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Chapter 123: Extra – Secrets of the Basement (4)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Baylor was rarely so angry, his chest cavity felt like a bomb was bursting, giving off a muffled sound, burning his nostrils like he was going to spit fire. But this fire also had no place to vent.

The man had died, what else could he do? He could not go and beat the man up. Baylor actually did not know what care from a family felt like. From his barren childhood, he did not have a good impression of the word parents, and did not even quite understand what the meaning of family was.

In his subconscious, not being loved by his parents was a normal thing like the sun rising every day. But this was what happened… After he heard what Josh Wimble had done to Ewan, he couldn’t stop being angry.

It’s a normal thing. But not when it happened to Ewan.

Ewan was his person, how could he be bullied by someone who had no idea what he was doing? It was someone he hadn’t bullied before!

Some of the soldiers training in the training ground noticed the legendary Omega, the man of the hour at the military headquarters, sitting on the stairs next to the training ground, emitting a chill, a chill with obvious anger, like a cannonball ready to explode.

They muttered in their hearts, this legendary Omega seemed to be not very good tempered…

Immediately after, they looked at the seventh team captain Major General Wellin walking to the side of that Omega, they recalled, oh yes, heard that this monster newcomer Omega joined the seventh team, and now Major General Wellin was his captain.

The next second, they saw Major General Wellin being glared at by the Omega.

In the military, such a hierarchical place, someone daring to glare at their own captain, but also being so brazen, this one was the first. At this moment, they suddenly recalled a rumor that someone saw the General in a private mech training ground slowly guiding a person. When they heard it, they thought it was ridiculous, but now it seemed not completely impossible.

They thought what they were seeing was ridiculous, but now it seems impossible. He just came up to say hello, and where did he provoke this ancestor. “Who pissed you off?” He asked, bewildered. It wasn’t a fight with the General, was it?

Baylor expressionlessly withdrew his eyes, not really wanting to take care of people, “Nothing to do with you.” It’s someone else who’s messing with him, and it’s a dead man who’s messing with him.

“Ah,” He tried to keep his eyes open, looked around Baylor, and asked, “Is Dragon Hunter here? I heard he’s okay. How is he doing?”

That day in the Holy City, he finally saw the ghost dog. Although he had never seen it before, he had played with the dog a few times, so considered it an old friend. When he heard that the dog had disappeared, he was quite sorry, but the good thing is that it came back. He asked, “How can I see it? Like last time.”

Then Wellin looked at the cold face of Omega – double clear eyes, gradually lighting up with a bright light.

Weilan had learned from Ewan before – found Baylor’s eyes are particularly beautiful when it comes to trouble. Immediately understanding Baylor’s meaning, he waved his hand, “I’m going, I’m going.” I can’t afford to mess with you, go to a meeting.

Watching Wellin leave, Baylor was annoyed and then stood up. He stared at the physical training ground and narrowed his eyes. He decided to use his old method, to find someone to fight.

Wellin finished the squad meeting, went back to his office, he followed his butt over, and saw his brother come out from inside.

“Where are you going?” Wellin curiously said. 

Weifield replied in a businesslike manner, “Of course I’m taking care of things.”

Wellin quietly glanced towards the open door, and then pulled his brother to the side, “How is the General’s mood today? I don’t look as if there is nothing wrong.”

“… What do you think the General has to do with it?” Weifield looked puzzled. 

“No, I thought they had a fight.” Wellin rubbed his chin. 


“I met Baylor before, look very bad, I remember you said earlier that the General asked you to take him outside to go shopping. Well, I came to remind you, do not touch bad luck.” Wellin, very experienced, said: “General and Baylor are a young couple and will quarrel, and are involved in no good end.”

The corners of Weifield’s mouth twitch, silent down.

Weifield was silent, Wellin behind the cold sounded a voice. “Very idle?”

Wellin was shocked by a jolt, turned around and found that Ewan was already standing at the door, smiling but not smiling at him.

Wellin immediately performed a military salute, “No, General, I immediately went to let the team clear the military funds.” After saying that, they ran away in a flash. Leaving the innocent implicated Weifield. 

