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Chapter 15: You Don’t Feel Well?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Totally Not Doing This At Work KarateChopMonkey


Liang Xin slowly asked, going along with the topic, “What kind of liquor?”

“Cognac brandy.” Gu Ang lowered his voice, reverberating with the hoarseness from the spicy burning.

It was a bit shameful to mention his ex-husband’s pheromone.

Liang Xin stepped forward, “Brandy is very ordinary, I still like your pheromone.”

The breeze blew up some of the hair on Gu Ang’s forehead, revealing his eyebrows, making her turn infatuated. Gu Ang lifted his eyes, “Cognac brandy is superior, top of the line. You can’t buy it.”

The forest smell of aged oak, with a high concentration of liquor, confused the mind with just a sniff, leaving an aftertaste after licking.

Gu Ang licked his lower lip as if the scent of Ye Fei still lingered on his tongue. Fierce and strong, but with a svelte elegance, just smelling it was intoxicating.

“I’ve heard of this name, the special offerings displayed during the previous imperial 10,000 year celebration.” Liang Xin exclaimed in admiration, her affection increasing, “You’ve tasted such a high class liquor, you’re good.”

Gu Ang thought to himself, Tasted? I used to taste it every day.

I’ve been surrounded by a human-shaped god of liquor every day, and I was almost tired of smelling it.

In his previous life, when their susceptible periods hit, the pheromone was overwhelming.

The two would take a leave of absence and stay at home to have some fun. They were unable to distinguish between day and night, and time stood still.

Brandy and white peach oolong wisps wound together in an indescribable harmony.

The scent of tea was refreshing, and caused Ye Fei to become more and more sober. He didn’t let go of his man and his force was recklessly crazy.

Gu Ang’s brain was filled with the smell of alcohol, so his consciousness was lax.

Ye Fei held him, moving quickly and asked in a low voice, “You can’t?”

“Who the hell said that?” Gu Ang held on to his strength and never compromised, returned with his hand, but felt his limbs were a little weak, “Quickly.”

If he continued to delay, he may not be able to hold on.

Ye Fei bit his chin, “Guang Guang, I want to…”

Gu Ang stubbornly refused, “Brother, you don’t want to.”

Ye Fei was filled with the urge to tie him to the bed and do it, but in the end he couldn’t resist.

Gu Ang was too proud to compromise on such matters.

Their pheromones had become a life-threatening aphrodisiac that made the two people want to heat up without relief.

Gu Ang felt that they were really in love at that time.

Because of their love, they ignored their gender and gave up their instincts.

Youths were crazy, and their commitment was very light, but couldn’t compare to a deep love burning in their hearts.

He came back to his senses and realized that he had said a little too much to Liang Xin.

“It’s too late, so return early. I’m going to leave, bye.”

“Eh, I haven’t said anything yet…” Liang Xin, ready to pull his sleeve, fluttered, her hand hanging in the air, “…I haven’t finished, how can you leave?”

Gu Ang whistled as he walked upstairs and opened the door to see Ye Fei sitting with his legs crossed in the small living room.

When the two of them looked at each other, Ye Fei spoke, “By the way, I transferred you the money from the damages earlier.”

“Twenty-five thousand.” Gu Ang lazily pulled his collar. He just went to eat a meal… How did this person suddenly clear the clouds away in the sky?

The communicator promptly displayed a notification that Ye Fei had transferred fifty thousand.

Gu Ang clicked on Ye Fei’s dialog box, “I said twenty-five thousand, so half. I won’t take advantage of you.”

Ye Fei narrowed his eyes, thinking of the bottle of covering agent, making his tone relaxe, “It’s okay, I’m in a good mood today.”

The next day after class, Gu Ang quickly packed up his things and prepared to return to the dormitory. He felt that his scent had almost dissipated, so he hurried back.

Bai SiNing, who just walked out, ran back with a shout, “Ang Ang, a group of beautiful women exited the teaching building. I heard they were from the media college.”

“Not interested.” Gu Ang threw his book bag on his left shoulder and took big steps towards the door, walking with the wind.

He was now also a saint, regardless of an Alpha or Omega standing in front of him, he’d treat them all the same, like they were wood.

The group of Alphas in the classroom went crazy when they heard about the group of beautiful girls who came over, and them being young and vigorous, their hormones were restless.

Gu Ang snickered in his heart. They hadn’t seen the world. His feet didn’t stop, and as a result, a pair of hands hooked around his neck, pulling him downstairs.

“Bai SiNing, do you want to die?” Gu Ang squeezed the arm around his neck and used force.

Bai SiNing shouted and let go, “Ouch, ouch! Let’s go see the pretty girls.”

Gu Ang was speechless and walked downstairs quickly, not bothering to pay attention to him.

As he arrived on the first floor, he saw Liang Xin standing in the middle of the crowd, holding a bunch of delicate roses, with a whole row of girls standing behind her.

Why are you here again? And this time with a support team.

Gu Ang was a little annoyed. How could this girl not read between the lines?

He sidled up and was about to go out through the small door next to him, when he was called by Liang Xin, “Gu Ang, I can see you.”

“Fuck, Ang, she’s here to see you.” Bai SiNing elbowed him and furrowed his eyebrows.

Now that his name was called, it wasn’t a good idea to run. Gu Ang turned helplessly and walked over, asking in a whisper, “What’s up again?”

“I came to see you last night unannounced, which wasn’t very formal, so my words weren’t clear.” Liang Xin pushed the rose into his arms, “Today I brought friends to cheer me on, just to formally tell you…”

“Don’t say it.” Gu Ang took a half step back and didn’t take the flowers.

He looked at the growing crowd around him and refused directly, embarrassing the girl.

