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Chapter 125: Extra – Lightning and the faint of heart

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


(1) Lightning’s story

Lightning was a snowy color with a one-meter wingspan as an adult and grayish-white feathers like satin. His tail feathers were snow white, claws dark gray, and the darkest color was his eyes, which were dark and bright… In short, he was an extremely beautiful looking falcon.

The Snow Peregrine Falcon was known as an aerial bomber, and its attack power and dive speed were both excellent. However, even though he was excellent, Lightning had a bad memory.

When Ewan first entered Baylor’s mental image, Lightning was born out of his master’s mental energy in the face of a powerful mental shock and a strong desire to save others. Although it was a bit confusing for a moment to find itself in someone else’s mental image when it first became conscious, it was a good one and immediately worked with that other mental body to complete its rescue mission.

Ewan and Baylor were both a bit confused about the sub-spiritual breakthrough, but Lightning, as a spirit, knew exactly what was going on at the time. In its suppression of the spiritual power of the mouth of the unit, the sentinel’s own spiritual body also struggled to rush out to cooperate with it.

In the middle of the storm, the gray and white sled dog was heroic, a pair of ice-like eyes sharp and dominant, and the voice of the sky was boiling the blood of the set. This is one of Lightning’s unpleasant memories, it was surprising that it thought that the stupid dog was a brave warrior.

Lightning crouched on top of the carpet, a pair of dark eyes without any emotion watching the ball-shaped creature in front roll around, and then bite the expensive wooden table leg. After finding out that it could not bite, the ball-shaped creature stretched his short thick limbs, holding the table leg, and began a fierce fight.

Lightning closed his wings, face expressionless, heart had no fluctuations. It just remembered a poem that its master saw not long ago – if life is only like the first time.

Well, if this idiot was just like the one he first met, the soldier would not become second-class goods.

In ten minutes, the spirit body with a bite force that could not be explained by common sense bit off a piece of wood from that table leg. Grimacing as he tore off the piece of wood, but also because of the strength, he rolled back two times.

Standing up on his short legs, Super Wolf shook his head and ran happily to Lightning with the piece of wood in his mouth putting his trophy on the floor with his tail wagging happily behind him.

Lightning: …

Super Wolf looked at Lightning with his head tilted up, his juvenile eyes round and bright, not at all the narrow sharpness of the past, but more in line with his simple temperament.

The eyes of Lightning have no emotion in them. What does this mean? What does he want from him? You can’t be a woodpecker and come over to offer a treasure. The woodpecker doesn’t need wood either.

Super Wolf looked at Lightning and did not respond, barked and lowered down a bit: (Look, Iron Egg, I won!)

The round eyes were full of pride and wanting credit.

Lightning: … The beautiful gray and white falcon lowered its head, and then gave a hard yap to a furry head.

Super Wolf: Woof? 

Lightning: If you call me by that stupid name again, I’ll kill you.

Yes, that’s another of Lightning’s unpleasant memories.

The snow peregrine falcon once used its wise head to think half a day, but did not figure out one thing. The seemingly reliable master of his own, how can he casually throw his own mental body egg to a dog to hatch. It is too clear, when its egg appeared in the spirit world, their master had realized what it was. After all, Ewan had met with himself several times in the dream, and had long been aware of its existence.

Spiritual body, how important it is. As a result, he carelessly gave the dog another spiritual body. And Super Wolf really did hatch for several days in a decent manner. Although it had not yet come out of the shell, it already had a consciousness.

When it was in the egg shell, it was pondering why it was another spirit that was hatching the egg, and why its own body had completely ignored itself.

So much so that once it broke its shell, it was given the name “Iron Egg”.

In fact, it does not like the name Lightning, but after the sound of “Iron Egg”, the name Lightning! And it’s comforting to know that his name is “Super Wolf”, which is much stranger than his own. This group of people and dogs has it worried about their level of naming.

At this time, a spiritual force quietly touched Lightning, Lightning put his attention to the little puppy in front of him, Super Wolf was not at all taught after the low, it has been completely careless rushed to the outside yard, and greeted Lightning also go over, outside the weather is cold and sunny, can be too good to play.

Lightning silently looked at the unsteady figure running, not a trace of the intention to move. Super Wolf saw that the other party did not follow, stopped at the edge of the courtyard and looked back over, a pair of ice blue eyes full of expectation and questioning. 

Lightning did not understand how the other thought about playing all day long, and what could make him so happy, even to the dust floating in the air were very interesting. Was it because its own body was often high-flamed?

Half a second later, the falcon raised its wings and flew in place, and after two flaps of its wings, it landed gracefully and elegantly on a tree in the courtyard, its claws firmly grasping the branch.

Super Wolf was very satisfied and started to play.

Lightning’s face was expressionless, and his heart had no ripples. But also did not leave, silently accompanying this stupid one.

After all, it was the other’s egg, and it was not easy to let an energetic douchebag stay still for so many days.

