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Chapter 122: Extra – Secrets of the basement(3)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Ewan thought it was strange to wake up early in the morning and not know who had provoked Baylor, but his eyes were irritated and he looked upset. “Clearly when we went to bed last night,  you were okay. How did you wake up like this?” 

This morning, Dragon Hunter, not only Baylor, woke up hanging a dog head too. Is he not sleeping well?

Did he not sleep well? 

Before getting out of the car, Ewan called Baylor, “I’ll have Weifield pick you up tonight, and you can let him take you outside if you want.” Baylor looked at Ewan a little puzzled, “Oh.” 

Why did he suddenly say that to him? Not picking up on Ewan’s attempt to cheer him up, Baylor turned around and headed towards Sean’s office in A block.

Now that the 68th class had completely finished their recruit training period, new recruits had been assigned to different units and regiments according to each person’s characteristics and wishes, among which Kana and a total of seven others were assigned as mecha soldiers into the Sky Wolf Legion. Baylor was also one of them, belonging to Wellin’s management in the seventh team.

Although he was in the seventh team, Sean was still responsible for Baylor’s training missions. Captain Wellin was simply the jurisdiction overseeing Baylor.

He did not dare to control the General’s heart.

The second round of the competition was won by Baylor by a huge margin, and he advanced to the next round. Baylor went to see Sean today to prepare for the next round.

When Baylor went to Sean’s office, Sean was leisurely brewing a pot of tea, with an exquisite snack in front of him, and a bouquet of flowers beside a plate of high-grade tableware, with the bright winter sunlight outside the window, one could not help but feel that this was some aristocratic manor. It was next to the military with the cold hard style of furniture was a little out of place.

Baylor panicked for a moment, the sound of a cold salute from the corridor, Baylor just snapped out of it, his own illusion feeling correct.

No. It was Sean and what he was doing that didn’t fit in with the surroundings! Baylor looked at Sean, who was relaxed, as he walked in and closed the door behind him so that the soldiers passing by wouldn’t see him and cause an imbalance in their minds.

Before Baylor could speak, Sean took the lead in greeting him, “Baylor, have you had breakfast? Do you want to eat together“

“….” How in the world has this man not been thrown out of the military? This mother fucker was only here to eat and drink, right?

As if he could see the dislike in Baylor’s eyes, Sean said, “You see, I’ve been doing my job for the military for so many years, and I’m about to retire, so I should enjoy my life.”

Baylor looked at Sean’s face, which had nothing to do with “old people”, and did not say anything, but the dislike in his eyes increased a few points.

However, Sean was completely unaffected by the sight, and just ate his breakfast slowly, as if he was ready to spend a few minutes on it. Baylor sat in front of him and watched him use a small silver fork to divide the snack into small pieces, fork a piece into his mouth, chew it slowly and taste it, then gently swirl his cup of tea and take a sip.

It was hard to resist the urge to help stuff the tea and snacks into his mouth. Especially since Baylor was already irritable today because of what he dreamed last night. So Baylor took a deep, painful breath, he couldn’t sit still and stood up, “What’s the training program? You give it to me, I’ll read it myself.”

Sean raised his eyes and said gently, “Are you in a hurry? If you’re anxious, we’ll take our time. You’re too anxious, you need to learn patience. Why don’t you practice meditation with me every day from now on.”

Baylor again took a deep breath, and then desperately sat back down, trying to press down the irritation inside. Sean then smiled in satisfaction. It was true that he wanted to eat breakfast, and it was also true that he wanted to sharpen Baylor’s temperament. He sipped his tea, while chatting, “The recent establishment of diplomatic relations with the Marl Galaxy has caused a lot of excitement everywhere, but also, although I thought the two civilizations would eventually merge. But, I did not want it to happen because of you.” Sean looked at Baylor with emotion and asked, “Didn’t the Marl system say that you would be their Holy Son, but I don’t see much movement?”

To say that the two civilizations established diplomatic relations because of Baylor was not an exaggeration.

When Right River seized the army and launched a coup, the conservative pope [Hua] lost control to a violent suppression of forces opposed to them, in order to successfully mobilize the church army and provoke the Alix Galaxy.

Ewan arranged a team with an undercover agent to rescue the Pope [Hua], so that she could come out and regain control of the situation.

So with the death of Right River, the Pope reappeared and the crisis of war between the two civilizations was eased.  However, the establishment of diplomatic relations was really because of Baylor.

Sean was not there at the time, and he only heard about what happened. Baylor’s voice appeared in the minds of everyone on the planet, and divine messengers appeared in the sky, and some people in the holy capital were even transported to another world …. It is said that when Baylor was brought out by Ewan, the nearby church army all bowed down and kneeled on the ground, not daring to have a single offense. Later, the Pope was rescued, saw Baylor and also bowed her head, not daring to have any slack. This spectacle dazzled Wellin and other Sky Wolf Legion aid troops. After all, it was difficult to understand this situation in places where there was not a strong religious culture.

