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Chapter 126: Extra – Military competition and becoming a Sentinel

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


3) Military Competition

The Military Competition was a military event in the constellation of Alix, where each high-tech civilization selects a group of soldiers to represent their own civilization in the competition, and this year’s Military Competition was held on the planet Orsay.

The military competition was of great interest to the people, and every military competition could drive the local tourism industry and even the entire constellation’s consumer industry, after all, watching the game will inevitably eat and drink, buy peripherals, etc., the event broadcasting rights and advertising costs between the events was a huge income.

And this session of the military competition was more than in the past and a lot more to see. One of them was related to a historical event that happened not long ago – the establishment of diplomatic relations between the constellation Alix and the Marl system.

After the confirmation of the establishment of diplomatic relations, although there are still many regulations to be implemented, in order to show the newly established friendship between the people of the two places, this time the Marl system was also invited to participate in the current military competition. This was also the first time that the two human expeditionary teams that left the human home planet Earth appeared together on a non-war occasion.

Not everyone was happy about this, of course, and many people protested and even marched against it, because, after all, the hatred and prejudice accumulated over years of friction between the two civilizations could not be easily eliminated.

Another point of interest was this year’s Ya’an Empire competition team.

The Ya’an Empire, as the civilization with the strongest military power in the Alix constellation, had always sent a team of strong people to the competition. This time, there was a new recruit who had just entered the military less than a year ago.

This new recruit has a very special status, with many titles – Holy Son of the Church, Count of TL7, former member of the royal family, first place in the military examination, first place in the competition mecha, S-class spiritual power, genius of the military, youngest contestant, the face of the contestants, rare Omega mecha contestant, and now the legal partner of the Imperial General.

Some people from other planets were following the military competition and saw this list of titles listed on an Onion news site and were speechless. What the hell was this stack of buffs? Was he so awesome?

The web users of the Ya’an Empire said, he was, he really was, they could not think of what this guy could not do. After all, there were many things that had not yet been transmitted to the external network.

In short, thinking about the recent magical experience of more than half a year, especially a group of people around Baylor, they all have very complex feelings, want to say a lot, but eventually turned into a quiet watching the show tacit smile. Their world view was shattered and reorganized, they couldn’t be the only ones to experience it, let’s see who else needs a share, don’t be polite.

Anyway, this year’s military competition finally kicked off under much anticipation, in the early spring of the Ya’an Empire, the generation team set off for the planet Orsay.

The planet was also well prepared with all the competition venues, accommodations, volunteers, etc… The teams and dignitaries were greeted with the highest courtesy. The media was at the terminal and the port almost 24 hours a day, trying to get first-hand information about the entry. Especially the arrival of the biggest talking heads of the competition! That must be squatted!

Finally, they waited for the appearance of the Ya’an Empire team in the interstellar terminal, a line of officers wearing formal Ya’an Empire military uniforms, plate striped smooth, dignified, showing the style of a great nation.

The first of them was the captain of the delegation, Captain Trimos, and the diplomat of the Ya’an Empire, followed by a delegation of 500 people.

The media reporters, who were trying to calm down and suppress their emotions, were looking around the huge delegation with their eyes like spotlights, looking for the player they were most interested in. They have already done their homework, Baylor’s appearance had already been carved in their minds, mainly, with his stunning face, he was unlikely to be forgotten.

Everyone’s eyes were not unified in direction, but the search goal was the same. However, no matter how they looked in the group, they did not find Baylor. There was no reason why a face like that couldn’t be seen. Where was he?

While the men were searching, in a beach town, the cool white Omega, wearing sunglasses, in fancy beach pants and a short-sleeved shirt, with a popsicle in his mouth, was standing barefoot on the sand, the blue water spreading to his feet and fading away.

And next to him in similar clothes, but much darker skin tone, body size also much taller, was a handsome Alpha.

“You really do not want to try getting into the water?” The Alpha turned his face sideways and looked at the Omega who was holding his eyebrows under his sunglasses, “Swimming isn’t very hard.”

And the Omega – the Baylor everyone was looking for – chewed on a popsicle, chewing on it like a sugar cane, and asked, “Is it fun to swim?”

And next to him, Ewan, the Imperial General, who was also missing, pondered for a moment and replied, “Well… It’s a good workout.” After saying that, he asked curiously, “Didn’t you train to swim before?” 