Although in the end it broke the shell and the other had nothing to do with it.


(2) weakness of heart

Under Aidan’s ideal that humans should cooperate in scientific research, Ewan and Baylor cooperated very well and became the subjects of his research and observation.

“People with S-class qualifications should all have the potential to awaken into Sentinels and Guides.” The concept of “Sentinels and Guides” had been perfectly mastered by Aidan, and after some research, he came to this conclusion. “To be precise, everyone has the ability to awaken, but those with S-class qualifications have stronger spiritual power and are more likely to break free from the chains of spiritual power.”

Baylor looked at Aidan, who was sitting across from him, and was showing the data charts with great interest. He was not too surprised by this conclusion, after all, the fact that S-class Alphas and Omega could see the spiritual body was enough for him to make such a guess. So Baylor nodded and asked, “And then what?”

“I want to find a few S-classes to experiment with your original mental power breakthrough.” Aidan finished, frowned, his face showed a little dissatisfaction, “but S-class people are not easy to find, so far I have found two experimental subjects.”

Even a person who didn’t take himself seriously like Baylor, remembering the spiritual breakthrough also felt some numbness in his scalp, the kind of pain coming from the depths of the spirit completely ignores all the armor, and simply could not tolerate it.

The fact that someone was willing to agree, Baylor felt that this was more surprising, after all, in this world, the S-class qualifications were the industry’s first, who would be willing to take such a risk?

For there to even be two, it was rare.

Baylor curiously asked: “Who is it?”

Aidan replied: “You know, one of them is a very famous person nowadays.” 


“Aynor.” Aidan asked bluntly, “Didn’t you guys have a scandal before?” 

He didn’t pay attention to gossip, but for his own experiments, he still did enough research, and when he found out that Baylor and Aynor had had an affair, he was quite surprised to find out that Baylor’s dating range was quite wide.

Baylor’s face was expressionless, “It was all a misunderstanding.”

Baylor still hadn’t figured it out yet, after all, when things were fermenting, he was being bluffed by a certain Alpha’s fake susceptibility period. But, “Why did he agree?”

Aidan replied mercilessly, “That’s not my concern.”

Good. He’s the one who cares too much about the minutiae. Baylor’s mouth twitched and he continued, “Then who is the other person?”

Aidan blinked, “Another person? Speaking of which, there’s someone who’s interesting.” 

Baylor: ? 

Aidan replied, “His Highness the Prince.” 

Baylor: …

This time, without waiting for Baylor to ask, Aidan directly added details, “His Highness is very interested in this research, especially after learning that it is related to the special nature of your spiritual power, he is even willing to take the risk.”

Baylor looked at Aidan’s gaze with a bit of admiration, he actually dared to take the crown prince, when he was thinking of abducting a guide he was a bit concerned about Julius’s status as a crown prince, Aidan was braver than him.

As a result, he heard Aidan say, “But the other is the crown prince, he is willing, but the staff at his side refused to agree, unfortunately.” 

Baylor listened and understood, his eyes of admiration faded, “Oh, so he is not the second person, then you mention him to do what?” 

Aidan’s gaze with a few moments of inquiry, “Because the other and you obviously also have a very close relationship.” 

The word “also” was very soulful.

Baylor:……Baylor is innocent, “No, we don’t know each other well.” 

“But his eyes lit up when he heard your name.” 

“He’s crazy.” 

Aidan did not care about Bai Mo’s argument, he just looked at Baylor with emotion, “You have a big appetite.” The eyes are also quite high. 


“The General is worthy of being called the God of War, he really has the capacity to move people.” 

“…???” He was just being silly about their pheromones at the time, don’t make it sound like he’s a philanderer. Baylor was suddenly silent. Was he philandering? No …. right?

In the evening, Ewan found Baylor very warm, good and warm, letting him experience a flattering kind of feeling.

Even Baylor even asked in his ear while holding his neck: “Before you… Didn’t you say you were going out to play? Ewan, when are you going? Where do you want to go?” After pausing to catch his breath, Baylor added, with a bit of squirming heart, “You can go anywhere you want.”

Too good to be true.

The hard-working Ewan paused abruptly, then looked at Baylor critically, frowned, and spoke in a strained tone, “… Who am I?” 

Had he transmigrated again?

Baylor’s mouth twitched, “Fuck off.”

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March 24, 2023 2:22 pm

There are some parts that I don’t quite understand.

The description in parts is a bit confusing🤔

Maybe, I will understand it better after reading a few more times…

I do like it when the storyline involves the perception of each character from their point of view👍🏻😊

March 26, 2023 9:36 pm

Lightening’s temperament is more like Baylor 😏
Aidan fishing and making assumptions. Don’t think Ewan would be impressed.
Thanks for the chapter.

April 4, 2023 7:37 am

He he he, transmigrated, is the most Baylor feared now 😅

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