So in the aftermath of the discussion, the Pope [Hua] proposed that the two civilizations establish diplomatic relations for mutual benefit, and that the Marl Galaxy could share in their spiritual research, but they needed Baylor to continue to serve as a saint.

Of course, this time there would be no harm to Baylor.

Ewan’s analysis was that because this time Right River had cost the people a lot of money, and in the end, nothing had been gained. After all, no matter how much the people questioned the authority of the Church, when they saw that the person who performed the miracle was the Son of the God, they would not question it anymore.

Baylor asked Ewan if he wanted him to say yes. Or should they take this opportunity to simply change the system for the Marl Galaxy. After all, Baylor’s impression was that the Church was not a good thing.

In response, Ewan simply replied, “Any civilization’s presumptuous redemption of another civilization is extremely arrogant. You don’t have to think too much, – those are ultimately internal matters of their civilization, for the matter of the Son, you want to say yes, then say yes, don’t want to say yes, then say no.”

And Baylor, after listening to Ewan’s explanation, was very torn, but since Ewan was casual, then he also wanted to be very casual and agreed.

Well, it was a good thing for two civilizations to build a friendship. And Ewan said he would accompany him there.

Thinking of Ewan, Baylor again remembered the dream of Ewan as a child that the aggrieved look, he clasped his hands, frowning.

“Aidan is very happy now.” Sean said, “He’s been eager to research the Marl Galaxy for a long time, and he asked that the next time I see you to tell you  – thank you very much.”

Baylor’s thoughts were pulled back by the name “Aidan”, because they later split into two ways to come back to the empire, so he did not meet with Aidan again, he later heard from the group, Aidan came back quickly into the task of spiritual research, several large projects had raised research funds, and make a frenzy.

Baylor suddenly recalled, when he was able to get out of the system safely, it was also because of Aidan’s guidance.

Remembering what Aidan said earlier, “Humans shouldn’t lie to humans, we should cooperate to win together.” Baylor, who had a deep understanding of the situation, nodded his head in a serious way, “You’re welcome, in this matter of scientific research, the good of all is really good.”

If he had not shared information, not let Aidan help analyze, then he would have become the core of the damn system at this moment. Knowledge was the ladder of human progress!

… Sean looked at Baylor weirdly, this first day of class he was still dozing off but now this person was talking about what. After looking at the time and seeing that it was almost time, Sean put down his cup of tea, which he hadn’t drunk much of, and got up and said, “Well, let’s go over your next training plan.”

Baylor looked at Sean as he walked towards his workstation and listened to him as he said, “The players in the third round are not the same as before, although after the first two rounds of practice, your mecha operation is much more proficient, but if you take it lightly, you will probably lose. The championship, you know ….

Baylor still couldn’t resist and asked, “Who is Josh Wimble?”

Sean stopped in his tracks, he turned around, looked at Baylor who was sitting nicely on the couch and raised an eyebrow, “What, Ewan finally told you about him?”

No. He dreamed it. Baylor fell silent.

Seeing Baylor’s reaction, Sean knew it wasn’t Ewan’s initiative to bring it up, but also, if Ewan had brought it up, why would Baylor have come to ask about it? When he thought of the conversation with Ewan, Ewan was not averse to telling Baylor about it, but at the time, he seemed to be afraid that he would make Baylor feel sorry for him after he told him.

Baylor saw Sean did not speak, frowned, some regret that he asked the matter. He said, “Forget it, you don’t have to tell me, I don’t have to know.” 

Ewan didn’t say anything to him, so he didn’t need to know.

“No, no, no,” Sean said, simply leaning against the table, “it’s not like I can’t tell you about this guy.” He deliberated and nodded, “Okay, then I’ll tell you, you don’t have to ask Ewan. He’ll actually tell you, but he’s not comfortable talking about these things, so I’ll do it for him.” Sean asked, “How much do you know about this man now?”

“He’s Ewan’s dad.”

“Hmm.” Sean gathered his thoughts and told the whole story of what he knew.

Josh Wimble was a very beautiful Omega, a nobleman’s illegitimate son, and although he had no name, he was raised to be privileged, had food and clothing and was a delicate flower in the greenhouse.

According to the normal development of the story, he would be wed under family arrangements, married to an Alpha, and then continue to enjoy his rich life. However, there was a link in the middle that went wrong.

