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Chapter 18: The Mosquito Was Indeed Very Poisonous

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, eagerly waiting for the faceslapping


The two of them went back to the dormitory at noon since Gu Ang wanted to see the poisonous mosquito bite. As soon as they entered the room, he rushed to the mirror and Ye Fei couldn’t stop him.

Gu Ang unbuttoned his shirt, peeled open the collar to look at the mirror. It didn’t look like a mosquito bite, but more like… a hickey.

A small patch of red, like a strawberry left by someone sucking hard.

Such hickeys had appeared in various places on his body before.

Ye Fei was very ruthless in bed, possessive in a way that didn’t match his gentle appearance, like a beast trying to tear someone apart.

At that time he would also bite back, so as to not fall behind.

Often after their bed sport, the two of them weren’t in the best state, with stains all over their bodies. He was shocked by the thought that Ye Fei had taken advantage of him in his sleep… 

Was he that excited?

Gu Ang turned his head to look at Ye Fei, “Are you sure they were highly poisonous mosquitoes?”

“Mn, I’ve seen such species.” Ye Fei undid his clothes slowly and methodically took each piece off, “If you think I’m lying, you can check my bite.”

Gu Ang thought of the place Ye Fei mentioned before and wimped out, “I always feel like you’re lying to me.”

Ye Fei raised his eyebrows and unbuttoned his pants, revealing his black underwear, “Well? Do you want to check?”

Fuck, this guy is too frank.

Gu Ang with a hot face, chose to give up, “Who wants to look at your ass? It’s not curvy enough.”

Ye Fei raised the corner of his mouth, and didn’t speak. In terms of my curves, I am indeed not able to compare with you.

Gu Ang turned back to look in the mirror and rubbed his hand over the red spot, which wasn’t painful or itchy. The skin there was thinner than it should be, and it was numb when he touched it.

The shivering sensation went down his neck all the way to his tailbone.

A light shiver passed through his body, he had to bite his lips to not let out a soft cry.

This feeling was somewhat familiar, the same kind of pleasure he felt when he jerked himself off. The desire to shiver was intensified when his fingertips touched his neck a few more times.

When he thought of Ye Fei’s unbridled kiss, the heat was almost overwhelming.

Gu Ang thought, This is the first time I encountered such an odd mosquito bite.

Was he allergic to mosquitoes?


5:00 p.m., the third training ground, the day of the appointment came as promised.

Before leaving, for fear of having a pheromone burst during the battle, Gu Ang purposely sprayed some more whiskey blocking agent.

Now he was like a walking bottle of foreign liquor.

Wei YangZe hadn’t arrived yet, so Gu Ang leaned on the railing next to him, supporting his long legs as he looked through the forum. The last forum thread about the strongest Alpha was already red and pinned to the top.

He clicked in to see the number of votes. Ye Fei was still far ahead, but he had already overtaken Wei YangZe by a small margin.

He was much more satisfied when he saw that the id [YG] below was still persistent helping him speak out to those who disliked him.

One by one, all of his responses were indifferent and sharp.

Idle and bored, he clicked on the private message dialog box and sent a message to YG.

[Buddy, thank you for helping me.]

It was only after sending it that he remembered that he had exposed himself, but the message sent out spilled water and couldn’t be withdrawn.

Gu Ang let out a curse.

Forget it, it was already out there, so let’s just go with it.

Ye Fei’s communicator next to him rang, so he dropped his eyes, swept a glance over the message but didn’t click to open it. Rather he digressed from the topic, “Wei YangZe is the strongest in the junior year, are you sure you can beat him?”

“Are you looking down on me?” Gu Ang saw that the person didn’t reply, so he turned off the communicator and looked at Wei YangZe who was slowly walking over from the distance.

Ye Fei pursed his lips, “You’re sick, so you better not fight blindly. I’ll go instead.”

Wei YangZe walked over to hear the second half of the sentence, “What? You found a helper to fight instead of you?”

Gu Ang was about to deny it, but Ye Fei spoke up instead, “He was first in the freshman competition, while I was second, so you have to beat me first.”

“You’re also interested in Liang Xin?” Wei YangZe whipped a handful of his blue hair, “Unfortunately, Liang Xin likes Gu Ang, so I have to beat him. You want to fight with me? Wait until next time.”

