:28 pm

Hahahaha little Tyrant messing up the atmosphere! And it looks like good relations between the galaxies were made!

Thank you for the chapter!

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