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Chapter 121: Extra – Secrets of the Basement (2)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


When Baylor opened his eyes, he found that he was no longer in his bedroom, but in an empty courtyard, with a row of three-story high corridor buildings in front of him, with a few withered trees in the courtyard and dead leaves scattered on the ground that had not yet been cleaned. Clearly he was sleeping in the bedroom before, he could even clearly remember Lightning and the rogue Super Wolf lying at the end of the bed, completely dispelling Ewan’s discordant ideas, forcing them to lie quietly flat on the bed.

However, now when he opened his eyes, he appeared in such an inexplicable place.

Was it another one? This thought just crossed Baylor’s mind, and was immediately rejected.

Not to mention his own vigilance, there was an outcast lying next to him and two other spirits at the end of the bed, so there was no way that he could have been taken to a strange place silently.

He…he hadn’t transmigrated again, right?

Baylor suddenly remembered that he also opened his eyes before he transmigrated as another person, he suddenly became a little nervous. Before, when he transmigrated, it was fine, anyway, he had no attachment to that world, but now … 

Although he now had a name in the Marl System as the Son of God, he still preferred Ewan, that war lord. So he can’t transmigrate now! He has a great career!

And at that moment, Baylor’s eartips faintly moved, he lifted his eyes pretending to be annoyed, looking to the other end of the corridor building, there was a high building like a tower, the voice of a child.

Not one or two, but a group of children’s voices, laughing and playing.

So many children? Is this a school?

Baylor frowned as he took a step towards the tower, no matter what, he first had to determine where he was and find a mirror to see who he was now. But as soon as he took a step, a cold wind swept over him, and then behind him came the sound of someone sweeping leaves down the stairs.

Alert, Baylor immediately turned around, but he found no one in his field of vision, but the sound did not stop, and it was getting closer to him. About a minute later, the owner of the voice finally appeared in Baylor’s field of vision.

Baylor saw a six- or seven-year-old boy holding a broom, which was obviously an adult broom, and looked a little clumsy in the boy’s hands. The boy, wearing a thick cotton jacket, looked a little clumsy, his hair was a little long, but clean and tidy. The end of his hair was not very neatly trimmed, and he was holding the broom with both hands, carefully sweeping the leaves on the ground, with his head down and a face focused and plain. 

Another gust of wind blew, the treetops’ dead leaves rolled down, the leaves flew in the air, and finally the leaves created a whirlwind and fell on the head of the boy. He stopped sweeping and lifted his hand to get the leaf that fell on his head, and in the process it was clear that he was very careful. His head was fixed at that angle, and he did not dare to shake it, but only raised his eyes with great effort.

Under the thick and slender eyelashes, a pair of goose gray eyes fell into Baylor’s eyes like that.

Baylor’s two inky pupils opened wide, he looked at the familiar colored eyes, as well as the careful look on that face, although not yet open, but vaguely could still see the shadow of Ewan.

At this time, the child had taken the leaves off the top of the head, fingers twisted the stalk, turned the leaves around and examined them a few times, and then thought about it, threw it into the pile of fallen leaves on the ground.

The whole time he did not say a word, he did not look at Baylor.

Baylor frowned. He walked to the child, but the child still did not look at him. Holding out his hand decisively, Baylor shook in front of the child’s face. He was not affected at all. He couldn’t see him. Baylor realized this one thing, and he frowned, confused. What the hell was going on now?

As Baylor was thinking about whether this was Ewan as a child, or Ewan’s relative, or what, a conservatively dressed female Omega came walking down the hallway, standing on the hallway, and said to the child in the yard, “Ewan, come and eat.”

Baylor was stunned. Then beside him, little Ewan said politely, “Yes, Miss Alice.” It was a sophisticated voice that was completely different from the childish voice.

This child… I can’t believe it’s really scenes of things from his childhood. Is he traveling to the past? And… How come he was not so cute as a child? The way he talked was almost like a small adult.

While following behind Ewan, Baylor watched as Ewan swept up the leaves and carried them awkwardly to the corridor, then bowed politely to the teacher.

“Thank you, Ms. Alice, I’ll be right over as soon as I’m done with the leaves.” His round, baby-fat face was full of seriousness. Baylor retracted the words “not cute”, but the contrast is still cute, so people want to squeeze it.

The teacher obviously felt the same way, and she smiled lovingly, but only rubbed the child’s head with restraint, “It’s okay to do it later, don’t catch a cold.”

Little Ewan replied, “Yes, it will be ready soon.”

When she saw how serious little Ewan was, Miss Alice smiled helplessly, “Okay.” After saying that, she was ready to go to the building at the end of the corridor.

She had just taken two steps when little Ewan suddenly spoke up, “Miss Alice…

Miss Alice stopped in her tracks and turned around to look at little Ewan suspiciously, and after little Ewan called out, he was very hesitant, “He held it in for half a day, and his face turned red a little, before he asked slowly, “Teacher… is there a letter for me?”

