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Chapter 124: Extra – Secrets of the Basement (5)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


“I cannot hit them.” Baylor glanced at Ewan, then lowered his eyes, his eyelashes trembled slightly, as if some struggle.

This made Ewan even more puzzled, rarely had he seen Baylor so hesitant, just when he opened his mouth to ask, he heard Baylor’s clear voice ring out, “It’s Josh Wimble.”

The voice was a bit uncomfortable, but after it was said, it seemed to be determined, Baylor raised his eyes again, a pair of eyes without retreat, only some intention. He still doesn’t like to have something to hide. Baylor said in a broken voice, “I know everything about this man.”

The name that was not at all expected made Ewan startled, this secret was not spied on in displeasure, he murmured, just asked: “So you are angry for me?” 

The question was asked with a light smile in his eyes.

Baylor’s mouth twitched, “Don’t you have anything else to say?” 

What’s the point?

Ewan raised an eyebrow, following Baylor’s meaning, and said, “So, don’t be angry?” 

Ewan’s tone was still the same as always, as if in a casual conversation, low and heavy, there was a kind of gentle sense of comfort.

“I’m serious, this person is not worth your anger.” His voice was tinged with laughter as he reached out and pressed Baylor’s head, “But I’m glad you’re angry for me.”

The tips of his ears were tinged with heat, and his head was pressed down, and Baylor was uncomfortable smacking Ewan’s hand away, but instead of avoiding the subject, he said seriously, “I told you, I won’t let anyone bully my people.”

Ewan was stunned, and then lost a laugh. Baylor’s short-sighted character had always been clear to him, but no matter how clear it was, hearing such words made him really happy.

Baylor then asked, “But I thought you wouldn’t like me prying into your affairs?”

“Hmm?” Ewan’s smile had not yet stopped, the end of the tone of voice with an upturn, “Well, next time, come directly to ask me.” After thinking about it, he suddenly remembered one thing. “Since you want to know then…” He stood up with a pull of the stool, “Do you want to see that room in the basement?”

The basement room? 

“The one with the lock on it?” Baylor responded, “Something to do with Josh Wimble?”

“Yeah.” Ewan nodded.

The two of them went down to the basement, and Ewan used his fingerprints to open the dusty room. There was no light in the basement, and even with the air circulation system working hard every day, the room smelled old and dusty from the lack of people, but maybe that was just human psychology. The lights came on and the twenty-square-meter room was clearly revealed to Baylor.

“In fact, I have rarely opened this room myself, it is full of the man’s belongings.” Ewan said: “When he died, I was his only relative, and the owner of the apartment gave me all his belongings.” 

This room was placed in a dozen boxes, there were a lot of miscellaneous furnishings because they did not fit into the cardboard box, and directly in the room, there was even some furniture, desks and floor lamps and so on. Although, after so many years, the style of the furniture still looked very beautiful, there was no trace of the kind of vulgarity that comes after the death of a trend, so the person who selected the pieces had excellent aesthetics and vision.

Ewan said: “I thought about telling you about him. This man is not something secret for me. I didn’t mention it to you because I think it’s not a happy thing, and also he’s not important. But if you want to know, I can tell you.”

Baylor’s eyes were sharp when he noticed a back of letters in a box that was left unclosed on the desk. The style of the envelope he recognized, he saw in his dream Ewan childhood envelope, with their school’s logo on it. And after all these years, these envelopes were not opened, lying intact in that box, as if they had just been sent out.

Baylor understood. That Josh Wimble had never opened Ewan’s letters at all. Thinking of the child’s hope in the dream when he asked for a reply, Baylor tightened his lips in displeasure and asked stiffly, “What do you still have his stuff for?” 

Wasn’t it hard to look at? He narrowed his eyes, happy to destroy them all if Ewan needed help.

When he heard Baylor’s question, Ewan gave a little pause before saying, “It doesn’t matter to me whether I keep his things or not.”


“Mn, pity.” Ewan replied without a trace of emotion: “Living his life as a joke.”

That night, Baylor heard a more detailed story from Ewan about Josh Wimble’s already twisted family, and how he was betrayed over and over again by the people he loved, and gradually went from wanting to find someone who loved him to someone who just wanted to take from him, and then finally found out that there was no point in it all, and died like a man already dead.

Ewan also told Baylor about his role in all of this, how he once looked forward to the love of his blood relatives and wanted to be better so that Josh Wimble would stop abandoning him, but then he died and no longer had any expectations of this man. Slowly, he was able to look at this man from the perspective of an onlooker, without a trace of emotion, and he was not touched by Josh Wimble’s joys and sorrows, his possessions and regrets in his story.

The story of this man, which he reads and watches over and over again, can only leave him with the comment “pathetic and stupid.”