Weifield: “…. How come he didn’t absorb this cheap brother when he was in the stomach. Weifield thought about it, said: “That General I also …” 

But Ewan interrupted him, “Today you don’t need to have someone to pick up Baylor.” 

Weifield: “?” 

Ewan said: “This evening’s work will be put off.” 

Weifield instantly understood, “Yes, sir.” So he was going to go back to coax his mate.


In the training ground vented some upset, Baylor finally felt much better. There was nothing that couldn’t be solved by a fight. If there was, he could fight. With his shoulder no longer strained, Baylor went to the bathroom in the training ground to clean up, and behind him lay several Alpha soldiers.

Now Baylor was no longer the ‘soft’ Omega who had to hurt himself 800 to hurt the enemy 1000. The dark gray uniform was slim on his body, showing off his slender body to the fullest.

His hair was still wet because he gave up blowing it half way. The military cap was held in his hand, still with water vapor was now softly pulled, made him look good and weakened his usual sharpness.

The few Alpha soldiers who were just pinned down and beaten on the ground saw Baylor’s appearance and winced severely. Well-behaved? What a terrible fucking association. They were fooled by this appearance before, but not now.

Baylor hooked his fingers in his cap and walked outside with little formality. He was not even living in the military recently, because the recruits had gone to their respective posts and they had all moved out of the recruits’ quarters, and his honorary newcomer’s privilege of a single dormitory was gone.

Sleeping with Ewan was okay, but the others were in the same room with him, and one of them always snored when they slept. So Baylor simply did not live there, unapologetically using his privilege to go back to live with Ewan.

The result was that just as he was about to drive, he saw Ewan in the hover car next door. With his headlights on, he was waiting for him.

Baylor turned his feet, abandoned his car, opened Ewan’s car door, and strangely poked his head in, “Didn’t you say there was something going on with the military at night?”

It was already a bitter winter, although today there was no snow, but the cold wind was bone-chilling. Ewan looked at Baylor’s half-dry hair and frowned, “Get in first.” 

The dry warmth of the heat wrapped around Baylor and dispersed the cold.

“You’re just going to come out with wet hair?” Now the drying power was so high, but any additional minute of blowing, the hair could be completely dried.

Baylor licked his lips, “I will not die ….” The subconscious retort was said halfway, Baylor suddenly remembered Ewan as a child, his pathetic look, his tone of voice, some twisted soft down, “I do not like the sound of the hair dryer… I know, I know, next time I promise to blow-dry every strand of hair.”

Baylor’s hearing was keen, and even the silent hair dryer was noisy in his place, blowing hair must also be close to the source of noise to their ears, not to say that more than a minute, and then he can not tolerate thirty seconds, so every time was pretend to casually get, and cope with the matter. This was something Ewan was aware of, so usually he did not force the issue, today he was looking at the cold weather outside, so was a little anxious. But Baylor’s reaction was very surprising to him.

Today so good? I thought that you were in a bad mood?

“Tonight’s business is postponed, I take you out to dinner?” Ewan pressed his doubts and asked, “What do you want to eat? Or where do you want to go?”

As he asked, he started the car and left. He took some time to think about it today, thinking that maybe Baylor was angry because he had been too busy to spend time with her lately. He went to a place where Baylor wanted, and it was a three-point line from the military academy to the military department every day.

After all, dogs like to go for walks.

Instead, Baylor replied, “Hmm? There’s nothing I want to eat, and there’s nothing I want to go to.”

It’s not a holiday tomorrow, and it’s not a special day, so why go out? He sounded sincere and straightforward, not hearing anything different, and even a little suspicious.

Ewan was silent, and then sighed in his heart. He seemed to be very angry, and was starting to sulk.

“Okay, you do not want to go, we will not go out, then we go home.” Ewan sounded very compromised.

Baylor:? That doesn’t sound like a problem, but why is it a little strange.

Then Ewan said: “Recently, because of the matter of the Marl system and the Union military association, things got a little busy. When I finish the matter at hand, it should be right after the third game, I’ll take you out to play.”

His voice was low, his tone sounded casual, but was seriously planning this matter.

“…. Where to play?” Ewan seemed to be thinking about taking himself out today, was it because he really wanted to go out?