Baise noticed that little Ewan’s eyes took on a bit of expectation.

The teacher looked a little confused, her eyes drifted for a moment, she was silent and organized her words, but in the meantime, little Ewan already knew the answer. The light in his eyes dimmed, his hand clutching the broom tightened a little, and then said nicely, “It’s okay, teacher, I’ll go and clean up the place. “

“Oh.” She walked back to little Ewan, squatted down, and then said, “Ewan… Mr. Wimble is very busy, don’t worry, he will definitely write you back when he is free, don’t worry.”

“Yeah.” Patting little Ewan’s head again, Miss Alice then turned to leave.

Baylor looked at little Ewan and saw that his face was lost.

“It’s a birthday present from my dad. He said he’d take me to the beach after the holidays.” 

“That’s great, my mom said she had to go on a business trip during the holidays, so I have to stay home.”

In the cafeteria, while the other children were blathering about their vacation plans for the near future, little Ewan sat by himself, finished his meal in silence, cleaned up in silence, politely said goodbye and thanked the teacher who was running the cafeteria, and then went back to his dormitory in silence. He sat down and the electronic system on the table lit up, showing the calendar and the schedule, their student management system, in the air.

The rules of their boarding school did not allow for any private use of the internet or any means of communication on campus, others could go to the teachers to call their families during the night break, but Little Ewan could not do so. He had tried before, but no one would answer the phone. The teacher reassured him that his father was too busy.

He didn’t know when the other person would be free, and was afraid that his tireless phone calls would disturb the other person, who would then become completely bored with him.

So if he sends a letter, maybe the person will be free and take a look at it. He pulled out a piece of paper from the drawer and once again put pen to paper. His handwriting was very neat, the kind of neatness that he had practiced hard but was still limited by his age, and he wrote carefully, stroke by stroke – “Dear Dad…

However, after writing it, he frowned and suddenly muttered to himself, “The last letter… you probably haven’t read it yet… If I send it again, will I be too annoying?” With pursed lips, he rolled the paper into a ball and threw it into the trash. Then he put the lid on the pen and gave up writing.

Instead, he pulled out a photo from his system, showing the beautiful male Omega holding Little Ewan, who was a little younger than he was at the moment, smiling a little shyly, but it was clear that he was very happy.

It looks like a very happy father and son.

Then little Ewan zoomed in on the photo, framed it on the male Omega’s face, and looked at it intently.  Look carefully, the teacher said, in the daytime to make a dream, he had been watching, perhaps that night he would dream of Dad. But it seemed a bit strange.

“When is Daddy coming to pick me up?

Baylor watched all this in silence, and then he glanced at the discarded envelope, on which was written the name Josh Wimble. It was a name that was somehow familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he’d seen it before, and he pursed his lips, keeping the name in his mind.

When he opened his eyes again, Baylor’s nose was on a hard chest, and Super Wolf, at the end of the bed, made a familiar light snoring sound. His arms were full of the cold pheromone smell that he liked, warmed by his body heat, which made his heart grow fonder. Baylor was stunned for a second.

He had returned to reality.

Just now all that… Was it all a dream?  He dreamed of Ewan’s past? And who is Josh Wimble? Is he Ewan’s father?

Baylor suddenly recalled, before in Ewan’s place, he eavesdropped, he heard Sean mention the name. And according to Sean’s tone at that time, Sean didn’t like this person very much, and Ewan didn’t like to mention him. He is an unpleasant person.

Baylor remembered the loss and silence on the young face of small Ewan in the dream, he was in the arms of the teacher, gritting his teeth. He could be sure that he did not like this person either. Disliked him very much.


The author has something to say:

Baylor: Dare to bully my people, you are finished.

Ewan: And yet the person is already finished.


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March 23, 2023 2:08 am

Awful. I don’t like Josh Wimble either! Poor Ewan; mo child should go through that, but too many sadly do.
Baylor will make up for it.
Thanks for the chapter.

March 23, 2023 2:43 pm

People abandon their children for a lot of reasons, and if they are unable to take care of them it can be for the best.
Wimble was an emotional train wreck, but he abandoned his son to chase a man (if I remember correctly) and then came back and un-alived himself in Ewan’s presence. So not just emotionally toxic, but cruel as well. That Ewan grew up as stable as he is (with just avoidance issues) is a credit to him.

Wimble isn’t even worth getting angry with.

March 26, 2023 1:46 am

Now that Ewan has evolved to have his own spirit animal, I suppose that means that Baylor can now join his dreams. What a good way to learn about the part of a man who finds it hard to share those difficult years.

March 26, 2023 2:41 am

Baylor, turn up the love and care to maximum, because Ewan needs all that and more.

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