Liang Xin rushed over with the group of little sisters and looked at the three men in the crossfire, each of their faces showing disdain.

“Gu Ang, don’t fight. It’s pointless.”

“Why is it pointless?” Wei YangZe swept a glance at her, “I want to prove to you that I’m better than him.”

Liang Xin was speechless, “You’re a straight as steel Alpha with a brain problem…”

The words had come to this point, so there was no point in continuing. This kind of player with one brain cell in his head was considered a very tricky one by Gu Ang.

Gu Ang was impatient, “Fine. Let’s fight and not waste time.”

The crowd of onlookers was growing, the fight between two popular figures in the military academy was in itself very interesting to watch. What was more, this was an intricate n-angle love duel for love. The two men went up to the martial arts arena and stood on both sides.

The judge in charge of the ruling raised the flag high in his hand, and then looked to the left and right. After getting two separate gestures, the referee waved the flag in his hand downward. As the flag fell, the two men who were standing motinless instantly disappeared from their places and rushed toward each other.

Both were arrogant and unrestrained people, and also had the same straightforward and wide open fighting style. Without any fancy trial, the two fists ruthlessly collided with each other.

A furious wave of power swept across the entire martial arts arena with the two as the center.

Wei YangZe retreated three steps, while Gu Ang didn’t retreat a single step. Only the one who didn’t retreat one step had a heavy face, while the one who retreated three steps backwards wore arrogance.

“This kid has good strength!” Wei YangZe grinned with a ruthless and crazy smile, “The gang of assholes who studied for three years in junior year are all fucking soft, I can’t find a single person who dares to fight me.”

After moving his shoulders a little, Wei YangZe attacked again.

Gu Ang, with a heavy face, also rushed forward to meet his opponent.

In a flash, the two of them exchanged seventeen moves, and Wei YangZe was once again hammered out by Gu Ang. Although he had the upper hand, Gu Ang’s expression was even more serious.

Under the martial arts arena, Bai SiNing glanced at a serious looking Ye Fei and said, “God Ye, we are all in the same class, so even if Ang is now suppressing the junior Wei YangZe in all aspects, you don’t have to look so grim.”

Bai SiNing thought, Not bad for a deadly rival, his resentment is so deep, ah. Can’t see his brother Ang making a splash?

Ye Fei wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to the chattering Bai SiNing, and his eyes were more focused on the field. No one noticed that Ye Fei’s body, which was covered by his school uniform, was completely tense, like a leopard before a hunt.

There was only one reason why he was so tense.

Today’s Gu Ang was unusually off.

With Ye Fei’s familiarity with Gu Ang, whether it was the speed of his punches, or his reaction to the fight, everything was completely out of place. So his whole body was on the highest alert, ready to rescue him at any time.

He wasn’t afraid that Gu Ang would lose the match, but was afraid that Gu Ang wouldn’t be able to regain control of his body in time and kill his opponent. The martial arts stage wasn’t an examination, and a personal vendetta that killed someone was a violation of school rules.

It wasn’t easy to get along under the same roof, but if Gu Ang was expelled because of this, it was really a matter of life and death.

The battle continued in the martial arts arena.

Gu Ang’s face started to turn white, but he had the upper hand, chasing Wei YangZe and attacking like crazy.

Wei YangZe resisted with all his might, but he was still being knocked out by Gu Ang.

So an extremely strange scene appeared in the martial arts arena. The battered Wei YangZe was clearly injured, but he was laughing furiously, his eyes full of admiration for his opponent.

Gu Ang, who had the upper hand, however, had a heavy face and kept swinging his fists like a relentless punching machine. Gu Ang felt that his back was already soaked with thin sweat, ever since the pain in his belly started that day, his state was very wrong.

His physical strength decreased…  

His speed increased… 

His punching speed increased… 

While the strength of his punch had dropped significantly… 

The combat displacement was even more difficult to grasp… 

Although his real combat power wasn’t reduced too much, the state of his body couldn’t be fully controlled, and Gu Ang felt frightened. The top experts couldn’t absolutely control their state, which was the biggest weakness in a confrontation!

Changing his fist into a palm, he once again swung Wei YangZe away.