The more people there were, the more powerful Liang Xin was. She was sure that Gu Ang didn’t dare to refuse her in front of a large crowd.

Raising her delicate little chin; quite a bit of a gesture to force people into a relationship, “We can date to see?”

“Ohhhhh!” The sound of coaxing next to them came from all directions.

The people who were looking at the scene weren’t too happy, and there were even those who had started a live stream.

Gu Ang felt a little suffocated at this scene.

This time it was really not his fault, so he needed to be quick and clear, “We don’t fit, really. There are so many handsome men next to you, just pick one.”

Liang Xin’s cheeks turned red and she almost bit her tongue. Yesterday, Gu Ang’s plausible rejection gave her the courage to be arrogant and come back. She didn’t expect… this person to be so rigid.

This time everyone saw the school flower’s face dim.

“There are a lot of people here, so promise me for now, okay? It’s humiliating.”

“Yes, promise her.” The little sisters put in a word to help.

“Sorry.” Gu Ang wasn’t open to even discuss it and extinguished the fire, “Go back, many people are watching.”

Liang Xin pursed her lips and didn’t say anything, her eyes looking pitiful.

Gu Ang felt this look was even more annoying.

A male voice next to him arrogantly interjected, with a mocking tone, “Rejecting a girl, you really aren’t a man.”

Gu Ang turned his head and saw a somewhat familiar face, with arrogant blue hair. He remembered that this person should be the second placer from yesterday’s forum, Wei YangZe.

Oh, the loser.

The crowd, which was ready to disperse, retreated and looked curiously at the two.

He took a step forward and walked up to Wei YangZe, lowering his voice, “Don’t start anything, it’s over.”

“What if I decline?”

“What the hell do you want?” Gu Ang eyes with a knife, poking straight at the person. With scrutiny, observing the expression of the man across from him.

In the next second, he felt a rusty pheromone filling the air with a sense of forced oppression. The pheromone was arrogant and rampant, with a sharp aggressiveness that didn’t distinguish between targets.

Next to a group of Alphas, Liang Xin and a group of small sisters smelled the strong pheromone and their bodies swayed, seemingly not able to support themselves.

Gu Ang only felt disdain. This person was a dog. He was next to a group of Omegas and indiscriminately released his pheromone?

He stood steadily, but didn’t intend to fight back and compare pheromone concentrations, this dude had to die. But his white peach oolong scent was a little delicate, and his fighting power was invincibly strong.

Gu Ang asked again, “What do you really want?”

“To be honest, I have a crush on Liang Xin.” Wei YangZe smiled, “So I’m ready to have a fight with you to let her see who is stronger.”

“A date fight?” Gu Ang raised an eyebrow, “OK, reign in your pheromone. You’re scaring people.”

Wei YangZe looked and saw Liang Xin had covered her chest and her face was flushed with an abnormal red, her small mouth was gasping for air. Her straight legs were trembling, as she was almost falling to her knees.

Wei YangZe put his pheromone away, “I’ll let you know when the time is set.”

“Mn, all disperse.” Gu Ang grinded his teeth. This grandson really deserves a beating.

There was nothing wrong with liking Liang Xin per se, but releasing pheromones was too much. Plus the difference of one vote on the forum, all right, new revenge added to the old debts.

The two people’s voices weren’t too loud, but there were always people listening closely.

By the time the crowd dispersed, rumors had spread that Gu Ang and Wei YangZe had bet on a battle for the school girl.

When Gu Ang returned to his dormitory, he felt the unpleasant smell of rust on his body. He quickly rushed into the bathroom and prepared to take a combat shower.

He had just turned on the shower, when he felt the hot water cause his heartbeat to accelerate drastically, as if his heart was going to jump out of his ribcage. He touched his chest and felt a twinge of pain spreading up from his abdomen.

His hand holding the faucet trembled a little. The hot water was clearly boiling hot, but the next second a chill ran through him.

His body had always been very healthy, he rarely got sick.

His condition today was very rare.

Gu Ang cursed irritably and couldn’t figure out the reason. He took a deep breath, rubbed his hair haphazardly with shampoo, and rinsed it dry quickly. He pulled open the bathroom door and prepared to go outside when he felt his calves go numb, before he slipped and fell on the floor with a huge thud.

Gu Ang froze.

He sat on the floor and rubbed his abdomen, trying to relax for a few seconds.

Ye Fei’s voice came from outside the door, “What’s wrong?”

When did this person come back unnoticed?

“Nothing, I fell.” Gu Ang replied, and found that his mouth was dry, like the saliva was drained from it. The heat was still running across his body, spreading uncontrollably.

It was clearly like a fire that was going to burn him up. His body was indeed penetratingly cold and rather unbearable.

Gu Ang covered his stomach and felt his fingertips lose blood and become numb little by little.

Ye Fei noticed that Gu Ang hadn’t come out for a long time, so worried that something might have happened, he directly opened the shower door. In the fog, he saw Gu Ang sitting on the floor without any clothes, his face white.

“You…” Ye Fei quickly went over and pulled the person up from the floor, grabbing a towel to wrap him up. “You don’t feel well? Are you sick?”

Gu Ang nodded and used his strength to walk towards the bed outside the door, “A little.”

Ye Fei saw that he kept covering his belly and guessed, “Did you have a stomach ache?”

Gu Ang raised his eyes and gritted his teeth, “Fuck, that crawfish meal yesterday!”


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The arrogant, immature Alphas are so often like all muscle and teeny-tiny brains.
WYZ needs putting in his place, but that will be hard if GA just sick (which probably wouldn’t be believed); or is this GA’s omega raising its head?
Thanks for translating and editing.
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