The soldiers in the military department would require training in water combat, and Baylor was a sentinel, didn’t he have a need for water combat?

“Swimming is a noble sport.” Baylor replied, “We treat clean water like gold, the lake and river are full of contaminated water, I’m not a self-mutilator, why swim?”

No wonder he was so panicked when he fell into the pool earlier. Ewan smiled and recalled the day when the young man was lifted up in the water, wet in the moonlight, like a fairy tale in the seductive siren general.

At once, Ewan’s mind had some other ideas, he said kindly: “Swimming is a survival skill, you still have to know, choose a day, let me teach you.”

Baylor listened and thought so, nodded and agreed: “Okay.”

“Well, let’s go back to the villa and use the pool there to practice.”

Baylor was a bit strange, “We are at the beach, can’t we do it here?”

Ewan geese gray eyes slightly deepened, with a few different emotions, but the tone of voice did not reveal half said, “It’s not convenient.”

Baylor:? Is it because there are waves inconvenient to learn?

But Baylor did not ask more, after all, he did not care much about where exactly to learn. When he returned to his beach house, he was coaxed into the water, and after practicing for a short time, the calm pool turned into another fierce splash, Baylor knew he was in the way again.

Pervert! The man’s mind was not thinking about anything serious!

Ewan justified this, they deliberately left for vacation some time earlier, during the vacation, to promote the exchange of feelings, which was not a serious matter, then what was considered serious?


4) Become a Sentinel

Baylor grew up with no one to take care of him, no one to raise him, no education, and his knowledge of the world was limited to that one acre of land. Occasionally, he saw the sea and the lake on the broken television set in the small store on the street, and only then did he realize that there was a world outside this ruined city. But even so, he also felt that the dog beside him was not quite right.

The gray dog that followed him unbidden grew up, and by the time Baylor was eleven or twelve years old, he had completely outgrown his puppyhood, with longer legs, sharper eyes, and a tail like a big fan. All of this seemed normal, except for one thing. The dog didn’t need to eat.

At first Baylor thought it was going to go out on its own for food, after all, it would disappear from time to time, and then reappear after a while. But as he spent more time together, Baylor realized that the dog was not hungry at all. The dog sometimes stayed with him for four or five days without leaving, but also did not need to eat. Even if he gave half of his hard-earned food to the other side, the dog just wagged its tail and looked at him, with no intention of eating it.

The end.

Not only that, Baylor had not seen the puppy defecate and urinate, although he had not seen a few wild dogs in this street, but the dog circled only him. Such doubts have been buried in the heart, until one day Baylor was surprised to find that others simply can not see the dog.

That time, for grabbing food, Baylor was blocked and beaten severely, in the process of being beaten, Baylor while protecting his head, while struggling to look – the gray dog was biting a man’s leg, the short leg dead on the ground, the whole body pulled back, a pair of round eyes full of hostility.

Bright red blood flowing down, the person who was bitten screamed, and then shouted in terror: “What’s biting me?!” Then the man kept flinging his feet, the dog was carried in the air by his force, but still biting and refused to let go.

Baylor listened to the man shouting in panic, his eyes were also searching around, but like a blind man, on the legs of a puppy ignored. At that time, Baylor felt that this person must be crazy, otherwise such a shiny dog, how would he not see it?

Until the man’s companion also began to be confused, for good reason, how the leg somehow began to bleed? Even because of this bizarre phenomenon and stopped beating Baylor, panic retreated. Baylor, who was already covered in bruises, staggered up from the ground, his eyes swollen to the point that they could barely be seen, with surprise in them.

The puppy stumbled over to him and gently licked the wound on his calf. The touch was so real, but Baylor finally realized that the puppy in front of him was not a real dog.

Either this was a ghost. Either that, or he was sick. The former, Baylor does not believe. If there really was a ghost, there are too many dead souls here for him to see only one dog. So Baylor was more convinced that he was sick.

Baylor once saw a person crazy, was constantly talking to the air, when he heard those onlookers discuss, that person was schizophrenic, hallucinations. Baylor was in a difficult position. If his condition worsened, he could be left defenseless.

From then on, Baylor was careful not to let anyone find out that he could see the non-existent dog and that he might be sick.

But fortunately, his ‘condition’ did not worsen, but as time passed, he felt his five senses became more acute, for example, one day, he could suddenly hear a few blocks away, and then, for example, when fighting, the opposite side of the action in his view was much slower. And all of this, Baylor blames on the fact that he’s grown up. He had no friends, no family, and no way of knowing that what he was going through was not normal.