Wei YangZe exhaled a cloudy breath, and his eyes seemed to look at Gu Ang with endless battle intent, “Gu Ang, I admit that you’re strong enough to deserve Liang Xin! But I’ve changed my mind. Now, I put you in the position of a real opponent. Give it your all and show no mercy!”

With that said, the real battle began!

A fierce aura with the smell of withering everything completely enveloped the entire martial arts arena.


Wei YangZe’s pheromone.

In conjunction with Wei YangZe’s mental power, it was unrestrainedly spilling outward in a frenzy.

When two Alphas fought, from time to time, they would use their pheromones as a medium and power amplifier, attaching their mental power to it to suppress their opponents.

Gu Ang felt his body sway and a familiar dry heat washed over him. He settled down with difficulty and muttered, “What’s going on…”

The rusty pheromone wasn’t something he hadn’t encountered before, and Gu Ang had some idea of what level of mental power the other party had. But now that he was excited by the other party’s pheromone and his body was almost completely out of control.

He took two breaths, and his heart was a bit flustered.

From the past to now, he had experienced countless battles, and pheromone confrontation had also occurred. Even Ye Fei’s S-level pheromone had never subjected him to such an exaggerated suppression.

Rust versus white peach oolong?

Gu Ang felt like his worldview had been shaken. The smell of rust spread rampantly in the arena, and Gu Ang felt like his entire body’s strength had been drained away.

His strength was directly cut in half.

Gu Ang frowned and carefully stared at the opponent in front of him, looking for his opponent’s weaknesses. A voice kept reminding him in the back of his mind to hurry up and end the fight and get out of this predicament.

Wei YangZe, who was frantically releasing his pheromone, saw Gu Ang’s gradually serious expression, and the whole person looked more excited, “Come, come and hit me!”

Wei YangZe raised his chin high, like a beast eager to fight. Then the figure quickly changed direction and moved, hitting Gu Ang’s chest straight.

Gu Ang pursed his lower lip, suppressing that out-of-control feeling. Raising his right hand, he clenched his fist and blasted out!

Crack… Boom!!!!

A slight fracture appeared with the deafening sound of impact, bringing up a sky of dust.

“Is it still going?”

Gu Ang pulled the corner of his mouth and felt the pheromone that was suppressing him disappear abruptly, but a figure among the dust stood up shakily.

“You think… that because you’re stronger than me, I will give up?”

“You also think too lightly of me.”

With a trembling voice, the figure in the dust staggered towards Gu Ang.

The scene of refusing Wei YangZe to become the vice general before, flashed in his mind.

Gu Ang raised the corner of his mouth.

“This time…”

“I, Gu Ang, approve of you.”

As that sentence fell, Gu Ang appeared in front of Wei YangZe and sent him flying off the stage with a punch.

“Winner, Gu Ang!!!”

The referee saw that Wei YangZe was knocked off the stage and immediately made the announcement. Gu Ang gasped and withdrew from the duel, feeling as if  all the blood in his body was boiling. He clenched his palms, and his hands were hot.

Ye Fei’s tense body loosened its strength when he saw him coming.

Seeing Gu Ang’s red cheeks, he raised his hand and touched him, “You seem to have a fever, you’re a little hot.”

Gu Ang lost all his strength and gave a bewildered ‘ah’, trying to stick to the person in front of him. The moment Ye Fei touched him, the hot feeling was like a flame, burning him completely.

It wasn’t like a fever, and was more like his heat.

Gu Ang closed his eyes for a moment to stabilize his breathing, remembering the reaction to the red spot and the current heat in his body, and spoke frankly, “You’re right, that mosquito is indeed quite poisonous. I suspect it injected me with an aphrodisiac.”

Ye Fei fingertips paused, “…”


The author has something to say: 

Crayfish are innocent, mosquitoes are also innocent.

Gu Ang is going further and further down the road of being an Omega, and still has no idea.


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March 22, 2023 9:37 am

Oh boy. It’s getting a bit complicated. Why fight over a girl he doesn’t even like? I don’t get it. Oh well at least GA won😊 thanks for updating ❤️❤️

March 25, 2023 8:48 pm

Boys will be boys. It’s all testosterone and pride. I do find that WYZ really irritating though and irresponsible. Ridiculous that a fight can’t seem to be refused without losing face and one’s place in the hierarchy.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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