“We can go wherever you want to go, you have not been to many places, Lisa City is a very famous resort city, the scenery there is very beautiful, you want to go to see?”

Baylor looked at the side of Ewan’s face, he was a very homely person himself, not much interested in traveling, but since Ewan said so, he replied, “If you have time, let’s go.”

Ewan nodded, “Okay, I’ll make the arrangements later.” The General should also have annual leave. “Don’t worry.” Ewan stressed, he said to take him out to play, will certainly do.

Baylor:???? What is he relieved about? Ewan felt strange today.

The feeling continued all the way home, where Baylor looked at the big meal that had been delivered early and raised her eyebrows in confusion. The two of us are not very sophisticated people, eating on time and nutritionally balanced is enough, eating ordinary home-cooked food, that is, in order to take care of Baylor’s taste, taste a little lighter.

This meal was very strange.

Baylor looked at Ewan who lifted up the little puppy-like Super Wolf and asked in wonder, “What day is it today?”

Ewan asked in return, “What’s wrong?” And then put the Super Wolf next to Lightning on the couch.

“What are you doing with all this?” After a pause, Baylor asked again, “You’ve been trying to take me out to eat before… is it your birthday?” 

Did he forget Ewan’s birthday? Baylor carefully recalled, but did not find this information in his memory about the other party’s birthday. He was silent, because he never had a birthday, so he did not pay attention to Ewan’s birthday. Baylor immediately said, “Happy birthday.”

 Shouldn’t you also send a gift? He saw that everyone else was doing it.

Ewan: “…It’s not my birthday.” He really couldn’t follow this man’s thought process.

Baylor asked as an afterthought, “When is your birthday?”

“November 18th.”

“…. ” Baylor looked up at the calendar, it’s been a fucking month! He puffed up his eyebrows, “Why didn’t you say so before?” A month ago, what were they doing a month ago?

Ewan said indifferently, “I don’t really have a birthday, so I didn’t say anything.”

Baylor’s first reaction was that this was the same as his own. Then his second thought was, with a dad like that, it’s no wonder he doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday.

“…” That stifling feeling came back.

Ignoring the feeling, Baylor asked curiously, “What are you doing making such a big splash today?”

“You don’t like it?” 

“It’s fine…” Who doesn’t like it when it’s good?

Ewan nodded in satisfaction as he pulled Baylor to the table, “As long as you like it, let’s eat.”

Baylor picked up his fork and forked a piece of meat to his mouth, but after a second of hesitation, he put it down and frowned with concern, “Why are you acting so strange today? Is there something wrong?”

Ewan gave a little pause, thought for a moment, and then looked straight at Baylor, who also had a slight frown between his eyebrows, as if in distress, “You’re not angry?”

Hmm? How did he know? Baylor showed a little surprised expression, then nodded honestly, “Well, yes.”

Ewan sighed, then said with understanding, “Because I haven’t been with you lately? When I’m free for a while…”

What and what? Baylor’s mouth twitched and she said, “Do you think I’m an old widower?” So much for the company?

Ewan listened to Baylor’s words and said subconsciously, “… What kind of strange words do you have in your vocabulary?” How can you be a widow or an old man?

The word “old man” was used.

But at the same time, he also understood Baylor’s meaning, he raised the tail of his eyebrows, “So it’s not because of this?” 

“No.” I’m not mad at you,” Baylor said breathlessly.

“Oh?” Ewan’s tone was relieved, this was good to do. He asked curiously, “Who pissed you off? Can’t you hit him?” 

After all, if Baylor could hit someone, he would just go ahead and hit them, not make himself angry. Baylor could be angry from the morning until now, it meant that he did not hit the person. He didn’t mind tying the person up in front of Baylor.

Baylor heard Ewan ask this question, thought about it, said: “I cannot hit them.”


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Thanks for the chapter

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I love these 2. It’s taken a lot to get them to here, but I think they’re solid now. Their different thought processes are amusing. Their different ways of caring for each other are touching.
Thanks for the chapter.

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Lol, Ewan already playing survival cards XD So cute.

He knows Baylor well too, why not fight. They’re a sweet couple, I hope they celebrate birthdays together.

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These two have changed totally from who they were when they first met.

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