Gradually, no one dared to bully him, and he didn’t have to struggle with life and death every day, unsure if he would see the dawn of tomorrow. The loudspeakers in the streets were always announcing the situation of the fight between the group called ‘The Tower’ and the outcome of the battle of the sentry guides.

Baylor listened to the news every day, but had no idea what it meant. What’s more, he didn’t understand what it had to do with him. When he wanted to sleep, he would use the sound as a lullaby. When he was bored, he took the messages as stories, after all, no one had told him stories, and not many people were willing to tell him

So when Baylor was fifteen years old and was approached by someone from the Tower who told him that he was a sentinel, Baylor didn’t hesitate to turn around and walk away.

“That’s your spirit you’re with.” The recruiter spoke up to stop Baylor from leaving.

The fifteen-year-old boy was even thinner than his peers because of malnutrition, the clothes he was wearing were snatched from somewhere and did not fit at all, and his hair like it had been nibbled by a dog, he had trimmed at random… But no matter how wretched, the pair of clear peach blossom eyes never hid their beauty. He looked at the person who opened his mouth to speak, suspicion with a few waiting for the opportunity to kill, “You can see?”

“Of course I can see.” The man said.

Baylor turned around, looked at him, asked: “Tell me, what does it look like?”

“Grayish white fur, ice blue eyes, standing next to you with its tail between its legs, watching me warily and ready to attack.” The man stared at Baylor’s side, a dog that had never been seen before, and gave a precise description.

Then a black cat suddenly appeared on his shoulder, “This is my spiritual body.”

“… Spiritual body?”

“The sentinel guide’s spiritual power manifested into an animal image.” The man explained: “When you awaken, it will appear automatically, invisible to ordinary people, only the Sentinel and Guide can see. People awakened as young as you are very few, but do exist, for the Sentinel or Guide surviving alone away from the Tower is a very dangerous thing, the Tower can teach you how to use this power.”

Baylor certainly did not immediately agree. He was not a fool who would suddenly believe a stranger’s words and agree to an inexplicable invitation. He left with his grown-up dog, and then for the first time he began to actively learn about the existence of the Tower, the Sentinels, and Guides.

The Tower, Sentinel, and Guideexisted. After some observation and understanding, Baylor approached the man and agreed to join the Tower for training. The man was a little surprised by Baylor’s decisiveness. He had thought he would have to go to great lengths to convince this lone wolf, but he didn’t know that Baylor had always been like that.

He doesn’t dwell on it, he does what he wants to do, and he never thinks about the consequences. Because Baylor needs to get stronger, and the Tower can teach him how to do it, so he goes. And, for another reason, Baylor had learned that the Tower would provide lodging and food for the sentry guides. This was attractive to Baylor, who, as his senses sharpened, had a hard time accepting food that had expired, and he needed cleaner food.

So at the age of 15, Baylor joined the Tower. Before joining the Tower, Baylor didn’t have a name for his spirit; he was always “Puppy.”

He always called it “puppy”. It was only after he entered the Tower that he thought of giving his spirit a name. When Baylor was young and a pauper, such a newcomer would be ostracized and bullied, especially since Baylor was pretty and skinny, which could easily provoke bad thoughts in people’s minds.

Whether bullying or teasing, or wanting to possess, when they see such a beautiful child, those people will want to see his degradation, want to see him in the mud, humble help.

Baylor was not surprised by this, even used to it. He grew up in the mud, so why would he fall again? So he was like the evil spirits in the water, reaching out and pulling those who step on their feet, and then pulling them into the water, so they know the horror of the water.

In Baylor’s rule of survival, there was no repaying grievances with virtue, only retaliation with a tooth, and, first strike was strong! So Baylor, not long after he joined the Tower, was sent to the brig for an extremely bad fight, and the group he was teaching spent a week in the infirmary.

After half a month in the cell, Baylor thought about how those people had ridiculed his dog for being a stupid dog, which was useless, and decided on his dog’s name – Super Wolf!

More powerful than a wolf, it was so simple and direct.

But Super Wolf himself felt that this was not enough to dominate, so later, with a smart dog brain, without Baylor knowing, he gave himself a name of “Ardent Tyrant”, which was an afterthought.


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