Josh Wimble met an Alpha at the age of 19, perhaps because of the lack of care and love since childhood, he quickly fell in love under the tenderness of this Alpha, and in the case of concealing the family with this Alpha private life, and most importantly, he became pregnant.

So Josh Wimble showed his determination in love at the age of 19. He left the family that had always sheltered him in order to be with the Alpha. Up to this point, it seems to be a fairly successful love story. The problem, however, was that the Alpha was obviously not as determined as Josh Wimble, and after three years of being together, when Ewan was three years old, the Alpha cheated on his father and decided to abandon Josh Wimble, who was unable to bring any benefits to himself.

From here on, everything went out of control.

Someone once said that the best way to get out of a relationship was to quickly get into the next one, which may not be the only way for others, but it was the only way for Josh Wimble, a delicate flower who was well protected by an Alpha.

In the following relationships, he falls quickly in love with the same fierceness, and because of his fear of being abandoned again, his love even intensified, and in the end even became his everything. However, this almost pathological love would become a burden, so his lover would eventually choose to leave him. All this was a vicious circle, and no one made him stop.

He was like a veritable doddering flower, entangled in the roots of other plants, constantly drawing nutrients, without stopping, until the plant was completely sucked dry, forcing people to leave.

So Josh Wimble was in this cycle, gradually becoming more and more sick. In the beginning, he remembered his duties as a father, but gradually, when he had given himself away, the child became irrelevant. If carrying a child would interfere with his life with his lover, he would send young Ewan to a distant boarding school without a care in the world. If his lover likes the image of him as a father, he will take Ewan to his side and play the role of a responsible father. If Josh Wimble was abandoned and hadn’t found his next partner, he would draw love from Ewan and treat him as if he was the most important child in his life.

Those days were one of the few happy memories Ewan had of the man he was related to by blood.

Josh Wimble was a madman, he did not have the ability to live alone, everything around him had become his sustenance to live. He was weak and cruel, and he was the most selfish person Sean had ever met.

Sean later went to the town where the horses were on a mission and discovered Ewan’s talent, so he brought him back to the empire to receive a better education and to take him away from that sick man. What Sean didn’t realize was that Josh Wimble was also in the capital at the time, as he was the lover of a certain nobleman, and chose to press the pause button on everything himself when he was abandoned this time.

“Before he died, he contacted the group, called Ewan to the top of the rooftop where he was going to jump, and in front of him, left him a final message, and jumped.” When he thought of this, Sean felt his heart and lungs burning up. “Ewan was 15 years old at the time, and he had not performed any fatherly duties, treating his own child as a tool, and at the end of the day, he did not show any mercy, letting his 15-year-old child watch him die. Apologize, bullshit, I think he simply hates his own child.” Sean couldn’t control his emotions and said, “I’ve always regretted that I should never have let Ewan go there.”

Realizing that he had lost his temper, Sean took a deep breath and calmed his emotions for a few moments before continuing: “That’s why Ewan was so disgusted with love, having a father like that, he was afraid of becoming like Josh Wimble and meeting people like that, in his eyes, love is like the devil, it only leads to the abyss… Where are you going?” Sean looked at Baylor who stood up with a jolt, and asked urgently.

However, Baylor did not say a word, and left straight away. His face was like a dark cloud destroying the city in general, the air pressure around his body was cold to the extreme.


The author has something to say:

Baylor: Angry! Just very angry! He’s already dead, but I’m even more angry!

Ewan: … 

Baylor: Angry!!! 

Ewan: (Well, a puffed up Baylor is… He’s cute too).

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March 21, 2023 2:47 pm

Some Parents shouldn’t exist, just cruel! Thanks for the chapter!

March 21, 2023 4:14 pm

Too many unloved children and they are emotionally scarred for Life!!😤 Hope Baylor will help Ewan discover a truly pure Love 💕

March 23, 2023 2:43 am

I’d be angry too and it’s worst because the object of his anger isn’t there to beat up.
Josh Wimble could be seen as a sad, unbalanced figure, but people have to take responsibility for themselves, their actions and their kids. Kids don’t ask to be born, aren’t born to be emotional crutches and need the love and guidance of their parent/s.
Poor Ewan.
Thanks for the chapter.

March 23, 2023 3:25 pm

This reminds me of some old (English) romance novel I read when the protagonist’s mother was ‘addicted to love’, so the MC was a head-case.

Baylor was also abandoned by his mother, but that was more tragic than anything, in a ruined environment.

Both scenarios are too f**ken’ real and now I’m depressed, lol. 1 star! (no, not really)

March 26, 2023 2:53 am

Baylor, dial that love and care up to maximum because Ewan needs all of that and more.

March 27, 2023 5:06 pm

I can’t imagine how someone grows up to become this sort of privileged, entitled, cruel human being.

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