Ewan adds that the only effect Josh Wimble had on him was his aversion to love, so that in the past, he never had any desire to find a partner, and even scoffed at the idea. That’s why he had done so many stupid things before.

Baylor thought about Ewan’s erratic attitude towards himself, which had annoyed him, and now realized how torn the man had been.

Since he woke up so early in the morning, Baylor fell asleep on the couch after eating and listening to the story. With Ewan around, he was almost defenseless in the house and could fall asleep when he was tired. Then, in this shallow sleep, Baylor saw the pest of Ewan’s early childhood again. He was beside the beautiful, melancholy Omega, and beyond the railing was the rapidly receding sea and the shore. They were on a boat at the moment.

Following little Ewan’s gaze, Baylor looked at the scenery outside the boat, suddenly felt some familiarity. He looked closely and found that it was the seaside ferry restaurant that Ewan had taken himself to eat before. At this time, the port was not yet abandoned, very busy, even at night, the port was also lit up, crowded with people.

Then Baylor looked down and saw that Ewan had a guidebook of the Imperial City in front of him, and the page of recommended restaurants on it was about this restaurant in the harbor, and the food reviews written on it were also very familiar.

The steaming and boiling of the seafood brings out the original taste of the seafood…

When Ewan took him to eat there, he said the same thing. He also said he hadn’t been to the restaurant before, he just passed by it on a boat when he was a kid, and then there was a local tourist guide on the boat, which described the restaurant.

Baylor was a little surprised that he remembered so well what Ewan had said. But at the same time, he suddenly understood the meaning of the night he won the honorary newcomer, Ewan brought him here.

Baylor stared at the young Ewan, who was lost in thought, looking at the other side of the glitz and glamor, and his brow unconsciously rose, and his heart swelled with an unpleasant sourness, an emotion he had rarely felt, not of anger or joy, not of the summer weather, but of that dull, breathless feeling. He did not look at Josh Wimble next to him, his gaze was fixed on little Ewan’s body, and his gaze took on emotions that never belonged to Baylor as a person.

When Baylor woke up, Ewan was about to pick him up, he stopped moving, kept his bent position and asked, “Shall I take you to your room to sleep?”

Then Ewan looked at Baylor’s gaze and suddenly sank, then reached out, took him by the collar, pulled him further down, and kissed him without a word.

In these days of practice, Baylor’s kiss could be considered a kiss, rather than pure bite, but his style was still green, without a hint of tenderness, just a long drive, opening the door to the mountain.

His dull pile of emotions found an outlet, Baylor kissed fiercely, like the way he fights.

After a brief moment of shock, Ewan didn’t say a word, and without Baylor’s effort, he pressed him down on the couch.   The kiss was lingering, and Baylor held Ewan’s neck before he was carried off to the bedroom.

Once back in the bedroom, with the door closed and the tiger’s mouth pressed against the already hot glands on the back of Baylor’s neck, Ewan pressed down again.

Then Ewan suddenly asked, “Do you know what the bone at the very end of the spine is called?” Baylor narrowed his eyes at the person who suddenly started asking questions.

But he answered, “The tailbone.” 

In order to be able to attack accurately, it was essential to learn about the human body, not to mention the spine, and he knew the structure of the bones in all the fatal areas of the human body.

“Mn… Did you know that humans used to have tails, and that this is where the tail degenerates?”

“… What the fuck are you giving me a biology lesson? It’s a downer.” Baylor didn’t get Ewan’s point, just the corners of his mouth twitched and he turned his head straight away to bite the person who was saying some nasty things.

Ewan: ………. He really thinks he’s a dog.

Ewan’s lips spilled out a light laugh, allowing Baylor to vent his frustration. Then he sighed in his mind. How can it be a frown? Forget it, teach him slowly later.

And at this time outside, the gray and white puppy was ready to rush in, just like the other day, it recently fell in love with such a lively activity. As a result, just as he was about to rush in, Lightning grabbed him by the neck and stopped him from moving.

“Woof woof woof?” We’re not going to play today, are we? 

Without a word, Lightning left with Super Wolf in his mouth.

Getting revenge was okay, but when they really wanted to do something, it would be a death wish to disturb. Only by stepping on the bottom line could they wisely work together longer.


The author has something to say: 

Yes, the long extras are over. Now to the short extras!


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March 23, 2023 3:55 pm

Lightening is a good wingman 😀

March 26, 2023 9:16 pm

Good that Ewan has been able to dissociate himself from Josh Wimble.
Baylor’s gritty, no nonsense attitude, is so amusing and often heartwarming too.
Thanks for the chapter.

March 27, 2023 5:34 pm

‘Pathetic and stupid’ describes Josh Wimbles life perfectly.

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